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Boom Town

We're nearing the end… well, the end of the ninth Doctor. Fun fact, I actually hate this episode but it's easier for me to write than a lot of the episodes I do like. It's very weird.

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Boom Town

"So, are you going to tell me?"

Rose glanced up at her door, raising an eyebrow. "I thought I locked that."

"It was unlocked when I got here," Jack told her. She threw a glare at her ceiling, fully believing the TARDIS had unlocked it for him.

"I didn't assume you wanted to hear my life story yet," she told him, closing her book and patting her bed. He made his way over to sit next to her.

"Well, let's see. When we met, you told me that we're friends in my future and that I let someone loose that wanted to kill you. On accident. And then after the whole mess was over with, you get kidnapped by your ex, who apparently is a Time Lord, and also your future self and the Doctor's future self showed up. Then we went and met my future self. And then we found you, both of you, in a not great state."


"And now we've gone to another universe where you were sent to… another universe, and then there was another Doctor… Rose, you gotta tell me what's going on. And why doesn't the Doctor remember everything?"

She sighed, turning the lamp next to her bed on for added light. "It is a very long story, Jack."

"The Doctor said we aren't going anywhere until tomorrow morning."

She shook her head, wondering where to begin. "From the start, then."

"That'd be nice."

"You have to understand that once I tell you this, you'll know events that haven't happened yet. Things that are still in your future."

He looked hesitant but nodded firmly.

"When I was nineteen, I met the Doctor. This Doctor. I was human and I was intrigued by him. We traveled for a year before it happened, the beginning of everything. We came to a place called the Game Station. It was horrible. There was an enemy from the Doctor's past… they were going to destroy the earth. He had a solution but we wouldn't make it out alive. So he sent me away in the TARDIS. But I ripped open her heart and looked inside, took in the time vortex and became… something else. The Bad Wolf."

"Bad Wolf," Jack repeated. "The Doctor said that when you woke up earlier."

"Yeah," she shrugged. She'd not known she'd gone Bad Wolf until they'd told her after getting back home. "I was able to control all of time and space. I destroyed the enemy. I was only human, though. I was dying, and the Doctor knew it, so he took the time vortex out of me and into himself. It ended up killing him. He regenerated into a new Doctor. The new, new, Doctor," she laughed to herself, smiling at the memory.

"We traveled together for another year or so. Things got… pretty bad. We were never as close as we are now, but I definitely loved him. And then we… God, Jack. We met two of the worst enemies at the same time. They invaded earth thanks to Torchwood."

"Isn't that… where I work? In the future?"

Rose shrugged. "I'm not entirely sure what that's about. You wouldn't tell me when I asked. I trust you, though."


"Well, we found a way to send them away. They'd traveled to our universe from another through something called the Void, which meant they were seeped in Void… stuff, as the Doctor put it. But so were we, because we'd had our own trip to another universe as well, aside from the one we just had. So everyone had to leave, but I didn't want to. I couldn't leave the Doctor. He tried to send me away. I came back."

"You'd think he'd learn after you ripped his ship open," Jack joked, making her smile.

"You'd think. We had to put these giant clamps on the walls and hold on while the enemies were sucked into the Void, where they'd be stuck forever. But the control I'd held down slipped and I had to let go to fix it. I almost flew into the Void but my dad- um, Pete from the other universe, he grabbed me and took me to his universe. I was… stuck. The rips between universes were closing and opening them again would… destroy everything."

The memory still stung. She could clearly remember the pain she'd felt when she'd realized she'd never see the Doctor again. Jack grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly, something she was grateful for. She took a moment before she began again.

"I got used to life there. My mum had been taken to that universe and she fell in love with Pete… my dad died when I was little, so having Pete was an amazing gift. My best friend growing up, Mickey, he'd stayed back the first time we went to Pete's World, so he was there as well. I wasn't fully alone but it… it felt like it. Pete had control of Torchwood of that world and I began working for him. I fought alien threats and protected the earth. It just… was not the same.

"And then we noticed it. The stars were going out. It was the only reason I could justify to myself building the dimension canon. I'd wanted to since I'd been stranded but I couldn't risk destroying two universes because I missed the Doctor. We built a device that worked to send me to different universes but it wasn't specific enough. I spent… so long in other universes. So different and so similar to the two I'd lived in. Some were really bad. The worst part was the time I had to wait to be brought back home. Sometimes I'd be stranded for days, even months at a time while I waited for the canon to be back online. It didn't seem like that for them, of course. It was minutes to them. Time runs differently in each universe, though."

"How long did you spend looking?" Jack asked softly, concern shining in his eyes. She shrugged, not wanting to think about it.

"Too long. I took a break when I was too frustrated, too tired. I went on vacation to this little island where my dad had a home. I was found by some aliens… to cut a long story short, they destroyed my mind looking for any mention of the Doctor. I managed to withhold that information, I think, but they just left me there. I was forced to rebuild my mind alone. It was awful.

"And then the 456 came. They sent messages to us through the children of the world… they wanted kids. See, kids are more susceptible to telepathic messages. But I'm telepathic, we learned that with the aliens invading my mind. So, I got the message as well. In the end, we found a way to get rid of them but it required a child's mind. The child wouldn't live. Their mind was to be used as a transmitter, basically screaming back at the 456 until they left. But I was working the case. For the most part, I was in charge. So, I hooked myself up. I died."

"You died."

"I died," she confirmed. "The TARDIS felt me die, I'd assume because of Bad Wolf, and she didn't like it, so she snatched me up and sent me all the way back to the beginning of my time with the Doctor and told me to fix it."

"What about the stars going out?"

Rose shrugged. "We never figured it out, at least not before I died. Dad never said anything about it when I was there earlier, either."

"And what about your ex?"

"Right," she sighed. She was definitely not looking forward to that part of the conversation. "When I was fifteen, I met a guy named Jimmy Stone. He was nineteen, and I liked the attention. He told me I was more mature than the other girls my age. Things got steadily worse, and he drove my mum and I apart until I moved out and in with him after a huge fight with her where I didn't feel like I could go home. That's when the abuse really began. He hit me, drugged me… there was a lot, Jack. He assaulted me, sexually and physically. He kept me drugged so that I wouldn't know what was going on or… would be more docile. He tried to kill me a few times. I only survived out of pure luck each time, honestly. It lasted for three years until a man saved me from him. I don't know who he was, but he got me away.

"Jimmy was beyond angry. He stalked me for a while, called me a whore, slut, anything the could think of. He tried to kill me again. I started dating my friend Mickey because I was so scared. All Mickey wanted to do was protect me. The cops wouldn't listen to me or give me a restraining order.

"After I started traveling with the Doctor, we ended up coming back to visit my mum. The Doctor overshot, and it had been a full year that I'd been gone, so once I was home, mum told the entire estate. And Jimmy overheard. I went for a walk and he tried to kill me. He almost did, and he would've if you hadn't stepped in."

"I stepped in."

"Yeah. You and Ianto. You locked him up. The rest of that was… a mess. Um… actually, you didn't know it was Jimmy so… just pretend you don't know until Ianto tells us, okay?"

"... sure."

Rose laid back on the bed to stare up at the starry painting on her ceiling. Jack did the same, fitting his hand into hers to comfort her.

"So he's a Time Lord," Jack said cautiously.

"I guess so," she frowned. "I always thought he was human. The Doctor said he didn't recognize the name, though. My question, I guess, is that if he's a Time Lord, why is he so obsessed with me?"

"Maybe you do something to him or meet him in the future and he gets pissed off," Jack suggested slowly. "Like you said when we met, time travel is weird."

"Yeah, but that would suggest that I go back to Gallifrey, or at least run into more Time Lords somehow," she pointed out. "I don't know if I could handle more than the Doctor in my head. God, Jack… it was so loud. It hurt. It still hurts."

"Have you asked the Doctor about that? I only know so much about telepathy."

"No," she shook her head. "I don't want to bring it up. The fact that I've gone to Gallifrey when he can never go back… I don't want to do that to him."

"What if something's wrong?"

"I'm sure it'll go away," she told him.

"Well, what does it feel like?"

"Before…" she trailed off, thinking back to when she appeared on the young Doctor's TARDIS. "Before it felt like every single person on the planet was screaming inside my head."

"And now?"

"Um," she concentrated. "Sort of… painfully empty. I adjusted to the pain of the noise, but now it feels like my head will never be full again."

"I thought you said you don't want anyone other than the Doctor in your head," he pointed out.

"Well, I don't," she confirmed. "But now there's this feeling like I'm so… alone. It hurts."

"Did your mind ever get healed?"

She blinked, surprised at the subject change. "Yeah, when I became a Time Lady, the Doctor healed my mind."

"So when there were so many voices in your head so suddenly, they probably opened some of those closed wounds, opened up some scars," he suggested. "There's a difference between feeling alone and being in pain."

She shook her head. "That… makes sense. I don't know what to do about it, though."

"Have the Doctor go in and heal you back up," he told her. "I'd offer but I'm not exactly telepathic. Totally human, I am."

Rose let out a breath. "Later. Would you like me to finish the story?"

He waved her on and she frowned, trying to remember where she was at.

"Right. So, the Doctor accidentally showed me the locked away song of the Bad Wolf, and I started regenerating. He tried to protect me and created our bond. I didn't regenerate in the end, but I am a full Time Lady now, just with a little… extra. He's not sure what it is but I'm fairly certain it's Bad Wolf."

"Is that all of it?" he asked when she slowed down again.

"Pretty much. The only other thing… back in the old timeline, you were my best friend, Jack. Family. But I never got to tell you how much I appreciated you. You held me during my nightmares and made me laugh when the Doctor had upset me. You made me think that maybe I'm not worthless, you showed me the way you see me, and that… god, Jack, that's something I can never really thank you for."

He gave her a bright smile and kissed her forehead, pulling her into a tight hug. The pair laid like that until they fell asleep, only occasionally saying something to one another. Rose relished the moment, feeling more comforted and at home than she had in a while.


The Doctor grabbed the wire cutters as Rose threw them to him quickly before she made her way back to the console, still staring at the same thing she'd been looking at for the last fifteen minutes. "Whatever you're reading, it isn't gonna change just because you read it again."

"You don't know that," she muttered in denial, turning around to lean against the console and watch him. "How's she doing?"

"Not good," he answered honestly as Jack opened the door. "But after some repairs and our little visit, she should be in great shape."

"Anything I can do?"

"Yeah, matter of fact," he raised an eyebrow at her. "Don't make us visit your mother."

She rolled her eyes and turned back to where Jack stood arguing with Mickey. "Ah, leave him alone."

"Yeah, leave me alone," Jack told Mickey. Rose smacked his arm.

"I meant you!"

"Here comes trouble," the Doctor called, pushing the light strapped to his forehead up. "How ya doin' Rickey boy?"

"It's Mickey," he snapped back.

"Relax," Rose told him. "He's just trying to rile you up."

"You look fantastic," he smiled. She returned it. They'd had multiple phone calls in the time she'd been gone and she'd finally gotten it through that they weren't meant to be. He'd agreed and had started seeing someone, much to Rose's relief. Their hug was cut short by the Doctor tossing down his wrench. She managed to catch it before it slammed to the ground, her eyes sliding up to the grumpy Time Lord.

"Oi!" She snapped. "Careful up there. Not all of us can regenerate."

"If it had been going to hit anyone, it would've hit you," the Doctor pointed out. "And you can regenerate."

"Yeah, but who's been nagging me about not wasting them?"

He waved her off, climbing down from the ladder.

"How come I never get any of this love?" Jack joked, wiping the grease off of the wrench with a rag.

"Buy me a drink first," the Doctor replied.

"Such hard work."

"But worth it."

"Are they flirting?" Mickey asked her, lost. She chuckled at the question.

"This is how they bond. This or insulting one another."

Mickey shook his head. "So, what're you doing in Cardiff? And what's with Jumpin Jack Flash? I mean you've got big ears here-,"


"Look in a mirror," he told the Doctor before turning back to Jack. "But this guy here, I don't know. He's kinda-,"

"Handsome?" Jack asked with a smirk.

"More like cheesy."

Jack frowned, putting down the wrench and moving next to Rose. "Early twenty-first century slang, is cheesy good or bad?"

"Bad," Mickey answered.

"But bad is good," Jack reasoned.

"Are you saying I'm not handsome?" the Doctor asked, sounding hurt.

"We're just refueling," Rose told Mickey, switching subjects before things got out of hand. "She took a pretty big power drain, we've got to fuel her up and then we'll be off."


"Thing is, Cardiff's got this rift running through the middle of the city," she explained with a grin. "It's invisible but it's like an earthquake fault between different dimensions."

"But the rift was healed back in 1869," the Doctor continued.

"Thanks to a girl named Gwenyth," Rose nodded. "Cause these creatures called the Gelth, they were using the rift as a gateway, but she saved the world and closed it."

"But closing a rift always leaves a scar, and that scar generates energy. Harmless to the human race-," Jack waved toward the door.

"But perfect for the TARDIS," the Doctor told him. "I just park her here for a couple of days, right on top of the scar, and-,"

"Open up the engines, soak up the radiation-,"

"Like filling her up with petrol and off we go," Rose smiled brightly.

"Into time!" Jack announced.

"And space!" they all said, high fiving at the same time.

Mickey stared at the three of them in amazement. "My god, have you seen yourselves? You all think you're so clever, don't you?"

"Yeah," the Doctor said because he always did.

"Yeah," Rose agreed.

"Yup," Jack patted his shoulder.

Rose pushed gently past her childhood friend and stepped out of the TARDIS, her eyes cast toward where she knew Torchwood was hidden. She wondered if Jack was there right now, watching them. She waved quickly at the building before turning back to her friends and the conversation between the Doctor and Mickey.

"There actually was police boxes?"

"Yeah, on street corners," the Doctor confirmed. Rose stepped away from them, staring at the building in wonder. The older Jack, she hadn't spoken to him since that day, and before that, the last time they'd talked was when he told her Jimmy had escaped.

"You okay?"

She smiled at her Jack. "Yeah, just thinking. You're in there right now. Or at least, I think you are."

"Right," he nodded. "This is where we came to get… me."

"Every time I've seen your older self since I've started over, it was in a crisis. I haven't gotten the chance to tell you... " she shook her head, her mind wandering back to the way it had hurt to look at him. "I'll tell you when we get there."

"You could always tell me now," he suggested.

"No," she told him. "No, because I know you. And I know that your guilt will drown out whatever comforting words I tell you right now."

He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her back toward where the Doctor and Mickey were beginning to argue. "Well, you can tell me whatever you need to, Rosie."

"I don't deserve you," she smiled softly, resting her head against him as they walked up to their friends again.

The group made their way to a nearby cafe sitting on the water. It was the same one they'd gone to before, and while Rose hadn't liked the food, she'd loved the company and especially the stories Jack told.

"And I mean tusks! And it's woken, and it's not happy," Jack told them, speaking animatedly.

"How could you not know it was there?" the Doctor questioned. Rose was laughing, throwing her head back as the story continued.

"Fifteen of us, naked," he continued, waving his hands about. "And I'm like, oh no, no, it's got nothing to do with me. And then it roars and we are running. Oh my god, we are running. And Brochavitch falls, so I turn to him and say-,"

"I knew we should've turned left," Mickey finished, bursting into laughter with the Doctor.

"That's my line!" Jack yelled, laughing brightly.

The Doctor stood abruptly and ripped a newspaper out of a man's hand, turning it to show them the front page story - a picture of Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer Slitheen with her hand up to cover her face.

"And I was having such a good day."


"According to intelligence, the target is the last known member of the Slitheen family, a criminal sec from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius masquerading as a human being, zipped inside a skin suit," Jack told them as they entered the building. "Okay, plan of attack. We'll assume a basic fifty-seven, fifty-six strategy covering all available exits on the ground floor. Doctor, you go face to face, that'll designate exit one. I'll take exit two, Rose you three, Mickey Smith, exit four. Have you got that?"

The Doctor's side eye turned into a full on offended glare. "Excuse me. Who's in charge here?"

Jack raised an eyebrow and looked straight ahead of him. "Sorry. Awaiting orders, sir."

Appeased, the Doctor nodded firmly. "Right. Here's the plan… like he said, good plan."

Rose rolled her eyes at his need to be seen as in charge.

"Anything else?"

Jack gave him another raised eyebrow and lifted his phone up. "Present arms."

"Ready," the Doctor said.

"Ready," Rose echoed.

"Ready," Mickey called.

"Speed dial?" Jack asked.




"See you in hell," Jack joked. The words hit a bad memory, and Rose was reminded of the Game Station when Jack had said goodbye to them. It had been hard then but now… she hadn't even known what happened to him, not really. The Doctor had said he'd stayed behind to help rebuild the earth, but they'd never seen him again and the Doctor didn't like talking about him. At the time, she'd assumed it was a jealousy thing, but now…

She couldn't help but wonder if he'd died before she could save him.


She shook herself, pulling the phone to her ear. "Yeah?"

"You okay?"

She knew she couldn't lie to the Doctor - he obviously already knew something was wrong. "Just got lost in thought. I'll be fine."

Luckily, he let it drop and she focused on watching her exit. She was distracted by amusement coming from the Doctor and shook her head. He'd told her after the adventure had ended that he'd scared Blon into climbing out the window.

"Slitheen heading north," the Doctor told them. Rose nodded to herself and ran off to cut the woman off. "On my way!"

"Over and out," Jack muttered as he ran.

Rose came down the alleyway and caught sight of the woman and sped up. She was much faster than her first time around and managed to actually grab hold of Blon, tackling her to the ground.

The Doctor turned the corner first, hesitating at the sight for only a second before he grabbed the woman's arm as she tried to remove her earrings to teleport. Rose rolled off of her to lie on her back as she rubbed her side, which Blon had managed to slam her elbow into three times before the Doctor had gotten there.

"You okay?" he asked, helping her up.

"Fine," she waved off his concern. "We caught her."

"This is persecution," Blon accused as Jack and Mickey ran up to them. "Why can't you leave me alone? What did I ever do to you?"

"You tried to kill us and destroy this entire planet," the Doctor said in a matter of fact tone.

"Apart from that."


"So, you're a Slitheen. You're alone. You're trapped. Your family gets killed and you teleport out just in the nick of time. You have no means of escape, what do you do? You build a nuclear power station. But what for?"

"A philanthropic gesture," she claimed. "I've learned the error of my ways."

"And it just so happens to be right on top of the rift," the Doctor pointed out.

"What rift would that be?"

"A rift in space and time," Jack glared. "If this power station went into meltdown, the entire planet would be destroyed."

"This station is designed to explode," Rose told them. "Isn't it?"

"The minute it reaches capacity," the Doctor confirmed.

"Someone had to have noticed," Rose shook her head. "What happened to the people that noticed?"

"Why would she do that?" Mickey asked, confused. "A great big explosion, she'd only end up killing herself."

"She's got a name you know," Blon snapped.

"She's not even a she, she's a thing," Mickey shot back, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, but she's clever," the Doctor announced, flipping the diorama of the station upside down to look at it. "Fantastic."

"Is that a tribophysical waveform micro-connetic extrapolator?" Jack asked in amazement.

"Couldn't have put it better myself," the Doctor nodded. Jack grabbed it from him in excitement.

"Oh, genius!" He exclaimed. "You didn't build this."

"Doctor," Rose whispered, pointing at the wall with the name of the project.

"I have my hobbies," Blon said vaguely. "A little… tinkering."

"No, I mean you really didn't build this," Jack shook his head.

"I bet she stole it," Mickey accused.

"I see it," the Doctor muttered, walking toward the wall.

"It fell into my hands," Blon confirmed.

"What is it?" Mickey asked.

"It's transport," Jack told him. "You see, the reactor blows and the rift opens. Phenomenal cosmic disaster. But this thing shrouds you in a forcefield and you have this energy bubble so you're safe. Then you feed it coordinates, stand on top, and ride the concussion right out of the solar system."

"It's a surfboard!" Mickey realized.

"A pandimensional surfboard," Jack confirmed.

"And it would've worked," Blon complained. "I'd have surfed away from this dump and back to civilization."

"You'd blow up a whole planet just to get a lift?"

"Like stepping on an anthill."

"How'd you think of the name?" the Doctor asked.

"What? Blaidd drwg? It's Welsh."

"I know, but how did you think of it?" he asked again. Rose's nerves were mixing with his own, and the pair were extremely unsettled, though for different reasons.

"I chose it at random, I suppose. I don't know. Just sounded good," she explained. "Does it matter?"

The Doctor turned around and made eye contact with Rose. "Blaidd drwg."

"Bad Wolf," she breathed. Jack's eyes sharpened on her and she ignored him.

"Everywhere we go, two words," the Doctor told her.

"Satellite Five, I heard that. And Gwenyth, she said it. The end of the world…"

"Everywhere we go, following us," the Doctor shook his head before pausing. "Coincidence."

He wasn't nearly as convincing as the last time, and she assumed it had to do with the fact that she could feel his emotions and the way he was still so very unsettled by it. Still, she let it go. They had more important things to do.

"Margaret, we're going to take you home," the Doctor announced.

"Hold on," Jack interrupted. "Isn't that the easy option? Like letting her go?"

"We're going to Raxacoricofallapatorius," Rose laughed. The Doctor joined her.

"I can't believe you got it on your first try!"

"They have the death penalty."

Rose turned to stare at the woman, stepping forward to look her in the eye. "Whatever they do to you is on you. Us delivering you to them does not make us killers. You're the killer. You cannot guilt us while your second plan to destroy the entire planet was just thwarted."


"This ship is impossible! Superb… how did you get the outside around the inside?"

The Doctor scoffed at her. "Like I'd give you the secret, yeah."

"I almost feel better about being defeated," she told him. "I never stood a chance. This is the technology of the gods."

"Don't worship me, I'd make a very bad god," the Doctor warned her. "You'd never get a day off, for starters." He glanced down at Jack. "How are we doing, big fella?"

"This extrapolator is top of the range," Jack replied, looking at Blon. "Where did you get it?"

"Oh, I don't know. Some air lock sale?"

"Must've been a great big heist. It's stacked with power."

"But we can use it for fuel?" the Doctor asked. Jack shook his head.

"It's not compatible, but it should knock off about twelve hours. We'll be ready to go by morning."

"Then we're stuck here overnight," the Doctor announced.

"I'm in no hurry," Blon muttered.

Rose made for the door, annoyed with the woman.

"Oi, where are you going?" the Doctor asked her.

"To see a friend," she replied.

He narrowed his eyes. "You can't just stop by whenever. The timelines are already so messed up."

"And one more visit isn't going to be the end of the world," she pointed out. "I won't be gone long and I'll be nearby if you need me."

"I don't like it."

A knock sounded on the door and she shrugged. "I'll be back in a bit, Doctor."

She rushed out of the TARDIS before he could yell at her, laughing as she slammed into Jack.

"Whoa, careful," he told her, grabbing her shoulders to steady her. She leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked to the street entrance of the secret building.

"Jack, can I ask you a question."


"Do you regret meeting me?"

He turned to look down at her, confused. "Why would I ever?"

She shrugged. "You said something earlier today when we were going to find Blon. And you said the same thing in the Game Station… last time. And it just made me realize… I don't know what happened to you. I wanted to know but the Doctor just told me you'd stayed back to rebuild earth and society. I accepted it because a lot was happening, but now…"

"I do not regret meeting you," he assured her.

"Okay, another question," she leaned against his desk when they entered his office. "Why does it hurt to look at you?"

He hesitated. "I'm not sure if I can answer that, Rosie."

"Do you know how awful it is to be in pain every time I look at my best friend?" she asked with a frown. "Is it something I can fix?"

"No," he shrugged. "And I don't want you to anyway. You'll understand one day, I promise."

She sighed, accepting it. "When was the last time you saw me? Any version of me."

"When we went to save you," he told her carefully.

She considered her words carefully, unsure how to tell him what she was thinking. "Jack, everything with Jimmy… it's just so much. And I am so, so scared of him."

"I know," he shook his head. "I'm sorry, Rosie."

She raised her hand. "Let me finish. When you grabbed me to tell me he'd escaped, I was in shock. And very, very scared. I was not able to tell you that I don't blame you and that I love you, no matter what."

He stared at her for a long minute. "He attacked you and your older self both because I messed up. He killed you, Rose."

"And I still don't blame you."


She paused. "Because… whatever reason he has to hate me so much, to feel this need to have me… dead, or be his… that's on him, not you. You protected me when you stopped him from killing me. That girl Suzie is the one that let him out. You told me as soon as you had the chance, and then when you heard that I was in danger, you didn't hesitate to try and help me. Nothing you've done has been out of anything but love. I know that."

He shook his head at her, a small smile gracing his lips. "You know this is why I fell in love with you, Rose Tyler. That big, beautiful heart of yours."

She let out a laugh. "Be careful, Ianto might hear you."

"Ah, Ianto hears me say stuff like that to you all the time," he waved off the concern. "He doesn't mind."

"Why's that?"

"Remember what you told me when we met? Someone already has your heart."


Rose slammed the door to the TARDIS open, her eyes settling on Jack. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he called back, dodging a falling book. "What's going on?"

"It's the rift," she told him, looking out the door for the Doctor. "It's opening!"

The Doctor sped past her to run to the console, Blon following quickly behind. "What the hell are you doing?"

"It just went crazy," Jack defended.

"It's the rift!"

"Yeah, that's what Rose said."

"Time and space are breaking apart," he continued, desperately attempting to put the open console back together. "The whole city's gonna disappear!"

"It's the extrapolator," Jack told them. "I've disconnected it but it's still feeding off the engine. It's using the TARDIS, I can't stop it!"

"Nevermind Cardiff, it's gonna rip open the whole planet," the Doctor told them.

"This is you!" Rose accused, glaring at Blon. The woman laughed and grabbed her with her large, green hand. The Doctor and Jack tried to run for her but Blon stopped them.

"One wrong move and she snaps like a promise," she sneered.

"I might've known," the Doctor stared, furious.

"I had you bleating all night, poor baby," she moved forward with Rose, her gaze turning to Jack. "You, fly boy. Put the extrapolator at my feet!"

Jack hesitated for only a moment before Blon visibly tightened her grip on Rose. With that threat, he didn't even bother checking with the Doctor before he did as the woman had asked.

"Thank you," Blon said calmly. "Just as I planned."

"How did you do this?" Rose gasped out, pulling at Blon's arm.

"Failing my nuclear power plant, if I were to be arrested, anyone who came to track me down would have superior technology of their own. Therefore, they would be captivated by the extrapolator," she turned to glare at the Doctor. "Especially a magpie mind like yours, Doctor… so the extrapolator was programmed to go to plan b… to lock onto the nearest alien power source and open the rift… and what a power source it found. I am back on schedule thanks to you."

"It's gonna convulse, you'll destroy the whole planet," Jack yelled.

"Then deal with it," she told him, pushing Rose to the side so that she could step onto the extrapolator. "While I ride the fire of the inferno all the way to freedom… stand back, boys. Surf's up."

The console opened up and Rose felt a familiar song take over, pushing her under while the Bad Wolf took charge of her body. Still, she did nothing, knowing that the problem would be solved without her. The golden glow flowing off of her was hidden from the Doctor with Blon standing in the way, though she knew Jack could see her clearly.

Blon stared into the heart of the TARDIS, her eyes wide. The Doctor relaxed just a little bit at the sight. "Of course, opening the rift means you'll pull the ship apart."

"So sue me."

"It's not just any old power source," the Doctor warned. "It's the TARDIS. My TARDIS, the best ship in the universe."

"It'll make wonderful scrap," Blon hissed.

"What's the light?" Jack asked.

"The heart of the TARDIS," the Doctor answered. "This ship's alive. You've opened it's soul."

"It's… so bright," Blon muttered, staring directly into the heart of the TARDIS.

"Look at it, Margaret," the Doctor told her. "Look inside, Blon Fel-Fotch. Look in the light."

Slowly, Blon released Rose from her grip. Still being overcome by Bad Wolf, Jack grabbed her gently and hid her face. Blon stared into the heart of the TARDIS before looking back up at the Doctor. "Thank you."

And then, she was gone. Her skin suit was empty again and she was just an egg on the floor. While the Doctor closed the TARDIS back up, Rose leaned against Jack as Bad Wolf receded back into her mind, leaving her to be her normal self again.

"Jack, shut it all down," the Doctor yelled. "Shut it down! Rose, help me out here!"

The group rushed around to turn everything off and stabilize the rift. Once that was done, they took a deep breath and relaxed.

"Nicely done, thank you," the Doctor said.

"What happened to her?" Rose wondered. "She's not dead, is she?"

"I don't think so," the Doctor agreed.

"Then where is she?" Jack asked.

"She looked into the heart of the TARDIS," the Doctor shrugged. "Even I don't know how strong that is." Rose and Jack shared a look as he spoke but neither said anything. "And she's telepathic, my TARDIS. Maybe the raw energy changed her."

The three leaned down next to the empty skin suit and the Doctor shifted it to find the egg of Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen.

"There she is!"

"She's an egg," Rose laughed.

"Regressed to her childhood," the Doctor nodded.

"She's an egg," Jack echoed.

"She can start again," the Doctor explained. "Live her life from scrap. We take her home, give her to a different family and tell them to bring her up properly, she might be alright."

"Or she might be worse," Jack pointed out.

"That's her choice," the Doctor said, his tone firm.

"She's an egg," Rose repeated, shaking her head.

"She's an egg."


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