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Father's Day

Hey! Sorry for the long ass break. My mental health plummeted, and my migraines are back with a vengeance as well. Last night, however, I got the urge to reread what I'd written of this so far and decided it was time to get back to it! Hopefully this lasts!

Anyways, enjoy!

Father's Day

"I'd like to go see him," Rose whispered, startling the Doctor from his silence. They'd secluded themselves in a far corner of the library once again, content to just be together quietly. The Doctor had given Rose a book, and she'd given him a photo album that her mum had given her barely a month before Henrik's had been blown up. It contained pictures from her entire life, excluding her time away from home. There were even some of her parents before she was born, when they really looked happy.


She nodded at the picture he was looking at - one of Pete Tyler holding her and smiling the softest, happiest smile. It had always been one of her favorites. "My dad."


"No, look, I understand," she promised. "I know I can't interfere. For whatever reason, he died. And I won't deny that if he'd lived, my life might've been very different. I could never have met you, and done any of this. But Doctor... " she bit her lip, looking away from him and back at the picture. "He died alone. I just… want to give him some sort of peace in the end, you know?"

The Doctor was silent as he considered the request. "You've saved people since you met me, Rose. If that never happened, if we never met, those people might've died. His… death, it's a fixed point. And beyond that, if you changed it, you wouldn't be… the way you are. You'd be human. Nothing would be the same."

"I know."

"Okay," he agreed, staring down at her sad eyes. "We can go see him."

And then they dropped the subject, settling back into their separate things. Now wasn't the time - they both knew it. Besides, it had only been two days since the incident with the Editor, and the Doctor wasn't likely to let Rose out of his sight, much less the TARDIS.

In the end, it was nearly a week before they were both ready to leave again, and he landed the TARDIS around the corner. Rose made her way slowly into the console room, her loose, baby pink dress swaying around her, the leather jacket a nice contrast to the sweet color. She looked up at him and he could easily see the trepidation floating below the smile.

Silently, he offered his hand, and she took it. They made their way to her parents wedding and watched as Pete butchered Jackie's name, but Rose didn't care. Tears threatened to spill anyway.

After that, they pushed onwards and made the quick jump in the TARDIS, just moving forward slightly in time to after Rose was born, when a family friend was getting married. The pair stood on the sidewalk silently, waiting. Rose had told the Doctor what happened before, so he'd know what to expect. She'd asked him to hold her back, just in case she couldn't resist the urge, and he respected the way she admitted the weakness so willingly. He gripped her hips tightly, pulling her against his chest as Pete Tyler stepped out of his car, leaning back in to pick up the gift before slamming the door.

And then he stepped into the street.

And it was over, and the Doctor released his young companion. She was completely still, and he gently pushed her forward. "Go to him."

So she did.

Rose ran, the trip to his still body short. She fell to the ground and found herself close to him, her tears already spilling. Her eyes raked over his body as he looked at her, a small frown marring his features.

"It's me, it's Rose," she told him quickly. "I'm here."

"Rose…" he whispered, unable to do more. She nodded quickly.

"I'm here. I came. Didn't want my dad to die alone."

And then, with an odd amount of understanding, he lifted his hand to her cheek, giving her a weak smile. It lasted barely a moment before it was all over, and she felt him still in her arms.

"Dad?" she gasped. "No, no, Dad, please."

"Rose," the Doctor whispered, having moved over as he felt the fixed point fade away. "He's gone." He gently pried her fingers off of the man and managed to pull her away before the ambulance could get there - the last thing she needed was questions about her father's death, ones she wouldn't be able to answer.

Her brain was a flurry as they moved into the TARDIS, rampant thoughts of the Pete Tyler that ran Torchwood and spied on Lumic and took her in, claiming her as his own barely distinguishable from the sight of her father, lying limp on the ground. Her heart ached at the thought that she'd never see the father that had grown to love her again, and she cried for him, having already mourned the father of this universe over many years.

She cried, thinking of her time when she'd arrived first, when he'd saved her and brought her to that universe instead of letting her fall into the void, and how he'd brought her into his home, and she'd seen some of his armor crack as he gained the family he'd sorely wanted for so long.

She cried over the memory of their arguments, how she demanded to join Torchwood and he refused to let her until she went out alone without any backup or technology and came out the other end victorious. He'd reluctantly let her join, pairing her with Mickey and Jake until he'd seen how she worked better alone, better with only her logic that never seemed like actual logic until it was. He only ever paired her with Mickey if he decided she needed someone, something she'd been endlessly grateful for.

She cried for how many times he'd woken her up from her nightmares, how he'd moved his office nearer to her bedroom so he'd notice them.

She cried for how truly happy he made her mum, and how he took care of the woman they both loved so much so completely.

She cried for how upset he was, how angry he was when he knew her plan in the end, and how she'd not been able to truly say goodbye, and how she'd never truly be able to say goodbye.

She cried for the sight of him banging futilely on the window, screaming words she couldn't hear as she could see his heart break, being unable to do more than mouth that she was sorry.

She cried for the fact that, in the end, she hadn't even been able to remind him that she loved him.

Her pain was palpable, and it was uncontrolled as she let it all out finally.


"Rose," a voice said softly. Her eyes shot to the door, where it had come from, and she blinked at the man in front of her.


"I really shouldn't be here," he admitted, giving her a lopsided smile that made her hearts feel a little lighter. "Too much could go wrong, and the timelines are already so stressed."

"Then why are you?" She wondered, closing her book and pushing the blanket off of her. The door to her room was closed, as it had been for nearly a full day now, so she had to assume the Doctor had gotten in some other way. He frowned at the sight of her - pyjamas, messy hair, old makeup and tear stains.

"Because someone needs to tell you it'll be okay," he whispered, swiftly closing the space between them to pull her to his chest. Her breath caught at the movement, but she let herself relax into his grip. One hand rested on her head, the other on the small of her back, holding her close. "I know it hurts, Rose."

"I miss him-,"

"I know," the Doctor nodded, kissing her head.

"I have to see him again," she commented. "When we go to the parallel world, and I don't know how I'll do it."

"With the same righteous anger at what's happening that got you through it the first time. Lumic hurt those people - he had to be stopped, he has to be."

She nodded quietly, breathing in his scent. "He's the only father I've ever had, and I only had a few years with him… I'll never see him again."

"Sometimes… we lose people, because better, more nobler things have to be done. In this case, you had to stop the 456," he paused, frowning. "I'm still not convinced no one else could've done it, but that's an argument for another time."

Rose was silent for a moment. "I mourned the loss of my dad from this universe, you know, a long time ago. And then… I made that mistake, when I was first travelling with you. I didn't mean to save him, it wasn't the plan, I just… saw a chance, and I took it."

"That's why you asked me to hold onto you," the Doctor said, nodding his understanding.

"Yeah… kinda. I don't think, knowing what would happen, I could've done it again. But I needed to be held, I needed that grounding. I barely made it through as is, without you touching me, keeping my mind there…" The Doctor nodded again. "But this time, it was so different. He felt like some stranger, at first, rather than my father. And then, when he was gone, and I was just holding his body… all I could imagine was my dad from Pete's world, the one that took care of me when I was at my worst and gave me a job and reason and… really made me feel as close to you as I could, even being so far away. And I guess that just… spiralled."

The Doctor was silent for a moment before he pulled out of the hug and guided her over to the bed, sitting next to her so he could look at her intently. "Rose, you knew going in that what you're doing is… hard, immensely hard. And extremely unheard of. No one's done this before. Which means, I suppose, that there's not very much advice waiting to reach you. But this is extremely important and a little bit harsh, okay?"

Rose nodded warily.

"You don't really… have time to mourn," he sighed. "That comes later, when it's all over and you can tell me everything and I can be there for you. Mourning alone is… unhealthy."

"Hypocrite," she whispered, earning herself a stern look.

"When it's all over, you can mourn for the people you lost and the people you couldn't save," he promised. "But for now, do just one thing for me, yeah? Be strong. I know you can - you're the strongest person I've ever met."

She eyed him warily. "Is that why you and River keep showing up? To keep me strong? And… sane?"

The Doctor grinned, laughing a little. "You, Rose Tyler, have never been completely sane, I think."


The Doctor laughed brightly at her indignation. "There we are. Welcome back."

She rolled her eyes, though a smile had fallen on her lips. "I don't want you to go."

He gave her a gentle smile. "Don't get ahead of yourself, Tyler. You'll get to me eventually."

And then he stood, backing away from her slightly. There was a regretful smile now, and she stood too, though she didn't move closer to him. "When will I see you again?"

"When you do," he shook his head. "You've got to live it, Rose."

"I hate time travel," she lied, and he let out a laugh.

"I'll be seeing you," he whispered, a sad smile on his lips as, this time, he did use the door. She waited until it was closed again and followed to look in the hall, sighing when she found it empty.


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