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Alrighty, for those of you more interested in the lemons than the combat (or equally interested, no judgement), here we are. Much Jeff, the placement in time of these lemons is somewhat shifting, lol. Those of you who aren't great on yaoi should probably scroll down passed the first scene ^^U

Dustine and Risura entered their room.

As the new gods/goddesses of this land, they had all been given their own quarters to rest in. Upon request though, certain pairs of their group had had their rooms put together to larger rooms meant for the both of them.

The Bard and Knight were among them, Dustine carrying his femboy jade lover into their shared room together, the two of them already locked at the lips as Dustine moved them towards the bed. He laid him on the bed, their kiss deepening now as Dustine's hands trailed down Risura's body to tease him through his clothes.

Risura retaliated to this, flushing all of his equipped gear into his modus. Perk of having all items linked to the inventory: instant strip down. Dustine smirked as his eyes took in the jade blood's smooth, feminine body.

Dustine tried desperately to think of a descriptor for how beautiful his lover was that didn't have any reference to being feminine, but for the life of him he could not. It was just too… right there in front of him.

Even while perfectly able to see Risura's member-which was by no meaning of the word small-Risura's body still maintained a womanly charm; making him look more like a flat chested D-girl rather than a feminine boy. Risura smirked at the expression he saw on Dustine's face in response and his steadily growing tent.

He rolled himself over onto his front, letting his smooth, luscious ass be in full view for his mate, letting him see it all. Dustine was practically drooling, holding back an anime-style nose bleed as he mimicked his boyfriend's action, pushing all of his clothing into his modus to leave himself naked.

His stiffness sprang to attention, Risura keeping a cool expression as he traced his hand along his butt seductively despite being just as enamored with with what Dustine was packing as Dustine was for him. Dustine moved down in front of Risura, gently groping his soft cheeks before parting them and bringing his tongue between them.

Risura moaned as he felt Dustine's tongue enter him, lubing him up inside. Dustine was surprised how tight he was even around just his tongue; though between Risura being a troll and them both being god tiers, there was almost no chance of Dustine actually hurting him at normal human levels.

He just liked the idea of pampering his lover; of which Risura was rather happy to be the recipient of.

Risura felt his own stiff member press against the bed as his felt Dustine's tongue work him over inside. He'd honestly been expecting Dustine to ask him to shift into C-boy form or at leash shemale, but no, it seemed Dustine was perfectly happy with him in full male form. If anything he seemed enthused.

After getting him nice and wet inside, Dustine moved back up and lined his hardness up to Risura, his tip pressing against Risura's entrance. Dustine leaned over Risura, his hands moving along the Void player's body as he kissed his neck lovingly.

"D-Dustine.." He groaned, hips shifting gently against the hardness pressing to him, wanting more that he was currently getting. Dustine knew, and planned to give all he could and more. One hand simply held onto Risura's body to give him leverage while the other moved down to Risura's member, gripping it gently and slowly working along it.

As he did, he worked his own member into Risura's entrance slowly, pushing through his tight, warm walls as he listened to his sweet moaning. Risura gripped the bed, hips holding back from bucking hard in both directions to let his lover have control of the pace for the moment. Dustine moved borderline teasingly slow for a few minutes straight.

Then, when the pleasure he was getting had brought out precum from Risura, Dustine stopped kissing his neck; biting down on the hickey he'd already made as he jerked his hips hard against Risura, nearly hilting it in a single thrust as his hand gripped tighter, beginning to pump roughly along Risura's member.

Risura let out a loud yelp from the sudden increase of pleasure, Dustine keeping the rougher pace as he kept thrusting harder, his movements becoming full thrusts as he jerked along the jade's cock.

He couldn't hold his own moans in as kept going, Risura's tightness milking his member with each thrust until their moans mixed together in a pleasured symphony. Dustine kept it going, amping things up further.

Deciding to take a little risk, Dustine activated his Fortitude ability; the purple haze of power beginning to surround his body. Risura's moans became cries as Dustine's powerful thrusts slammed him to the hilt inside immediately, the power sending a strange pleasing sensation through his member as he pumped along it.

It hurt ever so slightly, Dustine's power infused body slapping against Risura's ass and ramming to the hilt inside of it, but it didn't hurt near enough for Risura to even consider asking him to stop.

Quite the contrary, his hips were bucking back against Dustine's like a bitch in heat, wanting more of him, needing it. It wasn't long until Risura screamed out Dustine's name, his member erupting on the bed beneath him as his cock pounded against an extremely sensitive sweet spot within the jade blood's tight crevice.

Feeling that Risura had reached his climax, Dustine moved both hands to Risura's hips to give it everything he had for the few moments left before his own climax came. Risura shuddered in delight at the sensation of the burning hot human seed flooding inside of him.

He panted heavily, looking over his shoulder at Dustine. When their eyes met, he gave a cheeky smirk and vanished from view with Forget Me Not. Dustine's eyes narrowed, and he glanced around.

Before he could even open his mouth to ask what his mate was up to, he yelped as he was pushed onto the bed.

He rolled onto his back, feeling Risura's hands pin him there and his soft cheeks pressing against his member and rubbing gently; causing it to twitch from the sensitivity of its recently climax. "Make me scream, and you can see me again~"

The invisible jade blood purred, his hips movement unseen but felt by Dustine, who moaned at the sensation of Risura's lovely ass squeezing his cock, slender legs sliding beneath him to lock himself in place. Dustine grit his teeth, and grinned.

Challenge accepted.

Patior and Aspico's blades clashed together, his bayonet against her rapier.

The two had been going back and forth for almost ten minutes down, both having only managed to land a few nicks on each other; which mutually brought them more pleasure than it should have more non-masochists. As they sparred, they tried to gain an upper hand with their powers, Aspico falling back on her soul predictions and Patior on his Process.

This proved to be only a step up from useless, as neither were the best of targets for the other. Aspico's movements didn't always follow logical strikes, instead going off on split second tangents and lashing out passionately.

Patior's movements didn't always follow what his heart wanted, his wants temported with what he needed and instead following the well trained process. With both powers active, they perfectly canceled each other, leading them into draw clash after draw clash.

In the end, what won the day was not powers or skills, it was simple brute force. Plain and simple, Patior was physically stronger than Aspico by a noticeable margin. When he realized that this was his advantage-perhaps his only one-he went in on it.

He waited for their next blade clash, then threw the whole of his strength into a push forward. Aspico had her feet planted, but if pressed Patior could probably have broken through a brick wall, which wasn't the type of strength one just braced themselves for. Aspico was knocked off her feet, her rapier skittering across the floor.

Aspico looked up to see Patior's bayonet blade pointed at her throat, "Victory: me." He said simply. Aspico couldn't argue it, he had in fact won.

She gave a nod, "No need for dramatics, I can honor an agreement just as well as you can." She said, the blue blood pulling his blade back to let her up. Once back on her feet, Aspico began to remove her clothes, stripping down fully for her kismesis.

They were both far too stubbornly rule-abiding to require an auspistice. Aspico could feel Patior's eyes looking over her fit body, sending a small shiver up her spine.

Annoyingly logical as he was, the prospect of him being about to let loose for once was exhilarating, just as her being forced to remain focused and calm had been for him when they had been fighting. They had agreed before starting this sword dual that whoever lost would be forced to follow the orders of the victory until said victory had cum, at which point they would battle again and repeat the process until they reaching a two out of three victory.

They were quite certain that anyone else would find it to be a system of spade relations either comically simplified or headache inducingly over thought out, but it worked perfectly well for them which was all that mattered. At the order, Aspico bend over at the waist in front of Patior, moving her legs apart slowly to leave herself completely open and exposed for Patior.

The blue blood licked his lips as he approached her, flushing his clothing into his modus and freeing his solid member.

Aspico braced herself for the penetration as Patior lined up to her pussy, taking no mind to lube himself nor her up as his hips jerked forward, forcing her semi-moist lower lips apart. She bit her tongue as she felt him pumping into her cunt mercilessly, starting at an already moderately rough pace and ramping it up to be even more aggressive after only a few moments.

Hard as she was trying to keep her sounds hidden, getting her to break was explicitly Patior's goal. He brought his hand down hard on her ass, putting his blue blooded strength behind it. The sudden smack caused a yelp to escape the olive blood, and with her clenched teeth opened, the torrent of loud groans she'd been keeping in from Patior's powerful thrusts towards the ground.

He picked the pace up again, slamming his member to the hilt inside of her, causing her to grow even louder as her wet, warm nook gripped Patior's stiffness tighter, practically milking his length with his thrusts.

It took all of her will to keep her hips from moving, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing how good it felt; even though if she were being honest, it was quite likely rather obvious anyway.

Patior felt his climax building, his globes churning from pleasure as Aspico tightened. Before either of them could reach their peak, Patior pulled completely out of Aspico, gritting his teeth to force down his growing orgasm as Aspico's body reflexively shook from the denial of her climax.

Patior struck Aspico's pert ass again, continuing to spank her to keep her on edge until he was sure he wouldn't reach his limit too quickly. Aspico braced herself for him entering again when he stopped spanking her, heat coming off of her olive flushed back cheeks by that point.

When his member rammed mercilessly between said cheeks, penetrating her ass without any warning, Aspico's loud cry betrayed the fact that she had not braced herself enough for it.

Patior grunted as a combination of his own natural strength and the slickness from drilling her nook allowed him to piston deep into her asshole without slowing, forcing several inches in deep to stretch her walls apart.

The pleasure was dramatically increased now, Patior's slight change in position forcing Aspico's face completely to the ground now.

For her, the pain had increased with it, a searing stinging mixing with the pleasure. She was not a masochist, but the fact that she was having to question it from how quickly the rough rooting brought her over the edge was impressive.

Patior kept going, pumping hard into Aspico as her upturned position caused her juices to drip over her own body, thrusting through the increased tightness brought on by this release, shaking from the effort of holding his own back at the sensation. Aspico attempted to brace herself for the intense burning that would come from his release into such a place.

She was already planning out her retaliation, scanning potential future with her powers to prepare; doing as best she could for literally having a pole up her ass.

Brendon, Furlok, and Lurabo had been ashen for more than a month now, but they hadn't been together sexually yet.

Brendon and Furlok had of course. They bickered too much not to. They'd asked Lurabo if she wanted to join them to 'make things official' so to speak, as their auspistice. But the poor psionic had been too shy up to now. Which was odd, because in all other respects she'd been a wonderful auspistice.

She'd stopped the arguments that were going too far, prevented assaults that would have gone bad for themselves and others, vetoes combat ideas they had that would have ended horribly (such as their oh so brilliant plan to fight naked at the top of an ice cold mountain and then rut in the snow). She'd even managed to instigate arguments to get them hot and bothered at the perfect moments.

They were doing better in their spade than they'd ever been. But for some reason she'd been holding back from ashen sex. Which wasn't that big a deal, not all auspistices did, hell most didn't.

But she seemed to like the idea of it. It was confusing to them, so they didn't question it when the yellow blood finally did seem to have braced herself for it. They were both very excited, though were equally nervous; not wanting to end up scaring Lurabo off from bed permanently.

She arrived in her full Maid of Light garb as she was usually dressed, Brendon and Furlok in mid-brawl; rolling over each other and striking to land solid punches.

"No going for the eyes," Lurabo reminded them as she shut the door.

"Yeah, yeah, we kn-" Brendon said, lifting up to reply and getting a solid punch to the jaw for not paying attention. His vision blurred for a moment, and by the time it returned, Furlok had shredding his clothes with her razor brushes, which were now being held to his throat.

"One-love, keep up." Furlok taunted. Brendon grumbled, but he couldn't exactly argue with their auspistice present. Speaking of, when the two looked back over at her, their eyes widened in unison. Lurabo had flushed her items into her modus to instantly undress without any noise, leaving herself completely exposed.

Going for the 'jump directly into the swimming pool' method. In that moment, one thing was confirmed and another discovered. What with trolls being able to shift their gender between their base and their alts, there were always rumors.

Some speculated that Risura actually remained C-boy most of the time (de-confirmed by Dustine) for example. One such rumor about Lurabo sticking to D-girl mode was confirmed. And discovered along with it was the gold blood's heretofore unknown amazing body.

"Holy hell!" Furlok exclaimed as her eyes roamed over Lurabo's perfect hourglass body, her beautiful rump and breasts seeming like they might maintain their own gravitational pull, and her D-girl member standing a good nine inches long.

"You've been holding out on us L." Furlok said, practically drooling next to her kismesis, who was in a similar if not identical state.

"I knew that outfit was baggy but good lord." Brendon said.

Lurabo was blushing deep yellow, "I-it wasn't always like this," She admitted, "I mean, it.. Kind of was actually. But it wasn't always this.. Extreme."

"-ly beautiful." Furlok added for her.

Lurabo blushed deeper as she explained, "When I drew the Judgement or Rejuvenation card during the battle with the King, it pushed my body to its full potential. And not just in becoming a full psionic." She said, indicating her 15 out of 10 body for explanation.

Now they understood why she'd been avoiding sex up to now. She hadn't been afraid of it, she'd been waiting until she was sure they would be more interested in her than her magically enhanced body. The two attempted to pry their eyes away from it when this occurred to them; which neither of them were able to do successful.

Lurabo giggled, sitting cross legged on the bed as she looked at them seductively.

No doubt do to her pale chats with Dustine, she wasn't nervous at all about this. Or if she was, she wasn't showing it. Brendon and Furlok realized that she was lifting them up and pulling them over to the bed, telekinetically moving them to her effortlessly.

She placed them on either side of her, "So, Furlok won the fight, so she get's first choice." Lurabo stated, looking to the teal blood.

"Uh…" Was the most she could say for a moment while staring at the gold blood's E sized chest.

"Furlok, you're up." Lurabo said again.

"O-oh, right." Furlok said, lightly flushing teal before giving her choice for starting position. Much as her ideal scenario at the moment was most definitely to be sandwiched between her kismesis and auspistice as they went to town, she doubted she'd still be conscious after that.

So she filed it away for later, and in lieu of that, had Brendon on his back, shifting into a futa, lining up to his cute butt as Lurabo lined up to her pussy.

"Ready~?" Lurabo asked.

"Fuck yes~" Furlok purred, yelping as Lurabo jerked her hips forward, pushing into Furlok.

Just Lurabo's luck (ha) the teal was moist enough already from the fight and ogling that she was able to force half her length inside (with the aid of of her psionics) without much effort and without hurting her.

The force of the thrust pushed Furlok's member hard into Brendon, who grunted as he gripped the bed, member twitching from the sensation.

Furlok moaned as they moved together, leaning over to bite down on Brendon's chest, listening to him yelp and enjoying the combination of punishment of her spade and pleasure for herself on both ends. Furlok hoped Lurabo knew what she was getting into with the two of them. They could go long and hard with no breaks to speak of.

Little did either of them know, it would be them attempting to keep up with her once she got going~

Dustine was the only person who'd known about Lurabo's enhanced body from day one.

Being her moirale, she'd felt the need to confide in him. He had to do a double and triple take at her body, caught remarkably off guard by it despite Lurabo's having warned him beforehand.

"Is it really that surprising?" She asked.

"It's.. not surprising that you're sexy," Dustine stated firmly, "It's just.. That much sexy... would be surprising on fucking anyone. I bet you'd look like a legit goddess with that glowy thing you do going on."

Lurabo blushed deeply at the compliments, and smiled, "Thanks. Sorry about springing this on you, I just wasn't sure what to do. This kind of sprang out of nowhere."

Dustine chuckled, "Diamonds remember? Being there for each other is explicitly the point. I'm here for you. And when your two little spades see this, they'll be all over you to." He added with a chuckle.

"Yeah…" Lurabo said, seeming.. Put off somehow. "Something wrong?" Dustine asked. "Nothing, it's just.. I've never really done anything.. Sexual you know? I don't want to disappoint them. And more than that.." Lurabo started, "I haven't been their auspistice for very long, and.. If we do stuff.. Like that together.."

"You're worried that they'll see this, and only be into you for the body." Dustine said. Being Knight of Rage let him pick up on negative emotions much faster, whether they were fuck obvious or extremely subtle. Lurabo put her head down, sighing as confirmation.

"Hey, hey," Dustine said, bringing her closer to him, "They already love you. And they're going to love you no matter what you look like. You could cast some kind of weird reversal card that completely shrinks you down and they'd still need you, not just want. Hell, you could be completely non-sexual with them like the usual boring auspistice and they'd still love every minute of it." Dustine said. "Actually.. There's an idea."

"What idea?" Lurabo asked curiously.

"A trial period. No ashen sex. Not even a suggestion of it. And use that fucking paradox cloak of yours keep your body hidden so they don't get any ideas. How the fuck is that working anyway?" Lurabo giggled, "Alchemized it with the Moon card. It was actually extremely before that. The only reason no one noticed is because we were a bit busy watching a universe get born."

"And if we're being real that probably only just barely took the advantage." Dustine added with a smirk.

"Oh stop it." Lurabo giggled more. "I'll stop it when that stops being b-e-a-utiful." He teased, indicating her body before lifting his wrist to his face like he was checking a watch, looking up from it, "Well? I'm waiting~"

She snorted, tapping his shoulder playfully.

Dustine chuckled, picking Lurabo up bridal style, "Well, I won't waste my time suggesting we 'make things official,' moirale-wise. Probably worried I'd be out for naught but the body," Dustine said as he carried her across the room to get her Maid of Light outfit for her, "Probably my fault for gushing over it but god daa-yum!" Dustine said with a smile, leaning down and planting a kiss on her cheek before placing her outfit over her and letting her modus auto-dress her.

"I suppose.. B-but.." Lurabo said as she was placed on her feet, "When I'm ready to do things with Furlok and Brendon.. I'm gonna need, ya know, 'practice.' Like I said, I don't really know anything about sex other than what I've read. And you…" "Can be heard three blocks down every other night?" Dustine joked.

"Four blocks down twice a night actually." Lurabo only half-joked.

"Well I didn't want to brag but.." Dustine laughed, "So, when you're sure no one's after you for the steaminess, you're wanting a little ride with the Knight~? But if I already know, how can you know I'm not?" He asked, mostly to just see how she'd answer.

Lurabo paused for a moment, then grinned as she answered, "Guess I'll just flip a coin to see if I should go for it. Heads we just talk like normal, tails, we.. you know."

"Well that's no fair, you generate luck. It's rigged I tells ya." Dustine mock pouted.

Lurabo raised an eyebrow, "And what makes you think my luck would be working against you~"

Arvis and Java had been together and exploring the land by plane (they could fly without but Java insisted) for quite awhile.

Lurabo's tarot cards and Risura's Void portals could make ways for them back home so they were never gone for long enough to grow apart. The Page of Blood understandable had a bit of an issue with that.

And Pilotsprite had been along for the ride ever since they'd restored her mind. Arvis enjoyed having her along. She was a bundle of energy-and not just because she was a sprite.

He'd learned of the relationship that she and Java had had, so when he returned to their tent (well, they'd alchemized it to the point of essentially being a mobile house) after going out to explore the mountain range they'd landed on for that day, and found the two of them locked in a rather lustful embrace, he wasn't surprised by what was happening, just to have walked in on it.

Both were naked, their smooth, alluring bodies close together with their legs interlocked, wet slits grinding against each other as they moaned into the kiss they had been sharing for who knows how long.

Their hips bucked together aggressively, neither of them really leading; both just moving in perfect sync to bring the most pleasure to each other and themselves. Arvis couldn't help be slightly jealous of this fluid, flawless movement, wishing he could bring the same level of bliss to his lover.

Unlike some of the others, he'd found no way for his powers to be useful in sexual situations. Java and Pilot's didn't either mind you, but they seemed to not even need that kind of advantage, their movements just perfectly in sync.

He… hadn't been meaning to just stand there like a dick while watching them, but he wasn't able to look away from the two wonderful women, and before he knew it, the two of them had reached their near simultaneous climax together, crying out in pleasure and slumping down tiredly, attempting to catch their breath.

Arvis had one foot back to leave them to each other for now, finally managing to pry himself way, but it was a bit too late for that now. With the heat having died down momentarily, they'd taken note of Arvis standing at the entrance peering in at them.

Java blushed lightly, squirming a bit at being seen in such a position, but Pilotsprite grinned, beckoning Arvis in, "Don't suppose much is happening out there, come on in~" She purred.

"Uh.. are you sure?" Arvis questioned.

"I am," Pilot said without hesitation, turning to Java, "Can I get a second opinion~?" Java followed her companion's lead, shooting Arvis a grin and what she hoped was a decent 'come hither' look as she nodded in agreement with Java.

Arvis didn't need to be told again, entering the tent and pulling the entrance fully shut as he made his way to the bed. Pilot pulled him onto the bed, Java reaching to undress him.

Arvis and Java had been together before, quite a few times especially if they were to count the time their dreamselves had hooked up. So undressing in bed with Java was no issue. Having Pilot there though, that.. Was a bit of a curve ball.

Still, being pulled into a kiss by his beloved mate and feeling the sprite's smooth, soft hand gripping his at attention stiffness to begin warming him up, he was in no way complaining.

"Pilot's been really close to me you know," Java purred, "I was hoping she could be close to you to."

"Then the three of us can have our own little weird romantic thing that freaks the trolls out," Pilotsprite giggled as she stroked Arvis, "show 'em the humans can have a little fun to~"

Arvis groaned from the pleasure, "S..sounds amazing~" He said, turning to give Pilot a kiss as he had Java.

The sprite returned it warmly, moving to straddle him gently.

Java grinned eagerly, wondering what the troll quadrant symbol for this kind of relationship would be.

Jeff couldn't even keep track of where he was in time anymore.

He'd lost all sense of 'past, present, and future.' Time was him, and he would see across it. He was sure he would die at some point, he was acting as this planet's First Guardian.

He'd been doing so only in title for a while, being literally the flow of time and able to jump to any point to assist. But at some point-keeping track of which point was like looking for the water in the sewage-he'd become the legitimate First Guardian, powers and all.

For the life of him he couldn't recall what had brought it about, which may well have been by design honestly. All he knew was that there'd been someone tall, thin, and green present. He recalled them saying something, but he couldn't place fully what it had been.

He knew more than remembered that this person had been the same friend who'd helpfully informed him of the impending disaster that had been heading for their planet and showed them how to obtain the game.

Now being capable of being anywhere as well as any time, he could take his job as the First Guardian even more seriously. This did have the unintended side effect of him drifting from his friends a little bit more than he was comfortable with, at least for the time being.

He was sure that at some point he'd let himself loop back around and hang out with them. As far as the rest of them had been considered, he'd have been visiting them as regularly as he always had been, perhaps even more frequently.

But for now, he needed to focus on protecting the world. The world was shockingly prone to self destruction on a shockingly regular basis. While the world could certainly survive a few things, they were still disasters that he didn't want to let occur.

Generally there were three types of disaster: the run of the mill near apocalypse, basic world enders, and the more specific world enders that even as both the First Guardian and Heir of Time he couldn't handle himself.

The third kind would require help from his friends at some point, and for the moment he was pushing them off. The perk of his powers was the ability to be extremely lazy when he wanted to be. Very few of the disasters he needed to prevent were time sensitive by his time-sentient standards.

Those that were tended to be extremely sensitive and in requirement of very careful hands, but he'd prevented two so far so he felt he had a decent batting average on that front. For the moment, he was drifting through the flow of time itself, following the movement of the grand ethereal gear's turning as he thought.

His own age was difficult to pin down even before he'd become First Guardian and stopped aging altogether.

By his own estimate he was about five hundred, three hundred years older than everyone else in the session. As god tiers, they were likely only to die when they outright decided to or fell in battle.

The only difference really he supposed was that his friends all had partners of some kind. Even if only in a single quadrant, they had another to share their lives with. As Jeff drifted, he wondered why he didn't.

More specifically, he wondered by he wasn't upset that he didn't. Surely he should feel alone, feel bad, feel the slightest bit regretful for never finding any kind of romantic partner, and indeed still never intending to.

But he didn't. He was perfectly fine with his life. When he felt lonely he simply emerged from the timestream and enjoyed some time with his friends-being mindful to pick a time when they weren't busy with something, or at least were busy with something he could help with.

He got a few questions about why his hair had gone stark white, and he simply shrugged and brought up a line about it being something to do with going through the timestream the way he did. He didn't like lying, but didn't think anything especially good would come from them knowing of his new powers and more to the point his new role in life.

He was sure they would find out eventually. Not because he planned to tell them, but he just knew he would by virtue of him visiting them at some point in the timeline and them being well aware that he was a First Guardian.

They refused to tell them how they knew-reportedly at Jeff's own request. He wasn't allowed to know until he, and evidently this was a quote directly from his future self, 'met the Muse.'

According to Aspico, the Muse was a master class, the most passive class in existence and one of the three most powerful; one that inspired their aspect in others.

What this Muse's aspect and more to the point who they were was not exactly forthcoming. His friends had no answers for this, and he didn't mind. It was his own fault for making a temporal knot out of a nice straightforward timeline.

He supposed he'd figure it out eventually. With nothing much to do at the moment-at the moment being a general term for him-he occupied his thoughts by going to the farthest point in the timeline.

The timeline did of course have an end unfortunately, but it wasn't as grim as the end of Jeff and his friends' original timeline had been. It was a long, long time before anyone played Sburb. Because their society got to start where the previous left off, theirs ended much farther ahead, spreading from their planet to others.

As a result, one planet getting wrecked by meteors wasn't that big a deal, and didn't warrant entering a game to create a new universe.

The entire solar system getting wrecked was quite a different matter though, and it wasn't just meteors that were coming down.

Strange power, similar to the power the Black King had let out in his final moments, rained down in bolts across the solar system, threatening to end every planet within it.

Jeff watched from the edge of the timeline as he himself at some later point in his life blinked across the star system, deflecting meteors and bolts of power with his bat and his First Guardian energy. In time, he would be overwhelmed, and would die.

But his efforts bought twelve new kids, each living on a different planet but all connected by way of Skaianet, time to get into Sburb.

He'd watched it a few times already, but it never ceased to sober him; watching his own end. What was strange to him was how he didn't seem bored or unamused by the events, as though he'd never seen them before.

He didn't think he was ever going to get amnesia, which left only the fact that it was going to be such an important and intense event that, no matter how many times he watched it before it happened, it would be just as intense.

Sighing, and stretching his arms, Jeff flowed back through time to hang out with a few of his friends. He'd leave the future problems to future Jeff, present Jeff wanted popcorn and movies.

1. I did intend to have two more lemons, one between Risura and Mutosi and one between Brendon and Valtina. But I figure it'd be excessive considering that there's already one of each in both of those quadrants ^^U plus Valtina and Brendon could very well be non-sexual moirales. 2. Viola, the close of this story! Well, not Sinful's Drabbles, Sburb Update Patch. Well-well, the lemon half of it, the story/combat half of it is in the actual story itself. Wellx3, mostly the lemon half of it. Couldn't help leaving that one lore bit there at the end XD and yes, for all three of you still reading and enjoying this, I might write that as well at some point.

For the moment though, I'd like to know your likes and dislikes for this story ^^ what was good, what was bad, etc. Favorite classpect of this group, one you'd have liked me to use, stuff like that.

Personally I really enjoyed this story, which is slightly odd considering how little smut was involved XD what can I say, I'm deep into Homestuck ^^U it's just a shame I got into it so late. Most fellow homestucks have gone silent or given up this far down the line. And if this is being read by someone after the fact the fandom will probably be even quieter. Sigh.

In any event, I am sinful by nature with no malicious intent, and I'll see you all next time ^^

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