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Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls) 5

Another patron request bringing us back to the pokegirls and Beledia's island.

The Titacool floated aimlessly through the water. Being the only water type member of Bedelia's group, it was her job to scout the waters off the coast of the island; though she'd stopped actually paying attention some time ago.

Far from keeping an eye out for other aquatic pokegirl's, the Titacool's mind was focused on the livesthe land dwellers had been leading as of late.

It seemed that every other day of them found themselves a partner of some kind. The Cutiepie had found an Applipie to not only love her but train her, the Armsmistress had finally admitted her feelings for the Boobisaur, the Golbutt and woodmouse had found a pair of Dildo queens, even if they refused to admit how much they loved being used.

It hardly seemed fair to her that everyone seemed to have someone except for her; Bedelia herself having whoever she damn well pleased.

The Titacool floated listlessly through the water, not even realizing how far from the island she'd drifted until she heard odd noises she didn't recognize. Righting herself so she could see, the tentacled pokegirl's eyes widened at seeing a cruise ship.

Humans… The Titacool's eyes gleamed eagerly as she started towards the ship. Bedelia had ordered her not to be too rough with any pokegirls she found, as any pokegirl, no matter how feral, was a potential recruit for their cause.

But humans, Bedelia had assured her, were open season. Whats more, they would be much easier for her to subdue and use for her own pleasure.

Boarding the ship was easy enough; she waited for the right current to give her a good starting momentum before curling her tendrils around the side of the ship and flinging herself up.

She hadn't considered how she was going to land; so it was pure luck she landed in the pool. It wasn't the kind of water she could breathe, but it cushioned the fall thanks to her light body, and also made her impact look far more intentional than she'd intended it to be.

She crawled out, enjoying how panicked the humans around her seemed to be. Her tentacles extended out, wrapping around the nearest human woman she could reach. She removed the thin bikini the woman was clad in, holding her arms and legs apart so herother tendrils could force their way into her.

The fact that she was a single pokegirl who could likely be taken down by enough of the on board humans aside, it wasn't long before one of the other vacationers, a Dildo Queen descendant if the bulge in her own swimsuit was anything to go by, let out a tamed pokegirl to subdue the Titacool.

The yellow skinned, leaf clad pokegirl she let out extended vines that countered every single one of the Titacool's vines. The water type whimpered at realizing she'd just been snared by a Victorybutt. The plant type reeled her in, forcing her to drop the woman she'd grabbed.

The Dgirl tamer caught the falling girl, who immediately gave her rescuer a kiss as both proceeded to let out the other pokegirls of their team to punish the Titacool for trying something with them.

Her vines bound, the Titacool looked up from where she sat on her knees to realized she was surrounded by eight pokegirls, all of them type strong against her and seemingly higher in level.

In addition to the VictoryButt, there was a leather clad, whip armed Domia, a fey featured Elf, a muscled, green scaled Mossmelons, a tall, spikey haired Thorn Slut, an orange furred, yellow cheeked Ria, a metallic skinned Mech Doll, and a yellow, bulky Electabust.

Gulping, thee Titacool realized that all eight were Dgirls, similar to Bedelia and the trainer they came from.

The water type wondered how so many pokegirls were coming out Dgirl in this area as she looked them over, the smallest of them being the Elf at eight inches; the largest being either the Mech Doll or Electabust.

"Show her what happens to mean ferals who misbehave~" The trainer moaned, holding the head of the girl she'd saved from the Titacool.

Seems that she'd decided to show her thanks for the rescue by tending to the tamer's stiffness with her mouth while they enjoyed the show of the Titacool's punishment.

The water type yelped as she was grabbed, help up by the Victorybutt's vines the same way she'd been holding the woman; this time with her tentacles bound.

Why a plant type got so many vines and she got so few tentacles, the Titacool wasn't sure, but knew there was nothing she could do about it save for hoping to randomly evolve. The Domina licked her lips, beginning to lash at the Titacool's body with her whip.

She yelped as her smooth, blue skin was marked by the cutting strikes of her whip across her chest, crotch, and thighs.

The Rai seemed to enjoy the sight and moved behind her, lashing at the Titacool's ass with her long whip like tail; sending out small shocks through her tail as she did so just to make it more intense.

The Titacool writhed in the vines as her body was lashed and marked by the two of them, the vines squeezing around her tighter to keep her in place as she was punished.

"Looks like someone is enjoying their punishment a bit too much~" The Electabust purred, pointing out how wet the Titacool was growing as they struck her.

The Titacool grit her teeth, wanting to point out that she'd just jumped out of the ocean and they couldn't really just assume she was aroused by all this; but the only sounds that came from her mouth were yelps or groans as she was struck.

After several minutes of this treatment she was dropped back to the deck, panting from the intense treatment only to realize that they were far from done with her.

The Elf grabbed her head and forced it down onto her cock, making her gag as her throat was used by the magic/plant pokegirl's needy cock.

Her wrists were grabbed by the Thorn Slut and Victorybutt, bringing her hands to their ocks and squeezing them around their cocks, moaning as they stroke themselves with her hands likecum coks.

Whimpering around the Elf's cock, she tensed ands groaned as she felt her tentacles getting the same treatment as her hands by the other five pokegirls, wrapping the sensitive tendrils around their shafts and pumping along their cocks for pleasure, not realizing or perhaps enjoying how stimulating it was for her through the soft tendrils.

The titacool resigned to her fate, simply let the pokegirls use her, figuring this would be easier if she simply let them have their fun. Her tendrils and fingers actively started squeezing around their cocks, her mouth beginning to suck.

"Such a good little whore for us~" The Victorybutt moaned as she felt it, all them groaning louder in pleasure as they used her.

The Elf was the first to go over the edge of course, unloading down the water type's throat. The others followed gradually after of course, spurting over her hands, face, tentacles, and back as they went over the edge.

As they moved back, the Titacool collapsed onto her fours, sputtering as she tried to catch her breath; only for her mouth to be occupied once again, this time by the Victorybutt's much thicker cock than the Elf's; the Ria pressing her own rod against the Titacool's pussy to give her something close to a warning before suddenly slamming into her slick cunt. She cried out around the Victorybutt's cock, who simply moaned at the pleasing vibration around her cock.

Soon the two were rutting into her in unison from either side, moaning as they enjoyed her body together; the Rai channeling some electricity through her member into the Titacool's sensitive cunt.

She didn't exactly intend it for the pain it caused the water type, more for enjoying the way it caused her to clench around her cock harder; not that her being in pain was much of a bother regardless, this was a punishment after all.

The Victorybutt forced the Titacool's head down hard forcing her to the base. If that hadn't had her eyes rolling back already, the sensation of the Rai unloading into her definitely did.

Her legs shook as she took every drop inside, and as she was finally let up to breathe, the Victorybutt unloaded as well, painting her pale blue face pearly white.

She was given barely thirty seconds to breathe before she felt herself being lifted up between two of the pokegirls; this time the Domina and the Mech Doll. she felt both of them pressing against her, her eyes widening as she realized her other hole was about to be invaded by the largest of the pokegirl's present.

She tried to get out a plea for mercy, but when she opened her mouth, all that came out was a scream as the two slammed into her brutally form either end.

The Mech Doll had been ordered to be as rough as her timer would have been, and Mech Doll's didn't know how to disobey orders; and the Domina hardly needed to be told to be rough.

The plant type smacked and bit at the Titacool's breasts as she plowed into her cunt, the Mech Doll focusing on holding the Titacool up as she sawed her thick metallic member into her tight ass, giving it a rough strike occasionally to turn it even redder than it had been before.

The two plowing into the Titacool together barely noticed when the water type came, nor how many times she went over before both went over the edge as well; flooding her with cum from both sides.

The chorus of pleased sighs was almost drowned out by her own intense cry. They granted her nearly a full minute to rest this time; possibly only because they themselves were catching their breath.

Eventually though, they passed her off to the Elf and Mossmelons, who held her together on the same side.

In her worn state, the Titacool couldn't tell the position they were holding her at was odd but couldn't tell exactly why.

Eventually she realized that both of the plant types were lined up to her ass together rather than one being on either side. Seemed that both of them had wanted to try her ass, but both were aware that her ass would be gaping too much for either of them after the Mech Doll was done with her.

Together, though, she'd be tight enough for them. Her hands were taken once again used as the two pokegirls began to work into her ass; already stretched but made tight around both of them as they rutted into her as she was made to stroke the Thorn Slut and Electabust.

"So good~" The elf moaned, feeling the Mossmelon's cock sliding against her own as they pounded into the Titacool; mind foggy as her hands were used as toys for the remaining pokegirls.

She had a hard time telling how long passed, but was certain it was hardly any time at all before the Elf and Mossmelons went over the edge; overflowing her sire ass with thick seed. The Thorn Slut and Electabust went over the edge some time later as they continued using her hands, painting her already coated safe even more.

After this, they actually actively let her rest; possibly only to let her ass return to normal and leak the cum it had been filled with.

As the water type sat weakly on the deck, she resaw that the girl she'd tried to grab was no longer sucking off the tamer, but rather riding her; the tamer massaging the girl's breasts as they both enjoyed the show.

The Titacool briefly wondered if her failed attack had lead to the start of a new relationship; though did so with far more bitterness than such a thought would normally bring someone.

Finally, though, the pokegirls were ready for their final round. The Electabust crawled beneath the water type, lining up to her as the Thorn Slut positioned herself over her, member placed between her tits.

The Elf and Mossmelons took her hands and squeezed them around their cocks. The Domina lined up to her lips and, to her nervousness, both the Rai and Mech Doll lined up to her pussy.

She felt a plea for mercy at this point would be pointless, and so simply opened her mouth and braced herself as the eight pokegirls rammed into her/began using her to stroke themselves at near enough the same moment.

Their moans all overlapped, the sensations assaulting her body too intense, the Domina groaned as she enjoyed the titacool's throat, her and the Thorn Slut seeming to take a mutually sadistic pleasure in punishing the water type's tits as the latter thrust between them.

The Mech Doll and Rai groaned and grunted as their thrusts into her pussy stretched the tight hole, squeezing hard around both of them.

The Rai eagerly began punching at the titacool's clit, sending shocks through it as they pumped into her together; the Electabust beating the water type's ass with each thrust into it as her already well used ass was abused once more.

Her brain melting into the sensation, the Titacool merely went limp; twitching from the sensation as her climaxes from the overstimulation went unnoticed and uncounted. It could just as easily been five minutes or five hours by the time they stopped.

All the Titacool knew was that at some point, she felt her body being coated and filled from all sides, leaving her a slumped, weak cumrag on the deck in a puddle of her own cum and thick seed of the pokegirls around her.

Done with her, and no one wanting to actually capture her, the water type was simply tossed overboard back to the waters from which she came. The ocean water felt like heaven against her sore, sticky skin.

She shuddered, sighing in relief as the cum washed from her body and leaked from her hole. she blushed to herself as she drifted away, too weak to swim but knowing full well the natural current would take her back towards the island.

Though they'd only been mocking her, they'd hit the nail on the head at guessing how much she'd been enjoying being used like that.

She floated blissfully back, pleased to have finally gotten the kind of pleasure she heard the land based pokegirl's getting from Bedelia; the kind she couldn't get nearly as much as she wanted due to the Charmelon's flaming tail and elemental weakness.

Maybe if she told Bedelia how she felt she'd help her find someone to play with more regularly; and less risky than humans…

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