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Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls) 3

looked over the camp she had established.

She'd recently added a Moon Flower to her ever growing group, and with the addition of her as well as the Titacool in the water, the group was starting to outgrow the supplies on offer.

That simply wouldn't do. Bedelia didn't want her group to simply be a roaming tribe, sustaining themselves and then moving on. She wanted her group to rise, to grow strong and rival the human territories.

Their rebel kingdom wasn't gonna get off the ground if its first citizens starved. This island was one of the only not inhabited by any human life, which both a blessing and a curse. The blessing being that it was all but guaranteed that untapped resources of the land were still untapped and ripe for the claiming.

A curse because it meant that they were all still hidden out in the wilderness. Bedelia's primary skills were combat and, as of lately, diplomacy.

Even in her natural state she was no huntress or forager. Thankfully, she had just the scouts to help sort the issue out. As the sun began to slip passed the horizon, the Charamanda brought her fingers to her lips and whistled, alerting the scouts.

It took all of three seconds for the four of them to present themselves, a flurry of flapping wings signifying their arrival. The Golbutt and her three Zubutt underlings had been some of the earliest members of Bedelia's group, added after they were defeated in battle and plowed like a field.

The four, it seemed, had simply been as hungry and in need of taming as Bedelia and the Cutiepie she'd been protecting at the time, so when they'd come back to, they'd been more than happy to join Bedelia's group. T

he fire type explained the situation to the four of them, asking that they fly out and see if they could find anywhere with more plentiful resources.

Food, safer access to water, defensible territory, etc. They'd of course be rewarded for whatever they found.

The four nodded, accepting their mission. Bedelia smiled, sending them off with a slap to the Golbutt's ass. She took off into the air, her Zubutt underlings taking off after her into the night sky.

Bedelia smiled as she watched them fly off, then turned back to the rest of the camp to tend to them for the night. The bat pokegirls took off high into the sky, scanning the ground below more with their sonar than their eyes.

Of the four of them only the Golbutt had vision worth a damn and even for her the echo-location was more efficient, as it gave her a full picture of the ground below and what all was there rather than just a limited aerial view.

As they flew, the group found a spring of fresh water and a few berry trees, but they knew their mistress would want more.

They flew even further, going passed the point they would normally turn back to avoid danger. There was bound to be more to find out this far, but as a result, there was also more ground to cover.

The Golbutt ordered a split off. She would search in one direction, the three Zubutt in the other. It would of course be more efficient to simply split off into four different directions between all of them, but.. well.. the Golbutt wasn't sure it was a good idea to leave the Zubutt alone.

As a Golbutt she could handle herself if things went bad with a feral or something, but Zubutt worked best in numbers. She didn't say this of course, not wanting to upset them.

She simply gave the order, and the Zubutt split off in their assigned direction as the Golbutt flew off in hers.

The Zubutt trio flew down lower so their sonar would better scan the surrounding area. They were surprised by how much there was out here.

They'd perhaps gotten a little too used to Bedelia's camp and the area she'd claimed for the group. It hadn't been that long, but they'd already forgotten how it felt to be out in the open wild.

More so than they realized in fact, as not a one of them remembered that, like themselves, other feral pokegirls could be lurking in these parts, looking for prey the same way they once had.

The trio flew together, mentally memorizing the area so they could report back to Bedelia what they found and how to get to it safely. All the while neglecting their own safety.

Oh they noticed the figures around them, the humanoid in the trees, the slim figure bouncing after them from behind, the bulky figure on all fours up ahead. But they didn't seem to understand the implication.

Since joining Bedelia, none had come after them. Even the truly demented ferals in the area had taken notice that they were something of a protected group, and those who tried to take swings regardless were swiftly informed of their place in the grand scheme of things.

But they weren't in controlled territory anymore.

It happened too fast for them to react. All three of the pokegirls pouncing on them like a well placed trap, which they would soon realize it effectively was.

One dropped from above, grabbing the first of the Zubutt in a bear hug. With her wings pinned, she fell the few remaining feet to the ground with a solid thud.

The next bounced up, locking her powerful legs around the second Zubutt to the same effect as the first.

The third simply tackled from ahead, slamming into the third strong enough to force her to the ground. The three Zubutt struggled of course, but with all three pinned, there wasn't much they could do.

Luckily, in so far as any part of this could be considered lucky for them, the three pokegirls were not interested in them as food, nor were even especially feral.

But they were all remarkably horny and in need of release. The three of them managed to figure out by way of actually focusing on them what they were.

Sidekick, the wondergirl pokegirl. The Sidekick is the result of an Ingenue (the most common of pokegirls for humans to threshold into) being given an elemental stone. There are several different types of Sidekick, one for nearly each element. Each has its own signature appearance, personality, and skillset. Dusk 'til Dawn Variant: Resulting from a Sidekick who evolved with a Dark Stone. Experienced with Dark Blades, their personality doesn't seem to have darkened so much as their powers have simply aligned with darkness itself.

Moon Bunny, the star gazing bunny pokegirl. This is objectively the most intelligent of the possible Bunnygirl evolutions. Aside from being able to track the stars in the sky and having the best memory for information, upon their evolution, they're granted a spontaneous new ability that they are immediately proficient in. It can be almost anything, and is up to the individual Bunnygirl to decide while they are evolving.

Lupina, the werewolf pokegirl. These nocturnal pokegirls can transition from a more passive and more human like mode, and the more bestial and powerful Attack Mode. Taming is done generally in passive mode for safety reasons.

No sooner had the three learned what kind of pokegirls they were dealing with did they realize that all three were of the same sub-type as Bedelia. All three were Dgirls.

All three whimpered, but only one of them had time to try and do anything. The Moon Bunny forced the Zubutt she'd grabbed against a nearby tree, forcing her legs apart before slamming into her, moaning happily as she forced her solid rod into the bat girl's tight cunt.

The Sidekick, having her Zubutt on the ground, forced the two of them into a sixty-nine position. She kept herself on top, thrusting passed the Zubutt's lips and down her throat as she buried her tongue between her legs. Only the one that had been tackled by the Lupina had time to say anything.

The canine pokegirl was much larger than the Sidekick and Moon Bunny, and while not as large as Bedelia, she was quite sure the dark type wasn't planning on being near as gentle.

The cries and gagging of her fellow Zubutt confirmed this for her. As quickly as she could, the Zubutt offered to willingly let the Lupina use her throat, hoping she could satiate the canine pokegirl with it alone.

The Lupina grinned, sitting back and allowing the Zubutt to get to work. Sighing in relief, she did so, moving down and taking the Lupina's thick rod into her mouth. She started to suck around the Lupina's member, tongue working along it.

She was glad to have found herself in a less aggressive position than her fellow Zubutt, but had never been less happy to have such keen hearing, as she heard everything happening to her sisters. The Moon Bunny's hips pumped hard, like she was in the middle of a Pokeleague sex battle.

Her tongue was lulling out as she sawed her cock into the Zubutt, evidently so pent up for pleasure she couldn't even control her own movements. The three Zubutt knew that feeling well enough, but they'd been feral when they'd done that, not like these 'girls.

The Zubutt was no stranger to a rough rutting, especially living with Bedelia, but her body was still semi-fragile in comparison to other pokegirls, and the feeling of the tree bark pressing against her back as she was fucked against-hell through it at this point-hurt.

Not a massive amount but still. The Moon Bunny appears to have been holding back however, as after the first few minutes, she lifted The Zubutt's legs even higher, pressing her body harder against her so she was supporting her against it without her hands, which moved to grab and hold the tree like handles as she began to go all out, hips a blur in a faint moonlight as her cock slammed against her womb.

Nearby, the Sidekick was being about as gentle with the Zubutt's throat. Her legs locked around the Zubutt's head, forcing her head to stay trapped with the Sidekick's cock sheathed completely in her throat, making her gag as it twitched and throbbed inside.

She at least was getting a little more delicately handled down below, the Sidekick hungrily eating her out with surprising skill, sending pleasure through her that would likely have made the throat fucking worth it were it not for her hearing the other Zubutt being treated much less kind.

The third Zubutt, having initially thought herself in the best position of the three, found herself in very much the opposite. She'd never been with a canine pokegirl before and much less a Dgirl.

She'd not known about knotting and had not been able to consider such a thing happening in her throat. The Zubutt wasn't surprised when the Lupina grabbed her head and forced it to the base suddenly, she wasn't dumb enough to expect such aggressive pokegirls to just sit back and play nice.

When she felt it starting to swell up and expand inside her throat, she realized she may have miscalculated. The Lupina's moans grew more like pleased panting as her rod locked itself inside the Zubutt's throat.

She tried to pull her head up, only to find that she couldn't, her breathing now not only difficult, but nearly impossible.

She struggled and squirmed, but nothing she did seemed to do anything but please the Lupina more as her throat muscles worked around the canine's cock.

Of the three, it was the Lupina that went over the edge first, flooding the Zubutt's throat with so much cum she was pretty sure she felt some in her nose afterwards, making it truly impossible for her to breathe momentarily.

While she struggled with the Lupina's release, the Sidekick gave her Zubutt one of her own, unloading with her together. She lapped up the Zubutt's cum as she fed her own down the bat pokegirl's throat, leaving them both panting.

At the tree, the Zubutt had cum already from the sheer intensity, the Moon Bunny grunting as she finally caught up, pumping thick, potent release into her.

She shuddered, legs twitching. She was pretty sure if she were a pokewoman she'd have just been bred. There was a moment of peace as the pokegirls relished the glow of their release.

The Moon Bunny let the Zubutt slide down into a sitting position at the base of the tree while she remained standing, bracing herself against said tree and standing over her, the Sidekick sitting up with her Zubutt.

The only sound was panting, followed by sputtering and gasping when the Lupina's member finally freed the Zubutt previously knotted with it.

But it didn't last long. The Lupina acted first, grabbing and throwing the Zubutt so she landed on her knees and elbows. She pounced, burying her cock into the Zubutt's pussy, evidently not remotely satisfied yet.

The sight and sound of the Lupina on the move again seemed to cause the lust of the other two to flare up. From the Moon Bunny's position, she only needed to thrust forward to be fucking the Zubutt's throat, said Zubutt still pinned against the tree, but now in a position of even less control.

The Sidekick, evidently less aggressive than her allies, if no less lustful, simply pulled the Zubutt down, laying on their sides together as she thrust between her legs, fucking the bat girl's thighs which she couldn't help but be a little flattered by, as she usually didn't think much of herself appearance wise.

The Sidekick certainly seemed to like her legs, groaning happily as she thrust between them. Her fellow Zubutt were significantly less flattered by their treatments.

While the Sidekick simply endeavored to paint the Zubutt's thighs, the Moon Bunny seemed intent on skull fucking the Zubutt's thoughts out, the Lupina on molding the Zubutt's cunt around her canine cock.

Their gagging and cries were nearly drowned out by the moans of the three pokegirls fucking them, joined by the Sidekick's Zubutt shortly after.

After she'd unloaded over the Zubutt's thighs, she lifted one of her legs up and thrust into her. Roughly, yes, but the Zubutt didn't much mind it. She moaned as she took the dark type's cock, taking it more willingly than the other two.

The Zubutt beneath the Lupina buried her face against the ground to suppress her loud cries as she felt the thick Lupina cock hammering into her.

Her legs shook and her body tensed before finally she couldn't take it, another lead cry escaping her as she came.

This only seemed to encourage the Lupina, who leaned even more over her, her breasts pressing into the Zubutt's back as she gave several thrusts much rougher than before, slamming balls deep into the poison/flying type. The Zubutt's weak eyes widened as she felt the Lupina knotting again.

She could breathe this time yes, but the sensation was far, far more intense as her walls were stretched, forced to accommodate the Lupina.

She couldn't even cry out, simply staring wide-eyed into the ground she'd been fucked against as the canine swelled up inside her, making her feel like she was being split in two until finally the rush of hot seed came flooding into her.

Known only to the Zubutts, she did actually made a sound at this point, but it was far too high in pitch even for the Lupina to hear.

She practically collapsed when the Lupina was finally both capable and willing to pull out of her, but was still conscious. Conscious enough to realize that the the Lupina's member was now pressing against her other, tighter hole.

The Moon Bunny didn't seem to think that the Zubutt needed any kind of warning, simply unloading down her throat when her climax came. The bat girl gagged and sputtered, but didn't have any choice but to take it.

She coughed hard when the Moon Bunny slid out of her throat, but only had a few moments to recollect herself before the bunny pokegirl grabbed her to re-position her.

The Moon Bunny had sat against the tree where the Zubutt had been. She pulled the Zubutt down onto her member. She moaned happily at feeling the Zubutt's pussy again, thrusting a few times before stopping.

The Zubutt was confused for a few moments until a rough smack to her ass informed her she was supposed to do the work here.

The Zubutt accepted it, gritting her teeth and starting to bounce her hips, fucking herself on the Moon Bunny's cock.

The Moon Bunny moaned happily, occasionally thrusting up to meet the Zubutt's hips, but mostly laying back and relishing the pleasure.

Every so often her hand came back down on the Zubutt's namesake, each time slightly harder to encourage her to speed up. Her teeth grit so hard she worried she'd chip them, but no longer just from frustration.

She didn't understand the... sensation that went through her body each time her ass was smacked. It's not that it didn't hurt.. it was more like she.. no, no she was not enjoying it.

She wasn't some masochist. While the Zubutt could lie to herself, the Moon Bunny could feel how her pussy squeezed even tighter around her cock with each smack.

The Moon Bunny leaned forward, latching onto the Zubutt's modest chest. She stated out simply sucking on them, listening to her moans as she continued to ride. Then, without warning, she bit down on one of the bat girl's nipples, tugging teasingly on her.

She yelped, a tingle going up her back as she started to tense, cumming from the painful treatment before she could stop herself. She whimpered, but the Moon Bunny had her proof, and all the Zubutt could do is wonder if she did really like this sort of thing.

The Sidekick's Zubutt was most definitely enjoying herself. The dark type hadn't let up on her. After she'd felt the bat pokegirl cumming from her cock, she'd changed their position.

She now had the Zubutt on her back, her thin legs raised up over the Sidekick's shoulders as her cock hammered into her desperate pussy with tireless speed.

The two's moans melded together as the Sidekick fucked her in the mating press, feeling her balls tighten as she got closer to unloading into the poison type. She held it in only to try and line her release up with hers.

The third of the Zubutt however was fucked far too silly to even know if she was enjoying herself, her ass hammered so raw by the Lupina she was quite sure she'd not sit well for a week after this was done.

She'd not kept track of the violent, intense orgasms that the rough, primal fucking had triggered, and the Lupina was focused more on reaching her own.

The Zubutt finally let out another well as she felt her walls starting to stretch, another knot. How the hell this pokegirl could keep going like this with such powerful releases the Zubutt couldn't be sure.

Nocturnal pokegirls always had more stamina and recovery under the moonlight of course but this was more than she'd ever felt personally, even when helping satiate their Golbutt leader's full moon lust.

The pleased, ear splitting cries that reverberated throughout the forest from the six pokegirls as their climaxes began hitting one after the other were heard for miles; admittedly partially because of how loud bat and canine 'girls can get, and the often keen hearing of nocturnal 'girls.

None dared to try and move in for fun of their own, as unlike the Zubutt, the local ferals all knew that that was the trio's territory and not to be moved into flippantly.

After the cries subsided, the six collapsed into sweaty heaps, sounds of panting and the smell of cum floating in the air as they basked in the afterglow of the taming. The break lasted long enough for the three Zubutt to believe that the trio of nocturnal pokegirls were finally satisfied.

A foolish thought perhaps, as the break ended as abruptly as it started.

The three found themselves on their knees, their bodies pressed against one another while the Moon Bunny, Sidekick, and Lupina thrust into them from behind.

Their bodies were rubbed against one another forcefully as they moaned against one another. The Moon Bunny moved her hands up, pressing the three bat pokegirl's faces together.

The three, mostly lost into the ecstasy, did as they were presumed they were ordered, a sloppy, heated three way kiss forming between the three Zubutt as the trio of nocturnals continued to use their bodies like cum dumps.

They had no long how long they'd been at it, nor did they have any idea how long it would keep going. But at this point they'd all been fucked so silly that they couldn't even recall what exactly they were meant to be doing aside from being drilled like diamond mine.

They just hoped their Golbutt leader would understand.

Like almost any conscious pokegirl in the area, the Golbutt had heard the orgasmic screams of the three Zubutt.

Recognizing her 'girls voices, she'd flown off towards them to make sure they were still alright. She wasn't surprised by the state she found them in. After what she'd heard, it might have been more shocking to not find them in an ahego, sweaty, cum covered heap.

The three were entangled with on another, cum covering and dripping from all three holes. She could swear the three had small hearts in their eyes.

What did surprise her was that whoever responsible for this was nowhere to be scene. Too late, she realized, they were still there.

Silenced by the Moon Bunny and Sidekick's abilities, the trio had been shielded from the Golbutt's super human hearing until the three pounced on her.

And by the time she did hear them, it was too late. She was stronger than a Zubutt to be sure, but nowhere near strong enough to fight off the three of them. Hell the Lupina alone could have held her down. The Golbutt was forced onto her knees.

The Lupina moved behind her, cock pressing between the bat girl's smooth, soft asscheeks. She moaned as she thrust between them, the Sidekick doing the same to the Golbutt's chest, moaning happily as she fucked her modestly sized tits.

She was larger than the average Golbutt, something she was rather proud of. While the other two busied themselves thrusting against her, the Moon Bunny moved over her, standing directly above her as she thrust down, sheathing her cock in the Golbutt's throat.

The Golbutt gagged as the Moon Bunny jackhammer thrust down into the Golbutt's throat, the three pumping against/into her roughly. The Golbutt squirmed and wriggled between them, but there wasn't a whole lot she could do other than hope that they'd be done soon.

She could taste one of her Zubutt's juices on the Moon Bunny's cock, no doubt about it. She'd been with her group for more than long enough to be able to tell. She was surprised when the Sidekick came first, groaning as she started to spurt thick seed over her breasts.

The Moon Bunny followed her, giving her a nice warm feeding shortly before the Lupina painted her ass. The three panted, but didn't stop. They moved back, forcing the Golbutt down into a new position.

They moved her wings back into their neutral folded position behind her back, the Sidekick moving beneath the poison type and thrusting between her smooth, soft wings. The Lupina moved over top of the Golbutt, planting herself above her face.

The Golbutt shuddered as the scent of the canine pokegirl's sac wafted over her. Not wanting to give the Lupina a reason to get angry with her, the Golbutt obliged, opening her mouth and taking her sac into her mouth, sucking it diligently as the wolf girl moaned, stroking her member as her balls were tended to skillfully.

The Moon Bunny had moved back, lifting the bat girl's feet by her ankles, pressing the two together and thrusting between them, letting out a purr at the feeling. Most wild pokegirl's had feet far too rough, but 'girls like who kept in the air managed to keep theirs nice and soft.

The three could see why the Zubutt's followed this Golbutt. She was quite the specimen, and they'd been right to wait and see if she'd arrive.

Her mouth and tongue worked the Lupina's sac like an expert, making her wonder who she'd been practicing on. Her strong wings felt amazing around the Sidekick's cock, and the Moon Bunny was already leaking precum onto her toes.

The Moon Bunny went over first this time, coating the pokegirl's soft, pretty feet in warm release. The Lupina went over next, grunting as she watched her release mix with the Sidekick's on the Golbutt's chest.

The Sidekick lasted longest before making an utter mess between the bat girl's folded up wings. They weren't done with her yet, not remotely.

It was the Sidekick's turn for the Golbutt's throat, and she showed about as much gentleness as the Moon Bunny had, grabbing her head and forcing it down hard as she thrust forward.

Moon Bunny took the Sidekick's place below her, lining up to the poison pokegirl's ass while the Lupina moved between her legs, slamming into her cunt in rhythm with the Moon Bunny's thrust into her ass.

All three moaned as they triple-teamed the Golbutt, hips all moving rough and fast, slapping against the comparatively frail pokegirl like sledgehammers.

The Golbutt's groans and slight gagging only made her throat feel better around the Sidekick's cock, the Lupina and Moon Bunny's thrusts both forcing the 'girl's body harder against one another as both hilted inside her.

The Lupina started to cum first, the canine girl stretching the Golbutt out like she'd done to the Zubutt as she began to knot, but the Moon Bunny finished first, tongue lulling out lustfully as she unloaded down her throat, leaving the Golbutt sputtering from the sensation of being split in two by the Lupina's knotting cock.

The Moon Bunny finished last, wheezing as she erupted deep inside the bat girl's bowls. There was scarcely a pause for breath this time, the Sidekick sliding out and moving down to join the Moon Bunny, thrusting into the Golbutt's ass with her friend to fuck it together.

There being two members in the same hole made the Golbutt's already tight ass squeeze even tighter around both of them, the pleasure only amplified by the sensation of their cocks sliding against one another, both moaning out louder than they had all night as they sawed into her together.

As intense as the double stuffing from them was, it wasn't what would eventually make the Golbutt pass out.

No, that came from the Lupina.

The werewolf pokegirl didn't seem to be content with just fucking in her passive form. It seemed in order to be satisfied, she'd need more. The Lupina had grown taller and more muscled, her whole body more bestial.

Her cock, already the largest of the three, didn't look like it could possibly fit inside of the Golbutt's pussy. Surely, the Golbutt thought, surely she wasn't going to try anyway.

She... was quite wrong.

Bedelia moaned softly as she sat against a tree, her Boobisaur friend doing the same. Between them the Armsmistress was stroking both of their stiffness.

The sun had risen and the two wished to vent a bit of their lust while they waited for the scouts to return.

Bedelia was a bit more surprised than she perhaps should have been then the Golbutt didn't so much as fly as limp back into camp, body covered in marks from rough grips and deep purple hickeys, stomach still bloated from the amount of cum pumped into her over the night.

Her legs were shaky even when she came to a stop, and dripping with cum leaking from her holes. Her three Zubutts followed behind her, all three looking to be in much the same state as their leader.

Bedelia took a few moments to let the scene settle in her mind. "...I take it you found more than resources?"

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Pining for Lapidot (Steven Universe) 933 0 0 109. Lustful Peach (MarioMinus8) 733 0 0 110. Fem Pokemon (Pokemon) 429 0 0 111. Hana in the Haremverse (Hentai Heroes) 376 0 0 112. Haremverse 2 (Hentai Heroes) 347 0 0 113. Tiny Fun 2 782 0 0 114. Link Deminitied (Legend of Zelda) 771 0 0 115. Jaune's Return (RWBY, patron RP logs) 3044 0 0 116. Skull girls Playtime (pokemon) 718 0 0 117. Pesky Bandit (Ben TenXoalin Showdown) 806 0 0 118. Fun with Jade Bloods (HomestuckRP) 1100 0 0 119. Nutty Fairy (Adventure time x ben ten) 756 0 0 120. Semi-Random Homestuck Fantasy 654 0 0 121. Possession and Cosplay (Homestuck) 1284 0 0 122. All Human (Homestuck) 1342 0 0 123. Fun with Candy Reds 441 0 0 124. Fun with Burgendy Bloods 844 0 0 125. Fun with Bronze Bloods 1000 0 0 126. Fun with Gold Bloods 862 0 0 127. Cat got the Fairy (Ben TenThundercats) 810 0 0 128. Fun with Olive Bloods 1362 0 0 129. Fun with Teal Bloods 1556 0 0 130. Fun with Cerulean Bloods 1386 0 0 131. Fun with Indigo Bloods 737 0 0 132. Fun with Purple Bloods 847 0 0 133. Fun with Violet Bloods 909 0 0 134. Fun with Fuschia Bloods 879 0 0 135. Fusion Space 5 (Steven Universe) 897 0 0 136. Fun with Smol Trolls (Homestuck) 855 0 0 137. Fun With Damaras (Homestuck) 784 0 0 138. Hana in the haremverse 3 1109 0 0 139. Greg the Diamond Slayer (Steven Univers) 1371 0 0 140. Alternia High Prom (HomestuckHiveswap) 3721 0 0 141. Pokemorph (Pokemon) 893 0 0 142. Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls) 2415 0 0 143. Seximon (Digimon) 929 0 0 144. Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls) 2 1942 0 0 145. Opal's Feet Are Sexy (Legend of Korra) 984 0 0 146. Peri-Thot (Steven Universe) 558 0 0 147. Dgirl She-Ra(She-Ra Princesses of Power) 804 0 0 148. Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls) 3 4563 0 0 149. Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls) 4 2031 0 0 150. Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls) 5 2484 0 0 151. SweetieSpike in the Orchard (MLP FIM) 1545 0 0 152. Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls) 6 1072 0 0 153. Sinful Nature update 106 0 0