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Patron request RP oneshot (pokegirls)

Patron request (technically a one shot but feels like it works better as a drabble). Fandom: Pokegirls. Idea: A oneshot of an interaction between NPC characters when off screen so to speak; an Armsmistress and Dgirl subtype Boobisaur. Contains: Dgirl on female, oral, light bondage, vines, (loving) dominance, bukkake.

The Armsmistress approached the sleeping Boobisaur.

The plant type pokegirl was sleeping in a sitting position with her back to a tree, a small arch preventing her pressing on the bulb on her back.

She watched her for a moment, watching the way the early morning sunlight washed over her naked.. glorious body.

Vibrant green hair, lighter green skin, no clothing to hide her plump, DD cup breasts, matching thicc hips and her throbbing, eight inch Dgirl member given to her by her rare sub-type, standing at attention with morning wood. She felt ridiculous.

She was an Armsmistress. If they were to fight, she'd win in a heartbeat. She was strong, she was armed, and she was armored. She'd cut down this plant girl easily.

So then.. why did she have no desire to? Why were her only desires to march over and make this pokegirl moan.. or more accurately, allow the Boobisaur to make her moan?

It was that Charamanda, she decided. That stupid, nosy, no good, aggressive Charamanda. Bedelia she was called.

She had the same, or at least a similar, sub-type to the pokegirl laying asleep before her, and they'd been seemingly working together when the Armsmistress met the plant girl.

She was the one who'd convinced her to come and wake her, making her suggestion on how to do so about as subtle as a flamethrower to the face.

She'd spoken with such confidence, like she knew the Armsmistress would end up here with or without her, like she'd known she wouldn't be able to resist...

No, she decided, it wasn't Bedelia's fault. She'd simply been picking up on something already there and didn't see why she shouldn't speak her mind.

But if not her.. then what?

Perhaps it was the lust dust. If she'd not been blasted with the thick green powdery aphrodisiac she certainly wouldn't have let the Boobisaur do such things to her, not without a fight at least.

They were a proud pokegirl species, and even the most timid fighting types tended to not accept lovers who couldn't or wouldn't fight them. But lust dust was difficult to shake.

The heat it put into those afflicted by it burned hot and drove their bodies to give in to any and all pleasure.

Yes, she thought, this would make perfect sense... accept.. she wasn't afflicted by lust dust now, and yet she still felt heat burning between her legs as she stared at the sleeping Boobisaur, eyes roaming from top to bottom to take in every inch of her, pausing on each round to linger at the sight of her cock, the feeling of which her body could still remember... still wanted...

She bit the inside of her mouth, trying to stop herself as she started to approach the sleeping Boobisaur. This was shameful, absolutely shameful behavior for an Armsmistress.

But the physical pain nor mental berating stopped her. She approached the Boobisaur, moving down slowly onto her fours before her, and lowered her head to the tip of the Boobisaur's member.

She took a deep breath; at first just to steel her nerves, but taking in the scent so close to the plant type Dgirl's member caused the heat inside to burn even hotter, and if she'd had any hope of stopping herself now, it was dashed as she began to all but drool.

Her head moved down more, giving the Boobisaur's member a long, slow lick. It throbbed from the attention, the Armsmistress licking more along her shaft before moving up to its tip.

She breathed heavier as her tongue swirled around her tip before her lips locked around it and began to move down on it.

She heard the Boobisaur moan in her sleep as she sucked, only fanning the flamed inside her and encouraging her to keep going. The fighting type's head bobbed steadily as she sucked, cheeks sucking in whenever she moved up.

Her thick black hair began fall around her face as she worked the Boobisaur's member over, losing herself someone in the motion as every moan from the Boobisaur's mouth or twitch from her cock egged her on more and more.

Her tongue lapped at the base of it when she reached it, trailing it along from base to tip with the motion of her head. She held the plant type's hips, gripping them gently-or as gently as she could-as her sucking grew more intense.

Within a few minutes of starting, her intention to simply wake her as gently and quickly as possible was abandoned in favor or effectively fucking her own throat with the Boobisaur's needy cock.

And when she tasted the precum leaking from her, her non-existence by this point senses were cast even deeper into the flames, the Armsmistress gagging slightly from her own rough pace but not considering slowing for even a moment.

The Boobisaur's toes curled from the pleasure as she began to stir, still asleep but only for so long by now.

The Armsmistress either didn't notice or paid it no mind, too laser focused on her actions, the feeling of the plant type's cock hitting the back of her throat, about to let lose.

"O-oh fuck~!" The Boobisaur groaned as she woke, reflexively bucking her hips and forcing the Armsmistress' head down on her cock as she came, woken by the intense pleasure.

The Armsmistress' mind went semi-blank as she felt the hot, thick, sweet seed of the Boobisaur pumping into her throat.

With how well sheathed it was inside of her throat, swallowing or not wasn't an option, and all she could do was take it and try not to choke. The Boobisaur let go of her hair as the final spurt of her release finished, slumping back against the tree with a sigh of relief.

The Armsmistress regained her senses, her cheeks burning hot as she looked up at the plant type, unsure what to feel or do. The Boobisaur, for her credit, said nothing, letting her fighting type companion decide what to do next.

After some hesitation and consideration-as much as could be done with her mind so foggy-before her head started to move again, gently licking and sucking to clean the plant type's still solid member of the mess.

She shuddered, moaning from the Armsmistress' efforts. Not wanting to be selfish, she let out two of her vines. The long green appendages snaked down along the ground, very nearly unnoticed by her as she focused on cleaning the Dgirl's member until they began to rub between her legs.

She shuddered from the sudden stimulation between her legs, already wet and unacceptably hot. The Boobisaur pushed her vines inside, going slow at first, but-as she realized in a few moments-matching the Armsmistress' pace, letting her decide how intense things got.

With this understood, and the Boobisaur's cock fully cleaned, she licked her way down to the base, then passed it to the sensitive sac beneath it.

The Boobisaur bit her lip as she felt the Armsmistress' tongue tending to her balls, her vines picking up the pace immediately to urge her not to stop. Not that the moans the Armsmistress was hearing wouldn't have accomplished that already.

The Armsmistress kept going, her tongue working as diligently as it could along, around, and across the dark green orbs, throbbing just as hard as the shaft, letting the fighting type feel how full they'd gotten lately. Shuddering, she pushed forward, opening her mouth to take them inside.

The Boobisaur practically gasped at the feeling, the wet, warm mouth enveloping and sucking around her sac so tenderly and deliberately.

The plant type let out more of her vines, all four of them now getting rougher with the Armsmistress' pussy, pushing in harder and probing deeper inside.

Even four together weren't quite as thick as the Boobisaur's member, but they were still thick, and more importantly could push in far, far deeper, finding sensitive spots inside her and attacking them with more controlled force than the Armsmistress had thought possible with such an external appendage.

She'd always thought of the vines as being closer to grapple guns or, as the signature move implied, whips.

But she could feel now, her legs shaking from the pleasure she hadn't been prepared for, just how wrong she was. The Armsmistress went over the edge first, having been far too wound up and far to off guard to resist.

She wasn't even certain the Boobisaur had cum, as the thick release that dripped down from the plant type's cock into her hair and onto her face could just as easily have been copious amounts of precum.

She didn't seem to have the face of someone who'd just had a climax denied when the Armsmistress pulled away, panting hard.

The Boobisaur looked down at her with a smile, a more genuine and warm smile than the Armsmistress had been expecting to see; perhaps the most she'd ever seen.

"Would you like to maybe.. take this somewhere a little more private~?" The Dgirl sub-type asked.

Her face, having only just returned to normal, flushed red again at this. Less from the suggestion and more from the realization that Bedelia or one of her other lovers may have walked by and seen what they were doing at any moment.

She wouldn't have been able to keep going if she had. Her pride wouldn't have allowed it. She nodded, unable to verbalize herself. She knew she wanted to go with her, wanted her, wanting to be with her.

The Boobisaur got up and lead the Armsmistress deeper into the forest, into a hidden little section of soft grass hidden by the surrounding trees and bushes but with an opening in the tree tops above to let in plenty of light.

"This was my old den," The Boobisaur said, "From before I joined up with Bedelia."

The Armsmistress could tell. She could smell it. The Boobisaur's scent, of herself as well as her cum, was so thick it made the fighting type shiver; her already soaked slit growing sopping wet with more need, more desire for this damned plant type that had bewitched her.

The Boobisaur, unaware of this, simply pulled the Armsmistress into a kiss. As their other fun had, it started slow and caring, but grew more heated and intense the longer they kept at it; both of them growing handsier as they did so.

The Armsmistress couldn't help but enjoy that the Boobisaur seemed just as keen on feeling up her firm, muscled, fit body as much as she enjoyed groping her plump curvy figure.

They were so focused on this, the Armsmistress didn't realize the Boobisaur had moved them closer to a tree.

She realized what was happening when she felt the Boobisaur's cock pushing more deliberately against her slit. She pulled back-in so far as she was able to while nearly pinned to the tree-and turned herself around.

The Boobisaur grinned as she watched the Armsmistress brace her arms against the tree and grind herself back heatedly against the Boobisaur. She shuddered from the sensation, letting out all six of her vines now to wrap around and feel up her muscled lover.

The Armsmistress tried to be ashamed of how she quivered at feeling the Boobisaur's vines binding her arms behind her back, tried to hate herself for moaning at the plant type smacking her ass before she thrust into her desperately needy cunt. But she just couldn't do it, couldn't keep fighting herself over this.

She pushed her species instincts aside and focused on what *she* wanted. And she wanted this Boobisaur to fuck her.

She told her so in no uncertain terms, immediately followed by a cry of pleasure as the plant type picked up the place to oblige her.

The Armsmistress could feel the pain of the tree bark from her body being pressed so hard against is, could feel the helplessness from being bound in by another pokegirl, her breasts and ass rubbed and squeezed and occasionally smacked by the vines, the submission of a more dominant pokegirl pounding into her.

And she wanted. She wanted it all. She wanted more.

The Boobisaur was almost not prepared for quite how hungry for it the Armsmistress was now that she'd opened up, gritting her teeth and holding her release back as long as she could to accommodate her with more, harder, deeper rutting.

She felt her balls clenching as her orgasm brewed more with with each passing minute of rough plowing.

She wasn't sure how long the Armsmistress kept her going like this, only that the fighting type had cum twice and her balls felt about ready to explode by the time the Armsmistress asked her not just to cum, but to cover her with it; evidently wanting to be marked or claimed or some such.

The Boobisaur was too desperate to let loose the pent up orgasm to question it, sliding out of her and forcing her onto her knees beneath her.

The Armsmistress shuddered, looking up at the Boobisaur with hearts in her eyes as she came harder than she had all day; perhaps harder than she ever had before, painting almost her entire top half in cum; a one woman bukkake, or near to it as possible.

The Armsmistress shuddered, hardly noticing the plant type nearly pass out from the intense orgasm as she began rubbing the seed into her skin like lotion, wanting to keep her scent like the den around them had.

Seeing this, and finding it to be the most arousing thing she'd seen in quite some time, she let her vines out again, helping her to rub the seed into herself.

It took some time, but that proved to be a blessing, as it gave the Boobisaur time to recover and be ready to keep going again when it was done.

She pulled the Armsmistress, her Armsmistress, into a kiss as she pressed her down beneath her, lining up between her legs to take her in missionary style.

The Armsmistress moaned into the kiss as the she felt the Boobisaur thrusting into her, holding onto her lustfully.

As they set to what was likely to be another few rounds of fun, the Armsmistress couldn't recall a time when she'd been this blissful or at peace with herself. The only thing spoiling it was how much of a shit eating grin she was sure Bedelia would have when they returned...

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