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Alternia High Prom (HomestuckHiveswap)

Fandom: Homestuck/Hiveswap. Highschool AU. 2nd person perspective. Another of the discord fantasies, albeit a longer one than normal.

Alternia High prom was in full swing. You had been a bit too overwhelmed to actually ask anyone to go with you as a date; but it seemed most of the other students had been in the same mindset, most just arriving individually and pairing up on the spot, several changing partners mid-dance.

The whole thing has a rather more party atmosphere than the tense, overly saccharine air that prom generally had; which was a wave of relief over you and most everyone else there.

As it came time to dance, you found yourself unsure who to start with. After a few moments of indecision, the choice was made for you; Terezi's hand taking yours and leading you out to dance.

The teal blood had no patience for the slow paced dances, and had instead waited for a more active party song to dance with you with. You smiled at the sight of her enjoying herself-once you'd gotten her a safe distance away from other dancers so her wild motions wouldn't lead to her accidentally punching or kicking those she hadn't noticed, her focus more on the fun than the smells around her for once.

You followed her motions, enjoying the energy that you found difficult to match when Terezi wasn't around. The song ended after a few minutes, but it was a fun few minutes.

Terezi gave you an affectionate, if unsettling, face lick-needing to stand on your shoes to reach your face-then headed off the dance floor as another song started up. You'd been about to follow, when your hand was taken again. It seemed Aradia wanted a partner to dance with for the lower toned, darker sounding music that had started up.

You weren't sure how one was supposed to dance to this, and after a few moments determined that Aradia wasn't sure how to dance at all, seeming to default to simply hip shaking movements; giving her the slightly embarrassing look of a mom attempting to look cool around the younger folk.

It was admittedly made slightly less embarrassing by the fact that she herself didn't seem to notice, and seemed to genuinely be enjoying herself.

Having left your dignity at the door, as this was a prom after all, you follow her movements, which seems to delight her as you dance together.

She seemed disappointed when the semi-gothic music faded out, and some heavily festive music started up, but gave you a hug before leaving the dance floor. You once again started to leave, before your eyes caught Gamzee.

You weren't sure how she'd gotten so sloshed already, spiked punch you assumed, but she was giving it her all as she danced; her high blood thicc body drawing attention from quite a few.

Due to the rumors about her though-rumors you knew to be bullshit-only you had the courage to actually approach her as she danced. Bravery that was rewarded by a plump, soft troll ass pressed against your crotch, grinding against it roughly in an extremely sexual dance.

Trying to keep from getting stiff would have been pointless, so you simply went with it, following Gamzee's lead and moving your hips against her. She giggled and honked, continuing to twerk against you, only stopping to press her front against you against.

You're pretty sure she had the largest chest in the whole school, rivaled only by Chahut, and with how she was pressed against you, simply glancing down would have you looking down her skimpy, over-sized, clown themed dance outfit.

She pulled away before you failed to resist the temptation, giving you a kiss and another honk, then headed off; likely back to the spiked punch bowl that definitely hadn't been soper green a few minutes ago. Looking around for another partner, you saw Chixie all alone, shifting uneasily.

You knew she loved the song that was playing currently, you'd watched her practice singing it for weeks and dance to it in private, though in the end had been too nervous to actually perform at the talent show.

She seemed about ready to bail from the dance floor altogether, only for relief to wash over her face when she saw you. You offered her a hand, one she took happily, and you began to dance.

It was a simple dance, not especially slow, only intimate because of the connection you'd formed with Chixie prior to this. It ended faster than you'd have liked, but she leaned in to whisper in your ear-even more of a struggle to reach than it had been for Terezi-and asked if you could dance again later in the night.

You assured her that you'd love to, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Her face flushed bronze at this, and she fled the dance floor.

No longer wanting to leave the dance floor yourself, you looked around for at least one more partner, and found Tavros, the thicc-albeit, ahem, *bottom heavy*, brown blood, attempting to avoid Vriska, who wanted to dance with her.

Not trusting Vriska not to get carried away, you took Tavros' hand and pulled her out of Vriska's line of sight, vanishing into the crowd with her and, in order to blend in, matching the slow, close dance with her.

Tavros blushed deeply at this, but saw what you were doing and didn't break the dance; which was definitely, totally done entirely for camouflage and not for any other reason. Definitely.

That's why you kept dancing for a few moments after the song ended of course. Bonus camouflage? That made sense. Tavros shakily thanked you for the help, then headed to get something to drink.

You had time to warn her off of the punch, but nothing else before Terezi's familiar hand caught yours again and pulled you off. You thought she wanted to dance again, and were slightly surprised when you found she was pulling you *away* from the dance floor.

Terezi lead you by the hand out of the main hall where the prom was being held and into the main school building. You couldn't see shit in the darkness, but Terezi could smell her way through and you didn't bother questioning it. You hear a door opening, then closing behind you, and realize after a moment that you'd been lead into a supply closet.

You hear a thudding noise that you later realized to be Terezi moving onto her knees, the feeling of your member being taken out interrupting your questioning, going from questioning to silent to moaning as you felt her lips wrap around your member.

You'd always been slightly worried about the fangs, but the teal blood seemed quite capable of using her mouth without harming what was inside, tongue working along your length expertly as her head bobbed back and forth along your cock.

You sucked in air through your teeth when she pulled her head off your member with an audible pop, having wanted to cum.

Your objections quieted upon her pulling you against her, evidently wanting you to take her against the wall.

You didn't need to be told twice, holding her against the solid wood as your own solid wood lined up to her entrance; already sopping wet, likely having been worked over by her fingers while she'd worked on you. She groaned heatedly as you thrust into her, legs moving up and wrapping around you, making you have to hold her up as you pounded into her.

You moaned as you began to fuck her against the wall, putting more strength into your thrusts to force yourself deeper; her tight body gripping hard around your member.

Terezi's hips could only move slightly in this position, but she still put everything into it she was able to, bringing you both over the edge fairly quickly. Terezi's legs squeezed tighter around your waist when you started to pull out, her fangs sinking slightly into your skin.

The sudden pain amidst all the pleasure made you yelp as you were forced over the edge, unloading deep into the troll girl, who shook between you and the wall as she came. You panted together, needing a bit just to catch your breath.

Once you recovered, it took another few moments to get your clothes sorted out and make sure any mess wouldn't be traced back to either of you. You left the closet and returned to the prom, Terezi teasingly giving you the ass slap as she headed to dance.

Looking around, you saw Aradia sitting at one of the tables, waving you over to eat with her. She'd saved you a seat, and was eating with you after you sat down.

You were pretty sure no one was the wiser to what you and Terezi had been up to; a belief that fell apart like a chocolate chip cookie in warm milk when you felt Aradia's hand rubbing against your crotch beneath the table.

You glanced over at her, and while it was definitely her hand, it couldn't easily be seen from above the table, her motions subtle and deliberate.

Her expression was entirely unchanged, like she herself didn't notice her hand working to get you rock hard. You wondered momentarily if this was Vriska's doing before remembering that Vriska couldn't control Aradia.

Her telekinesis delicately undid your pants, freeing your member, allowing her soft, skilled hand to wrap around it and begin stroking you. Your length was still semi-slick from your fun with Terezi, allowing her hand to glide easily up and down it. You bit the inside of your cheek at the gentle pleasure.

Not wanting to be selfish though, you attempted to mimic her, moving your hand underneath the table between Aradia's legs, rubbing at her crotch before pushing your fingers passed the fem of her skirt and underwear, rubbing her nook directly. Her expression faltered for only a moment as you did this, her hand pumping faster along your length as though to encourage you; which it did.

Your fingers pushed passed her lower lips, entering her wet, warm hole to please her as she was you.

You weren't quite as good at hiding it as Aradia was, but she was quite able to keep anyone who she worried was catching distracted, using her telekinesis to push and pull things around so they'd seemed to have fallen or slipped on their own.

You breathed deeply as you relished the pleasure while trying not to let out an obvious moan; though when her hand squeezed suddenly hard around your cock as her pussy did the same to your fingers, it turned out to be her making the noise.

Eyes went to the burgundy blood, unsure why it was she had made such a sudden sound, unaware of the juices she had released over your hand.

Unable to move without making what you were doing more obvious than it was, you were frozen there.

Thankfully, you were saved by a loud scratching of records from the sound booth. You weren't sure if Dave was just fucking with people or if they were well aware what happened and wanted to help out a fellow time player, but the distraction gave you time withdraw your hand.

Aradia's own started moving again once everything had returned to normal, finishing what she'd started and bringing out your cum over her hand.

She positioned it to let out into her palm specifically. She brought her hand to her mouth with a mock yawn, but from right next to her, you could see her tongue scoop the white release you'd given out of her palm as she did this.

You shuddered at this, member slowly stiffening again, but Aradia telekinetically fixed your pants before leaving the table, likely to go fix herself up before anyone could notice the spots of wetness.

Needing some way to sort out the stiffness she'd left you with though, you got up and looked around for someone who could help. It wasn't long before a solution found you, two strong hands grabbing you and pulling you into a hug that pressed your face between two large highblood tits.

Gamzee seemed to have gotten to the horny phase of her usual drinking, and while you usually didn't like to encourage it, you were a bit too wound up yourself at the moment, and didn't argue when she suggested you head out back.

She stumbled a bit as she lead you out, her busty body seemingly not wanting to be contained any longer.

She practically tore her way out of her own clothes when you'd made it out behind the back of the school.

You weren't even sure she'd been trying to, but she seemed happy with it, and you certainly weren't about to complain about the view. She dropped down in front of you as you dropped trou, squeezing her breasts together around your rod.

A shudder went up your spine as the softness squeezing around your cock, her tits large enough that they could completely cover around your cock, barely needing to move to stroke you with them. Perhaps it was how pent up you were or maybe it just felt that good, but it didn't take long for you to cum.

When she felt your member start twitchy, she pulled herself back so your release would land on her face, where she rubbed it in eagerly; seemingly wanting the whiteness to mix with that of her makeup. Gamzee giggled, turning around and raising up her hips, plump ass on full display for you. If you'd had any self restraint, it would have melted at a sight like that.

You pounced on her, pinning her front half as you slammed into her needy ass, her moans so loud as you began drilling her against the dirt that you wondered if they could hear it back in the prom.

You were too wound up to care at the moment, and simply kept pumping into her, each smack of your hips against her sending a jiggle through her thicc body. Her hot, tight ass squeezed around your cock, gripping around it as though trying to milk you.

Gritting your teeth, you managed to hold back your climax longer than you had any previous time tonight, utterly drilling Gamzee into the ground beneath, bringing her over the edge twice before you finally let loose, unloading into her ass and triggering a third.

The purple blood let out a scream of pleasure as she felt the hot seed pump into her body, her eyes crossing as she slumped on the ground. You panted as you pulled out, looking over the sloppy hot mess before you and wondering what to do about her.

After recovering, you dressed her as best you could before leaving her sitting against the wall.

Some might have been worried about her being taken advantage of given how much of her body was on show and how drunk she was, but given that it was Gamzee, you were pretty sure passing men would be the ones in more danger of being violated, and her state of drunkenness would likely just provide potential prey time to decide if they wanted to risk her breaking them or not. You returned to the prom after a stop at the bathroom to get yourself cleaned up properly.

You found Chixie on the dance floor once again; presumably waiting for you. You headed up to her, where she smiled and took your hands to dance again.

This dance though.. was a bit shorter than the first. It didn't take long to realize Chixie had been drinking, but you were surprised to find that it hadn't been from the spiked punch bowl.

Chixie admitted to having brought a few things herself, knowing she wanted to loosen up a bit, but also knowing she was too tense to do so without a little... help.

You assured her you weren't judging her when she asked, knowing that it wasn't the same kind of trashy drinking as Gamzee tended to go too far with. She smiled at this, and continued whispering to you, telling you things she wanted to try while she had the courage to ask for them.

Your eyes widened as you listened, and you had to hear it a few times to actually believe such things were coming out of Chixie's mouth. She simply grinned cheekily when your eyes met, one eyebrow up questioningly.

You simply nodded, happy to help her try, and lead her off the dance floor. By now, most people were either occupied with the pairings they'd fallen into, or sloshed from the spiked punch, so there was no need to be overly subtle any longer.

You headed to one of the bathrooms, knowing it was and would hopefully remain empty. Once inside, Chixie took a deep breath, another shot from the bottle she'd snuck in, then started to strip down.

You watched in awe at the sight as Chixie, normally so reserved with things like her body, practically tossed her clothes aside. She looked back at you once she was naked, a silent question in her eyes, wanting to know if you liked what you saw.

You figured actions spoke louder than words, and knowing what actions she had asked of you, you surged forward, bending the bronze blood over and bringing your hand down hard on her bare ass. She yelped from the sudden pain, then again and again as you kept going, slowly bronzing her ass with the repeated smacks.

You slowed every few moments to make sure she wanted you to proceed, but each time she practically whimpered when you stopped, and after a few moments, her nook was sopping wet from the rough spanking, legs shaking hard.

You turned her over, following what she had asked, and wrapped a hand around her neck, starting to squeeze as you lined up between her legs.

Her eyes flooded with euphoria as you gently choked her. You wouldn't have guessed such a kink from her given a million guesses, but her nook gripped desperately around your cock as you squeezed, your hands trying to find a balance between not being rough enough to actually hurt her long term, and being rough enough for it to get her off. It took some trial and error, but you eventually found the sweet spot; finding Chixie's own sweet spot shortly after, and hitting both with all you had.

Chixie's scream likely would have shattered the mirror if your grip on her throat didn't make it come out so sputtered. Her hips jerked violently as she came harder than she could ever remember before, eyes glazing over in pleasure.

You slid out of her gently, grunting as your own release was let out over her body. Panting, you put the finishing touch on it, spitting onto her face. Part of you felt slightly rotten about being so... mean, you supposed. You supposed aftercare really was for the dominant as much as the submissive.

You picked up Chixie, carrying her with her clothes draped over her body to the gym showers, having to just hope that no one would see, and thankfully it seemed no one did. It took Chixie longer to recover than it had Terezi, which was unsurprising given the difference in roughness.

Even later, cleaned up and on her feet, she was still wobbling and having trouble making it back to the prom; though there was a chance that was just the booze.

She assured you several times throughout you both getting cleaned up that it had been amazing; something you had to reassure her whenever the inebriation didn't entirely block out her doubts about her body.

You promised her that you'd love to do it again some time if she ever started getting too pent up again. She kissed you on the cheek this time, slipping a little shot bottle from her little stash into your pocket before heading out. The prom was winding down now, the last few songs playing.

You downed the shot, more out of curiosity than anything, and within moments was feeling it and wondering how strong exactly the fucking things were meant to be.

Shortly after that thought came one of where exactly was someone/something you could fuck, as your member had shot back up the moment the alcohol had gotten to it, and you were having a hard time caring about subtly now.

Scanning the room, your eyes landed on Tavros. She hadn't left yet it seemed. You watched her dance for a few moments before the sight of those thicc thighs moving became too much, and you made your way over. Tavros had her back to you when you approached, so didn't notice you until you were right on her, throbbing member pushing between her legs without warning.

She gasped, entire face going brown as you began to thrust between her thighs, moaning hard into her ear so she could know just how amazing she felt. She whimpered at this, which brought back at least a little lucidity to you.

You whispered to her that you were sorry, but couldn't stop, she felt too wonderful, and you promised to make it up to her after.

You accepted that she was well within her rights to turn her head and knock you on her ass with those horns of hers, but to your surprise and delight, she didn't; rather, she just pressed her legs together tighter to help bring you over the edge faster. She shuddered as she watched you cum onto the floor in front of her, then stepped away and looked around.

No one had noticed thanks to Gamzee's punch, but it wouldn't take long for the cum to be discovered. Tavros took your hand and lead you away from the prom.

You weren't sure where she was taking you, and when asked, she took a moment-seeming to steel her confidence before saying, "You said you wanted to make it up to me right?" When you nodded, she finished with, "Well, this time I get to be in charge." She was just as physically frustrated as Chixie you realize, but with very different desires. You would do whatever you were able to in order to help, but were ever so slightly nervous about it...

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