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Jaune's Return (RWBY, patron RP logs)

Got a slightly different one this time my friends. One of my patron rewards is a brief RP that can then be converted into a story if the patron so chooses, and they were happy to lend the RP to a story, so here we are. Fandom: RWBY. Contains: Straight (Jaune x Pyrrha).

Jaune had been missing for 2 weeks now. After a mission in which a cave collapsed from a grimm attack, Jaune had blocked the tunnel so the others could escape.

A relief and rescue team came and looked, clearing out the grimm, but they found nothing but a pool of blood and what remained of Jaune's Armor.

Most assumed the worst. How could they not? Only Pyrrha remained confident that he was still alive somewhere, somehow; though most considered said confidence to be denial, or in Cardin's case full tilt stupidity, an insult that had encouraged Nora to follow through with her threat to break his leg.

Nora got suspended for a week and Carin in a cast for 6 months, Nora said it was totally worth it. Things moved on and attempts were made to replace Jaune on the team, which Pyrrha basically shooting down every candidate.

"He's still out there." Pyrrha insisted to Ren and Nora, trying not to sound as hysterical as she was quite certain she did. It wasn't denial for her. She refused to believe it was. She had felt Jaune's aura, how much of it he had, how strong it had the potential to be. He couldn't be gone. She refused the idea of it.

"Even if he is-" Ren started to say, Nora stopping him and saying, "We need a team of four to keep attending classes." She said, preventing Ren's statement of 'by now he'd have run out of food or water' from being said.

There words seem to fall on deaf ears, even team rwby tried with no success, as much as Ruby wanted to try and believe. But after nearly three weeks, even she had come to accept her friend was dead.

Pyrrha stood alone in her potentially foolish faith in Jaune. There was a grimness in the air surrounding both teams as classes continued.

Soon it got to a boiling point, someone made a joke during a battle class, one poor soul joking how they didn't want to end up dead like the arc.

The next thing that happened was a spear impaling itself in the wall next to the boy and a look from Pyrrha that basically said that the boys next words would determine his life or death.

Pyrrha was reprimanded for this. Between this and Nora attacking Cardin, the team was on thin ice.

Fate seemed to deal a cruel hand to this poor team, but soon it would give them a good one, or good at the time.

One night, a guard heard something coming from the nearby cliffs near the helipad. He looked and soon saw a hand reaching over the cliff, a human hand.

Assuming it was a survivor of a grimm attack-and not necessarily wrong-they quickly hurried to help them.

What they pull up is a boy with blond hair, hundreds of scars, a nearly torn out gut, and he looked shriveled, like he hadn't eaten in days. They quickly called in support, knowing he would need immediately medical assistance.

They take him in and soon get him treated, Ozpin is informed and he is shocked to see who the boy was.

It was a miracle that he was alive, and further spoke to Ozpin's decision to let him stay despite knowing full well that his transcripts had been fake.

Word soon spread and Pyrrha made a beeline to see him. She arrived and saw he was alive, though weak and tired. But she simply burst into tears and hugged him.

Jaune winced, unable to really move quite yet. But he did still manage to smile so she could see that he was indeed still alive.

Others came to visit, Pyrrha not leaving his side at all. In this, they all had neglected to notice one crucial thing, Jaune's eyes had changed. Before they were lilac, but now they were black. Only Pyrrha managed to notice it, having stayed with him long enough to noticed.

Something else happened as well, the grimm attacks had effectively stopped. A week before he arrived, the grimm had stopped attacking and in many places were gone.

Most hadn't noticed this at first of course, it was hard to notice a lack of something. But the more experienced hunters grew suspicious of the sudden halt of attacks.

Areas became more peaceful and the grimm seemed to sleek back, though some areas remained hot spots. This all seemed like strange coincidence, but they were all linked, and Jaune was the key.

After 2 weeks in bed, Jaune got up, looking out at Beacon. He looked at his hand, "I guess it's true." He said.

Pyrrha hearing what he said, having not left his side. Pyrrha would ask him what he meant, unsure what he had realized.

She considered for a moment that he might be referring to everyone having thought he was dead, but that had been confirmed for him over a week ago.

He felt her and just smiled, but he still looked out there, "The grimm are gone, they left here, it worked." He said, in a tone that seemed almost sad in sound.

"It.. worked? What worked?" Pyrrha questioned, confused.

He sighed, "I got rid of the grimm, to save the world, but now I need to go, forever." He said in a serious tone.

Pyrrha didn't know what to say at this. "Jaune.. what are you saying? What's going on?"

"I...I came here to see if the Grimm were gone, and they are. I can't be among humans anymore." He said as he looked at her, "I need to go, this is goodbye." He said.

"Jaune, what are you talking about? How could this be because of you?" Pyrrha questioned, only growing more nervous.

"Something happened to me, I became...something else, the Grimm obeyed and now they wil never harm the world again." He said his skin seemed to turn a little white at this, "I saved the world and you, to live on and be happy." He said with a sad smile.

Pyrrha watched in shock and confusion as Jaune showed the way his body had changed. She tried to find the words to say, but for one of the first times in her life, was fully speechless.

He saw her expression and looked at his hand, seeing it turn white, "I guess my time is up, goodbye Pyrrha." He said as he was about to walk away.

It took Pyrrha a moment or two to respond to what was happening before her mind kicked back into gear, "N-no Jaune, wait!" She said, following after him.

He was about to exit the door when he turned, "Pyrrha, what is it?" He asked. "Jaune, I don't understand, please tell me what is going on." Pyrrha said, growing desperate.

She'd had to worry that he was dead for too long to let him simply walk off without explanation.

He nodded, "Just forget about me, I died a month ago, it would be easier for everyone if you fogot about me, find a leader worthy of you all." He said about to walk past her, but Pyrrha would not let him leave.

Pyrrha took hold of Jaune's wrist, "Jaune, you were a fine leader, you are a good leader. And you're not dead, you're right here. And I'm not letting you go until you tell me what is going on."

Jaune looked and saw that there was no way to get out of this. He sighed and spoke, "I was taken by the grimm, to some dark place. There I met a woman who threw me into a black pool, she told me it is where the grimm are born. From there I struggled and felt like I would die time and time over. But I didn't I came up and when I did, I could control the grimm. The woman wanted to use me, but I was able to over power and put her under my command. I ordered the grimm to come back and never harm humans. I simply came to see if it worked." He explained.

"Jaune.. that's.. that's crazy.." Pyrrha said, unsure what to even say to something like that.

But.. something had clearly happened. She could see the changes forming on his body, and the grimm had stopped attacking completely..

"Now I must leave, I will protect the world so you all will never suffer. Goodbye Pyrrha, I love you." He said as he took a step, but those words triggered in Pyrrha, the words she always wanted to hear.

Pyrrha continued to follow, "Jaune.. I still don't really get what all this is.. but you don't have to do it alone."

"I have to, I can't be around you, or anyone anymore." He said, feeling certain desires boiling up that he knew he would fall to if he didn't leave.

"Why?!" Pyrrha questioned, her emotions flaring up out of her normal control.

He just tries to leave, but Pyrrha will not. Jaune can feel those desires, needs, burning in him and he knows that if he doesn't leave now...he doesn't know what will happen. Neither did Pyrrha, but she didn't care; she wasn't letting Jaune just walk away.

Jaune looks at her, her eyes, her body, the woman who trained him up from nothing. He begins to shake as thoughts poured into his skull.

It was now or never. He tried one last chance to leave, or he would fall to these urges. Pyrrha refused to let him go, following him as he tried to rush away.

He turned to her one last time, and then as if his brain was on auto pilot, he pinned her to a wall. His strength was enhanced, and he held her there, before he kissed her.

It was deep, powerful, and passionate. Pyrrha's eyes widened from this as yet another wave of shock washed over her.

She began to reflexively return the kiss, a shudder going up her spine at the sensation of what was happening.

He kisses her and holds her close, moving a hand and tearing off her armor like it was nothing, leaving her top exposed. Pyrrha froze as this happened.

Things were happening so fast, her mind was having a hard time keeping up; which was saying something given how quickly she was able to adapt in normal stressful situation.

"J-Jaune!" She said, trying to stop his hands a bit too late to prevent her armor being torn off.

Jaune seems to come to his senses and sees what he's done, "Oh god…." Jaune says as he stepped back, "I'm sorry." He said, about to try and make a run for it, but Pyrrha could see what he was about to do.

Pyrrha grabbed him; not with her hands but with her semblance, her polarity grip preventing him fleeing her. Weary as she was, she refused to let Jaune cast himself aside, no matter what.

He turned, "Pyrrha, you need to let me go, I am losing control, if I don't leave now, I don't know what I'll do. I don't want to hurt you." He said, seeming to try all his efforts to hold back.

Pyrrha could see it on him and then she looked down and saw how his pants were extending out from a hard erection, his lust growing.

Pyrrha couldn't believe this was happening, but didn't flee. She couldn't just leave Jaune to whatever this madness was.. but she was unsure what she could do.

Jaune explained, "Ever since he told the grimm to never attack again, all their hate, anger, evil, and other feelings are all now running through me. I became the conduit for all that, so I must leave and never be around anyone again."

He explained as he began to shake, "I have been having thoughts of you, what I want to do to you, wanting to be with you, but I'm afraid of what will happen if I I need to go, please, I don't want to hurt someone I love." He begged, his eyes now having a red iris in them.

Pyrrha stared at Jaune, unable to believe what she was witnessing. Their leader had sacrificed his mind to save the world of Remnant from the grimm.. how could she possibly just leave him to his lonesome?

"No." Pyrrha said, conviction in her voice, "I'm not going anywhere."

Jaune could see her resolve as the last barriers keeping him sane seem to break, all he says is, "I'm sorry." He said before he pins her to the wall and kisses her again, removing his clothes as he did.

Pyrrha held onto Jaune, wanting him to know that she was there for him even through this.

He kissed her, holding her close, very passionately and even lovingly, rubbing his hands on her body and soon carrying her in his arms. Pyrrha shuddered from the closeness to Jaune's body.

She still had trouble understanding everything that was happening, she was starting not to care.

He held her close, holding her body so that she was carried in his arms, his cock now showing. Massive, long, 14 inches and 3.5 inch thick, it was more a weapon than a penis.

He rubbed her slit and asked, "Pyrrha, I want to fuck you, will you allow me too~" He was going waild, but still had that same kindness in him that he would never hurt or rape her as long as he had control.

"I.. I will.." Pyrrha said, beginning to wonder briefly if this were really happening; as she was slightly embarrassed to admit that it was starting to resemble a few that she had had.

He smiled and kissed her again as he slowly began to penetrate her.

Penetrate both was right and di no justice, as his cock felt more like it was plowing through and trying to split her in half. It took a bit, but he finally penetrated all the way in, hitting deep into her womb as his cock buried in her.

Pyrrha cried out at the rough entry, her body-while highly durable even in comparison to Jaune's now altered body-had virtually no experience against something like this.

He went slow, enjoying the feeling and letting Pyrrha get used to this. He moved slowly as he began to run his cock in and out of her. Pyrrha began to moan from the sensation, gripping around his member as he pumped into her.

He was pumping in at a slowly increasing rate, moving down and sucking on her neck, his hands digging into her butt~ Pyrrha shuddered at the sensation, easily overwhelmed by such things as Jaune handled her body.

He kept going as his speed increased, moving to suck from her tits, sucking hard like a vacuum. Pyrrha's moans grew louder as Jaune's hands and mouth practically dismantled her.

He made pleasuring her his priority in his lustful fucking, beginning to go faster as he neared his release.

Pyrrha's body shook from the sensation, her body tensing more as Jaune brought her over the edge.

He feels and unloads a massive load into Pyrrha, she felt it fill all of her up and her belly begins to bloat up a little. Pyrrha's eyes nearly rolled back in her head as she felt the release flood into her already sensitive body, another low groan escaping her as she was filled to the brim several times over.

He looked at her and then asked her, or more told her, "I'm gonna fuck your ass now, my love~" He said as he kissed her and turned her over.

Pyrrha shuddered at hearing Jaune talk so dominantly, and didn't argue or try to stop him as she was turned over for him; her fit, shapely ass in full view for him.

He smiled as he began to prod and soon was penetrating his cock deep into her ass. He tight ass fought hard, but it was no match for the lethal weapon of a cock Jaune wielded~

Pyrrha couldn't even try to hold back her screams at this as the tight ring of muscles were forced to stretch, yielding to the size entering her.

Jaune started slow, but soon was pounding her ass with the force of a thousand men. He kissed and pleased her body as his cock seemed to make a home in her ass.

Pyrrha had progressed from screams to going nearly silent at this point, body shaking as a violent climax overtook her from the aggressive rutting.

"Pyrrha, you should have let me escape, cause now..." He said as he brought her face to his, "Now I don't want to leave, and I want to fuck, everything~" A darker tone coming from the usually calm and kind Jaune.

Pyrrha held onto him, trying to speak but needing to get her breath before she could, "Th..then.. stay." Was the most eloquence she could put into it.

Jaune just looked at her, "If I do, I will want others, I will fuck others, but I will never abandon you, I will always be with you~" He said as he kissed her, before going as hard and fast as he could in her ass.

As Pyrrha took his rutting, her mind began to race. Hard as it was to focus while being drilled so mercilessly, she was determined enough to work through it.

Whatever was effecting Jaune would need placation, but.. that didn't have to be a bad thing did it?

She could explain to the others, she could get help for Jaune. It would be awkward to be sure, and there would certainly be concerns-especially about the sounds that they would end up making-but Pyrrha was convinced it would work.

She told Jaune-or at least tried to through the groans and cries his rutting elicited-what she was thinking.

He listened and understood, he liked this plan, though in his corrupted mind it seemed more like fucking all of beacon on his cock, he agreed and then said, "I love it, now for such a good idea, I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't walk for a week!" He roared as he thrust back in, intent on being true to his word.

Let me know what you thought of this, keeping in mind that it is literally an RP that I've had to edit into story form, so keep in mind that 1. The writing was effectively split between two and 2. The editing was hell in a handbag XD

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