Gem Session @sinfulnature1123

Pink Lace Agate had spent a lot of time listening to the stories from the quartz who lived/worked in the Human Zoo.

Apparently some hundreds of years ago, they'd taken notice of how the humans reproduced and discovered that, unlike the gem process of reproduction, the human version could in fact double as a rather pleasurable pastime.

The Rubies watched as Pink Lace dispelled her clothing; something normally had little to no purpose for a gem. All but Hip blushed to some extent, though Heel's blush could be felt by Pink Lace a good five feet away.

"Now you do the same." She instructed. Hip did so immediately, leaving her naked form in full view. After a moment of hesitation, the others followed suit. The Rubies found it hard to avoid looking around at each other, then back at the Agate. The difference in body type was remarkably appearance.

Even Cheek and Hip combined-respectively the fittest and curviest of the Rubies-couldn't come close to matching the Agate's figure.

But Pink Lace seemed happy regardless, raising all of them on how they looked the Rubies all blushed equally hot at this, Pink Lace giggling and beckoning Hip over to her so she could help demonstrate, as Hip Seemed the least flustered of the group.

Hip hurried over to Pink Lace, who instructed the other Rubies to watch her movements and attempt to mimic them. Pink Lace moved her hand along Hip's back down to her butt,, giving it a gentle squeeze as she leaned in to kiss Hip.

The Ruby shuddered from the attention, not used to feeling like this. The other rubies watched with a mix of fascination, confusion, and a new feeling they didn't recognize properly: arousal.

Hearing the sounds Hip was making in response to the contact, and eager to see if she could mimic it, Cheek grabbed Core and pulled her in close, following the motions Pink Lace was showing; albeit far rougher than Pink Lace was being.

The Agate was about to point this out and suggest she go easier; but stopped when it became apparent that Core very much don't mind the rougher treatment. She moved down Hip's bodt, tracing kisses across her chest before moving lower.

Hip practically squeaked at the feeling of Pink Lace's breath against her crotch. Cheek half followed, but lingered at Core's chest, kissing her heatedly and starting to suck when she was encouraged by the moans escaping Core's mouth.

Seeing Pink Lace starting to kiss and lick at Hip's slit, Grip inched her way closer to heel, who was noticeably nervously. Grip gave her an affectionate smile, bringing her as gently as possible in a kiss.

She lowered Heel into a sitting position, moving down to her fellow ruby's legs, kissing up them towards her crotch. Pink Lace wasn't surprised; she'd had a feeling that Grip would have been one of the gems this sort of thing came naturally to. She was honestly surprised this group didn't already know about this.

Hip's hands were on Pink Lace's head as her tongue had started to work deeper inside of the ruby's inexperienced pussy, hips pushing more against her at the pleasure. She let out a high pitched whine when Agate pulled away, drawing the attention of the other four back to them.

"Relax, its going to get even better." She assured, her own crotch starting to glow with the light of shapeshifting. One of the more fascinating things about organic creature's, Lace felt, was the variation between types.

For every species, there would be two variations. But a gem's shape shifting ability made the lack of this variation irrelevant in gems. Hip seemed unsure what to think when the Agate grew a member, seemingly not getting the purpose of the six inch appendage.

She smiled asking her to turn so the others could see her face as she felt it. Hip turned around as Pink Lace sat with her legs apart, making sure the rubies would all have a good view as she lowered Hip down onto her length.

A shudder of pleasure went through the Ruby at the feeling of Pink Lace's member pressing against her lips, followed by a gasp at the sensation of it entering.

The others watched in fascination as Pink lace held Hip by her namesake, working her body up and down slowly to push the rod deeper into her. It took Cheek all of ten seconds to mimic this, growing a member of her own and lining up to Core's slit as she continued to tend to her breasts.

Core cried out as Cheek thrust into her aggressively, Cheek letting out a yelp of her own; not having realized from Pink agate's ehow intense the sensation would be for her as well. Grip didn't bother, returning her head between Heel's legs, digging her tongue deeper into her.

Pink Agate whispered praise into Hip's ear as she bounced her on her member, telling her how wonderful she felt, and how well she was taking it for the first time.

Hip's heavy breathing became moans, then got louder as she starting to move herself, following the motion Pink Lace had been making for her.

She felt wonderful around agate's member,so warm and tight; completely different from the quartzes who'd shown her how to do this.

She wished she'd thought to show them this ages ago, as they seemed to be naturals~

Lazurite grit her teeth in focus as she sent a wave at a nearby mountain.

It was the largest wave she'd managed to make in decades, and well needed considering it was the largest mountain she'd tried to deal with.

Her Desert Glass had been chipping away at its structure for some time now, but could only do so much. The wave crashed into it the land mass, cracking large chunks off of it.

Lazurite motioned with her hands, forcing the water to hook into the mountain on all sides, pulling it towards the ground. The water lost its form after a few moments, but it was a decent amount of damage done in one go.

Lazurite set to pulling the water back towards her for another try. "Should I even bother with this?" She mused allowed to the Desert Glass, "Ceylon will be coming soon."

In answer, Desert Glass formed a sand image of a sapphire, which shifted into a question mark.

Lazurite frowned at this, "Okay, so obviously I'm not sure she's actually coming here, but I figure if its as big a deal as she's been making it out to be, it'll have to involve me leaving this place. Its a lost cause anyway, there was never any life on it to clear out."

The Desert Glass' question mark remained.

Lazurite sighed, "Okay so what if it is wishful thinking? I'm allowed to do that to." The question mark shifted into an image of the mountain, which slowly collapsed.

Annoyed, Lazurite muttered, "I know you're supposed to keep me on track, but sometimes I really wish you wouldn't."

The desert Glass didn't respond to this. Lazurite presumed from this that it simply didn't care, and turned her attention back to the mountain.

It hadn't occurred to her that the Desert Glass might actually be capable of feeling unsure of itself.

Caroline went back and forth on the silence.

She'd initially been fond of it, as compared to the sound of the diamond blast that had taken out so many, that could have taken her, silence was a welcome relief.

But no matter how many times she tried to convince herself that quiet was ultimately the lesser of two evils, she could never escape the simple fact that she was a quartz gem, and quartz soldiers simply weren't built to cope with peace and quiet.

They needed activity and energy and something to do. Lately she'd been busying herself with tending to the plantlife of the garden; as it tended to become strangely aggressive when left to its own devices.

But even that was steadily becoming more and more maddening. She figured she'd have cracked by now if not for Ceylon and the communicator she'd been given.

As Caroline worked on the plants, pulling and cutting overgrown areas, she wondered what exactly this thing that they would all be doing tonight.

Much as she didn't want to get her hopes up, she couldn't stop herself hoping deep down that, whatever it was, it would involve her finally being around other gems.

She wanted to see the things R had forged, she wanted to spare with Pink Lace, she wanted to knock White Zircon and Maxixe's heads together, and Lazurite…

She wanted to talk to her, see what she'd seen, find new things that neither of them had seen for the first time in ages for both of them. She wanted to be somewhere she could forget about what had happened to the other rose quartz. She wanted to be far, far away from the thoughts she had about herself as one. She wanted to be anywhere else other than this cursed garden, this cursed planet. She wanted…

Caroline snapped back to reality and took stock of what she'd just done.

She'd gotten a bit more agitated in her thoughts and had done quite a number on the garden. She stood panting, her battle axe lodged deep in a thicket of the spiked foliage it had been cleaving through.

She sighed, dispelling her weapon and just dropping like a bag of rocks. For beings made of light, she always wondered why it was that they could feel so drained..

Imperial Jade. much as forest and Yellow-Green loved being her, could only be maintained temporarily.

Not because of her components mind you. They speculated they could remain together for eons given the chance.

But they could only do so much in the confines around them. They couldn't risk being found out. "What do you think the sapphire is planning?" Forest Jade asked.

"Who knows," Yellow-Green said with a shrug, "Can't rightly wrap our minds around one that sees into the future."

"Could still be fun to speculate." Forest said with a chuckle. "Leave that to the 'innovative gems,' as if other gems start speculating they'll be all out of work." Yellow-Green snickered.

Forest Jade giggled, "Oh be nice. And anyway, this is about our role in all this." She said. "And what role are you suspecting they'll have for us?" yellow-green asked curiously.

"I can't be sure, as you said, but Ceylon has seemed to be rather… forward thinking, and not in the literal sense. I've watched how she talks to some of the other gems in the chat, and to us, together and apart."

Yellow-Green hesitated, her voice not showing any of the expression on her face, "You think she might have our roles be the same?"

"In a manner of speaking, I can only hope so. Its dreadfully dull working separately for so long so often." Forest confirmed.

She could keep it out of her voice, but the hope… no, desperation at this point, couldn't escape the jade's eyes. Yellow-Green felt a pang in her gem, and wanted nothing more than to dive over the desk at her and hit the ground as Imperial Jade.

Her restrained herself, fingers nearly digging into the desk. "I'll.. have to agree..."

White Zircon was finishing another trial.

The last for this cycle and, depending on how the sapphire's gathering went, potentially the last for quite some time.

She'd gone back and forth on whether or not to attend or spend more time preparing as the sapphire had asked, but, as a Zircon, she'd simply prepared much faster than she had anticipated, and had plenty of time.

She's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt using the information she'd gathered that the amethyst they had in custody was in fact the rogue who'd attempted to rise up in the name of rose quartz.

Once she'd actually looked at the facts, the quartz's story couldn't hold up to a stiff breeze. The White Zircon kept her face straight as she laid out the facts, refusing to let the satisfaction of seeing the amethyst realize she was caught in a lie show on her face.

When it became clear she was out options for defending herself though, the amethyst took the more traditional route for soldier gems: offense.

The quartz let out a roar of anger, smashing through the containment cage she'd been being held in like tissue paper and barreling towards Zircon, taking out her weapon, a glaive, to make her frustrations known.

She had to have known that there was no way she would actually escape, hence her attempting to use what little time she had to try and shatter the gem responsible.

And most other zircons would likely have been shattered, as no law gem has the agility or strength to avoid or counter a quartz.

White Zircon could only thank the grace of the sapphire for the things she had asked her to prepare, as she'd gotten so used to practicing with the tools she'd gotten together that she reached for them without even thinking when the amethyst attacked her.

She liked to call them her Battle Screens; very durable, sharp edged versions of the screens she used in the courtroom to keep notes and display evidence.

What use she would have for a weapon as a zircon was beyond her, but as she pulled them out in front of her, blocking the glave's impact, she was glad the sapphire had asked her to get them.

The amethyst was so stunned by the block that zircon had time to send one of the screens into her stomach like a bladem, poofing the soldier gem. The gem collapsed to the ground.

The entire courtroom had eyes on white zircon now, and for the second time, she was grateful to the sapphire for having given word ahead of time that she would be needed elsewhere immediately after the trial; as she'd have otherwise certainly been interrogated herself for not only having a weapon, but being able to use it.

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