Gem Session @sinfulnature1123

Ceylon sat in her chambers, contemplating.

As a Sapphire, contemplation was really her only purpose of course. But Ceylon's future sight saw not the path to the glory of the Diamond's conquest.

For eons now the little blue gem had watched the world as it ended, or at least ended as they knew it. She believed they were a defect for a time, mistaken visions to be ignored. But as time grew, Ceylon came to understand what they really were.

She looked up, her movement stirring the three Carnelians, her quartz soldier guards.

All three looked to her in near perfect unison, "A problem my Sapphire?" The nearest to her asked.

"No," Ceylon said, "But I need to make vital communications now. If you wouldn't mind." She said.

The Carnelians nodded, all holding their arms in the standard sign of respect before leaving the chamber. Ceylon's lips curled into a smile as she watched her solider guards go.

She enjoyed watching them of course, more in her visions than in person. In visions she could see how they behaved when she wasn't around.

Much less stiff, much less rigid.. it was hard for her to fully come to grips with. She'd come to terms with the fact eventually that many gems seemed able to experience a wide variety of feelings, and display them in an almost incalculable amount of different ways. It was fascinating, if maddeningly inconsistent.

She continued to watch the tall, strong guards leave her chambers, small smile at them suppressed quite well.

When she was alone, she moved to get her private communication device. It had been a trial even for her to come into, not to mention all the others she had needed to find and send out. But it would all be worth it soon, she was certain.

Ceylon: Prepared to begin our.. shall we call it a mission?

Lazurite: I guess so.. I don't really have a weapon like you said we'd need.

Ceylon: I said it would greatly help, but your powers will suffice I'm sure. You've obtained someone or something you trust to be of help to you?

Lazurite: That was an easy one, I've only really got one thing in the world aside from this com device.

Zircon: What luck you have. It was utter torture deciding.

Lazurite: I figured it would obviously be your Geodes.

Zircon: Oh, but of course. The torture came from deciding which of the two. It seemed dreadfully unsure to pick only one before our gracious sapphire assured me both were viable. A weapon or tool was much trickier, but thankfully I managed to make do.

Ceylon: Excellent. R?

R: Nearly ready. Weapon's been ready for ages, putting the finishing touches on the helper item, Olive is on her way over to help with the special request you were making.

Ceylon: Zircon I assure you reading too deeply into every little thing R says will lead only to madness for you specifically.

Zircon: Deepest apologies my sapphire. R: You've got to show me a way to do that.

Ceylon: Simply a matter of reading the odds.

Ceylon paused after sending this, musing on the statement for a moment. It was true she supposed. All sapphire visions were. Sapphires saw only the mostly likely possible outcome, but there could still be variations.

There was a non-zero chance she had simply gone quite spectacularly mad some time ago. It.. was not her first time considering this. And as all previous times, the visions of her Carnelian guards drove the thought away.

Surely she couldn't be mad. Even a mad sapphire would have limits to what she could imagine, and it stopped far before the things she found herself seeing of those rowdy red gems.

Ceylon realized how cold the room was suddenly, as her physical form had heated up quite considerably it seems. Odd.

White Corundum... that name didn't... really sound right, but she supposed its what everyone called her. At least as far as she could remember.. but that wasn't saying much.

She tended to forget things a lot, and wasn't really sure why. Looking around the room, she couldn't recall really what or where it was, nor why she'd never seen anything outside of it. It was practically featureless, more of an enormous white box than a room.

She hadn't been able to find any exits or paths that would lead elsewhere, but it was rare that she found the energy to look for them. She knew there had to be some way in, both because.. well, she was there, and because the communicator was.

Also the bubbles. Looking up, White Corundum squinted at the pale white bubbles suspended in the air containing various gemstones.

A lot of them were in pieces, suspended seemingly mid explosion within the bubble. Others looked like a combination of several gem stones that had been welded together.

White Corundum attempted to think through what they could be as often as she'd tried to remember how she got where she was, but it made her head ache, and she always found herself laying back down, either to simply rest or to talk on the communicator.

Pink Agate was nice to talk to. She always seemed very nice, always asking questions.

Not the same questions as Zircon or Olive though. Agate was.. trying to help her? Maybe help her remember things better, she wasn't certain.

But she preferred talking to Spinel. She'd never seen the green gem before, but she always found a way to make her laugh, even when she was deep in her confusion and tired.

Staring at the screen, White Corundum realized that she had indeed forgotten something while she had been talking with Green Spinel. She wasn't sure what though...

R: For, I think the fifth time now, it's none of your business.

Maxixe: I'm an Aquamarine, my business is whatever I like it to be.

R: You're the only gem in this chat that seems to think that.

Maxixe: That's because you're all mental and defective!

R: Insulting a sapphire like that? How disrespectful. I'll have to report this immediately.

Maxixe: Not her, that isn't what I meant and you know it.

R: And you know Ceylon couldn't begin to care. Worst I'd do is report it to Pink Lace; but then, that might end up being even worse for you huh?

Maxixe: I assure you I have no idea to what you are referring.

A good twenty minutes passed between the last message and Maxixe's response. A snort echoed through the cavern, and her response was met with a simple R: Whatever. She'd have liked to put more effort into it, but she was otherwise preoccupied now.

A knock echoed through the cave as though in answer to the snort, and a few moments later, Olive had arrived.

"Sorry it took me so long, there's no fast way to subtly deactivate security robanoids." The peridot said as she entered, "How goes the progress?"

Rhodochrosite rolled her eyes, all three of them, at this, "Why thanks, I've been lovely, how about you?"

Olive sighed, "Sorry, just a little antsy. Gets riskier to come down here every time." Rhodochrosite shrugged, "Well with any luck, this will be the last time before Ceylon's little activity."

"That's part of what's making me antsy." Olive said.

She didn't elaborate further, and the fusion gem didn't make her. She had to deal with things at her own pace, and they did-in fact-have work to do.

"Finished the statue, so it's just Ceylon's personal item and we're good to go."

Olive nodded, taking out the schematics she'd been working on, "Still not sure why you chose a Moon Goddess stature. If it were a traditional one, with its gravity locking, I could kind of see the point I suppose, but that's just stone." Olive said, indicating the expertly carved statue of the Moon Goddess sitting not far from Rhodochrosite's main work bench.

"I could explain it, but I'm not sure you'd totally understand." She said. "Is it a fusion thing?" Olive asked immediately.

Another 3x eyeroll combo. "No," Rhodochrosite said, "It's a faith thing." Olive stared at her as though she'd manifested a fourth eye.

"Like I said." Rhodochrosite chuckled, "Now come on, lets get to work and you can get back before anyone notices their leggy mechanic is missing."

Olive didn't respond more than returning Rhodochrosite's eyeroll. She always seemed to genuinely think comments like that were in reference to her gem placement, which Rhodochrosite couldn't help chuckling at.

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