Gem Session @sinfulnature1123

White Corundum stumbled out of the Gate into LoNaE.

She hadn't been completely certain what the spinning green disk she'd been approaching was or would do, but her sprite had seemed rather keen on her going to it.

She'd barely touched it and found herself tumbling out into the Land of Night and Entropy.

The terrain was rough and the sky was dark, but it was infinitely better than the nightmare of a jungle she'd been dealing with up to this point.

Maybe she could even find a friend here?

White Zircon: I require assistance.

White Zircon: SOS. R: Finally need help with a company encounter?

Maxixe: Found documents too dense to sort through finally?

White Zircon: I assure you both of those scenarios are preferable to the situation I find myself in now.

White Zircon: The white Corundum has found its way to my land.

Maxixe: Oh for the love of all solid reality.

White Zircon: My sentiments exactly.

Olive: What exactly is the issue here? She's on our side right?

White Zircon: Yes, but she's more a hindrance to me than our enemies I'm afraid. I can't leave her to her own devices on my land, lest she stumble her way into a shattering. And if I keep her with me she's all but guaranteed to destroy all my work here.

White Zircon: Its very delicate business here. If a single document gets misplaced or Diamonds forbid destroyed if her latent ruby powers somehow surface, it'll all be for naught and we're all as good as shattered.

R: Pretty sure teamwork is built into this game, maybe you can help her unlock some of her game powers, or even her gem powers? Then she can help you on your land if anything physical comes up.

White Corundum: First of all, I'll have you know that my battle screens have been perfectly sufficient to keeping me safe, even against whole swarms of enemy hostiles.

White Corundum: Secondly even my skills of analysis have their limits.

Olive: Limits you say? Olive: I might have something for you.

R: Oh here we go, lol.

White Zircon: What are we talking about exactly?

Olive: My land came pre-stocked with a fountain of special water. Opens up the mind. Expands what you're capable of even considering. Maybe if you let it expand your sense of whats possible, you can help her better?

Olive: Or better yet, let Corundum drink some. Maybe she'll finally, ya know, think right? Be able to help you with your land's work.

White Zircon: I doubt anything would make that possible, but I'm willing to at least try it. Coordinates.

Zircon passed through the Gate into LoFaH, pulling the end of the cable she'd fanished into a makeshift leash and harness for White Corundum.

She pulled it to bring the short helmet clad gem through. White Corundum stumbled a bit, having been facing away from the Gate on the other side about to wander off.

"Where are we?" White Corundum asked curiously as she looked around at the metallic landscape around her.

"We're on the Land of Focus and Hives." White Zircon said flatly, leading the defective ruby towards the location she'd been given.

"Whats that?" She asked as she followed along, stumbling once or twice due to the difference in the two gems' strides before they equalized to one another.

"Its the planet the peridot has been working on for the duration of this game." White Zircon explained, squinting to confirm that she could see the metal gates Olive had described to her.

"Whats a peridot?" White Corundum asked, looking up in awe at the wide open sky.

"A type of gem, typically in the court of Yellow Diamond. The one you've been speaking with over the communicator has been opting to go by her specified cut as Olive." White Zircon said, restrained frustration tinting her voice as she marched them towards the fountain.

"I know a gem named Olive! She's green just like my friend Spinel!" White Corundum said excitedly as she looked back to Zircon.

"Yes, Corundum, she's a peridot." Zircon said, rubbing her temple with her free hand as she lead White Corundum passed the gates, seeing the fountain Olive had told her about in the center of the area.

"Can we go see her?" "No." "Can we go see Spinel?" "No." "Where are we now?" "We are at what I am told is called The Fountain of Choice." "Why?" "To try and fix your defective brain. As well as your defective everything else." White Zircon said, eye starting to twitch as she undid the harness from White Corundum.

"What's defective?" White Corundum asked, tilting her head. "It means wrong, Corundum." "I'm wrong?"

"Yes. Very."


It was one 'why' too many for White Zircon.

She stood up, picking the small gem up with her and looking her in where her eyes approximately would be under the helmet.

"I don't know Corundum. I do not know. I don't know why you were born defective, I'm not a Kindergartener and even if I were there are at least a hundred different factors that could have resulted in you coming out wrong. I don't know why all our fates are dependent on us playing a game, nor do I know why said game is so lethal, nor why I was hampered to you for the duration of it. All I know is that the water inside that fountain has a slim chance of making you somewhat less useless to the mission as a whole as you've been up to now. So please, for the love of everything good and evil in this universe, shut up and just drink!"

And with that, Zircon vented what frustration her words hadn't gotten out by dropping it into the waters of the Fountain of Choice.

White Corundum floated in the cool water for a moment before doing as instructed, opening her mouth to start gulping it down.

She felt weird as she did this, but not weird in a bad way. Not at first anyway. Her body started to heat up as the headache that had been plaguing her since the game started returned at triple its normal intensity.

She clutched at her head, gasps and whimpers muffled by the water as it began heating up around her. She felt her helmet starting to crack under her fingers, and began panicking.

She felt something.. Something inside her, maybe something important… break. And then she was just floating in the water once again, wondering where and what and why she was. She was a White Corundum. She was.. Defective.

"It means wrong, Corundum."

Wrong.. She was.. Wrong. Steam began rising from the surface of the fountain as things began making sense to her.

Yes… yes she was wrong. She'd been wrong all this time, terribly, horribly wrong. There was a lot, a lot wrong around her. But it didn't have to be.. She could fix it, she could fix it all…

White Zircon had noticed the fountain's surface beginning to steam, but didn't take too much notice until the water began boiling.

Olive very distinctly had not mentioned anything of that nature. She approached it curiously only to cry out, jumping back with her batt;e screens up for defense as pitch black fire erupted from the fountain.

"W-what the.. Whats happening? White Corundum?" Zircon questioned as a figure, bathed in the black fire, stepped out of the boiling fountain.

They wheezed, glaring at White Zircon as she began walking forward.

"Corundum?" She questioned, backing away slowly as her screens continued to shield her from the fire. Her eyes widened as she got a clear look at the figure.

White Corundum… wasn't White Corundum anymore.

Her paper white skin was black as the fire surrounding her, emitting from her.

Her gem, formerly on her chest, had melted away. A fake? Her true gem was visible now on her forehead; where it and her eyes had previously been covered by the now destroyed helmet.

She reached up to her gem, drawing a weapon from it. White Zircon shook as she saw what it was.

A rock hammer.

Her screens could only survive one strike from something like that, assuming they could even handle that after being damaged by the black fire.

The gem-for White Zircon was no longer sure what gem she was-rushed her.

Geodesprite is the only reason she wasn't shattered there and then, the sprite levitating her out of the way and flinging her a good distance away so they could flee together.

White Corundum's Shattersprite landed in front of the pitch black gem she had become, stalling/fending her off to buy the others time to flee.

Green Spinel stared down the vast-worm like beast in front of her.

She'd been coping with her recent mini-break down by smashing any and all monsters she managed to come across in the desert of her land.

Currently she was facing down a massive fanged horror the health bar called a Burning Worm. It wasn't exactly a boss but more than strong enough to pass for one.

She inflated her fists to crush the monster between them; only for the Burning worm to dissolve into grist before she could lay a finger on it.

The Green Spinel blinked in confusion before her jaw dropped quite literally to the ground as she saw the figure standing across the pile of grist.

Sickle in hand stood a genuine Hessonite; with an eighteen foot Ruby fusion and a twenty-three foot Carnelian fusion in her stead.

"My scanner is telling me you have the last of the Nephrites on your person," The Hessonite said calmly, "Now tell me, will you surrender them, or are you yet another traitor?"


Green Spinel: Outnumbered in several senses of the word! Back up needed immediately!

River: ?

Lazurite: Whats happening?

Green Spinel: There's a Hessonite here! And she's all kinds of angry. Currently running.

River: Could it be R or Caroline?

Lazurite: its definitely not Caroline.

Green Spinel: No way this is R. R is relaxed and more to the point on the same side as us. This Hessonite is trying to kill me! She's got two fusions backing her up! Someone must have brought a hitchhiker when we all entered the game. I can only keep ahead of her for so long, help!

River: On our way.

Lazurite: The others will probably follow shortly when they see the messages.

[Green Spinel has signed off]

[Lazurite has signed off]

[River has signed off]


White Zircon: Plan failed, backfired heavily, life in danger!

Olive: Woah whats happening?

R: You okay? Is White Corundum okay?

White Zircon: She's trying to kill me!

Olive: What?

Jade: Whats happening?

Pink Lace Agate: I can't look away for two seconds without something collapsing can I?

Ceylon: Whats going on?

White Zircon: I took White Corundum to a fountain on Olive's land. Water was supposed to help fix her brain. Instead it turned her into this! [image uploaded].

Maxixe: What in the world?

Caroline: Never seen a gem like that.. Is she an obsidian?

Olive: Oh no..

R: What is it?

Olive: That.. that can't be right, this can't be real.

Caroline: Spit it out greeny whats happening?

Olive: She's not a White Corundum.. She never was..

Jade: Then.. what is she?

Olive: She's an Emery… a Black Sand Emery.

Maxixe: And that is.. What exactly?

Ceylon: I've never heard of a gem by that name.

Olive: No, you wouldn't have. I thought that project was scrapped before any were actually created. Black Sand Emery's were initially convinced during the Rose Quartz Rebellion. They… they're gems designed specifically to destroy other gems. The project was scrapped when it was realized that such a gem type could be too dangerous to Homeworld in mass produced, as they'd only need a few to switch sides to turn the tables back on us. None were supposed to be made!

Jade: Guess we know the real reason they stopped.. They must have seen what she became after she formed and realized they couldn't be controlled.

R: Wait, if this is true, why have they been living as white Corundum all this time? You saw them physically in order to get them to the water Zircon, they weren't an Emery then were they?

White Zircon: No, they were pure white with a helmet covering their real gem and a fake one on their chest. Harmless and dopey and someone I'd much rather be in place of the kill machine currently melting a canyon through LoFaH.

Olive: My theory- White Diamond must have been called in personally to deal with Emery when she first formed. She must have done something, something to contain the altered ruby.

Olive: I knew from the reports that she went in person to the kindergarten where the Black Sands were supposed to come from to shut it down, but I never knew why.

Maxixe: And now that we're in another world, completely cut off from the Diamonds, whatever she did to Emery to keep her contained wore off?

Olive: Weakened at least. And drinking that water broke it down completely.

Olive: I'm such an idiot! I'm so sorry Zircon!

White Zircon: You can make it up to me by saving me!

Olive: We'll be on our way. All of us together, we can definitely take her out before she shatters anyone. Once she's poofed, we'll be safe.

Maxixe: Forget poofing, a gem this dangerous can't honestly be left in one piece. If she reforms she'll be just as dangerous, possibly more so!

Ceylon: We can't shatter her. We all have to survive in order to complete the game.

White Zircon: No, we need the grist from everyone's denizens, that freak need not be alive for us to do that.

Pink Lace Agate: She's our friend Zircon!

White Zircon: She's a mindless kill monster! She was being forced to be our friend by whatever White Diamond did, and unless you know a way to summon her grace here to help us, I'm not about to risk it.

Caroline: You can't be serious can you?

R: We're supposed to be in this together. Jade: And yet our 'friend' is currently hunting Zircon like a feral organic.

R: Jade.. you aren't seriously on this to are you?

Jade: My time on LoSaM has taught me many things. One such lesson is that not everyone can be saved. When horrid madness claims the soul, it is the duty of those still sane to put them down as humanely as possible. As the Knight of Void, I cannot let these fires of destruction spread.

Caroline: Maxixe.. Olive.. You can't do this!

White Zircon: Given proper planning and resources I think you'll find we most certainly can.

Pink Lace Agate: We'll stop you.

Ceylon: We can't let you do this.

Jade: I will not hold your actions against you. I know they're born out of caring. But I likewise won't hesitate to defend my allies and the session; even from other allies.

Black Sand Emery stumbled through another Gate, finding themselves on LoLaF.

Specifically Emery found herself in the B Form Badlands, an area that continually spawned monsters of the corrupted blood, even now that Rhodochrosite had drained the great ocean of blood.

For now the area was temporarily walled off, the fusion having planned to return later once she found a way to purge the area of its monsters permanently instead of simply continually killing them as they spawned; which she had tried to do for some time before realizing how pointless it was.

Emery smiled, giggling as she watched the beasts, still dripping with the corrupted blood of LoLaF, rise and charge at her.

There was plenty of fun to be had fixing this place.

Lazurite flew through the Gate to LoGaS, only realizing how necessary the alchemized shades Green Spinel had suggested were when she found herself having to focus on maintaining to wings to avoid them literally evaporating from the intense heat.

Depressingly the heat was the least of her issues, as she met up with River on her way to Green Spinel's last recorded coordinates.

They'd been half-hoping that the many suns of this land had finally cooked the Spinel's mind and made her start seeing things; and as such they felt themselves grow rather cold despite the sweltering heat upon seeing their green friend booking it away from the two fusion gems, Hessonite standing atop the fusion Ruby.

Looks like they really did have a problem.

Next time on Gem session:

-Team Destroy Emery (White Zircon, Maxixe, Imperial Jade, and Olive) vs Team Rescue Emery (Caroline, Pink Lace Against, Ceylon, and Rhodochrosite) vs Emery

-River, Green Spinel, Lazurite vs Hessonite, Ruby Fusion, and Carnelian Fusion.

Place your bets~

Additionally, see Black Sand Emery's ref pic on patron for free, same as all the others.

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