Gem Session @sinfulnature1123

Green Spinel woke up with a yawn, her arms stretching out a good eight feet passed her head. She looked around and giggled to herself.

Silly Spinel, she'd fallen asleep mid-performance! The kind audience members had brought her into the shade thankfully, so nice. She got up, preparing to put on another show. But then something occurred to her.

She wanted to visit her friends! She didn't recall ever actually doing so before, which seemed far too rude, even for a Green Spinel. But which of her friends to visit she wondered... ah! If she was to visit any of her friends, it just had to be White Corundum.

Of all of them, Spinel was quite certain she needed a hug the most. She coiled her legs together like a spring, winding up a few times before taking off like a rocket.

She could fly already of course, though she wasn't sure why, but a nice launch would give her more speed, and she had a lot of places to check for her friend.

Pink Lace held Maxixe close, allowing the aqua marine to vent to her.

They'd been at this for quite some time, Maxixe seeming to find it therapeutic to just let out all her feelings.

When she'd agreed to listen to her, even after seeing the crying fit, the agate had been expecting quite a bit of venom to be directed towards the others gems, particularly Lazurite who she'd always been especially rude to.

What she got was rather more of the opposite. The blue gem went on at length about knowing deep down about how much the other Gems looked down on her, even the lower class Gems like River. More surprising still was her genuinely considering whether or not they were in the right to do so.

"Why in the world would they do that?" Pink Lace questioned.

"You know why.." Maxixe pouted, "I'm weak. I'm supposed to be an Aqua Marine, but they only give me a low tech focus lens instead of the high tech wands because they know it would be a waste. I can't fly as fast as the other aqua marines, can't plan like them, can even intimidate like them. You all know, the Diamonds knew it, even Topaz knows it. And no one saying anything just makes it louder in my head. I don't know how to make myself stronger.. I just-"

Maxixe found herself suddenly cut off by the pink Gem pulling her against her body, unable to speak as her face was pressed into the Agate's bountiful chest.

"Sh, sh, sh. None of that now," Agate said comfortingly, rubbing the smaller Gem's back, "You don't have to live up to those standards, you never have frankly but especially not anymore. I know I can't speak for the others, but I've never looked down on you. Been annoyed with you maybe but never thought anything like that, and I wouldn't be shocked if it was the same for the others.

"I think you need to find a way to talk more openly with them. If you can actually communicate with them, maybe you can really start to grow. Maybe, just maybe, that's how you become strong."

Maxixe was quiet as she considered this, unsure how to feel. It seemed so simply, but it had never even once occurred to her. And yet... it made perfect sense.

"And in the mean time," Pink Lace said, bringing Maxixe up with a smile, holding her so they were face to face, "I know a few tricks to help relieve some of that tension."

"Okay.. what kind of-hmph!" Maxixe was cut off once again, this time my Pink Lace's lips pressing against her own, leaving Maxixe wide-eyed at the kiss, even more so when she felt the agate's tongue push into her mouth and quickly dominate her own.

She worried for a moment this was some kind of creepy fusion thing, but when no glowing or sensation of merging occurred, her body relaxed.

Were she awake she'd have likely risen nine kinds of hell, but with her subconscious the dominant force at the moment, she simply leaned into what was happening-even if she wasn't certain what it was-as it felt... good.

Pink Lace held the kiss for several minutes, gradually undressing the aqua marine so subtly it took her a bit to realize she was naked from the waist down.

When the kiss finally broke, Maxixe didn't have enough time to ask why she needed to have her lower coverings removed before Pink Lace pulled her in close, proven dexterous tongue burying itself deep inside her.

Her eyes widened, mouth falling open in a soundless gasp as a sensation she'd not only never felt before, but didn't even have a reference for began to radiate throughout her body from between her legs.

Pink Lace giggled internally as Maxixe slowly began moaning, her small legs beginning to squirm as she reacted to the new pleasure, eventually finding themselves locked around Pink Lace's head to pull her more against Maxixe's crotch.

With the experience she already had, Pink Agate made short work of finding Maxixe's sweet spots and laying into them aggressively, holding her hips tight for proper leverage.

She could have used shapeshifting to extend her tongue of course, but with someone so clearly vulnerable to this, and with skills like hers, she hardly needed to. It took less time to bring her over the edge than it had any of her Rubies, which she wasn't that surprised by all things considered.

Licking her lips from the Maxixe's release, she grinned down at the blue Gem, who was panting heavily with a look of shock and contemplation on her face.

"W..what was that?" She questioned.

"Do you trust me?" Pink Lace asked. She knew full well that if Maxixe knew this came from humans she'd reject it immediately even after feeling it.

Maxixe only hesitated a moment before nodding, "Yes.. I do."

"Then don't worry about it, and lay on your fours."

Blushing slightly at being in such a position to a Gem lower in rank, Maxixe moved around onto her fours.

Pink Lace whistled, surprised at the plump rump Maxixe's dress had been hiding. She resisted her urge to give it a good smack, knowing that that would be a bit much for her quite yet.

Pink Lace undressed herself and shapeshifted ever so slightly. Maxixe tensed slightly at the feeling of an unfamiliar object pressed at the spot between her legs.

"Relax," Pink Lace purred, rubbing her back like she had before, "It'll be alright." Maxixe sighed gently, letting her body relax as much as she could.

Pleased with this, Pink Lace moved forward slowly, pushing her member into the smaller Gem. Maxixe gripped the floor gently, breathing getting faster again as she felt it entering her, steadily stretching her newly discovered sensitive area out.

Pink Lace had tried to make it as small and appropriately sized as possible, but just as the Rubies only seemed able of growing one to a certain max size, it seems that she, as an Agate, could only make hers so small, and even here it was rather large for someone of Maxixe's stature.

It would have to do she supposed.

Maxixe whimpered and groaned as Pink Lace steadily worked more of her member into the smaller Gem, finding herself genuinely struggling for once to hold herself back as she listened to her sounds.

Thankfully she was sturdier than she looked, and soon she'd taken the entire length. She was panting, but didn't seem hurt.

After making sure Maxixe was still okay, Pink Lace began moving her hips, pumping into the aqua marine as gently as she could force herself to; which became more and more difficult the more Maxixe moaned; to say nothing of when Maxixe began moving her hips, attempting to move in rhythm with Pink Lace.

"You feel wonderful Maxixe~" Pink Lace moaned, sending as much of a shiver up Maxixe's spine as the actual rutting.

As Maxixe seemed to be able to handle it, Pink Lace picked up the pace, thrusting harder into her as she picked up speed.

Maxixe made a noise most comparable to a squeak as she felt this, her stomach bulging and extending from the difference in size, Maxixe panting heavily as the pleasure built up inside her, feeling like her physical form was about to simply poof out of existence.

The explosion that occurred was much less violent, although Maxixe might well have disagreed with that assessment.

The blue Gem cried out louder than she could ever recall doing before as her body clamped down around Pink Lace's member, squeezing it like it didn't want to let go as she came, juices washing over it as the eruption of ecstasy flowed over her body in intense waves.

No sooner had the waves subsided did Maxixe realize she was being moved. Pink Lace lifted her up, pressing her back against the wall of the room before starting to move again, no slower than she'd worked up to already.

The expression on Maxixe's face as it was contorted by pleasures she hadn't known existed stoked the fire within the agate, urging her to pound into her harder, faster, deeper.

She didn't even realize her member was slowly returning to its usual size, growing thicker and longer inside of Maxixe until she realized how much more the small Gem's stomach was bulging out.

By this point, Maxixe's tongue was lulling out as her body, all but limp, practically bounced on the pink Gem's cock. She could only imagine how improper and unprofessional she looked, and the idea of it alone caused her to tense up yet again.

Pink Lace grabbed Maxixe's hips, gritting her teeth as she began to move them for her as she thrust, going all out for those last few intense seconds.

Both screamed out in bliss together as they came, though Maxixe's petered out as the only stimulation seemed to overwhelm her, leaving her bloated with the Agate's release as Pink Lace stumbled slightly.

She managed to successfully lower herself down to lay on her back, holding Maxixe against her comfortingly, unable to think to remove her from her member before both had drifted off to sleep.

White Zircon woke at the desk.

Where was she... ah yes, Prospitan archives.

This golden city may be garish but it had wonderful records. She continued to pour over the notes. She'd learned so much so quickly from them, and had the entire history of the war between Prospit and Derse down.

She couldn't seem to pin point a cause for the war, but the more she read, the more certain she was that there not being a cause may be the point in some metaphysical way.

As she read, she learned of the king and queen, and now they, employing scepters and rings respectively, merged with the powers bestowed on the sprites. This knowledge made it utterly clear that one or both of the Dersite royals would likely be the final enemy for them to deal with.

She wondered how she was to bring this information to her waking else, let alone to all the others.

No solution presented itself, and trying to make one herself proved equally fruitless as the Zircon's mind continued to wonder.

She found herself dwelling on the concept of the ring and scepter, artifacts allowing them to gain the traits of those the players had brought into the game. It was not fusion in the sense that Gems understood it, but it was a fusion of some kind she supposed.

She started to form a thought along the lines of 'no wonder they're the final enemies,' but it was cut off by her recalling that the Prospitan king and queen, by all accounts their allies, also incorporated fusion. As she mused on this, her thoughts began to drift to her primary allies.

While her waking self was unwilling to consider it, it was aching clear that Jade was neither a Forest or Yellow-Green, she was a fusion. She didn't know what she looked like or what she could do, but her thoughts seemed to fixate on it, imaging what the combination of Gems would create.

A new life form, maintained by a mutual connection that bolstered both the physical and mental strength.. the idea of it was rather alluring the more she thought about it..

No, no no no. White Zircon shook her head, attempting to snap herself out of this absurd line of thinking.

If this team contained a fusion she would work with them on sufferance, as all of them were needed to sort this game out. She took the thoughts and pushed them as far back in her mind as possible so she might forget them.

Or at least.. she attempted to.

Green Spinel had searched high and low for White Corundum.

She'd eventually realized that she was nowhere to be found on Prospit, and so, after consulting the clouds-which seemed to display images if one looked long enough-jetted off to Derse.

It was much easier to find her there, though she did have to dodge spears that the Dersites were trying to throw at her. It was easy for her to slip through the bars.

They may have prevented shapeshifting, but they shouldn't stop her stretching herself thin and snaking into White Corundum's rather charred room.

She was surprised to see it in the state it was in, and even more so to see Corundum in the state she was in. She hopped over to her and attempted to wake her to ask if she was okay.

No dice it seemed, as after several tries she was still out cold. Spinel pouted, but instead busied herself trying to clean the soot off of her.

But try as Green Spinel might, the soot clung to White Corundum, making her look more like ash corundum; which she was decently sure wasn't a thing.

Upset, but happy she had found her friend, she laid down on the burnt heap that had been Corundum's bed and settled for cuddling her to try and ease whatever dreams she was having, limbs stretching out to wrap around her protectively as they both rested.

Corundum sighed in her sleep, distressed expression softening ever so slightly.

Olive's drones orbited her, blasting away enemies as she continued to work on extraneous code to upgrade it on her personal screen.

As she wondered across the open wild land of LoFaH, she contemplated where exactly she was going. Certainly there was to be some large enemies she was to sort out, but she'd found no indication.

She'd found towns of course and had her drones scout out them as well as the inside of the large Hives.

It was fascinating, if slightly unnerving how the insectoid creatures continually worked and worked and worked until they collapsed, their only break seeming to be to indulge from a large vat of thick honey.

It seemed to fill them with much more energy, but it also seemed to effect their minds in some way she couldn't quite determine without having a sample. And as if on cue, the peridot felt something viscous and sticky squish beneath her foot.

Looking down, she found that she'd stepped on what could best be described as a vein of honey, a small flowing river of the stuff that seemed to be heading in the direction of the nearest town.

Her immediate response was to gather a sample for analysis. But, seeing the way it was flowing made it clear that it was coming from somewhere.

Setting her drones to only attack at her command, Olive proceeded, following the flow up towards its source. She first thing she found was where the honey itself came from.

A churning pool where some of the bees, much smaller and with a wild, glazed over look in their eyes, seemed to brew the stuff continuously. But watching the process, they seemed to be making normal honey.

Olive knew little of organic things but could easily scan everything they were doing and detected nothing anomalous about it. Thats when she saw that the stream didn't stop at this churning honey pot.

Continuing on, the river was not honey but a clear, water like liquid. Intrigued, the peridot proceeded on, as it was clear that whatever this substance was, this is what was tainting the honey. It was a long walk, at the end of which she found what she could best describe as an abandoned sanctuary.

It was a small place, enclosed by a long untended brick wall and rusted fence.

Inside, the plant life had overgrown remarkably, and in the center of it all Olive found a well. A very, very damaged well. Within, the water seemed to almost shimmer, crystal clear and radiating.. something.

Olive couldn't fully comprehend what she was looking at as she gazed down into the water. But the wall was cracked in a dozen or more places, each having a steady stream of the liquid flowing out.

Olive could only presume each stream flowed into a honey vein and mixed with it, changing it. The water itself was harmless, perhaps beneficial.

Olive wasn't quite sure how she knew this to be true, but she was certain. But when mixed with the honey and other impurities, whatever effect it had changed. Olive rolled up her sleeves and set to repairing the well.

It took longer than she was happy with, as she was better with metallic materials, but soon all the leaks had been stopped. She still had no clues where to go next, but was quite sure she'd just made a big step in the challenge of her land.

Before she moved on, she took out a vial and filled it with the pure water from the well, just in case.

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