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Ceylon came to a stop at the edge of a large crystalline volcano.

If her analysis and future vision was correct, then she was quite certain this was the location of the entity known as 'The Denizen,' or at least her land's personal Denizen, known as Hephaestus.

The mechanical Gem landed at the edge of it, and called out into it. The bubbling liquid stone became disturbed as something within it, something large, began to ride from below.

Ceylon watched as Hephaestus came into view, the massive coal black body of the serpent visible through the intense flame surrounding its surface.

Were she still a normal sapphire, she'd likely be feeling some form of innate distress at being this close to something burning so hot. But the melting point of her current body couldn't be reached outside of stars, so she felt nothing but interest as she gazed up at the massive beast.

When it spoke, it did so in a language she'd never heard before, that perhaps no one had ever heard before; and yes she understood it just the same, aware that she should be confused or curious about this but unable to maintain such feelings.

"Have you come to challenge me in battle?" The great forge master questioned.

"No, I'm quite certain if I did you'd reduce me to scrap." Ceylon said bluntly, "I'm here for The Choice. I can find references to it in the code, as has a friend of mine, Zircon, but neither of us seem able to pin down what it is. Not even my future vision seems able to foresee what it is. I rather suspect that it is the key to completing this game."

"Indeed it is," Hephaestus said, "But you are as ore in the ground, utterly useless to me as you are. If I were to give you The Choice now, you would answer incorrectly, and doom the lot of us. There is no logic to it."

"And what precisely does that mean?" Ceylon questioned, none too pleased to be useless, though too calm to become overly enraged by it.

"You would not understand if you were to hear it. You have trials and tribulations to experience, to refine you into something worth putting effort into."

"I'll have you know I am quite intelligent." Ceylon said indignantly.

"You gaze into time and yet are blind to the truth of the present. Even as you sit here and speak to me of your knowledge you are oblivious to those who have vanished in the absence of your guidance. It metal is too fragile, is of too frail a constitution, then it will simply break between my hammer and anvil, becoming yet more worthless than it was beforehand. Go, now, and collect for me metals I may use for creation. I will tell you more if you can achieve this."

Ceylon didn't feel confident she'd been told much of anything, but if nothing else she at least had a concrete goal to work from. With an internal sigh, she set off to find some metal that might satisfy the massive serpent blacksmith.

Pink Lace moaned softly as she woke.

She'd only laid down for a spot of rest, not wanting whatever this sleep phenomenon to occur while she was out and about exploring or worse still, mid-battle.

The nap had lasted a bit longer than she'd intended it seems, and as she had asked, her Rubies were now waking her up. She'd not been expecting them to do so in this way, but couldn't say she was surprised nor upset with them.

Looking down, Hip and Cheek were responsible, the two licking diligently between her legs. Nearby, Grip and Core were sitting against the wall, each having one hand down the other's shorts to toy with them. Heel sat by herself, squirming shyly as she watched.

She giggled, "Such fast learners~" She purred, holding Hip and Cheek against her slit, moaning more as they got more aggressive, tongues heating up inside her.

"Heel, honey, no need to be left out~" She called, the fifth Ruby blushing gently before approaching her.

At the Agate's instruction, she removed her shorts and climbed onto the bed, mounting her face. Pink Lace moved her legs up, locking them around Hip and Cheek's heads as her hands moved to Heel's hips, holding her in place as her tongue buried inside her warm-well, burning hot frankly, but nothing a quartz couldn't handle-pussy.

She tried at first to hold her moans in, embarrassed by her body's response, but eventually she found herself unable to and simply let it out, crying out in pleasure as Pink Agate stirred her insides with her tongue.

Having been started on before she'd even woken, Pink Lace reached her peak before Heel did; though her skill had the Ruby close already as her juices sizzled against Grip and Core.

Pink Agate suggested they have some fun together while she worked on Heel.

The two giggled, moving to join Grip and Core as Pink Lace moved Heel onto her back, asking her to relax as she shapeshifted something to make it more fun.

Heel gulped, realizing they were probably going to be even later out the door than she'd thought.

Pink Lace Agate and her Rubies headed towards the Old Candle Hall.

She wasn't sure what they would find there, but it was their only real lead for the moment. It was a large building, build from old stone.

"Stand guard," Agate told the Rubies, who nodded and formed a line outside the door as Pink Lace entered.

Inside, Pink Lace walked down a long, candle lit pathway. None of the candles seemed to drip any wax despite how long they must have been burning.

Finally, she reached an actual room. There was artwork, great murals drawn across the massive room, the candle light flickering over them. The quartz gem looked over them all curiously, trying to interpret what she was seeing.

"Need some help deary?"

Pink Lace spun on her heels, hand already over her gem to draw her weapon when she heard the sudden voice; only to find that it was just a consort. An older one by the looks of it, dressed in a colorful, gemstone studded robe.

Had Pink lace not since picked up on the fact that these gems weren't Gems as she understood them, the clothing would have made her sick to look at; even now it gave a slightly eerie look to here, though she knew she didn't have anything to worry about.

"Yes actually.. I'm trying to understand what these pictures are." Pink Lace said.

The consort nodded, "They depict the history of LoGaD," She said, holding a hand out to one imagine, showing a rolling field of glittering stones and shining hills, "At the start, we all lived happily and content. There was boundless wealth in the land, so none needed want for anything. We simply went about our lives, living for life's sake and not for the sake of desire."

Her hand moved to another image, depicting a vast, vast serpentine entity, seemingly slithering from the stars towards the planet, "But Sophia changed all that. Sophia, the Denizen, came to the Land of Glow and Diamond, and carried with her more treasure than any alive have every seen. Carried it all to her lair underground to horde."

The consort's hand moved to another image, depicting consorts worrying, then arguing, then fighting.

"Suddenly, there was a limit to what one could be and have. That fear brought greed, and that greed only grew the more each consort took for themselves. That greed poisoned their hearts, made them shadows of what they once were."

Pink Lace listened politely, and mused over what she had seen. She wasn't sure what this Sophia thing was, but how one being could have so much greed... even the Diamonds at least believed they were doing the right thing as they marched across the galaxy.

"Wait.. whats that one?" She pointed to the final image, almost unnoticed, drawn on the ceiling itself.

"Ah.. thats an event yet to come. The Hero of Heart who is said to come to LoGaD and restore us to what we once were. Some believe it a myth, some a prophecy, some a warning. None know the truth for sure. Me.. I'm hopeful."

"I see.." The Agate considered this, biting the inside of her mouth as she did so.

"Thank you deary," the consort said, "It's been a long while since anyone came to visit without trying to steal from me, longer still since anyone has come to actually learn. Here.. take this. It may serve you well out there." The old woman handed Pink Lace a candlestick. It seemed to glow, and sent a tingle through Agate's hand as she held it.

"It's quite magical, and quite strong. Use it well deary." The old woman said.

Pink Lace started to say that she couldn't accept a gift for having simply stood there and listened, but the consort waved her off,

"Safe travels deary." She said, walking off into the many halls of the building.

Pink Lace sighed, storing it in her gem for now and heading outside.

She intended to tell the Rubies what she had learned, but when she left the building... they weren't there.

Imperial Jade took a deep breath, and focused. Focused on the darkness around her, focused on the nothingness within.

In her mind's eye, she focused on bringing form back to that nothing. She reached out into the dark, focusing as hard as she could.

Shadow Tools

Despite having been explicitly attempting to do this, Imperial Jade was still shocked when her fingers closed around something solid. A bar of solid blackness, solid nothing. It vanished immediately as she lost focused of course, but it was progress.

After the event with the monster, she'd set to practicing whatever these strange abilities could be. So far, she could reliable make things vanish into shadows and pull them back out, even from different shadows, but that was the best she could manage.

She had noticed that the consorts seemed more keen on providing her with information lately, but she wasn't fully convinced this was a power and not just her more and more learning the ways of this place.

Regardless, she was definitely getting stronger. She chuckled at that thought.

A jade fusion.. powerful. The thought alone would likely give a Diamond palpitations. She wondered if the entity lurking on this land would be similarly surprised when she found it.

The two seemed so similar in her mind.

Hessonite returned through the Gate to the temporary base camp she'd established with the Carnelians.

All stood at attention as she approached, "Found more soldiers." She told them, indicating the Rubies who were following her through. "They'll serve us well."

The Rubies were slightly uncomfortable to leave Pink Lace behind, but direct orders from a Hessonite couldn't just be ignored.

"There's still more to find though," Hessonite said, looking at the locator, "Come along now, there's much to be done. And here," She handed the Rubies as well as the Carnelians jars of the honey she'd gotten from the merchants, "It calms the mind, helps you focus." She said.

The Rubies weren't so certain about that. Hessonite's speech was slurring slightly as she said it, her breathing was odd, and she had some of said honey crusted around her mouth, like she'd either not noticed or couldn't care to clean it.

But.. orders were orders, so..bottoms up.

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