Gem Session @sinfulnature1123

Green Spinel: Maxi, you on?

Maxixe: It's Maxixe, and obviously. My only job appears to be 'frog wrangler' and what with that being nearly impossible, I've not got a lot better to do.

Green Spinel: Right right right, well anyway, I need your help with something.

Maxixe: And why exactly do you expect me to be helping you? We were given individual lands, one can only presume based on status.

Green Spinel: Well if you're gonna get back on the status card, the reason I need help is to save the Nephrites from my crew.

Maxixe:...go on.

Green Spinel: We crash landed when we appeared on the planet, sudden gravity when you've been in space isn't great for a space ship. They all had their forms poofed and scattered around. One of the creatures here carried them to a big pit full of shinies. Something goes wrong every time I try to get them myself. You can use that scope of yours to lift them out from a distance. And as an upper crust, you'd be ever so much better than me riiiight?

Maxixe: Be that as it may, to simply drop everything and help you won't do. I'll require compensation of some kind. You're powers may be of use on my planet. Get directions from the sapphire.

Green Spinel: Deal.

Corundum stumbled through the jungle, hands clutching her head as she attempted not to trip over anything.

"Gah.. why does it hurt so much?" Ever since she'd woken up, her head had been pounding even more than ever before.

She might not have loved how foggy she remembered her mind being back in the white room with all the bubbled shard monsters, but she'd take the fogginess in an instant over this splitting pain. She'd even accept the monster attacks and the consort insults over it.

But it just wouldn't go away. She considered just curling up in a hole somewhere, or perhaps letting one of the monsters that her sprite didn't take care of for her poof so she could just be in her gem.

She'd only ever been in her gem once before, right before she'd first formed, and from what little she could recall, it felt calm if nothing else. There was only one thing really preventing her doing so.

Green Spinel: How goes WC?

White Corundum: Been better honestly.

Green Spinel: Oh no, everything alright?

White Corundum: Just.. something is making me hurt, and the monsters aren't helping at all.

Green Spinel: Tell me about it. These things are the worst. Not as many here on Maxixe's land thankfully. What do you think is hurting you? Could it be one of the monsters messing with you?

White Corundum: Maybe.. best guess I've heard. But it doesn't seem right.. I feel like something's been off since we started this game.

Green Spinel: I could have told you that XD White Corundum: I guess so ^^U just.. weird.

Green Spinel: Well, on the bright side, we can at least meet up with each other at some point!

White Corundum: ^^ can't wait. Just gotta make it long enough, heh.

Green Spinel: I'm sure you can handle it. You're tougher than you think, I know it. We all are. Gotta get to work catching frogs now, good luck!

Corundum smiled as she read Green Spinel's message, feeling a bit better, if only briefly. It was cut off rather abruptly by Corundum bumping into something.

Looking up, the thing she'd bumped into appeared to be a collection of the surrounding plant life all interlocked together into a golem of about fifteen feet in height, carrying an entire tree as a club.

Corundum dropped to her knees, not in pain or as any result of the monster. Said monster was quite confused as the gem started sobbing in pain and clutching at her head before it had even done anything. The pain was back and far more intense now.

She let out something between a sob and a roar. There was a feeling inside of something flowing, like a clogged faucet briefly unblocked. The pain faded thankfully, and looking up, the monster was gone to; a charred mass of burned plants, some still smoldering, in its place.

Corundum gulped, simply carrying about her business, trying not to let herself think about what had just happened.

White Zircon peered out over the vast, dark, abyss below her.

"Certainly dark and deep, though I'm unsure of its importance." She mused.

Her studies of the consort legal code and history had been extensive yes, more so than she was usually build for perhaps, but it had finally yielded some information she could make physical use of. The Pitch Pit it was reportedly called.

A seemingly bottomless hole punched into the planet by unknown sources. However deep it went, rot and decay of some kind seemed to be seeping out of it and into the world around it.

Organic life simply ceased at a certain point close to it, planets and animals slightly beyond it steadily decaying as well.

Zircon had seen such effects before. Gem bio-poison had very similar effects on a planet, but Zircon could detect no physical cause behind the rot. She suspected that this pit was less responsible for it and more the way that the actual cause was letting in their influence.

What such influence was and how it worked was something White Zircon was content to not understand for the time being, as that was not the most directly relevant part to her mission.

According to her records, this pit had been the cause of a good forty-five percent of the legal disputes that took place over the years, contributing heavily to how mangled the records were becoming.

As people were forced to move around as the result of its effects, they got in each other's way, argued more, fought more and in most cases seemed to default to the legal method.

In most cases, Zircon would have been tempted to approve of such a culture, but having seen the results of it.. she was less keen now.

If she was to thin the herd of files, and prevent herself being inundated with hundreds more yet, she was to close down this pit.

"Geode, can you brighten up a bit?" She asked. She'd learned that, while her sprite could often be restricted by the rules of the game, there was plenty she could do if things were worded properly.

Geodesprite nodded, fluttering out over the center of the pit and brightened, spreading bright white light across the pit to illuminate it. White Zircon saw something she'd not wanted to see, but was unsurprised to.

Monsters. More than she could count in fact. Not like the normal ones though, these were paper thin, shadows that seemed to stand upright. She'd spotted them before of course, but never in such a high quantity.

Dispatch these, and the pit would hopefully close by itself. Illogical, but having studied what information about the game she could manage to find or be told by her sprite, she was quite certain this would work. She brought up her battle screens.

This was going to take some time.

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