Gem Session @sinfulnature1123

Olive had stared at the Gate for a good twenty minutes, studying it skeptically before checking with the chat to make certain it would work as intended.

According to Ceylon, the Gates did indeed work as advertised. Taking a breath and focusing on her faith in Ceylon, she stepped through.

There was a flash she could see even with her eyes closed and a feeling similar to that of a warp pad, and she came out on the other end.

She looked around and winced at the sight of Rhodochrosite's land, unable to believe she'd had to put up with so much organic nonsense. She set her drones to auto so they'd attack any non-gem entity that moved and proceeded forward.

She'd used the alchemiter to make herself a hand-cannon as well, and used it to blast the bloody grass out of her path so she didn't have to touch it.

The drones orbited around Olive, firing at any and all underlings that came within range, in many cases before they'd even noticed Olive or become hostile.

Olive didn't bother attempting to get the grist, focused instead on finding Rhodi. She said she'd be in a town, so Olive made a beeline for the nearest settlement.

Outside of said town though, her drones began firing on large stone idols. Olive didn't even notice at first, until realizing that they dropped no grist. Olive shut the drones down before they could destroy all of them.

"Didn't think you hated my craftsmanship that bad."

Looking up, Olive saw Rhodi standing at the top of the wall around the town.

"Sorry, wasn't expecting to see any non-gem non-hostiles." Olive apologized.

Rhodi rolled her eyes, "Careful, these planets have locals and they're generally fine so long as you don't hurt them. As for these," Rhodi patted the bulky stone idols, "These are to defend the town. The locals aren't so great when it comes to fighting. Same them after I made the wall."

"I see.." Olive said, maintaining a straight face despite her absolute awe at how fast and effectively the fusion gem could work on things.

She opted not to mention this verbally, instead saying, "I hope your altruistic impulses didn't result in you slacking off on your other task."

Rhodochrosite scoffed, "Are you kidding? I've been done with my bit for awhile now." She said, taking out what she'd been working on.

The mechanical effigy of Ceylon was indeed entirely done. Physically anyway, the internals up to Olive. As she inspected it, she felt the ground starting to rumble.

"I suspect my self defense attempts may have drawn the aggro of the local monsters." Olive said apologetically.

Rhodi chuckled, "You head inside and get our mecha-Ceylon finished up, I'll handle things out here." Olive nodded, setting her drones to sentry mode to lend a little support as she headed inside to put the finishing touches on the machine.

Ceylon woke, looking around at the Land of Loneliness and Flood.

She shook her head of the things she remembered from the dreams, and flew off towards town. She was only slightly surprised at the veritable mountain of grist around the town Rhodochrosite was defending.

She hardly seemed winded, though she was quite drenched do to the moist nature of her land, her muscled body glistening as a result. Ceylon felt a thought brewing and just as quickly froze it, forcing it down to focus on what mattered.

She floated down to Rhodi, who attempted to hug her before being stopped, "Nothing against fusion, but I suspect us being permanently merged together would lead to quite a few problems." She said.

"Oh.. right. My bad." Rhodi said, having briefly forgotten the sprite thing.

The fusion instead showed her to where Olive had already finished Ceylon's body inside the walls of the town. It was identical to her, save for being made of solid cold metal, and built to be able to manifest and project outward the powers of a sapphire.

"Thank you," Ceylon said, floating into the mechanical body. Rather than be fused into it, the sprite seemed to act instead as a spirit, flowing into and possessing the machine, becoming one with it and officially becoming physical rather than a sprite, "You make an excellent pair." She said with a smile before using the levitation the machine still granted to take off and return to her own land.

"Since when is she one of so few words?" Rhodi wondered aloud, while Olive's musings on her comment of them as a pair were wondered strictly in the mind.

Pink Lace had woken with a yawn. She couldn't remember much of her dream, but she felt like it had been an intense one.

After assuring her rubies that she was fine, they set to chatting with the local mole-folk. They were rather skittish things, not seeming to trust Pink Agate or her group of Rubies very much.

It took some coaxing, but she managed to learn that the mine she'd almost been tricked into entering was called The Mine of Mutualism, a vast cavern now populated with some of the strongest and most vicious monsters of LoGaD.

She eventually managed to learn about somewhere new though, The Old Candle Hall.

"Ain't much there now a days," one of the consorts said, "But its where all the knowledge was kept back in the old days."

Pink Agate nodded, "Looks like that's our first lead."

Ceylon's Carnelians had been waiting where they'd been posted, not moving once save for to defend the gate as their sapphire had requested. They were good soldiers, loyal.

So of course, when they saw a Hessonite approaching, they stood at attention.

"Good, so its working," the garnet gem said to herself as she looked up from her locator to the gems, "Fall in line soldiers, you've got a new assignment." They were surprised, they'd not been expecting to see a Hessonite, let alone one who looked so... off.

Her hair was disheveled, and there was a shiny film developing around her mouth. But she was a Hessonite, and orders were orders. So they did as requested and fell in line behind her, waiting for further orders.

Hessonite adjusted the locator and smiled at seeing another five gems they could regroup with.

"Follow." She ordered, heading away from the gate in search of the one that would take her to the rubies she was detecting.

The quartz soldiers were worried to leave their sapphire behind, but they followed. Orders were orders after all.

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