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Prospit Dreamers

Caroline rubbed her temples in frustration.

She'd figured out the meaning to her land's name quickly after discovering the battlefield. Once there, she'd found two groups in the midst of a battle; one which came to a temporary halt upon her arrival.

Both seemed to have been expecting her, though Caroline wasn't sure how. The why of it quickly became apparent: both wanted her to help them defeat the other side.

As she was a soldier, Caroline was more than keen to do so; but therein lay the rub. Both groups claimed to be her land's consorts, both sides referring to the other as demons.

Caroline couldn't tell visually. Namely because she wasn't entirely certain what a 'demon' was, but also because, as a gem, she had no innate responses to their appearances.

The demons could just as likely be the snow white feathered folks that her sprite referred to as 'doves' as the fanged, clawed, reptilian creatures as far as she knew.

When it had taken Caroline longer than the two groups were willing to wait to decide, the two returned to battling while waiting for Caroline to decide.

And that's where the quartz gem had been since, struggling to determine by any means which of these two groups she was meant to attack. Struggling harder than she'd first realized, she thought, as after some time, she felt herself starting to stay.

She tried to stop herself, but before she could properly figure out what was happening, she collapsed to the ground. She recognized sleep of course, she'd resorted to it several times while trapped on Earth, but had never felt it come on so suddenly and intensely before..

Lazurite panted as she flew, attempting to put as much distance between herself and the monsters as possible. Smoke Demons.

That's what their health bars called them anyway. Their bodies were solid, but swirled around like smoke, and let them be almost invisible in the thick smog that clouded the air.

Lazurite wasn't sure how many of them she'd actually been fighting, nor how many-if any-she'd defeated. She'd had little to work with. Without any source of water, all she'd been able to fight with were her wings.

In the end, when she felt fatigue set in, she'd decided that this particular boring section of sky-in spite of its occasionally lovely music-was not a hill she was prepared to die on.

As she flew, she found herself getting tired faster than she ought to have been. She'd passed out once while on the job, having overtaxed herself trying to level a mountain in one go. But even then it hadn't been as intense as she was feeling now.

She'd never known combat was this draining before, and it was all she could do to reach solid ground before her eyes fell shut and she collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Green Spinel was getting very, very tired of LoGaD. As it happened, even as a gem, she very much could feel the heat radiating down from the various suns overhead beating down onto her.

The only good thing about them is that, with such intense light, it was very easy to tell when an enemy was approaching from overhead by way of their shadow.

More common than anything else were the vultures. Golden Vultures going by their health bars. Large winged things that looked to be made of solid, plated gold. She'd learned pretty quickly that, despite appearance, they very much were not gold; or if they were, they had a layer of lead beneath.

As she'd attempted to hoof it across the sand, she'd quickly learned just how hard it was for things to hurt her.

She'd always known how unnaturally-even by gem standards-her body's ability to move was. But she'd never considered it's use in combat until now. She'd leveled an entire group of Sulfur Imps with a stomp by inflating her foot large enough to get all at once.

That had been almost fun, perhaps would have been fun if her body had not been immediately tackled by one of the Vultures. They always went straight for her gem for some reason.

Spinel was quite certain for some time that it was exclusively to be annoying until she found herself at the edge of a massive pit.

A massive pit full of gold. Many treasures actually, but gold above all. It had to be a good hundred feet in every direction from the center, and composed primarily of gold dust. Golden coins, bars, sculptures, and other treasures of every kind the Green Spinel could think of were littered about the place.

"Those vultures have a nest.." She said to herself, "They collect treasure and bring it here."

"That would certainly explain why they keep trying to grab your gem." Nephritesprite said, nearly making Spinel jump; the green gem having forgotten she was here.

"Right.. wait.. is that.." Her eyes widened as she recognized some of the gemstones in the pit of treasure. It was the other Nephrites!

"They must have been poofed by the crash when we arrived," Nephritesprite realized, "And the Vultures brought them here."

Green Spinel nodded and took a breath, stretching out her arm to reach the gems. Her vision started to blur as she did.

Having been cooped up in a ship for so long, she didn't have a lot of experience stretching to this extent. Or maybe it was the intense heat making her lose focus. Those suns really were troubleso...

"..Spinel?" Nephritesprite questioned as the gem collapsed in the sand.

White Zircon had been about ready to offer to trade her land to anyone else in this game.

LoNaE had proved to have more direct combat than she was ready for, and while she trusted her battle screens-even more so now that she had augmented them with alchemy, increasing their strength and durability-she was still unused to actually fighting.

Thankfully, after the initial few waves of enemies, the enemies had let up and allowed her to go searching outside her office.

She'd found odd structures that Geodesprite referred to as 'trees.' An entire landscape of them, blanketed in what seemed to be perpetual darkness.

After some exploration, the Zircon had found her way to a town and, after being assured that the creatures were non-hostile, approached to introduce herself.

She was semi-surprised to find that the consorts, sugar gliders according to Geode, could speak effectively with her. She was surprised more to find their enthusiasm at her explaining her trade was law.

"Our land has been needing good law workers for some time." One of the consorts had explained. LoNaE was apparently all about rules and regulations. Lately, though, things had been getting harder to keep track of, and a little bit twisted.

If she were to guess, she'd have to presume it was the result of everyone having to drop what they were doing to hide from monsters every so often.

Nevertheless, she was more than happy to take on a non-combat challenge for once. It was only now, several hours later, that she realized just how much she had bitten off that she couldn't chew.

The laws hadn't so much gotten out of hand so much as they've never been picked up. It was as though several thousands of years had gone by without anyone so much as glancing at the legal code, let alone double checking.

She was certain she could handle it though. She just needed to rest her eyes for a moment for refocus herself.

At least that's what she had told herself before promptly passing out at the desk they'd given her to work with.

Pink Lace and her Rubies had just started to lose patience with their little fairy friend when they seemed to reach something new.

Rather than the towns though, it appeared to be a large cave entrance. "That's this?" The agate questioned, confused.

"This is the entrance to the Mines of Mutualism," the sparkling creature said reassuringly, "Here, the locals work together and get to know one another. It's even better than a town!"

Pink Agate looked down the dark tunnel, then back to the fairy. Something felt... off.

The Rubies cheered excitedly, starting to rush for the entrance. Before they crossed the threshold into the cave, Pink Lace called for them to stop.

They all tumbled into one another, collapsing to the ground in a pile, but none went inside.

The fairy turned to Pink Lace, "Whats wrong? Don't you want to meet the locals?"

Pink Lace, her eyes narrowed, reached slowly for her gem, "I'm not so sure we can trust this."

"What, do you think I'm lying?" The fairy questioned, sounding hurt.

"No, I'm sure if we go in there we'll meet the locals," Pink Lace said, "The local monsters I'd assume." Pink Lace Agate pulled out her flog, taking a stance for battle.

The fairy sighed in annoyance, the lights fading and, with the illusory reflections from the gemstones around the environment, the creatures true-far more insect-like and hateful looking form came into view; along with its health bar, naming it a Sparkling Fay.

Seeing confirmation of her hunch, the agate rushed forward, the strips of her cat of nine tails heating up as the hooks began to glow from the plasma generating across it.

The Fay fired off a ball of light, though Pink Lace couldn't be sure how powerful it actually was because she never felt it, batting the attack away as she got within range, lashing the monster and killing it instantly.

She was close enough to auto-collect the grist that it burst into. The Rubies got to their feet, feeling slightly ashamed for almost falling for an ambush, but that feeling driven away by the awe of seeing Pink Lace Agate in action, weapon out and blazing with energy.

"Lets find our own to town." She said with a smile.

The Rubies smiled, locking hands and fusing into a single, massive Ruby, their five clubs forming into a massive melee weapon that more closely resembled a massive, gnarled tree.

They encountered a not insignificant amount of monsters as they practically stampeded their way to town.

Perhaps the fifteen foot high Ruby was less conspicuous or perhaps the Sparkling Fay had specifically kept them away from other monsters for the long con, but between the two of them, it was practically a cake walk.

The town they'd fought their way to was populated by short, stalking, fuzzy, long clawed creatures. They walked up right and had large, odd nostrils.

Pebblesprite referred to them as moles. As they looked around, the Rubies having unfused to avoid panicking the locals, Pink Lace began to stumble, evidently having worn herself out.

How, the Rubies weren't sure, but immediately Grip and Core fused, lifting Pink Lace up to carry her while she rested.

Maxixe stumbled into the building, hardly even noticing the complex machines around her as she looked for somewhere she could rest.

She hated LoCaF. Hated it with a venom. Of this she could be quite, quite certain. She'd tried speaking with the 'consorts' as they were calmed.

But the camels had been as unhelpful and dim as Maxixe was sure most organic life was, leaving her to search around the entire planet on her own.

'Hardly fitting reception for an aqua marine.' Maxixe huffed in frustration as she'd explored, or rather attempted to explore, the cramped, over full towns the consorts were stuffed into.

She eventually grew too fed up with in, and when she caught sight of a non-crowded area, she made a beeline for it. Outside the towns, it seems, were not only not cramped, they were wide open and quite expansive.

She'd been a few paragraphs into a rant at Topazsprite about how stupid the organics were for not expanding their controlled territory into this area when the reason they didn't made itself known.

Having landed surrounded by so much populated town, she'd not known about or seen the monsters until now, and nearly panicked when the first imps started pouncing on her; let alone the ogre and later on creatures Topazsprite claimed to be specific to her own land, bubbling, sticky, disgusting slime beasts referred to by their health bars as Amalgamate Slime and Rolling Tar respectively.

Her zero point scope let her handle the normal monsters if not effortlessly at least easily; but the oozing, shifting, semi-liquid bodies of the slime beasts were too difficult for her to keep focused on.

"Bet if I had one of those fancy wands I could have made short work of them." She grumbled to herself as she dropped into sitting position against a metal wall.

She'd found this building mid-battle while flying, a massive structure with the face of another organic scrawled onto it. She'd made a beeline for it, already tired from fighting and outright exhausted by the time she had arrived. Topazsprite had to shut the door for her, as by the time they caught up, Maxixe was already passed out, c

urled up against the wall.

Caroline's eyes opened to a golden ceiling above her.

Sitting up, she found herself to be dressed in a golden gown with a crescent mark on it, sitting in a matching bed contained within a matching room.

She couldn't remember where she was, but felt like she'd been asleep for a very, very long time. She tried to think about what she'd been doing, but her focus was broken by a knocking at her window.

Going to it, a smile spread across the quartz gem's face as she found Lazurite outside it.

Cloudy as she was, and despite not having seen her in person before, she could somehow recognize the floating blue gem outside her window, and opened it to let her in.

This resulted in her instead being pulled out, Lazurite giggling as she flew up the side of the massive golden spire Caroline had been inside of, the pink gem in such awe of the situation she didn't take note of the fact that Lazurite was flying.

Such a thing wouldn't be shocking of course, were she not somehow doing it without her wings out.

Lazurite pulled her up to the roof of the spire, sitting the both of them down onto it. Wordlessly, the two found themselves laying next to one another, gazing up at the sky.

The clouds were odd, never taking shapes but seeming to form images within regardless. The two watched together, feeling remarkably at peace...

Green Spinel's eyes fluttered open. She sat bolt upright in bed, looking around her bedroom. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been awake.

She must have been being pretty lazy. A smile spread across her face as she considered how to make up for such lethargy. Her limbs coiled up like a spring and launched her out the nearest window.

She fell a good forty feet to the ground from the spire she'd jumped from, her elastic body simply bouncing with the force of the impact, using the moment to land on her feet on a pedestal that may have been meant to be some kind of market table.

The people, humanoid with pure white, carapace like bodies all looked to her as she did this, and with all eyes on her, she set to doing what she was made to do: perform.

No jokes came to mind though.. and there were far more people here than on the ship.

She couldn't reasonably make jokes about all of them on the spot. So instead, she settled for a spectacle. Even if she couldn't make jokes, she was still a Spinel. She could dance, she could sing, she could stretch, bend, and twirl.

And as she set to it, she had a thought that she forgot just as quickly as it came. 'Finally, I can put on a *real* show..'

White Zircon woke in her bed, sitting up and stretching out. She looked around the golden room she woke in, and with a click of her tongue decided she ought to get back to work.

She spared no thought to the gold colored dress she was in, heading out of her room and down the stairs to the main floor.

She wasn't super certain where she was exactly, and was aware on some level she should be frightened or panicked or confused, but in the absence of all three, it seemed silly to try and force such feelings. So she focused instead on productivity.

Looking around, she found herself to be in what she could only presume to be a very upper crust area. There would have to be some place for a society like this to keep its records, which could yield all kinds of useful information.

With her mind set to it, it was remarkably easy to find. The white shelled folks living in this kingdom didn't seem to consider anyone present as being one to snoop, and as such the warehouse where records were kept was openly labeled.

There would likely at least be guards, but the Green Spinel was currently drawing all the attention. Whether this was an intentional distract or not, Zircon appreciated the help as she slipped into the records hall.

Pink Lace watched Maxixe through the tower window.

She'd woken some time ago, and after some initial exploring, had felt an urge to find the small blue gem.

This place was lovely, but Maxixe tended to have... less than positive reactions to new things.

She didn't want to have to fight an ally, but she wasn't going to sit back and ignore it if she posed a threat to this place.

She watched Maxixe as she woke up, looked around, and... burst into tears. An immediately instinct to comfort her drove out all other thoughts, the agate pulling open the window and rushing in, going to the bed and cradling her against herself.

Maxixe tensed at being grabbed suddenly, but was too overwhelmed by emotion to stop crying, and simply held onto Pink Lace as she sobbed. Pink Lace held her close, comforting her gently as she let it all out.

Pink Lace wasn't sure why she was crying-though she had a few guesses-but whatever it was, she was willing to help her.

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