Gem Session @sinfulnature1123
Heat, Battle and Frustration

The gem species' body was basically just the gemstone itself.

The rest of the body was a hardlight construction produced from it. Gems are, in essence, just rocks and light.

So when Green Spinel realized it was too bright for her-a gem-outside, she realized how truly an issue her current situation was.

Nephritesprite hadn't been much help since appearing, mostly panicking and trying to see where the rest of the crew was; as they most certainly weren't on board anymore.

She'd managed to get the information that this utterly hellish planet she'd been brought to was called LoGaS, Land of Gold and Suns.

Knowing she wasn't going to get anywhere quickly without being able to see, and not remotely as bothered by the missing crew, she set to checking the messages on the communicator to see how the others were doing and ask for help.

The concept of alchemy was brought to her attention, and upon realizing that literally anything could be fused together to make new objects, she saw how she could rectify her current issues.

She moved around the busted up insides of the ship in search of materials. Forms of synthesized plastics and mechanical components, etc.

She wasn't totally certain what would go into making a pair of ultra strength shades to make the sunlight less intense, but after heavy trial and error with different materials on the alchemiter pad, she managed to get it to spit out the strongest possible sunglasses.

Seeing as the light couldn't harm her body at all, this would be more than enough. She put them on and, tentatively, began to inspect outside the ship.

Green Spinel had seen deserts before. Her Emerald had had missions on such planets before. But she'd never known until now what it felt like to be so help in the middle of such a vast expanse of nothing but sand and heat in every direction, like a painfully hot version of being lost in space.

"Well this place sure looks happening." Spinel said sarcastically as she stepped out more into the sand, looking for some indication of where to go.

And as if the world itself had taken offense, it was right that moment that a large, golden, feathered monster dove down at the unsuspecting green gem.

Maxixe: This place is DREADFUL.

Pink Agate: Not taking well to your planet I take it?

Maxixe: That's an understatement. This place is awful! My ship crashed at the base of one of the structures of the local creatures, large fur covered things with powerful legs. Topaz alternates between calling them 'kangaroos' and 'consorts.' How she can know things like this I'm not sure, she's been acting rather odd since she got sucked into that glowing ball. Whatever these consort things are, they're EVERYWHERE. Whoever planned their towns needs to be fired, shamed, and shattered. The place is so crowded I'm sure I'd be in genuine danger if I required oxygen, given that at any given point there's more consorts and fur than air at any given point.

Pink Agate: Yikes, your land sounds a lot more cramped than mine. What's it called?

Maxixe: According to Topaz, I'm on 'LoCaF, Land of Crowds and Frogs.' Not the foggiest what a frog is meant to be, but the crowds is more than living up to expectation.

White Zircon: There's sure to be some correlation between the land name and the tasks for the gem sent to it. The crowds are likely an obstacle to make your tasks more difficult. Attempt to get to higher ground with your wings.

Maxixe: I've already tried that. The gravity on this planet is demented. It doesn't effect my body of course, gem physiology and all that, but it destabilizes my liquid wings before I can get high enough to see anything. I tried to order Topaz to help me up but she's being maddeningly insubordinate.

Pink Agate: The sprites are only allowed to help us so much. They literally can't do or say certain things.

Maxixe: A likely story.

Pink Agate: No need to get ornery with your allies. We're on the same side with this.. whatever it is. Just try to stay calm. Maybe figure out what 'frog' means. Maybe ask the locals?

Maxixe: Well obviously I was going to, I didn't need to be told to.

Pink Agate: You're welcome hun ( ˘ ³˘)

Maxixe: UGH

Moon Goddessprite had told Rhodochrosite when they'd arrived where they were.

LoLaF, Land of Loneliness and Floods. What significance the name had remained unknown to her, but one thing became clear to the fusion almost immediately; there was danger in this place.

Three imps had gotten into inside almost immediately. It hadn't been hard of course, her home was a tunnel, and was now effectively an open stone cylinder sitting on a damp, brown, wide open grassland.

It had taken Rhodi little effort to get rid of them of course, her large ornate sword scattered them into piles of grist.

Knowing that there would likely be greater threats than this little welcome committee awaiting her, she retrieved some of her long stored ore and set to work.

The following hour or so was a combination of alchemy with the new machine she'd been given by the game and forging with her own devices.

Imps would attempt to attack her every so often, so she was never short of grist. Finally, she finished it. Her sword had been reforged far greater than it already was.

The game labeled it as The Prismatic Pulwar. An opportunity to test it was presented almost immediately. A much tougher looking enemy had arrived just as Rhodi was leaving what was left of her tunnel.

It was a good fifteen feet long with six legs spaced evenly along its serpentine body. It had a bright yellowish color as opposed to the black and blues that had been showing up on the imps.

The health bar labeled it an Amber Basilisk. It had mechanical parts along its body, and what looked like foliage growing across it. It opened its fanged mouth and let out an energy bolt. Rhodochrosite blocked the shot with her sword, pleased with the success.

She charged forward, cleaving through vines that sprung up around her, having dug into the ground at the basilisk's feet. She jumped, bringing down her sword with all of her strength, slicing the monster in two and leaving a gash in the ground beneath it.

The odd brown grass seemed to ooze red from the impact. Rhodi collected the grist and charged off into her land to see what it had for her.

River's staff came down on the cobalt imp's head, reducing it to grist.

The purple pearl had refused to leave the busted up ruins of the spire after it had been teleported to a new land, one that her Morganite informed her was called LoKaB, Land of Kings and Beartraps.

The meaning of this wasn't forthcoming, slightly on account of her refusing to so much as peek out at the world around her.

She hoped the monsters that kept crawling inside would just stop, but they wouldn't.

Every few minutes more of them would crawl in to fight her. Every few encounters the colors would change and they would become stronger.

The one that had frightened River the most was a metallic creature with eight long, thin, pointed legs connected to a central body that was little more than a mechanical mouth of pointed fangs.

It appeared to be about on the mental level of a flash robanoid, but it had taken far longer to defeat than any of the others.

Morganitesprite had nothing positive to say about any of these victories. She simply continued to read from what few books hadn't been destroyed by the spire's entry to the new land.

She ignored most of River's questions, and didn't elaborate much when pressed. River attempted to get more information, but couldn't pull together the courage to speak with any force to her Morganite.

She didn't have any real plan for what to do. She figured she'd wait inside for a moment when the monsters stopped coming and ask her friends what to do through the communicater; if they ever did stop.

Emerald's visor kept her eyes shielded from the blazing light of LoGaS as she marched across the sand, blaster in hand.

She had no idea where she was, or how she had gotten here. But she did know one thing.

After those meteors had shown up, but before the whole crew appeared on this burning sand pit of a planet, Emerald had seen the Spinel. She'd been fiddling with some machine.

What it had done, why Green Spinel would do this, Emerald didn't know and could fathom caring.

As she made it towards what looked like a marge, angular ziggurat for shelter and to regroup, she was certain that the Green Spinel was responsible for this.

And even if she never made it back to homeworld, she would make certain the Green Spinel paid for what she had done.

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