Futa-MLP @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 9

"Nice moves Rainbow Crash." Fleetfoot said as they landed. Dash had been getting better and better at the routines. She'd been the fasted on the team since before she'd even joined, but Spitfire could still out maneuver her. She didn't mind so much, nor was she really bothered by her nickname anymore. It was funny how things tended to grow on you after so long.

The practice for the day was over, and so the mares and stallions headed to their different showers to wash off, getting themselves out of their flight suits and turning on the water. Dash hadn't mentioned she was a futa to them, as she didn't think it mattered, and since this was her first time showering with them, they didn't have any way of knowing. Usually she waited until after she got back, as she went straight from practice to practice with Lightning Dust, which would just need a second shower after anyway; for more reasons than one.

But Lightning Dust would be away for about a week, so Dash went into the shower, picked a stall, and started washing off. With the stalls being just under chest height, and the steam from the hot water, Fleetfoot and Spitfire didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with Dash as they came in to clean themselves off. She shifted a bit awkwardly, as Dash was normally getting ready for fun with Lightning about now, and between that, and the stark naked pegasi that she could ogle just by accident looking in either direction for too long, she was rather hard up and didn't think she would be able to do anything about it.

At least, until she heard soft moaning and turned her head to Spitfire, who seemed to have leaned against the wall of the shower and begun rubbing herself between her legs like she were alone. Dash stared for a moment, before saying, "Uh.. Spitfire?" She wasn't sure what else to say, as she doubted Spitfire could have forgotten that they were there.

"No shame Crash, just unwinding so we aren't stressing ourselves out when we fly you know?" Spitfire said, groaning softly as her fingers pushed deeper into her slit. "Yeah, don't even worry about it," Fleetfoot said, her back against the wall as she started to rub herself gently, going slower with herself than Spitfire, "Just go for it~" She moaned as she pleased herself.

At this point the sounds of their moaning, hell the sight of them touching themselves, had Rainbow Dash too hard to even consider not stroking herself. She gripped her member, working her hand along the shaft of it. It was made easier by the water covering her from the shower. "Do the guys do this to?" Rainbow asked curiously as she stroked herself.

"Near as I know, yeah," Fleetfoot said, "Why? Looking to go spying on them~?" She teased. Rainbow shook her head, "Why would I when the hot stuff is right here~?" She laughed, stroking herself harder. Spitfire and Fleetfoot chuckled at this a they continued focusing on their own pleasure. It wasn't long though before Spitfire noticed how Dash's arms were moving and looked over curiously, "What are you d.. oh." She said as she saw Rainbow's stiff member, "You're a futa?" She said, Fleetfoot stopping as well when she heard this.

Rainbow let go of her rod, "Yeah.. that isn't some kind of problem is it?" She asked, a bit nervous from how Spitfire was looking at her. Fleetfoot chad come over and seen that Spitfire was right. "Well, not exactly a problem, but we've kinda got a rule about futas," Spitfire said, "Well, futas, C-boys, herms, all the stuff like that." "What kind of rule?" Rainbow Dash questioned.

"Well, even though the official rules say that Wonderbolt members aren't supposed to get together because it causes drama, I think we all know that it happens sometimes anyway, no real way to stop it," Spitfire said, "But a bit of a debacle a few years ago, a different rule was made. Since usually both guys and girls end up going after the alt gendered ponies, which causes way more drama than normal hooking up, the rule states that the Wonderbolts share them, like a team fuck buddy. That way both mares and stallions can have time with them and no one gets into any arguments."

Dash's jaw dropped, "So, I have to.." "Well you don't have to do anything," Fleetfoot said, "You could just decide to do nothing with anypony. Or you decide to do a lot with everypony~" She said with a grin, "So what'll it be~?" Rainbow Dash was stiff as a board and perhaps not in the best states of mind to be making such decisions, but she was fairly sure that would have agreed even if she weren't hard up at the moment.

She turned off the shower and moved out of the shower stall, Spitfire grabbing her and pulling her into a kiss as Fleetfoot lowered to her knees, gripping and beginning to stroke her cock. Rainbow Dash moaned, her hands moving to feel up Spitfire's decently sized chest, which may or may not have fulfilled a long running personal goal for her. She moved her head down, kissing and sucking on her breasts, loving the sound of Spitfire's moans, and moaning against them herself as she felt Fleetfoot's warm mouth take in her cock.

She thrust her hips to push it in further, but it wasn't long before Spitfire had them change how they were positioned, Dash laying on her back as Spitfire straddled her, lowering herself down onto her cock as Fleetfoot took her face. She moaned against Fleetfoot as Spitfire rode her cock, holding onto the Pegasus's hips as she pushed her tongue inside, licking eagerly. She was better with her cock than her tongue, as whenever she'd topped Lightning Dust she very rarely tried to take things slow or gentle, but Fleetfoot seemed to like the feeling of it, moaning and rocking her hips against Dash's face as she licked deeper inside.

Spitfire must have been ridiculously pent up for how hard she was going, taking Dash's cock deeper, harder, and faster than anyone Dash had had, save for AJ that one time, which they had both agreed didn't count because Pinkie had gotten them both drunk, just like Rarity. Fleetfoot came first, drenching Rainbow Dash's face more than it was already as she cried out cutely.

Spitfire didn't wait for Dash to cum, groaning loudly with her climax and dismounting the moment she was done, leaving Dash's cock throbbing desperately as they moved to change places, Spitfire dropping onto her face and Fleetfoot impaling herself on Dash's cock. Now extremely close, Dash aggressively thrust herself up into Fleetfoot's warm, tight cunt, making her bounce on it as she buried her tongue as deep inside Spitfire as she could, her hands groping the captain's firm ass.

Dash came first this time, as she'd already been close when the other mares had cum. Fleetfoot cried out when she felt it though, the feeling of Dash's warm cum pushing her over the edge into her own climax. Spitfire didn't last long either, already sensitive from the first climax, her juices mixing with Fleetfoot's within a few moments of Fleetfoot and Rainbow Dash getting off.

The pegasi got off of her, letting her catch her breath as they caught theirs. "You'd better get going to the male's shower now, rules are rules." Spitfire said. "Or we could just tell them she's a mare and make it our little secret~" Fleetfoot offered, but both shook their head; Spitfire because she didn't want to break their rule, Rainbow because she actually wanted to go over to the stallions. She got up, covered herself with a towel, and headed out the door and down the hall to the guy's shower.

Soarin, Thunderlane, and Silver Zoom were inside, and as Spitfire had guessed, all were jerking themselves, not minded at all that they were in the same room as they did. "Crash? What are you doing in here?" Soarin questioned, the other stallions turning to her in confusion. The guys didn't have stalls for their showers, and Dash could see all three of their hard rods as they looked at her, She shut the door and dropped her towel, showing them all she was a futa. They all had members around the same size, Thunderlane being the biggest in the room. Eager to see if they could have all four cocks inside something at once, Dash walked forward to join them for their shower.

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