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Chapter 8

Rarity had actually been a bit worried about what Sassy Saddles might do or say when she arrived at the Boutique in Ponyville for her visit. On her last visit, she had said and more importantly done some... less than polite things to her associate and friend. She wanted to say that it hadn't been her fault, as the visit had happened during one of Pinkie's parties, and the decisions she had made were the result of a few ill advised drinks, but she knew that was no excuse.

She mentally breathed a sigh of relief when Sassy arrived and made no mention of it. Considering what all had happened, Rarity figured she likely didn't want to mention it to anypony, least of all Rarity. Rarity herself was baffled by what few hazy memories she had of how.. dominant she had been during the night. But she supposed it was best to put it behind them and focus on business.

Strangely though, Sassy didn't seem to have any business to talk about. She seemed to be waiting for Rarity to say something, though considering Rarity had already apologized profusely the morning after it happened, Rarity doubted she was waiting for that. After about ten or so minutes of small talk about nothing in particular, the anticipation seemed to boil over.

"I was just wondering.. when I could expect our next.. disciplinary meeting." Sassy said, turning her face to avoid her blushing being seen. Rarity giggled to herself when she heard this, "Is that what this is about? Oh darling I wasn't planning on keeping that going. It was a spur of the moment thing I assure you, and was evidence of why I should never drink at parties, or drink in general." She said, "You've got nothing to worry about, and I must say that I'm dreadfully sorry for the things I might have said in the moment."

Sassy kept her eyes on the ground, "Well, thank you Rarity but.." "But?" She asked, raising an eyebrow as she started to understand a bit more the cause of Sassy's behavior, "Oh my, could it be you actually hoping to do that again?" She asked, a teasingly scandalous expression on her face. Sassy blushed deeper, "I-I'm sorry, you're right, it was stupid." She said, turning to go.

Rarity took her by the wrist, "Oh I'm only playing around Sassy. Everypony has their desires, and I'd never honestly mock you for them. Especially one as thrilling as yours~" Rarity said with a smile, "If you really are hoping for more, I do still have all the... 'supplies'. Purchasing such items while inebriated, but returning them would require being seen with them in public, so I still have them in my room. Just come by after closing time~" Rarity punctuated her sentence with a wink that caused more than just Sassy's cheeks to heat up as Rarity left the room.

Rarity was more than a little pleased to find that Sassy really did show up after the shop closed. "I haven't got much memory of what happened when we did this before," Rarity said as she locked the door behind Sassy, "But I'm willing to bet I didn't act with much skill, how could I in such a state. But don't worry, my mind is clear now, and I'm ready to really teach you your lesson~"

Sassy nodded, "Y-yes Ms. Rarity." She said, shifting anxiously, tensing at the hard strike to her round flank, "It's Mistress Rarity when we're meeting like this, I do believe that I told you that the first time." Rarity said, her horn glowing as she levitated Sassy's dress off of her, grinning at the sight, "Not a threat of clothing underneath? You really were looking forward to this~" She said, levitating her own clothing off as well before sitting down on the bed.

"On your knees." She ordered, her horn still glowing as she lifted a riding crop. She still had no clear memory about buying the items, and planned on having words with Pinkie about it, but that could wait. Sassy got down on her knees, moving over to Rarity as she was told to. Rarity lifted her feet, "Their rather sore from working, make them feel better for me." She said. When Sassy hesitated, used to feet play, she received a hard strike from the crop against her cutie mark. She shuddered, and leaned down, rubbing and kissing Rarity's feet.

Rarity moaned softly as Sassy began using her tongue, worshipping her feet. "More~" She ordered, striking her ass again to make Sassy suck on her toes, and moaning louder when she did, "Very good~" She groaned, having her continue for a few moments, earning a few more strikes across her ass whenever she slowed down; some of which may have been on purpose from how wet the unicorn was afterwards.

Rarity was hard as a slab and leaking pre by the time she had Sassy stop, "Now lay back so I can feel yours~" Rarity ordered. Sassy laid down on her back, lifting her feet up to Rarity's cock. She squeezed them around its shaft and began to stroke her with them. Good as it felt, Rarity couldn't resist, and traded the crop for the flog, lashing at Sassy's chest, "Faster!" She demanded, loving how Sassy moaned from the punishment before obeying and jerking her faster with her feet.

Rarity resisted the urge to thrust up between them, wanting Sassy to do it herself. Her feet were incredibly soft, and the way her toes curled around her tip nearly pushed her over the edge every time. Sassy's breasts were covered in red marks from the flog by the time Rarity came, covering her feet and legs in hot seed. Rarity sighed happily, "Now clean it off with your mouth." She instructed, Sassy getting on her knees again and beginning to lick remaining cum from Rarity's cock.

Rarity forced her head down suddenly, forcing her cock passed Sassy's lips and into her throat. Sassy gagged, but didn't struggle, letting Rarity move her head fast along her cock, deep-throating it. Her eyes watered as she had to held her breath, but as it happened she felt the wetness between her legs grow more, making her cum as her throat was fucked.

Rarity groaned, cumming again not long after, pumping each spurt of cum down her throat before pulling her head up, "And who exactly told you that you could cum?" Rarity questioned, "N-no one Mistress." Sassy said. "So disappointing," Rarity said, having her stand up, "You'll have to be punished of course." Rarity lifted Sassy's hands, cuffing them together, and locking the cuffs to the hook hanging from the ceiling to keep her hands above her head and all parts of her body open. Rarity took out the remaining toys she had bought, not even sure if she had used them all the first time around.

She placed the blindfold over Sassy's eyes, and put the ball gag in her mouth. There was another pair of cuffs for Sassy's legs so she couldn't move them either, and a ring to put on her horn to prevent her from using any magic. It wasn't really needed, as neither of them actually expected Sassy to struggle, but removing even her ability to left Sassy feeling that much more at Rarity's mercy.

The remaining toys were a large plug and a wooden paddle. Rarity started with the paddle, lifting it with her hands and bringing it down hard on Sassy's already sore ass. She yelped against the gag. The sting from the crop and flog had hurt, but the solid smack of the paddle against her sensitive flesh hurt so much more. It was incredible. Rarity gave two more hard smacks to Sassy's ass before stopping. Sassy nearly whimpered in disappointment, until she felt the paddle smack her breasts, sending a jolt of masochistic pleasure through her body, nearly making her cum again.

Rarity got behind Sassy again, lining her member up between her asscheeks, "If I recall, I already gave your pussy a rough time before, let's see how good it feels here now~" Rarity purred, timing her thrust into Sassy's ass so she pushed in just as the paddle, no being levitated, struck her tits again, making Sassy scream against the ballgag as she came.

"Tsk, tsk," Rarity said, roughly forcing her cock deeper into Sassy's ass, "You'd already earned one load inside from cumming without permission, now you've gone and earned a second? I really will need that plug to keep it all inside you at this rate~" Rarity grunted as she slammed in harder, loving how Sassy's tight anal walls milked her cock for more. Oh yes, they would definitely be making these 'disciplinary meetings' a regular occurrence. Weekly at the very least.

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