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Chapter 7 The voting was a little scattered, but in the end the general consensus was more for C-boy than straight male. I can't decide which would be better, so I'm happy either way ^-^ Oh, a special thanks to Drunken Hamster for their suggestion, which was rather clever. I won't be going for it though, as despite it actually being biologically correct, it would still probably be harder to believe for most readers than the anthro futas XD Also, if the Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust chapter was borrowing from blackrom, then this chapter is doing something similar to palerom.

Spike came downstairs and found, unsurprisingly, Twilight pouring over books. It wasn't just research for research sake or pleasure reading, no, Spike had learned to tell the difference in the air when Twilight was in different states. The lavender alicorn was stress reading, trying to learn about something to prevent what she feared would be some sort of disaster.

"What is it this time?" Spike asked. "Maritonia." She said, "My first ever meeting with the actual officials is coming up. I've been brushing up on their politics, language, tradition, everything really. I don't want to accidentally defend them and nearly go to war like we did with the Yaks; not that we couldn't absolutely handle it, but it wouldn't exactly send a positive message if the princess of friendship started a war."

"Twilight, you've read all of those books already, cover to cover, twice." Spike said, "Brushing up is for people who don't remember basically everything they've ever read, seen, or heard about." "It's just a precaution Spike." She said. "Alright, when did you last sleep, what was the last thing you drank, and when did you last 'visit' Moondancer?" Spike asked, running down his checklist.

"Thirty-one hours ago, coffee, two weeks." Twilight said. None of these answers boded well for her, and the fact that she'd actually answered them truthfully was the biggest warning sign that she was running of fumes. Spike walked over to her, spitting out a ball of green fire that teleported the books back up to Twilight's room, clearing the desk completely.

"Spike!" She said, "I am the princess of friendship, it is my job to know this and be prepared." "And I'm your assistant," Spike said, "It's my job to remind you that you already know this, and you're getting worked up for nothing. You can either calm down and relax willingly, or can make you relax just like we used to do back in Canterlot." He said, Twilight snorting and turning back to her desk to make the books reappear.

Spike rolled his eyes, reaching around Twilight's waist. One hand lifted her skirt while the other powered her underwear, freeing her stiff member, which he gripped firmly, sending a shiver through Twilight's body. "Come on Twilight, it isn't anything new. You just need to relax a little," He said, working his hands along her length, stroking her, "It isn't like we haven't done this before."

"We didn't know what we were doing before." Twilight argued, "We were just going on instinct and curiosity." "All the more reason to do it again now that we do know what we're doing." Spike said, stroking her faster, "Don't worry, if it's anything like it used to be, it won't take you more than like five minutes." He teased, making Twilight blush as he continued to stroke her.

They both knew she wasn't going to actually try and stop him. If she'd wanted to, she could have done so several times over already, levitating him away or teleporting herself without even needing to think too much about it. But she didn't, and he eagerly kept his hands moving, jerking her stiff length harder and faster until she was brought to her peak minutes later, covering his hands.

Spike brought his hands to his lips, licking them clean. "Well, it definitely tastes better than it used to." "The taste is dependent on what you've been eating," Twilight said absentmindedly as she panted, "Fruit generates the best taste according to a study done in Manehatten on the subject." Spike snickered, "What, did you know we'd be doing this and scarf down a fruit salad then?"

Rather than try to think of a come back, which would go a whole lot of nowhere for Twilight, she levitated Spike up and moved him in front of her, "Isn't it your turn now?" She asked with a smile. "You don't have to," Spike said, "You're stressed, but I'm not." Twilight shook her head, "It's only fair." She said, undoing his pants and pulling them off along with his undershorts. The dragon smiled, "If you insist~" He said, moving his legs a little further apart for her, giving her better access to his pussy.

Spike's being a cunt boy was a point of fascination with Twilight. It wasn't like a pony couldn't be born one, but it was exceedingly rare, making Twilight wonder if a C-boy dragon was rare, or if Spike would have been out of place if he'd been born with a normal gender. In their previous trips to the dragon lands, it became clear that even among dragons, C-boys were a bit of an anomaly, which if anything made Spike more proud of it.

Twilight lowered Spike so he was seated on her desk, holding his legs with her hands as she lowered her mouth to his slit, gently licking along the outside, teasing him even before pushing inside slowly. Spike groaned, "Somepony's been practicing. All those visits to Moondancer's~?" He asked with a teasing grin, his words replaced with more moaning as Twilight's tongue moved faster and deeper inside of him. In the past she'd only been able to get him off through a combination of his sensitivity and memorizing where all his sweet spots were, not having had anything resembling talent.

Now though, she did have some skill, and pleasingly Spike's particularly sensitive areas and weak pleasure tolerance hadn't gone anywhere, leaving him sopping wet and bucking against Twilight's face within minutes of Twilight's starting on him. He held onto her head, his breathing getting harder as he got closer, going over the edge when Twilight moved up and sucked on his stiff clit.

Twilight eagerly lapped up the juices that Spike drenched her face with, finding them to pleasingly sweet as well. She wondered if the factors in the taste of C-boy dragon juices were in any way similar to the factors for a pony's cum. The idea of conducting an experiment similar to the one in Manehatten crossed her mind, but was quickly abandoned before they'd both even fixed their clothes. Not that Twilight thought she couldn't easily convince Spike to let her eat him out two or three times a day while he snacked on a different kind of food each time, but she doubted she could explain it to her friends without getting teasing and, particularly from Rainbow Dash and Pinkie, aggressive flirtation.

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