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Chapter 6 Warning, warning: FutaXmale, if this is not an interaction you wish to see, please remain calm and exit the chapter before reading it and complaining in the reviews. For those wondering why I feel the need to put up a warning every single time, it's because the one time I didn't, the entire collective reader base screamed at me for, and I quote, 'tricking them into reading something they didn't want to'. Plus, you know, I guess it is kinda fair. Being pan, I sometimes forget that not everyone else is.

"Just try not to get a mess everywhere." Mrs. Cake said as she left the house with her husband and children. They had agreed to go out for awhile so Pinkie could be alone with her guest. Not that she didn't love having more people around, she was a fond believer of the, 'the more the merrier' motto, but she figured it would be best if it was just the two of them, at least for now.

Pinkie opened the door when she heard knocking, but frowned when no one was behind it. "Surprise!" Cheese said, hugging her from behind. Pinkie giggled, "No fair, you slipped passed my senses!" "Well I have been practicing." Cheese said, "Nice dress Pinkie," "Nice pirate outfit." Pinkie said, looking over the seafaring wear, "I was just helping some ponies throw a boat party when I got your invitation and came right over."

"And the theme was pirates?" Pinkie asked. "What theme?" Cheese asked. Pinkie blinked, then decided to sidestep that particular conversation in favor of the one she'd had him come over for, "Anyway, thanks for coming by. I figured she could finally, you know, 'do the thing' together." Cheese smiled, hugging Pinkie close again. During his visit in the passed they had gotten rather close, and though they never hesitated to talk about their playful exploits with other ponies, had never gotten around to having any with each other.

Cheese hadn't minded, as Pinkie was just as good a friend without the extra benefits, but he was excited to have them as well as Pinkie led him up to her room. She made sure the door and windows were shut for privacy before turning to Cheese, her fingers gripping the edge of her pink dress and staring to lift it up, going almost torturing slow considering the circumstances.

"Are you ready?" Pinkie asked, equal parts nervous and excited for what she was about to show him. Cheese nodded, unsure why Pinkie was building up so much anticipation, but he knew no good would come from questioning her until he saw what it was. Pinkie threw off her dress dramatically, revealing two things: she hadn't been wearing anything underneath the dress, and that she was a futa.

Cheese's jaw dropped at the sight. She wasn't exactly huge or anything. In fact, at six and a half inches in length, she was the smallest of her friends, who all hovered around seven or eight. Still, Pinkie was proud of her member, and hoped against hope that Cheese wouldn't react the same way the last pony she had shown other than her friends had. They.. hadn't been very supportive of it, and Pinkie hadn't been very happy.

But Cheese smiled at the sight of it, "Wow! You've got both, like a two in one!" Pinkie's grin widened, "That's what I said!" She exclaimed, pulling the other earth pony into a hug, which quickly became a kiss. Cheese hadn't undressed himself, but somehow, when he fell back onto the bed with Pinkie, he had been stripped bare, his own stiff length brushing against Pinkie's. Skilled as he was, even Cheese could get caught off guard by the pink party pony it seemed.

They held the heated kiss for several moments, hands roaming over each other until Pinkie broke it, if temporarily, to speak, "So, you really don't mind at all?" "Why would I?" Cheese asked, confused, "Well, the last stallion I told about it wasn't very nice about it," Pinkie said, "Said he wasn't a.. well, he seemed to think being with me would be just like being with another stallion."

"Sounds like h didn't have a very open mind," Cheese said, "I mean, if he was that hung up about it, he could have still had a ton of fun with you without touching it. Not sure why he'd want to though, it's just common courtesy." Cheese said as his fingers gripped Pinkie's member. Pinkie shuddered, moaning as Cheese's hand worked along her length, "Wow~ you're good at that~" She groaned.

"I've been all over Equestria," Cheese said, "I've learned a few things~" He chuckled, moving his hands down to her hips and pulling the forward. Pinkie was practically sitting on his chest, her member at his face as he began to lick along its shaft. Pinkie moaned, moving her hand behind her to grip Cheese's length and begin stroking it as well. Cheese moaned, lifting his head to take Pinkie's tip into his mouth.

Shuddering, Pinkie stopped him so she could turn over, pushing her member into his mouth as she took his into her own. Cheese was bigger than her, but Pinkie had gotten used to taking larger cocks from her friends, and didn't have any trouble taking Cheese's down her throat as she sucked on it. She wasn't very experienced with balls, as neither she nor any of her friends had that part of the anatomy, and so curiously poked and fondled them as she sucked. Feeling Cheese moan around her cock as his throbbed in her mouth, she figured she was doing it right and kept going.

In return, Cheese moved his hands up to her pussy, teasingly moving a finger around the outside before pushing two inside of it. Pinkie moaned around Cheese's length, bobbing her head faster. The two earth ponies took each other to the hilt, sucking skillfully as though competing to see who could do it better. Pinkie won the unofficial contest a few minutes later when she tasted Cheese's warm seed pumping down her throat. Granted, it wasn't too long after that that her own followed, Cheese swallowing it down.

"Wow, you're still so hard!" Pinkie said with a smile, rubbing his turgid member. Pinkie could go at it for a long, long time-as her friends had learned more than once-but she usually needed at least a minute or two before getting hard again. "Want to try having it somewhere else~?" Cheese asked. Pinkie nodded eagerly, getting off of him and onto her fours, lifting her tail to give him better access.

Cheese got behind her happily, lining his member up to her pussy, only for Pinkie to tell him no. She reached back, spreading her cute pink cheers of her other hole, "Try it there~" She purred. "Are you sure? It might hurt." Cheese said. "Maybe, but it's only fair. I'm gonna get yours as soon as you're done~" Pinkie said with a giggle as Cheese lined up to her ass.

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