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Chapter 5

"Wasn't expecting any visitors this late," Applejack said when she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards the barn. The sun was starting to set, and she knew that the rest of the Apple family was inside the house at the moment. She hoped it was just Pinkie here to share the latest random thing she'd thought up, or a customer here for a late night apple good purchase. The alternative was one of her friends calling her in to help with a disaster, and she didn't want to deal with that this late at night.

When she turned, her eyes widened as she found it to be none of the above. "Well, I hope you don't mind so much considering it's me." Cherry Jubilee said with a smile. "Oh.. not at all, but.. what are ya doing in Ponyville?" Applejack asked. If she'd been able to find a way to say it quickly without sounding rude she would have, but she was a bit shocked at the moment.

"Oh I had a shipment of cherries coming this way, and I figured I'd come with and pay an old employee and friend a visit." She said with a smile, sauntering over to Applejack. "Ya'll didn't have to do that." Applejack said, "Well maybe not," Cherry said, "It's been so long since we last got a chance to.. talk," She said, "I figured we might spend some time together while I'm here~"

Applejack had taken a step back without looking, and stumbled down into a sitting position. Cherry giggled to herself, "No need to be so nervous AJ, it isn't like I haven't come to visit before." She said, moving closer and sitting down, straddling the orange furred earth pony, who was finding it rather difficult to be comfortable with the given situation.

"We agreed we were done with this." Applejack said, though she knew full well she wasn't fooling Cherry, who could probably feel the stiffness in her shorts. "We are," Cherry said with a smile, "But I don't see why we can't go one more round. Just a quick little get together, for old times sake~" Cherry purred, nibbling on Applejack's neck just the way she had when they had been together. If it weren't for that, Applejack might have been able to resist, but the moment she felt it, she knew it was going to happen, and couldn't even honestly say she hadn't wanted it to.

Cherry moved her head up to Applejack's lips, kissing her heatedly as she ground her hips against the farm pony's crotch to get her even harder, if such a thing were even possible. Cherry's tongue pushed into Applejack's mouth and they began to fight for dominance aggressively, Applejack's pushing against hers, curling around it as she move her hands under Cherry's shirt, pushing under her bra to grope her large, soft chest.

Cherry broke the kiss, standing up to pull her shirt and bra off. Her shorts and cherry patterned panties followed them, leaving her naked before Applejack, who had also started undressing. Applejack's breasts were slightly smaller than Cherry's, but her muscled body and eight inch cock had Cherry wet between the legs, exciting her just as much now as when they'd been back on the cherry orchard.

"Let's get you ready~" Cherry purred, lowering herself down and gripping Applejack's member at its base. She gave the tip of her cock a gentle kiss before swirling her tongue around it. She licked up and down, teasingly slow. Cherry always had been great at teasing. Applejack sat there, groaning as Cherry worked over her stiff meat, getting it wet and ready to enter her.

Applejack could feel her about to lift her head away from it, but pushed it back down before she could. She moaned as she held Cherry's head down, thrusting her hips slightly to push her member further into her mouth. Cherry didn't have any problems taking AJ's cock into her throat, sucking it skillfully until Applejack grunted with her climax, cumming down Cherry's throat.

Cherry swallowed it all without gagging, licking her lips when she raised her head, "You always did taste so sweet." She said, giggling as AJ pushed her down onto her back and forced her legs wide open. The blonde earth pony lowered her own now, burying her tongue inside Cherry's already slick pussy. Cherry groaned, grabbing a handful of AJ's hair and holding her head down as she felt the farm pony's tongue push and move deep inside of her, easily finding all the sensitive sweet spots that she'd once memorized, driving Cherry wild.

She squirmed and moaned as AJ ate her out, hands groping and squeezing the red haired anthros ass as she moved her tongue. When she felt that Cherry was getting close, she moved one hand up to her stiff clit, pinching it between her fingers as her tongue moved deeper inside. Cherry yelped in pleasure, hips bucking against Applejack as she came, soaking her face in delicious juices that she eagerly lapped up. "Still so good~" She said as she moved herself to be overtop of Cherry, kissing her deeply again so she could taste her own juices as AJ thrust into her with a moan.

Cherry moaned into the kiss, holding onto Applejack as she felt her large cock push into her warm pussy, moving slowly at first to make sure she could still take all of her size before picking up the pace and pumping into her quicker and harder. Cherry moaned as she let AJ fuck her roughly, but decided she wanted to see how much more the other earth pony could put into it.

Cherry moved her hands down, raising one of them and bringing it down hard on AJ's ass, smacking right on her apple shaped cutie mark. Applejack grunted, her cock throbbing inside of Cherry, "Come on AJ, fuck me for real~" She urged, smacking her ass again harder, "Show me that strength you're so proud of~" She purred, smacking one more time, leaving AJ's ass red around her cutie mark.

Grunting, Applejack picked up the pace, slamming her entire length into Cherry's hot pussy, pulling almost entire out before slamming back in just as hard. The wet sound of their hips slapping together was only drowned out by Cherry's moans of pleasure as she took it, arms and legs locked around Applejack for more, as though fearing Applejack would stop.

Applejack could feel herself getting close, but knew Cherry was right on the edge. She kept it going hard for another minute, Cherry crying out as she went over the edge, her pussy clenching tightly around AJ's shaft as she came. Applejack kept her hips pumping, lengthened and intensifying Cherry's orgasm, and bringing Applejack to her own. Applejack groaned as she felt her cock let out spurt after spurt of hot cum into Cherry, filling her pussy with it.

They laid together panting for a few minutes, waiting until the sensations died down and they could breathe properly again. When they got up and went to their clothes, Applejack said, "Alright, this was the last time, right?" "Oh of course it was AJ, I wouldn't go back on my word." Cherry said. Applejack nodded, but considering this what what they had both said the last two times, AJ was sure they were both lying.

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