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"Are you guys sure about this?" Twilight asked, "We can still turn around now and I'm sure they'll understand." "No way, we promised we'd try it, so we're going to!" Rainbow Dash said, though whether her eagerness came from the desire to fulfill the promise or get a chance to cum herself silly over the next few hours was rather unclear to Twilight and the others. Even still, the others seemed to agree.

And it was true, they had promised. With a sigh, and a slight shiver of excitement, Twilight cast the spell to open the portal again, and the six of them stepped through; greeted by their six human counterparts from the other world. They'd been planning this little meet up for over a month, and though Sunset Shimmer was away and wouldn't be able to participate, she allowed them to use her house for it. They'd have to thank her somehow after they were done.


Pinkie pulled her alternate self into a heated kiss, which she returned happily and just as eagerly, their tongues pushing against each other in battle. Both their hands began roaming over the other's body, inspecting them for fun things. Human Pinkie found that her anthro alt had a large rounder rump than herself, and found the bulge in her skirt easily; both of which just made her more excited.

Anthro Pinkie moaned into the kiss as her alt reached under her skirt, one hand groping and squeezing her ass, the other gripping and gliding along her cock. She returned the favor, pushing one hand into human Pinkie's shirt, squeezing and massaging her larger breasts as the other hand moved down to grind against her pussy, getting her as wet as Pinkie was stiff.

Soon keeping the clothes on became an impossibility. Both of them undressed completely, both only getting more aroused by the sight of each other. "We. Are. Hot~" The two Pinkie Pies said together with a grin. "What should we do first?" Anthro Pinkie asked, too excite to think straight. "Ooh, Ooh! I've got an idea!" Human Pinkie exclaimed, telling her alt to sit down with her member sticking up for her.

Anthro Pinkie sat down, her human alt getting down with her and taking her hard rod in between her breasts. Pinkie moaned as she felt the soft tits squeezing around her cock, slowly moving up and down her length to stroke her with them. "How does it feel?" Human Pinkie asked curiously. "Great~" Pinkie moaned, "Keep it going~ maybe a little faster?"

Human Pinkie nodded, picking up the pace and stroking her alt's futa rod faster with her breasts, spitting between them for lubrication so she could make it feel even better. It worked like a charm, and anthro Pinkie's moans grew even louder. She resisted the urge to thrust up between her tits only because he feared she would do so hard enough to poke her alt in the eye, which would undoubtedly kill the mood even for Pinkie.

When Pinkie's tip began to leak precum, her alt stroked along her rod as quickly as she could, squeezing them even tighter around the length. Pinkie groaned, her cock twitching between them before spurting sticky white cum. The ropes of seed coated Pinkie's chest as well as her face. She licked her lips, smiled, and starting scooping the cum off of her in gobs to lick off her fingers. "This stuff is great!"

"I know right?" Pinkie giggled, "Wanna get even more~?" She asked hopefully. Human Pinkie nodded with a grin, having her alt lay down flat. Human Pinkie put her legs on either side of Pinkie's head, lowering her own head down to Pinkie's member and wrapping her lips around it. She moaned around Pinkie's cock as she felt Pinkie's tongue push into her pussy and begin to lick rapidly at her insides.

Both Pinkies moaned as they used their mouths skillfully, human Pinkie's head bobbing along her alt's length fast to deep throat her as anthro Pinkie stretched out her tongue in that special way only Pinkie could to reach as deep inside of her alt's pussy as possible. Soon both of them locked their legs around each other's head, keeping anthro Pinkie's head in place as her alt ground against it and human Pinkie's head at the base of her alt's cock.

They both came not long after, anthro Pinkie lapping up delicious, sweet juices and human Pinkie gulping down thick, lovely tasting seed. They both paused to catch their breath after that, but were back at it in moments. They both stood up now, anthro Pinkie lifting human Pinkie's leg up over her shoulder as she thrust her hips to push her cock into her.

With how slick both were from the oral fun, anthro Pinkie's cock pushed in with no problem; though was still squeezed tightly by her alt's tight folds once inside. Both moaned as anthro Pinkie began moving her hips to push herself in and out while her human alt focused on keeping them both balanced and not falling over, which wouldn't necessarily ruin the mood, but she didn't want to risk it.

Anthro Pinkie groaned as she sawed in and out of her alt, their hips starting to smack together as she went. Human Pinkie used her free hand to reach up and play with her own chest, her nipples stiffening from the fun and in need of attention. Anthro Pinkie would have given it to them, but all her focus was on thrusting her hips as fast and hard as she could, as well as not cumming for as long as possible.

She held out for another ten minutes, her human alt crying out in orgasmic pleasure at the nine minute mark. Her alright tight hole clamped down even tighter as she went over the edge, thrusting becoming more difficult than ever as human Pinkie's pussy milked her cock for cum. Anthro Pinkie grit her teeth as she came, unloading warm seed into her alt's pussy.

Human Pinkie sighed in satisfaction, her balance giving out and causing her to fall, anthro Pinkie's face landing in her tits. Neither of them minded, especially after anthro Pinkie pushed them together so she could take both nipples into her mouth and suck on them at the same time, making her alt start moaning again before she even thrust back into her.

And when Pinkie did thrust back in, her alt practically screamed. She may have slightly 'missed' her pussy, her cock instead slamming to the hilt in her alt's other, much tighter hole. She could have simply corrected this 'mistake' and switched to the right hole, but she figured it was too late now. She hoped her alt enjoyed having her ass railed, because anthro Pinkie was certainly going to enjoy it regardless.


Fluttershy and her alt weren't as quick to sex as the others had been. For a good while they just sat together and talked, getting to know each other. Most would consider this a moot point given the circumstances, but Fluttershy, and her human alt, believed them to be one hundred percent mandatory. Even when they finally did get around to taking their clothes off, it was only to give each other a massage.

Granted, said massages got the both of them riled up. Fluttershy felt herself getting stiff as her hands moved over her alt's back and she listened to her moan, but kept it down and finished rubbing her, then turned around for her turn. It had been anthro Fluttershy's fault really for not mentioning how sensitive her wings were. When she cried out, human Fluttershy assumed she'd accidentally hurt her.

It took some explaining to get her to understand that the feeling hadn't been bad, quite the opposite; it had been so intensely good Fluttershy had nearly cum from the touches alone. This made the both of them blush deeply and realize they should probably stop beating around the bush, pun only slightly intended. They took a deep breath, anthro Fluttershy taking the lead and suggesting they sit down next to each other and start slowly.

Anthro Fluttershy moved her human alt's hand to her stiff cock. She blushed even deeper as she gripped it, though was too nervous to move her hand until she felt anthro Fluttershy's fingers gently trailing along the outside of her pussy. They both moaned as their hands moved, human Fluttershy gently stroking her alt with her hand, anthro Fluttershy gently rubbing her alt's pussy.

Things picked up slightly when anthro Fluttershy pushed two fingers inside gently, working them in and out slowly. She could feel how tense her alt was, but could tell from her also picking up the pace of her hand that she wasn't backing out. She pumped her hand faster along Fluttershy's cock, and the two continued to please each other, working their way up.

Soon they'd both cum, human Fluttershy's pussy clenching around the four fingers moving inside of her pussy and drenching her alt's and in fluid. Moments later anthro Fluttershy groaned in pleasure as her cock shot warm seed into the air, which landed both back on her cock and on her alt's hand. Rather than attempt to taste it, human Fluttershy instead continued moving her hand along her alt's cock, coating her shaft in the cum to act as lubricant.

Anthro Fluttershy smiled, both because she had not thought of this, and because it was human Fluttershy's was of saying she was ready for more. Anthro Fluttershy gave her alt as gentle a kiss as possible before moving her over, lifting her up and placing her in her lap, her pussy just above Fluttershy's cock. It would be human Fluttershy who took the next step.

It took her a few moments to psych herself up for it before she slowly lowered herself down, both of them moaning when she felt her alt's cock penetrate her pussy. Her size and the lubrication let it go in easy, no pain and all pleasure for the first few moments. That is, until anthro Fluttershy's cock reached a barrier. It took her a moment to realize what it was. "O-oh my," She said nervously, "Should we stop?"

Human Fluttershy shook her head, "I'm ready for this." Anthro Fluttershy nodded, pulling her alt's hips down a bit rougher than she meant to as she thrust up. Human Fluttershy yelped at the pain of her virgin wall being broken through, anthro Fluttershy feeling more than a little guilty for enjoying the extra tightness around her cock from her alt's clenching up in pain.

They sat still for a few moments so she could get used to it, then when human Fluttershy was ready, she told her alt to start moving again. Anthro Fluttershy nodded, slowly moving her hips to work her cock in and out of human Fluttershy's pussy. The pain had subsided, and though both of them were expecting more to come, human Fluttershy just moaned in pleasure as only bliss was felt from it.

"Y-you can go a little faster." Human Fluttershy moaned, even beginning to move her hips as well. Anthro Fluttershy didn't need to be told twice. She began moving her hips faster as she went from slowly pushing in and out to actually thrusting into her, causing her to bounce on her futa alt's cock. Anthro Fluttershy was more than prepared to stop if her alt asked her to, but was extremely glad when she didn't.

Human Fluttershy held onto her alt's shoulders as she ground her hips down to take her cock. They were still going very slow compared to normal love making, but it was only getting more intense as far as they were concerned. Fluttershy only barely had time to warn her human alt before she came, a rush of hot cum flowing into her and setting off her climax as well.

They panted after that, and as they recovered, the warm, wet, lovely feeling was just enough to push both of them into a more aggressive state. Anthro Fluttershy more so than her human alt, as she was the one who moved first, roughly thrusting back up into her human alt and moving her so her back was on the ground, but human Fluttershy certainly didn't try to stop her. They may have been having sex before, but now they were ready to fuck.


Rarity was beside herself with her alternate, pun completely intended. They managed to keep up polite conversation for all of five minutes before things turned heated. Human Rarity initiated things, turning the conversation to the topic of her anthro alt's looks, making a few suggestive comments, which Rarity returned equally suggestively, before human Rarity leaned in and kissed anthro Rarity.

Anthro Rarity kissed back heatedly, and the two of them began moaning against each other as they groped and pulled at each other's clothes, eager to see and feel as much of each other as possible. Soon the two of them were both stripped naked and admiring each other. Their bodies were near identical in form, though human Rarity's curves were a bit more pronounced and anthro Rarity was quite visibly a futa.

The two of them licked their lips eagerly as they looked each other over, both wanting to hear the other moan. It was anthro Rarity who would meet this desire first, dropping to her knees and pulling her alt over to her by her hips. She buried her tongue in her pussy, licking inside of her skillfully as her fingers poked and prodded her clit to bring even more pleasure.

Human Rarity moaned, holding onto her anthro alt's head as she felt her tongue probe even deeper, stirring her insides in search of especially sensitive sweet spots. She quickly found and laid into quickly as her fingers continued teasing the hard numb of her clit, sending jolts of pleasure through the human alt. Her moans grew a little louder with each spot found.

Eventually anthro Rarity found the most pleasurable area that her alt had, the sweet spot. She forced her tongue against it hard as she pinched her clit between her fingers, making her human alt cry out loudly as the force of the pleasure pushed her over the edge into her climax. Anthro Rarity held her in place until the last drops of her climax juices had been licked up.

"You taste wonderful darling~" Anthro Rarity purred with a smile as she licked the reaming juices from her lips. Human Rarity smirked, "Why thank you, but I'm quite sure you will taste just as divine~" She said, lowering herself down to her knees as her anthro alt stood, her hardened member level with her alt's face. Human Rarity held onto anthro Rarity's heads as she leaned forward, engulfing her alt's cock.

Anthro Rarity nearly gasped from how much of her cock her human alt was able to take all at once; just one inch shy of her entire length. Rarity sucked hard as she moved her head back, a sight that nearly had Rarity cumming by itself as she watched. She pushed her head back down, this time taking her alt's cock all the way to the base as her tongue swirled around its shaft.

Human Rarity moved one of her hands up, trailing a finger around the outside of her alt's pussy teasingly as she bobbed her head along the length of her cock, intentionally making the sounds of it as loud and lewd as possible. It was not lady like at all, which made them both all the more aroused by it. Anthro Rarity grunted as her alt forced four fingers into her pussy all at once, causing her cock to throb inside of her throat before unloading ropes of thick, warm seed down her throat; all of which she swallowed without much effort.

"W..well.. it seems my alternate has had.. more than a little experience in her time.." Anthro Rarity panted with a grin, "Perhaps even with other futas." Human Rarity shrugged at this comment, "Sunset Shimmer is a futa, and all of us took to helping her relieve stress from the unwanted comments she still gets from the other students. Fluttershy only ever used her hands or mouth, but me and Pinkie got rather.. content with pleasuring her, as well as each other."

Anthro Rarity grinned, "That's not at all proper you know, a lady really should not speak of such things." "Maybe not," Human Rarity admitted, "Perhaps I have earned some sort of punishment by doing so~?" She asked, her voice holding more hope that disappointment at the suggestion. Anthro Rarity grinned wider, "You most certainly have~"


Applejack had been more than a little skeptical about doing this, and that went for both versions of her. Like Fluttershy, she felt she had to at least talk to her alt before she could bring herself to fuck her. Unlike the others, she didn't get any immediately thrill from it being an alternate version of herself, and found it very odd that all the others got off on it.

Still, they chatted and eventually things turned sexual as they began swapping stories, both eventually even admitting to the fun they'd had with their respective versions of Apple Bloom and Big Mac. Human Applejack jokingly suggested they switch places to have fun with the other's version of their siblings, blushing lightly when she saw the tent that had formed in her shorts from the thought.

Human Applejack chuckled, "I guess we'd better deal with that thing huh?" "It's fine, ya don't have to if ya don't want to." Anthro Applejack insisted. "I know that," Human Applejack said, a smile spreading across her face, "Who said I didn't~?" This was the most Anthro Applejack needed to hear. She pulled her human alt in for a deep, loving kiss as her hand pushed under her shirt to beginning feeling her up; her alt doing exactly the same to her.

The two playfully fondled and felt each other as their tongues battled for dominance. Said battled seemed doomed to end in stalemate, but they never the less kept it going, only stopping as they undressed and coming right back together, now with their breasts pressing together as their lips sealed together. When they finally realized it was a draw, they broke the kiss and came up for air.

"So, how ya wanna do this?" Anthro Applejack asked. After a moment, human Applejack got down onto her fours, "Not exactly the most creative I gotta say, but it'll get the job done alright~" She said, punctuating her sentence with a seductive wiggle of her hips that stiffened her anthro alt's member just a little bit more. Anthro Applejack agreed, and moved forward, getting behind her.

"Ready when you are~" Anthro Applejack said, lining her member up to her human alt's pussy from behind. "I'm ready now," human Applejack replied, "Show me what you got pony girl~" Applejack chuckled at this, thrusting her hips forward to enter her alt's warm slit. She groaned from the tightness that human Applejack's muscled form provided, grunting as she tired to work herself deeper into her.

Human Applejack helped her get deeper by pushing her hips back, groaning in pleasure as she felt her anthro alt's thick futa cock push further into her pussy. Both of them moved their hips faster as they kept going, human Applejack gripping the ground as her anthro alt thrust in harder, forcing herself deeper. She brought her hand down hard on human Applejack's ass as she thrust it, making her yelp in surprise and clench tighter around her cock, making her repeat the motion to bring them both closer to their limit with each strike.

When they did finally cum it was in near perfect unison, their moans indistinguishable from each other as ecstasy flowed through them both equally, lasting slightly longer for human Applejack, who could feel the warm, thick cum from her anthro form settling inside of her pussy even after she pulled out. Human Applejack got up and went to her back, reaching in for something.

"Ya ain't done already are ya?" Anthro Applejack questioned, a little surprised by this. Human Applejack snorted in amusement at this, "Yer jokin' right? I was just getting something to make this a little more fun for the both of us~" She said, taking out a strap-on of only slightly smaller size than Anthro Applejack's member and putting it on. She wasn't done; she'd hardly even started.


Rainbow Dash and her alt were absolutely loving this. Neither one of them was dressed for more than twenty seconds once the door was closed behind them. They were peacefully kissing for the next ten seconds or so before the fun became a competition of who would be the top and would be the bottom; both versions of Dash aiming to be the one on top.

Their tongues battled fiercely, and they practically rolled over each on the ground. They pulled, squeezed, sucked, and even bit at each other as they went at it roughly. Human Dash turned out to be the one with the advantage because of anthro Rainbow Dash's wings being a conveniently grab-able sensitive point for her to play with at her leisure.

In spite of this, anthro Dash still ended up winning, bending her human alt over and thrusting into her roughly. Human Rainbow Dash grit her teeth as she was roughly entered from behind, but she figured her anthro alt had earned it, and just enjoyed it. Anthro Dash moaned as she thrust forward, pulling her human alt's hips back to slap against hers and help her hilt herself inside quickly. She was much larger than Sunset Shimmer, which was the only actual cock human Dash had ever taken, and its size had her groaning in bliss from the roughness of it.

They inevitably picked up the pace despite already going at it rough to begin with, their moans loud enough to likely be heard in the other rooms by the other pairs. Neither of them cared, far too focused on their own pleasure. By the time they reached their first climax, they couldn't have stopped if a fucking film crew burst into the room to take blackmail photos.

They ended up going back and forth for who was in charge a few times, changing it up whenever they'd both cum. When they were both starting to get tired, and anthro Dash recognized that they were on their last legs, she grinned misceviously, wanting to try something special with her alternate self, something that could normally only be done with other pegasi.

She sat down, pulling human Dash down onto her lap. They both groaned in pleasure as her cock was pushed into her alt form's pussy, and at her instruction human Dash wrapped her arms and legs around her body tightly, holding onto her as she began moving her hips, grinding herself against her anthro alt. While she was doing this, anthro Dash began to move her wings, taking them off of the ground and into the air.

Human Dash moaned even louder, their being in the air letting Dash use gravity to fuck her even harder as she bounced on her cock. Dash enjoyed the feeling as well, as her wings were at their most sensitive during sex, to the point that just moving them sent pleasure through her in waves. Doing this felt better up in the clouds, as anthro Dash had learned with Lightning Dust, but she wasn't about to risk that with someone who didn't have wings.



Twilight was downright amused with the behavior of her alternate self, as it reminded her of, appropriately enough, herself. Herself from the first few times she had indulged in things of a sexual nature at least. It wasn't enough to simply have sex, she had to take the longest possible way to get there, insisting whenever she wanted to try something that it was purely for research purposes.

Twilight would have been laughing were she not so embarrassed to now understand just how silly she must have sounded to her friends. Human Twilight started with just her hand, saying she intended to count how long it took her anthro form to react the 'conclusion', then compared it to how quickly it took with her mouth, with pleasure from toys, etc, etc. Twilight remembered doing this exact thing before, and she could remembered the laughter Rainbow Dash and even some of the others on occasion had been holding back at the time.

Finally, anthro Twilight had had enough of the nonsense. She pushed her human alt onto her back and held her down as she lined her member up to her slit, which had been wet with arousal since the first 'test' and seemed to be as desperate to get the point as anthro Twilight's cock was. "W-what are we testing for now?" Human Twilight questioned. "Absolutely nothing~" anthro Twilight purred before thrusting into her hard.

Human Twilight was evidentially not a virgin. Whether she'd been broken in by Sunset Shimmer or one of her other friends with a toy, Twilight didn't know, nor did she much care at the moment. She thrust in rougher as her alt moaned louder, pushing her legs back until they were nearly behind her head as she fucked her. The only thing anthro Twilight intended to test was how much cum her alt could take before blacking out, and how much she could take afterwards before she was completely filled to breaking point. Suddenly Pinkie and Rainbow Dash's aggressiveness with her during their first few get-togethers made so much sense to her.

And that's a wrap! Notice how I attempted to have a different feel for all six of the different characters, Pinkie being eager to try as much as possible, Rainbow Dash battling for supremacy, etc. Yay me I got through an entire MLP smut story without using the whole 'stroking or sucking on unicorn/alicorn horns causes sexual pleasure' thing. And it was fucking difficult not to because, overused and generally stupid as it seems, I kinda really like the idea. Especially because the original very first unicorns were made with the idea of the horn literally just being a penis. No, fucking seriously, the creatures were supposed to be symbols of masculinity back in the day, just like how high heels were originally made only for men. Ain't history fascinating? Anyway, which chapter of this did you like the most? Was there a character or chapter idea you wanted me to do that I either didn't do, or didn't do very well? What other futa ideas would you like to see in the future? What other MLP ideas would you like to see in the future? Let me know in the reviews. I am sinful by nature with no malicious intent, and I'll see you all next time!
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