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Chapter 24

The magical map had sent Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie to Canterlot. They were able to find and sort the problem they'd been sent to handle in only a few days, staying at the castle with Celestia and Luna's permission while they did. They planned to leave the next day now that their mission was settled, or at least one of them had been.

While they had been staying there, the four of them had taken notice of how.. pent up the two sisters seemed to be. Despite having the ability to take on courters, the two sisters remained isolated, likely out of their lack of time. According to those working inside the castle, Celestia didn't even touch herself to take the edge off, and Luna only did so when she was just back from visiting particularly raunchy dreams.

The four of them knew that no good would come from pent up princesses, they'd seen the results of it happening to Twilight in the past; and Twilight wasn't in control of a natural force. This in mind, the four of them separated into two groups, one that would show Celestia a little fun, and one that would give Luna a good time. They were sure they were more than experienced enough for the job.


Celestia smiled at Applejack and Fluttershy's offer. "I'm flattered you two, really," She said, "But there's really no need for it. I'm a princess, I am more than capable of handling my own desires." "Without meaning to offend your highness, Twilight's a princess to, and she can't handle herself for more than a few days without going batty." Applejack said. "We always help each other when one of us needs, you know, release. It just seems rude not to help you with it to." Fluttershy said gently.

It was a combination of Fluttershy's kind voice, the knowledge that neither of them would tell anyone if she asked, and the fact that she really was going out of her skull holding it in that made Celestia agree. "Alright, but only this once." She said, not noticing Applejack's snort, which came from the fact that that had been exactly what Twilight had said when she had first stared participating in the fun.

Celestia led them back to her room, the royal bed more than big enough for the three off them, as it was built to have two full grown alicorns. Celestia closed the door behind them, locked it, and cast an enchantment so no sound or vibrations would travel beyond the room. She refused to take any chances with this if she didn't have to. Turning around, she saw Applejack and Fluttershy already beginning to undress themselves.

Celestia's blush was small, but against her alabaster coloration, stood out a lot. She took a deep breath, reminding herself that she was an alicorn princess, this was simply a matter of stress relief. She began to undress herself, the two futa ponies staring in awe of her near perfect form. Neither of them could find a single part of her body that couldn't give a hard on to the pickiest of ponies. She looked, appropriately enough, divine.

With how long it had been since her last time in bed with anyone, she'd nearly forgotten the effect her body seemed to have. Fluttershy and Applejack were both hard as stone within moments just from looking at her. This made her a bit more comfortable, and she smiled with a bit of pride as she went over to the bed and sat down between the two of them, giving both of their members a gentle grip. "How shall we start?" She asked.

"H-however you want princess~" Applejack groaned softly. It was near impossible to think with her soft hand moving slowly along their members. "Well, in a proper session of group love making, two members pair up, the third taking their turn afterwards. This is typically with two stallions and one mare, but I see now reason it couldn't work here," Celestia said formally, "I suppose it would be better to start gently, so I hope you don't mind if Fluttershy goes first."

Even in her blissful state, Applejack chuckled at this, "Sure thing princess~" It was true that Fluttershy always started gently, but with Celestia looking like she was, that aura of attraction around her, Applejack knew it wouldn't last long. Celestia laid back on the bed, Fluttershy between her legs and pushing into her slowly. She moaned softly, letting Celestia bring her head down and against her large breasts. She gently took one of her nipples into her mouth, sucking on it as she moved her hips slowly.

Celestia moaned happily, feeling in control despite her being on bottom. This sense of dominance began to evaporate when Fluttershy started getting rougher. It started with her mouth, sucking harder on Celestia's nipple and even gently biting and tugging. This Celestia could have just assumed was her being a bit playful, but then her thrusts started getting faster and harder. Soon Fluttershy wasn't just pushing into the princess, she was fucking her, and wasn't showing any signs of slowing down.

Applejack gently stroked herself as she watched Fluttershy begin railing Celestia against the bed, her lust overriding her normal attitude. She lifted one of Celestia's legs, letting her force her cock even deeper as her hips slapped against hers roughly. Celestia moaned loudly from the rough treatment. She could handle a lot, but she hadn't been expecting this from Fluttershy, and with her guard down, was overwhelmed by it.

Fluttershy didn't stop or even slow down when she came, triggering Celestia's climax and a second moments later from Fluttershy's roughness. Celestia was just passed her third when Fluttershy did stop, pumping her second load of hot cum as deeply inside of her as she could. She pulled out and slumped down to catch her breath. "You need a breather to?" Applejack asked Celestia.

"N..no, I can handle it. It is your turn now." She said. Applejack nodded getting between her legs and thrusting in. Both moaned, as Applejack was larger than Fluttershy, and even after a rough fucking, Celestia was still somehow extremely tight around her. Celestia probably could have handled it if Fluttershy had simply sat back and allowed the threesome to continue as Celestia had planned it.

Instead, she waited until Celestia would be too lost in pleasure to stop her, and lifted the alicorn up, getting behind her and lining up to her other hole. "W-what are you-AH!" She cried out as Fluttershy rammed into her ass. "Try to leave me out, you'll scream and shout!" Fluttershy moaned into Celestia's ear as she was double fucked. Applejack didn't usually like hearing about Aggressiveshy, but in the bedroom, she was a joy to have around.


While Applejack and Fluttershy took care of Celestia, Rarity and Pinkie joined Luna in her room. She had taken significantly less convincing than her sister, though she to had rejected the idea at first. All it took though was Pinkie suggesting she couldn't handle two futas at once, and Rarity suggesting that she and Pinkie simply weren't attractive enough for a princess to want them.

The latter made Luna feel like she'd insulted them despite having said nothing of the sort, but it the former that really riled her up. "I'll have you know that back in the days of our original reign, me and my sister were known to take several suitors at once, of all genders." She said, a bit of pride in her voice as she remembered how things had been in the old days before her banishment.

"Why, in times when we had no partner, we would strip down completely and go to the guards barracks, not leaving until every off duty guard could not continue. I actually attempted to restart this tradition after my return, but evidently the 'times have changed' since then." She added, a little bitterness in her voice marking her distaste for these changes.

"I would certainly like to see such endurance and skill then~" Rarity said with a smile. Luna sighed, "Very well, you two are rather persuasive." She admitted, leading them to her room. She shut the door behind her and began undressing. Pinkie's clothes seemed to fall off of her as though her body had shrunk despite not having visibly changed size at all. She pulled Rarity's clothes off as well, though was sure not to rip or wrinkle them, not wanting the fun to turn into a fight.

Luna brought them both to the large bed, telling them to lay down next to each other. They did so, their rods sticking straight up, as Luna's body had a similar effect to her sister's. "Before anything can enter, lubrication is needed." Luna said. "I'd have brought some if I'd known this would happen." Pinkie said, pouting at Rarity, as it had been her who told Pinkie not to bring it.

"No need." Luna said with a grin, lowering her head and taking both of their members into her mouth at once. The two mares gasped, both from how good it felt, and how effortlessly Luna took both of them down to the hilt, sucking hard and deep throating the both of them as her hands moved between their legs so she could finger the futas' pussies as well. They'd wanted to see Luna's skill, so Luna intended to show them.

Both moaned, holding onto her head and bucking their hips in pleasure from the attention. Luna did stop until after they'd both cum and been licked clean. "There, that should suffice~" She said with a smile. "Pinkie, move behind me please. Rarity, remain as you are." She instructed. Rarity remained laying down as Pinkie got behind Luna. Luna moved herself forward, dropping herself hard onto Rarity's cock. Rarity grunted from how much of her cock was squeezed by Luna's warm pussy all at once as she began to ride her.

Pinkie squirmed for a few moments, struggling not to stroke herself, both to the sight of Rarity's cock disappearing into Luna's wet slit, and to the sight of Luna's lovely ass bouncing as she moved. Pinkie had been just about to question when it would be her turn when Luna said, "Pinkie, why have you not entered yet? Did you think I asked you to go behind me for extra space?"

Grinning ear to ear, Pinkie thrust forward, penetrating Luna's ass, and almost cumming instantly from its vice like tightness around her cock that only squeezed her tighter when she tried to move inside of it. Luna moaned in delight and clenched tighter around both of them when Pinkie reached around to grope her tits. It may have been their idea to do this, and they may have been the ones with the cocks, but Pinkie and Rarity knew now that they were the ones getting fucked.

You're probably wondering why Twilight wasn't in this chapter when she's the first candidate for a chapter involving the princesses. Well, she and Rainbow Dash [shocker] have the most chapters over all, and I wanted to give the other four one more chapter as well before the finale. Oh, by the way, the finale is next chapter!
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