Futa-MLP @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 22

Rainbow Dash flew quickly through the air. In itself, this was not uncommon, but today she actually had a location in mind, and her speed came as the result of excitement, not just her personal enjoyment of going fast. She hadn't told the others were she was going, but she hardly needed to. When she received a letter from 'AK Yearling', and then jumped into the air to fly off, they could pretty easily connect the dots.

Dash landed in front of Daring Do's house, smiling as the adventure mare let her in. They both knew why Daring had really invited her, as it wasn't the first time, but they at least pretended for a few minutes that it was just a normal visit, chatting about the assorted excitement they'd both had since they'd last spoken together, Dash making a few none too subtle hints about wanting to join Daring on another trip.

They almost went a full twenty minutes before cutting the chase and making a beeline for Daring's bedroom. They shut the door behind them despite being the only ones there before grabbing each other. Daring got very little 'company', both because of where she lived and who she was. Dash was the only pony she could trust to not get into trouble from being with her. Or at least, not get into any more trouble than she would have by herself anyway. After a few moments of a heated opening kiss, Daring pushed Dash against the wall, pinning her there.

Rainbow Dash could have easily pushed back, flipped them around so she was the one in control, so she was the dominant half of what was happening, but she couldn't bring herself to move, much less attempt to take control away from Daring Do. Daring seemed to realize this, and figured she would see just how much she could get away with, how far she could push the other Pegasus. She pushed one hand under her shirt, groping her chest roughly.

Her breasts weren't exactly huge, and Daring didn't even have a particular fondness for them, but she did enjoy the submissive moans that escaped from Rainbow's lips as she was fondled. Daring moved her other hand down, pushing it into Dash's shorts and gripping her rod. "Alright this hard huh?" She questioned, "Guess I'm just that good~" She teased, gripping it harder and jerking her hand along it, making Dash groan louder.

Daring let go, stepping back and starting to undress herself, removing all but her explorer hat and boots. Judging from how the tent in Dash's shorts threatened to push through the fabric, she figured Dash approved. "Clothes off." She ordered. Dash didn't need to be told twice. She nearly tore her clothes in a rush to get them all off of her body. Daring Do grinned as she looked Dash over.

"Now I wonder which of us is actually stronger," She said, Dash not understanding her at first. "I've trapped and tamed more than a few vicious beasts in my day, and from what I've been told, it took all five of your friends working together to keep you down." Daring walked over to the closet, taking out a length of rope, "let's see how well I can do~" She said with a grin. Only her pride kept Dash from letting out a whimper.

Dash did legitimately attempt to resist Daring, perhaps even get her to be the one tied up; a thought that had crossed her mind more than once even back when she'd thought Daring was just a fictional character; which made her unsure of whether the fantasy was more creepy now or then. Regardless, Daring moved faster and wasn't hampered by an easily grab-able weak point. In a matter of about five minutes, Daring had won and Dash had been tied down to the bed, her winds tied behind her back, her wrists and ankles to the four posts of the bed.

Daring hadn't gagged her, though whether that was by mercy or by her not having anything to gag Dash with was a matter left up to debate. Daring just looked at the now bound Dash, helpless with her needing cock still stiff and throbbing. She teasingly grazed along its length with her fingers, not gripping it enough for the contact to bring any real pleasure. Dash now regretting not having struggled harder to not be tied down. The thought that she might have actually been letting Daring do this to her only made her more embarrassed.

Daring got bored of teasing quickly though, and crawled up onto the bed with her, "Let's see how long you can last~" She said, dropping her hips down onto her cock. Both groaned loudly as Dash's cock was pushed into Daring's tight, warm pussy. The wetness from Daring's arousal seemed to compensate for the lack of lubrication on Dash's cock, and soon she was picking up the pace as she rode Rainbow, the bound Pegasus's eyes fixated on how her breasts bounced with the force of her riding.

Daring noticed this and smirked, bringing her hands up to grope and play with her chest, moaning louder as she watched the desire in Dash's eyes grow as she was unable to touch them herself. Dash moaned louder as well, Daring's self-groping bringing her closer and thus making her slit grip Dash tighter. Daring noticed this as well and slowed the pace down, riding Dash slower and more gently until their building climaxes had subsided some. When they had, she picked the pace back up again.

Dash had tried edging before and hadn't liked it much. The end result was incredible, but holding off on cumming for so long was utter torture, and she couldn't help but groan pleadingly as Daring kept it up, refusing to let either of them cum so they could maximize the amount of time they were in bed. She knew that Dash could last for quite a long time, and seemed determined to lower the number of times she could finish by raising the intensity.

After a solid thirty minutes of this, Rainbow Dash was just about ready to start begging. Thankfully Daring relented before Dash had to stoop to that point, as she was ready to reach the end as well. This time when she felt herself and Dash getting close, she didn't slow herself down, but sped herself up. Dash moaned, thrusting up into her as best she could in her bound state, the force of their movement causing the bed to beat against the wall.

A few moments later their combined cries of pleasure could have been heard by anypony in a mile radius as they came together, making them both more than a little thankful Daring's home was so secluded. Daring panted as she remained on Dash's cock, enjoying the warm feeling inside of her and thankful that Dash was a futa instead of a D-girl, as a D-girl would risk knocking her up.

Dash waited patiently for Daring to untie her, but after a few minutes of resting, Daring still hadn't. Dash didn't think much of it when Daring started to move her hips again, thinking she just wanted another round before they stopped. It would be awhile before Dash realize she would be spending the night tied up as Daring's personal sex toy, and awhile longer before she admitted to herself that she didn't mind.

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