Futa-MLP @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 15

Rainbow Dash was surprised to see Gilda show up for one of her shows. She didn't notice her until after the first performance, but when she did, there wasn't a chance she was letting the gryphon girl leave before she talked to her. She caught up with Gilda during the break between shows, pulling her into an empty nearby room. "So, decided to show up huh?" She questioned.

Dash had sent Gilda an invite the moment she had a scheduled performance, but Gilda had never replied. She hadn't expected to see her there. Gilda was quiet, and Dash could tell she was gonna throw up her usual tough girl act. 'If that's how you wanna do this,' Dash thought, 'then that's how we'll do this.' "Guess you were just waiting for me to grab you so we could 'practice' like we used to back at flight school." She taunted.

Blushing immediately, Gilda shook her head, "As if, like I'd ever want to do that with you again." She said, Rainbow Dash all but singing along in her head. She wondered if she had been this predictable when she had been hanging out with Gilda. She fucking hoped not, it was almost painful to think about. Regardless of the gryphon's words, she made no attempt to stop Dash when she locked the door and held her against the wall.

Rainbow Dash leaned in. Since Gilda's beak would make kissing her directly something of a trial. Dash focused instead on the gryphon's neck, kissing and sucking and enjoying how Gilda's body seemed to react to the feeling of it. "Dash~" She moaned out softly, destroying any chance she had of getting out of the room without getting fucked by the now rock hard futa Pegasus.

Gilda didn't even try to stop her as Dash's hands trailed over her body, pushing under her shirt and groping her large breasts aggressively. They'd fooled around a few times back at flight school sure, but it had been nothing like this. Dash lifted Gilda's shirt and bra off and tossed them aside carelessly, kneading them rougher now that they were exposed.

She switched to using one hand as her other moved down Gilda's body, pushing passed the hem of her pants and underwear and between her legs. Dash didn't waste any time easing Gilda into it, roughly jamming three fingers into her pussy and pumping them in hard as she continued to grope and then suck on her chest. Gilda couldn't do anything but moan. As rough as Rainbow Dash was being, the amount of wetness covering her fingers was proof enough of her enjoyment of it.

She yelped when Dash bit down on her nipple, even tugging it with her teeth, but still didn't tell her to stop. She wasn't a masochist or anything, but she didn't dislike rough, aggressive sex. Up to now she had always been the one on top in such arrangements, but she wasn't so delusional as to think she was going to get Dash on bottom, it just wasn't how things worked.

Dash kept going, her fingers fucking Gilda harder and deeper and not slowing. Gilda groaned, her hips bucking against Dash's fingers, wanting more, wanting to cum, wanting Dash to take her. She nearly cursed when Dash withdrew her fingers moments before she would have cum. Orgasm denial was not a kink of Gilda's, and the smug smirk Dash gave her only made it worse.

"What? I thought you didn't want to do this~" Dash teased, "If you changed you're mind, why don't you lose the pants and turn around so I can get a look at your ass." Gilda only hesitated for a second or two before dropping her pants and underwear, kicking them off so she was completely naked. She turned around to face the wall, bracing her arms against it as she leaned forward, pushing her hips out so Dash had a nice view of her sexy round feline ass.

Dash whistled, enjoying the sight. She gave it a hard smack, her stiff member twitching in delight at the pleasured grunt Gilda let out. Dash undressed herself, freeing her cock and lining it up to Gilda's pussy before thrusting into her hard, making her yelp in pleasure. She grinned, lining her stiff cock up to Gilda's sopping wet slit. She gave no warning before she thrust into her hard, making her grit her beak to avoid crying out as her claws dug into the wall.

Rainbow Dash moaned, surprised by how tight Gilda still was. She figured Gilda would have been rather 'popular' with the other Gryphons, but it seems she had kept to herself. Dash figured she must have been really alone then, which upset her since she had seen how nice Gilda could be when she tried to. As rough as she was being, she was only doing it because she knew it was how Gilda operated. If you didn't make her do something, she would try and do the opposite, even with things she wanted to happen.

She smacked Gilda's ass again as she sawed her cock harder into her pussy, forcing herself to the base inside of her and now stopping when her hips began to smack against her ass. "So fucking deep~!" Gilda groaned, her pussy clenching around Dash's cock as it hammered away at her inside, bringing them both closer to their peak with each movement she made.

They both came within a few seconds of each other, Gilda's pussy clenching tightly around Dash's cock as though not wanting to let go, Dash grunting as she pumped warm seed into her seconds later. As they both panted, Dash slowly pulled herself out and said, "Wow, you done already? You've really lost a lot of endurance since flight school." She said, despite them having both cum already. She moved her cock, lining up to her asshole instead, "You're gonna need some new training~"

"Wait, no Dash I've nev-Ah!" Gilda cried out loudly as her anal virginity was taken as roughly as Dash could ram her hips forward, forcing the walls of the gryphon's ass apart for her cock to enter. Gilda's legs wobbled and she could hardly keep herself upright as her ass was brutally fucked. Dash had to really try to keep it up, as she wasn't sure how long she could actually go before she came again. She didn't even manage to hold out until Gilda came, blowing her load after a few minutes.

The feeling of the hot seed in her anus pushed Gilda into another climax that dropped her to her knees. As she panted, she felt Dash take her wings, moving them so her feathers squeezed around Dash's still stiff cock. Dash moaned as she thrust between them, "Soft feathers~ Bet the gryphon guys fantasize about painting them white every time you go out flying~"

Anyone other than Dash would have had to be carried out of the room in a match box after a comment like that, but Gilda just shuddered in delight at the sound of Dash enjoying her wings, actually moaning with her when she felt Dash cum, spurting seed onto her wings and back. Dash panted, going to get her clothes, "Gotta get washed up before we head out flying again," She said, "But come by my place after and we'll have a little more fun~" She said. Before leaving the room, she leaned in and added in a whisper, "And this time, we'll see how you do as a top~"

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