Futa-MLP @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 13 We'll be doing something a tad bit different this chapter, visiting no anthros, but instead full on humans. No, not an AU within an AU, but rather the canon human world of MLP, to check in on a particular futa and how she is handling the assigned punishment of three villains who, dumbass writing aside, I've been waiting to write about for awhile~

Sunset Shimmer walked into the room, finding that what the others had said was true. The three Dazzlings, Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, and the leader herself, Adagio Dazzle, were all there. All three had their hands tied above their heads to prevent them from moving, as even without their magic power, they still had all the normal abilities of a human. Sunset smiled, figuring she would start with the leader.

"What are you gonna do with us?" Dazzle questioned as Sunset hiked up her dress and lowered her panties, leaving her ass and pussy exposed and unguarded. Blaze and Dusk watched from where they were tied up nervously as they saw Sunset begin undressing herself as well, freeing a thick, hard futa cock. They gasped, but Dazzle couldn't see what they had, "What is it? What she doing, what are you two idiots d-ah!" She cried out in surprise as she felt Sunset's cock penetrated her pussy aggressively rough, "Fuck, you're really tight~" She moaned, jerking her hips harder to get inside deeper.

"N-no, stop, don't do this!" Dazzle pleaded, her words falling on deft ears as Sunset thrust into her roughly, fucking her harder and faster, wanting to feel her squirm. Dazzle didn't disappoint, groaning and crying out and even starting to beg by the time Sunset had completely hilted herself inside of her. Sunset moaned loudly, loving how tightly the siren's pussy squeezed her cock, almost like she wanted to be filled up with hot cum. Sunset grinned slamming in as deep as she could and unloading all she could inside, making the orange haired Dazzling scream as she was filled to the brim.

Dazzle was glad that it was at least over now, a happiness she was forced to forfeit when she felt her asshole being stretched out painfully by Sunset's cock, "Oh god, not there to!" She whimpered, struggling against bindings again. It was hopeless, and the struggling didn't do much more than make it feel even better for Sunset, her shifting and movement causing her ass the clench tighter around Sunset's shaft.

Sunset smacked her ass hard, pulling her hips back as she forced herself deeper, Dazzle yelping and crying out in pain from every motion the former villain made inside of her anus, making Blaze shift nervously, fearful for what Sunset would do to her, while Dusk's legs rubbed together heatedly, aroused by the sights and sound of their former leader getting brutally fucked. She hoped she was next.

Sunset went out of her way not to cum for as long as she could, wanting to leave Dazzle's ass as sore as she could. With how tight it was though, and how much Sunset was enjoying it, she could only last another few minutes before leaving it just as full to breaking point with hot, thick cream as she had left the siren's pussy. Dazzle's body was starting to go limp from the physical strain of it, but Sunset wasn't quiet done with her yet.

She lowered her ropes just a but so her head could be pulled down to waist level. Dazzle was so out of it by this point that she didn't even realize what Sunset was doing until she felt her cock push passed her lips and into her throat to face fuck her. Having never done this before either, she gagged as her eyes began to water from the throat fucking, but if anything that encouraged her to go even rougher with her.

When she did cum, she made sure her cock was as deep in her throat as possible first, and didn't pull out until the last drops of it had been swallowed. She pulled out and replaced her cock with a ballgag, plugging both her ass and pussy to keep the remaining seed inside of her. She tied the siren, but quickly cuffed her and took her out the room, where her friends would be waiting to deliver the jocks' new fuck slave.

She went to Blaze next. She undressed the Dazzling and rubbed her cock against her slit, "Promise never to try anything like this again, and I'll let you off with just a warning and a quick fuck, you won't have to become a fuck toy like your boss." Sunset said. Asking was a formality, as there wasn't any way for her to use magic now that the gems had been destroyed. "I promise," She said quickly, "Me and Dusk didn't even really mind his world in the first place, it was Adagio who couldn't deal with it."

Sunset nodded, "I figured as much, but I had to make sure." She said, pushing inside of the bound siren's pussy, "Don't worry, I'll be more gentle with you than I was with her~" She said, picking her hips up and thrusting in. It was true that she wasn't nearly as rough with Blaze as she'd been with Dazzle, but she was still railing her so hard she doubted she'd be walking right for awhile afterwards.

She did at least seem to enjoy it when Sunset's fucking brought her to orgasm, though she did still yelp and squirm in pain when she felt Sunset's cum filling up her cunt. She panted hard as she was untied and given some clothes before being allowed to leave. Sunset took a few moments to rest before going over to the last siren, Dusk. "Don't worry, like I told your friend, I won't be as rough with you." She said.

"Aw man!" Dusk pouted in disappointment, confusing Sunset as she undressed her and found her to be soaking wet. "Did you.. want to be fucked?" She asked curiously. Dusk nodded, "Duh! It was so hot~" She said, legs stiff moving and rubbing together, "If I only get to have one like Blaze did, can it at least be really hard like Dazzle got? She always gets to have the best stuff."

Sunset was quiet for a moment before smiling, "How would you like to stay with me and my friends? They're all futas like me, so you could get fucked as hard as you want every day~ you'd have to promise to be our personal sex pet though." Dusk's eyes widened in excitement at this, and Sunset could tell that the others were going to love having her.

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