Futa-MLP @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 11

"Wake up already~" Apple Bloom said, growing impatient. Applejack opened her eyes, seeing her younger sister in bed with her, straddling her even. Her morning wood was standing at attention, and already lubricated, slick no doubt from Apple Bloom. Applejack groaned, "Apple Bloom, we've talked about this already, we can't be doing this." She said. Apple Bloom pouted, "You keep saying that, but it seems like you really want to~" She said, gracing Applejack's shaft with her fingers. "I've told ya, we're family, it just ain't right." She said, visibly struggling not to moan from the touch.

"Still haven't given a good reason why." Apple Bloom pointed out, "You just say 'we're family' like that by itself is some big deal. You fool around with your friends all the time, it's never a big deal then, and you said yerself that they're as close as family. What makes me any different?" Applejack didn't really have any answers for that. Under normal circumstances, she could have said that if Apple Bloom were accidentally knocked up, there'd be no end to the problems, but that wasn't an issue, since futas couldn't knock up other mares. Beyond that, all she had was the idea that it was wrong.

"Do ya think I won't be able to handle it?" Apple Bloom questioned, "It wouldn't really be my first time you know." Applejack did know. She'd walked in on her and the other CMC undergoing a few.. experiments together. She hadn't minded that, and had told Apple Bloom she had nothing to be ashamed of, wanting her to be free to explore what she liked. She'd even encouraged her to keep doing it, giving her a few tips on things she could try.

In fact, Applejack was pretty sure that it had been Apple Bloom's seeing the bulge in her pants when she was caught that had gotten her sister so interested in trying to get into bed with her in the first place, because she'd been downright determined since. And she made good attempts, catching Applejack's eye more than once with teasingly revealing outfits that she didn't leave the farm with ever, but wore exclusively to seduce Applejack.

She almost succeeded completely by accident once. Apple Bloom had volunteered to help Applejack with the farm for the day. She'd probably been meaning to try and lure Applejack into a sexual situation, but got sidetracked by the actual work. About half way through the day, when Apple Bloom was starting to get tired, her body covered in sweat, her outfit hugging her form beautifully, her hair a mess.. Applejack nearly broke and fucked her against the apple tree they were working on right then and there. She figured that she could have gotten every apple off of the tree before she was done. She still didn't know how she had actually resisted.

But now Apple Bloom was done waiting. She wanted it badly, and Applejack couldn't think of any legitimate reason why they shouldn't. Apple Bloom had already been pleasuring her orally before she'd even woken her up, so the stopping her ship had sailed, and as Apple Bloom shifted her position, putting herself above Applejack's stiff cock, Applejack didn't even try to stop her from lowering herself down onto it.

The two Apple siblings moaned as they each other, Applejack practically gasping from how tight Apple Bloom's pussy was around her rigid cock, and Apple Bloom groaning from the size of the member pushing into her. When she had told her friends what she planned to do with Applejack, Sweetie Belle had suggested she break herself in so to speak using toys, that way her first time with the real thing didn't hurt. She made a mental note to thank Sweetie Belle in whatever way she could later on, because she could tell from how intense it felt even going as slow as she was, that she wouldn't have been able to handle it if she hadn't.

Applejack moved her hands up to her sister's hips, rubbing them gently and helping her lower herself more. Apple Bloom groaned, thankful that Applejack was finally letting her do this. She moved her hips more, riding Applejack a bit faster. Applejack didn't want to hurt her, so didn't risk thrusting into her and instead just tried to keep her hips moving. Now that she'd started to there'd be hell to pay if she couldn't finish.

Apple Bloom's breathing got heavier as she moved more, feeling Applejack's cock push deeper into her pussy, stretching her more with her size. She'd known how big it was, she'd seen it multiple times, some on purpose others accidental, and got quite up close and personal to it with her mouth before Applejack had woken, but seeing the size didn't really prepare her for feeling it inside. But there wasn't a chance of her stopping now just because of that, especially with the pleasure starting to build up the more she moved her hips against her.

Applejack grunted as Apple Bloom bucked her hips harder, starting to really ride her now. Seeing that Apple Bloom didn't need her help anymore, she moved her hands back a little further, giving Apple Bloom's ass a tight squeeze with her hands, loving how firm and soft it felt. Apple Bloom moaned even louder when she felt it bouncing herself harder on Applejack's cock to feel even more.

Applejack's fingers traced over Apple Bloom's butt, lingering on her cutie mark, rubbing it and kneading the skin beneath it. She felt Apple Bloom's reaction as her wet pussy clenched more around her cock, the stimulation of the sensitive area bringing her even closer much faster. She was pretty sure the trick worked on Pegasus wings as well, but had never gotten the chance to test it out.

"That feels so good~" Apple Bloom moaned. Applejack couldn't handle it. The mx of cute and sexual her sister spoke with in that moment was too much. She thrust up into her hard as her squeezed her ass again. Apple Bloom cried out, tensing up completely as she was brought over the edge and into her climax. Applejack's cock twitched as she felt Apple Bloom's juices drip down her shaft with her orgasm.

Apple Bloom laid down, her body on top of Applejack's, but didn't take herself off of her sister's cock, and even tried to start moving her hips against within moments of her climax dying back down. Applejack thrust into her again, Apple Bloom's moans getting softer now that she had less energy. Applejack wasn't going to allow her to pass out before feeling her cum, not after all the trouble she'd caused going after it. She flipped them over so she was on top, and gave it to the younger Apple, thrusting in faster and rougher.

She wasn't going as hard or fast as she could have, as she was certain it would cause an actual injury to her sister and perhaps even damage the bed they were on, but the slow, gentle pace from before was gone, the squeaking of the bed drowned out by the pleasured grunts and groans from Applejack, the submissive yelps and moans from Apple Bloom, and the wet slap of their hips meeting when Applejack had hilted herself inside of her.

It hurt, Apple Bloom had to admit, but that didn't negate the intense, overwhelming pleasure. In a weird way, the pain from how rough her sister was being almost seemed to feed the pleasure, making it even greater. She wrapped her arms around Applejack, moaning louder against her as she took it all, cumming a second time after the first few minutes of Applejack's fucking her.

Applejack didn't stop or even slow down as Apple Bloom came, which both extended and intensified Apple Bloom's orgasm and brought her closer to her own. Her member swelled and throbbed inside of Apple Bloom. She wasn't sure what it would feel like to take Applejack's cum, but when she felt the hot, thick cream pumping into her, filling her up to the brim, she was glad that she'd held out long enough to feel it, even if she was unconscious before Applejack had even finished cumming.

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