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Chapter 10

Fluttershy hadn't been surprised to hear that Photo Finish would be returning to Ponyville for a visit. No doubt she was here to get a few pictures of the castle and princess of friendship, or maybe Rarity had asked her to come over for the sake of a little more publicity. At most, Fluttershy expected to maybe see her if she wanted a few pictures of the reformed Discord.

To her surprise the answer was none of the above. In spite of all that had happened the last time she had tried it, Photo Finish had come to Ponyville to try and convince Fluttershy to be a model for her again. Evidently she hadn't had one as popular as Fluttershy in years, and hadn't had one as popular since her, and was dying to see her in the spotlight again. She was well aware now of Fluttershy's dislike of being the center of attention, but didn't take that as a good enough reason.

"Oh come now Fluttershy, you look amazing, there's no need for you to be worried about what other ponies might think of you." Photo Finish told her, "If I had a body like that, I wouldn't be able to hide it if you paid me to. Mares, Stallions, you could have them all falling over themselves for you, why do you stay secluded in this little cottage? I simply do not understand it. Are you truly that scared? Of everything?" Photo probably didn't think she was being very rude, as the environment she worked in tended to breed certain attitudes, and to her what she was saying was normally. Thankfully, Fluttershy was at a point when she could speak back.

"It isn't about being afraid," Fluttershy said, "I've done tons of things I was afraid to do before. I live in the same house as Discord for Celestia's sake." "If you aren't afraid, than what is it?" Photo Finish asked, genuinely curious. "I'm happy where I am," Fluttershy said, "Tending to animals that need help, friends that see me and who I am instead of a body they'd like to be with. I don't need or want anything more."

Photo Finish was quiet for a few moments, before speaking again, her voice a little lower for once, "You.. will have to forgive me.. I've just never met anypony who didn't long for more, desire everything they could possibly have. I may have forgotten that some ponies really are happy where they are. I'm terribly sorry if my visit has upset you, I won't try to sign you up again. It's just a shame I'll never get to see you in those outfits though. I really do think you would have looked great." Photo finished turned to go, Fluttershy stopping her at the door.

"Well.. if you promise not to take any pictures, I think I could handle just trying a few of the outfits on for you to see." Fluttershy said. "Are you sure?" Photo Finish asked, "you don't have to do anything you don't want to." "I know I don't," Fluttershy said, "I think that if it's just us and no camera crew, no magazine wanting pictures, it might actually be fun."

Photo smiled, "Perhaps you're right. Here, let's see how you look in these." She said, taking out the first out and handing it to Fluttershy. The Pegasus took it and went to the other room to try it on. She returned in the skirt that leaned on the side of just a bit too short for her liking, a matching top, and rather uncomfortable heels. Photo Finish practically gasped, "Beautiful!" She exclaimed, reflexively reaching for her camera, but stopping. It went against instinct so hard she felt her bones would rebel against her, but she managed to pull her hand away and just admire Fluttershy's form for a few moments before handing her the next outfit to try on.

Fluttershy became a little more glad she had refused with each new outfit, as they seemed to just get skimpier and skimpier, until she was wearing a bikini that made her being a futa an impossible fact to hide. Photo Finish didn't made a big deal of it, making no mention of it. Fluttershy did notice her legs shifting uncomfortably when Fluttershy began modelling the outfits that were not designed for futas, and thus left bugles.

Fluttershy blushed madly at this, but Photo said nothing, so she saw no reason to worry. That is, until her member slipped into view. Fluttershy blamed the tightness of her clothing for her getting so stiff, or maybe it was how Photo was watching her with increased arousal with each new outfit. Either way, when Fluttershy's hardened member slipped into view, she whimpered, scrambling to hide it.

"Oh it's fine Fluttershy, nothing I haven't seen before," Photo said. "R-really?" Fluttershy asked. Photo nodded, "I used to do the camera work for a.. less wholesome type of media, and the futas there had constant trouble with things like this. Usually one of us would have to 'lend a hand' to keep them down, or to get them up depending on the occasion. I had to stop working those jobs though. Got a bit too.. involved. Couldn't keep my hands off of them even when I was meant to."

Seeing the look on Fluttershy's face, which she interpreted as surprise and a bit of worry, she said, "Oh don't worry, I never planned on 'handling' you. Unless you wanted me to of course. After one rather embarrassing experience where I ended up on the wrong side of the camera with one of the futas, I promised myself to never get involved unless approached. An effective if ever so slightly lonely strategy I should say."

"Lonely?" Fluttershy asked, "Do ponies not approach you?" "Not anymore," Photo said with a sigh, "Too high up for most that the lower class tries, but not high enough for upper class to bother. It's fine really, though I do find myself needing more and more time completely alone for 'stress relief' these days." Feeling bad for her, and remembering her experience with Tree Hugger, Fluttershy said, "Well.. I bet that stress relief would be better if you did it with somepony."

Photo chuckled, "Oh certainly, but who would.." She trailed off when she turned and saw Fluttershy removing the little clothing she still had on, letting her stiff member stay in full view. "Oh my, Fluttershy you don't-" Fluttershy walked over to Photo, "I know." She said with a warm smile. She gave Photo a gentle kiss, and that by itself broke what little resolve the earth pony had to resist her.

Photo was soon out of her dress and removing the bra and panties underneath. Fluttershy didn't understand why they had to match the rest of the outfit, but felt that asking would probably kill the mood. Fluttershy also wasn't sure why Photo seemed a bit anxious to be seen naked. Sure her body wasn't as curvy as the younger ponies Fluttershy had seen, but she still looked amazing, and Fluttershy told her so.

Photo smiled at this, "I'm glad somepony thinks so." She said, pulling Fluttershy into a kiss. It took Fluttershy a few moments to realize that she was in control of this, and it was up to her to move things along. She held the kiss, moving hands along Photo's body. She lingered at her chest, massaging her breasts the way Tree Hugger had showed her. Photo moaned loud from this, surprised by Fluttershy having much talent at pleasuring others, as she'd been willing to assume the Pegasus was a virgin.

Fluttershy's hands trailed lower, moving between Photo's legs and rubbing against her pussy, wanting to make sure she was wet so she didn't hurt her when she pushed inside. She thought it would take more than it did, but her fingers were dripping with Photo's arousal in moments. She really had needed this. Fluttershy moved forward so her member was lined up to Photo's pussy, and pushed inside slowly.

Photo Finished moaned as she felt Fluttershy's cock penetrate her. She wasn't nearly as tight as Tree Hugger, but Fluttershy was still moaning from how good she felt around her length. After a few moments, Photo Finish whispered to her, "You don't need to be so gentle, I can take a lot more~" She said. Fluttershy had never tried going rough before, but she figured that if Photo wanted it, she could give it a try..

Discord could hear moaning before he could even see the cottage. He wasn't sure of the specifics of the situation, but frankly, he didn't want to be.

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