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Chapter 8 Fair warning: The following chapter contains bestiality. Well, kind of; I'm pretty sure it still counts if the animal is someone who can shapeshift into animals. Regardless, be glad I actually put it here. I'm so used to my other stories, where I'd be more surprising if such elements weren't present, and nearly forgot to put this warning here at all. As it stands, if some people don't like this sort of thing and would rather skip this chapter, I can't blame them.

Roll entered the next Fetish Master's chamber being slightly worried. She hadn't expected the standard enemies in the area to be as aggressive as they were, but considering she was entering Beast Man's chamber, perhaps she should have. Nevertheless, she was out of everything but fancy fingers, furry form, which she hadn't used at all, and maid form. She knew it would probably be enough, but she didn't want to get tripped up by her own lack of foresight.

She looked across the chamber to Beast Man. He looked, at first glance, a lot like Furry Man, but his fur was different, more real, and where Furry Man looked like a humanoid wolf, Beast Man looked the opposite, like a wolf who happened to be capable of standing on his hind legs. Roll didn't even think the Fetish Master had opposable thumbs, just sharp claws that made Roll glad she was taking all the Fetish Masters on with sex instead of battle.

"Well hello there~" Beast Man purred with a grin. Roll looked him over, "Sex Queen wasn't happy with one robot with animal powers?" She questioned. This seemed to frustrate Beast Man, and he audibly growled at the comparison to the previous Fetish Master, "Furry Man is a poser. He takes the flawless form of animals and makes them walk as humans do. I know better."

On cue, Beast Man's body shifted, and he lowered onto his fours. A few clicks from moving mechanisms and he was no longer a humanoid robot, he was a canine bot, one with a slowly hardening member as he looked over Roll's body hungrily. Roll stepped back, afraid that if she just let him take control, she would be defeated even if she did use her furry form. She shifted into Maid Roll form, and beckoned him over to her. "Be a good dog and come here~" She purred, "So I can give you some proper attention~"

Whether the words made Beast Man horny or angry, Roll didn't know, nor did she really care. It got him running at her recklessly. She dropped onto her back, lifting her Maid's dress to reveal nothing underneath. The canine Fetish Master pounced on her, thrusting his massive rod into her pussy hard. Roll cried out, not having been prepared for how thick his cock would be. She groaned, holding onto his large, powerful body as he thrust into her hard, forcing his cock deeper into her pussy. She was quite clearly too small for it, but Beast Man's strategy seemed to be 'if it doesn't fit, make it', and he rammed harder into her, making Roll scream out as she was forced to take it.

Roll bit her lip, trying to hold out against the assault on her pussy. Beast Man was too big and strong for Roll to force him off, so with no other choices at hand, Roll used her furry form power, becoming an anthro canine female, submissively pleading for him to slow down before he hurt her pussy. For as much as Beast Man had been willing to speak out against Furry Man's anthro forms, he seemed to completely lose himself with lust when Roll took one on, slamming his hips against her twice as hard and fast as before.

At first Roll was afraid of this, as she was certain that she needed to be on top for it to successfully knock the Fetish Master out when he came. She struggled a bit to try and free herself from him, but physically she was even weaker in this form than her base one, and her struggling only seemed to rile Beast Man up more, as he slammed his entire massive cock into Roll with every thrust, only pausing for a moment as he began to knot, Roll gasping as her pussy was stretched further than it ever had before.

Roll closed her eyes as the canine Fetish Master railed her with all his might, biting the inside of her cheek hard as she tried to stay focused and not cum. She managed to outlast Beast Man, who came a few minutes, letting out a literal howl of pleasure as he did so and flooding Roll's pussy with more cum than any of the other Fetish Master's so far had. Then, to Roll's surprise, Beast Man fainted, defeated.

Roll wriggled her way out from under the canine Fetish Master. He wasn't reverting back to his more humanoid form, telling Roll that the animal form was his actual base form, and he only used the more humanoid one to catch her off guard. 'So some Fetish Masters require submission in order to be defeated,' Roll thought to herself as she scanned Beast Man and obtained the beast form power, 'good to know.'


Failure State

Roll had preemptively activated her furry form ability. She had decided to take the form of a big cat, intending to dominate Beast Man before he could do so to her. She rushed at the Fetish Master, only slowing once for a moment when he shifted to full canine mode. The speed and power Roll had built up from taking off so fast and taking a big cat form let her tackle the canine robot to the ground and mount him.

Roll moaned as she bounced on Beast Man's cock, locking her legs underneath him and placing her hands on his chest to keep him from rolling her over and she rocked her hips harder against his cock, slowly taking the entire girth of it and moaning as she did. She grit her teeth when she felt her climax building, and rode him harder to try and push Beast Man over the edge first.

A few minutes later, Roll screamed out as she came, dropping on top of Beast Man, who rolled her over and proceeded to savage her poor pussy as roughly as he could.

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