Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 7

Roll entered the next Fetish Master chamber confidently, already in futa mode. She had used it a few times on the way in, and was grateful that she didn't need to save it any more, as it was turning into her favorite power. All replenishing tanks went directly to re-fueling it so she never ran out of power for it. She'd only used her other abilities once each on the way, and was still at half power for the futa rod ability. She made a mental note to keep the ability with her after this was all over, but was worried that Rock might not like it.

Putting such thoughts out of her mind for now, she looked over her next challenge, Furry Man. He was tall, and appeared to take the form of a anthropomorphic wolf man, complete with gray fur and a massive nine inch member on display for Roll to see. Her jaw dropped when she saw it, and Furry Man smirked in smug satisfaction of her amazement. "Feel free to just give in now if you're too eager for more to mount you."

His ego brought Roll back down to reality, and she glared, shifting from futa form to master mouth. "I'll make you a deal right now," Roll said, "If you're still standing after cumming in all three of my holes, I'll give up and become your little sex pet without complaining at all. Think you can handle that wolf boy?" She asked. Furry Man smiled, "Playing the odds huh? Probably hoping I win. Alright, I'll play your little game."

Roll dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, Furry Man grabbing her head and thrusting into it roughly to fuck her throat. Roll held onto his hips, using her master mouth skill to suck him expertly as he skull-fucked her aggressively, moaning at the feeling of her tongue wrapping around his cock and stroking it as she deep-throated him like a pro despite his size.

Furry Man grunted, reaching his limit in only ten full minutes and unloaded a massive flood of thick cum down Rolls throat. With still enough Master Mouth to spare, she was able to swallow it all effortlessly before activating her tight ass ability and pushing onto her fours. Furry Man gave her ass a hard slap, which Roll was only slightly embarrassed to admit made her moan, and thrust into her ass roughly.

He grunted, not expecting her ass to grip him as tight as it did, clenching down around his cock and refusing to let it go, milking it for its seed with every thrust. He lasted even less time in Roll's ass, cumming after only six minutes of fucking her ass before he hilted himself inside and unloaded into her. The heat and thickness of the cum filling her ass nearly pushed Roll over the edge, but she held it together and activated her super clench power as she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs as far as they could go, holding the apart with her hands.

Furry Man was panting slightly, but doubted Roll could wear him out with just one more go. He lined up to her pussy, held onto her hips, and thrust into her roughly, getting five of his nine inches in at once. He gasped at how tight and warm she was, her pussy squeezing him even tighter than her ass had. He moved her hips as he thrust into her hard, trying to force his cock deeper into her to make her cum before he did.

Try as he might, he found no special sweet spot that made Roll cum, and after five minutes of fucking her tight, hot pussy, cried out as he came, pumping several shots of hot, thick seed into her cunt before dropping down and passing out. Roll took a moment to catch her breath and waited for the pleasure to subside before getting up, not wanting to throw away her victory by cumming and passing out anyway. She placed her hand over the wolf-like Fetish Master and scanned him with her VWS, obtaining the Furry Form power. She inspected the ability, discovering that she could actually take whatever animalistic form she so chose upon using the power.

'This'll come in handy,' She thought before looking over the unconscious Furry Man and shifting into futa form for a bit of fun with his unconscious ass before heading off to the next level.


Failure State

Roll entered the chamber for Furry Man with her futa power on. "Now." She said, a lustful look in her eye. She had not been doing so well with controlling the spikes in lust from so many abilities at once. She'd completely used up her super clench and tight ass powers, and purposefully done so, waiting around in cleared out levels for more bots to come and fuck her. She'd known it was a bad idea, but she couldn't help herself.

Likewise, when Furry Man used his powers to shift from a wolf form to a bunny one, becoming an innocent, fragile looking thing and dropped to the ground with his ass in the air for her, she couldn't resist mounting him, hilting her cock inside of his soft, tight ass as hard as she could and fucking her like no tomorrow, slamming harder and deeper with each thrust until she hit his prostate.

Furry Man came, his walls clenching tightly around her, but didn't faint. Roll, after releasing a massive flood of hot cum into the rabbit like Fetish Master, collapsed on the ground before him, her futa cock vanishing and leaving her pussy on display for Furry Man's vigorous use until Sex Queen arrived to take her away.

As always, be sure to let me know what you thought of this chapter and who you think will be weak to the Furry Form power. Then again, much like the futa power, I think it might be a tad bit obvious who will be weak against it.
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