Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 6 For those in need of a refresher, a C-boy is almost the direct opposite of a futa. A futa is a girl with a cock that cannot get other women pregnant. A C-boy is a male with a pussy that cannot get pregnant from other men. The former is used quite often in hentai for obvious reasons, the latter is a little under-appreciated. For further info, check out Cunt Boy Ash, Cunt Boy Little Mac, or Cunt Boy Goku, *shameless self plug*.

Roll had made it all the way to the next Fetish Master chamber without using any of her futa cock ability, which proved to be much harder than she had been expecting it to be. Just as gaining new abilities for combat caused Rock to become more aggressive, hence is getting rid of them all after a mission, gaining so many sexual abilities was causing Roll's own lust to start spiking. She hadn't noticed it before, but the spike in lust from gaining the futa ability was almost painful. She had never even used it before, and she could still somehow feel it throbbing with the desire to be 'd had to use up all of her other abilities to get her out of a few sticky moments in the area leading up to the boss chamber, and was hoping that she would be able to cut it with just Futa Cock and Maid Roll alone, though she was wary for what would happen the moment she actually did use the futa ability for the first time. This was helped none at all by the next Fetish Master she had to face, C-boy Man. It hadn't taken much thought to puzzle that one out.

The Fetish Master, who appeared to be more feminine that Futa Woman had been even if she hadn't had a member. If his chest wasn't flatter than a board, Roll would have thought the bot was meant to be female, which would have been a mostly accurate assumption considering the pussy he had instead of a member, clearly and shamelessly on display. C-boy Man grinned impishly, "Like what you see huh?"

"Let's just get this over with." Roll said, too pent up to deal with his monologue. She shifted into Futa mode, her clothes vanishing and her seven inch member sprouting immediately. She rushed the Fetish Master, who shoved her back and knocked her to the ground with a kick. Once Roll was down, C-boy Man straddled her, grinding his pussy against her member, making it twitch with want."

Come on, you know you wanna let it all out~" C-boy Man purred seductively to her, continuing to grind his member against her, "Here, I'll even let you finish inside~" He said, moving his hips forward and taking Roll's member into his tight, warm pussy, causing Roll to groan in pleasure as he began to ride her stiff, needy member, moaning as well as he bounced on her, trying to milk her cock for cum.

Roll grit her teeth. It was true, she did want to cum, badly. But she could hold it, and she could still beat him without it. She pushed forward, pushing him onto his back with Roll on top, lifting his legs up slightly for more leverage before continuing to thrust into him, groaning as she forced her entire length into his wet cunt harder and faster, trying to overwhelm him before the power for the ability ran out.

It didn't take too long. C-boy Man was specifically weak to the futa power, and now that Roll was taking control, he was losing his endurance, groaning louder and getting tighter with every thrust as Roll worked her entire cock into him, their hips slamming together until C-boy Man came with a shriek of pleasure. His back arched as his walls clenched around Roll, his juices washing over her length before he fainted.

Roll kept going despite his being unconscious, groaning and sighing in immense satisfaction as she came hard into him, causing his stomach to extend as he filled her. Now that it was no longer a battle, she could cum as much as she wanted free of consequence. Once she was done, she scanned him for his power, the super clench, and headed off.


Failure State

Roll was already in futa mode when she entered C-boy Man's chamber. She'd used it only once on the last enemy, and now she was in a lust frenzy. She needed to fuck something, and she needed to fuck it now. C-boy Man could tell, he could see it in her eyes, and made her a deal, "Lay down and let me handle it. I'll ride you as hard as you want and if you've got the stamina, you'll win anyway~"

Roll was in no state to think logically, and complied, laying down on her back and letting the Fetish Master cunt boy mount her cock, locking his legs beneath her and beginning to buck his hips against her, riding her member roughly. Roll moaned, lost in pleasure form how tight and warm his pussy felt around her cock. She wanted more, needed more, and cried out loudly as she came, unloading into the Fetish Master's pussy and fainting, C-boy Man sighing happily as he was filled with seed before getting up to call in Sex Queen.

As always, be sure to let me know what you thought of this chapter and what Fetish Master you think will be weak to Roll's new power. Also, random question of the week, because I go back and forth on this issue. It's understood that C-boy's can't get pregnant and Futas can't get pregnant, but some agree that a futa could perhaps get a C-boy pregnant. It's a random question and not one that will affect this particular story, but I may very well use the info for future stories. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the reviews.
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