Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 5

Roll entered the Fetish Master chamber tiredly. She had only just barely made it through the area, as all the standard enemies here were much stronger. She was completely out of fancy fingers and half out of her master mouth. She'd used her tight ass ability once, and hoped she would still have enough to defeat Futa Woman. She had never used all the energy in an ability to defeat the Fetish Master weak to it, but she was paranoid about the whole thing, and decided to play it safe and try to weaken her with her other abilities first.

Futa Woman wore only a very tight blue top and was naked from the waist down, showing off her hard eight inch cock. "Well hello there~" Futa Woman purred, stroking her member to full hardness. "I take it you're here to try and beat me?" Roll nodded, her eyes watching her carefully. Futa Woman giggled, "Oh there's no need for all of that. We're both polite and decent robots, we don't have to go charging at each other like savages. It's gonna come down to sex whether we fight over it or not, so why not cut out the middleman? Lose the dress and we'll just go at it, better bot wins. I don't like your chances though~"

Roll nodded, "Sounds fair." Roll removed her dress, activating her master mouth ability. She wasn't sure how much she could really trust the Fetish Master, but to her surprise, Futa Woman didn't try and attack her as they walked over to meet each other in the center of the room, and didn't even protest when Roll dropped to her knees to begin sucking her off, evidently so confident in her skills that she didn't see any problem with it.

Roll's master mouth skill let her tongue curl around Futa Woman's cock several times, stroking her shaft as her mouth sucked her in expertly and her throat constricted around her pleasingly. She used her fingers to play with Futa Woman's pussy, as even without her special skill for it, it would still help. Futa Woman moaned, thrusting into her throat aggressively and cumming a few moments later.

Roll's master mouth had run out just before Futa Woman finished, and she swallowed her thick load as best she could. The Fetish Master barely looked fazed however, and Roll activated her Maid form, spreading her legs, "Take me as hard as you like mistress, but please hurt before we're caught doing something so lewd." She purred lustfully to Futa Woman, who picked Maid Roll up and dropped her down hard onto her cock, thrusting up into her pussy as Roll's leg locked around her waist.

Futa Woman jackhammered her hips up into Roll, hitting her deeper and deeper with each thrust until she was hilting her entire cock with every movement of her hips. Roll grit her teeth, trying to endure it. Her cock felt amazing, but she managed to outlast her, nearly losing it when she felt Futa Woman's cum filling her pussy. Futa Woman was starting to breath heavily. 'Time to finish it.'

"Please Mistress, there's still one hole you've yet to fuck~" Maid Roll purred. Futa Woman pulled out immediately, lining up to Roll's ass. She barely noticed Roll's maid outfit vanish again as she activated her tight ass ability, and assumed it just meant that Roll was running out of stamina and would faint soon, which she took as the sign to keep going.

She gasped when she thrust into the blonde bot's ass though. Her ass was extremely tight, but that was just Roll's ass naturally. The power caused the softness and heat to spike drastically however, and the grip her walls had on Futa Woman's cock to get even tighter whenever she moved inside. Her ass was practically milking Futa Woman's cock.

Futa Woman came with a scream of pleasure after only ten minutes, pumping a massive load of hot seed into Roll's tight ass. She took it all, nearly cumming herself as she held it all in. Roll paused to catch her breath after Futa Woman fainted, then stood, put her dress back on, scanned Futa Woman with her VWS to obtain the futa cock ability, then left the chamber to find the next Fetish Master.


Failure State

Roll had used up more than half the tight ass ability on the way to the chamber. All the enemies seemed to go straight for the ass. But She figured that if Futa Woman wasn't out of energy by the time she ran out, she could still use fancy fingers and master mouth, which she still had almost all of. She agreed to Futa woman's challenge, they met in the center of the room, and Roll got onto her fours, activating her tight ass ability.

Futa Woman groaned, loving the feeling and momentarily lost control of herself, railing Roll with all of her energy and not caring if she lost so long as she could cum and pump as much of her seed into Roll's ass as possible. But before she could, the ability stopped, and she regained her senses. She continued to fuck Roll, but now paced herself so she wouldn't blow before Roll did.

More importantly, when she did cum, she didn't faint, and happily unloaded into Roll's ass without even stopping the movement of her hips. Roll tried to convince Futa Woman to stop, trying to get her away from her ass so she could use her other abilities to finish her, but Futa Woman continued savaging her ass, planning to fill Roll with as much cum as she could as many times as possible before Sex Queen came to retrieve her.

As always, be sure to let me know what you think the next Fetish Master in the chain will be, though all things considered, this one is pretty obvious.
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