Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 4

Roll had noticed that the standard enemies in this area had been more aggressive than the others. They'd been easier to deal with now that Roll had two attacks she could use on them. She's been able to sate multiple enemies at once without needing to risk exhausting her new weapon, which she saved the power for until she reached the boss chamber.

Upon entering said chamber, Roll was greeted with the sight of a very muscular, male Fetish Master. He wore nothing at all, leaving his stiff eight inches on display for Roll to see when she entered. She blushed slightly at this, but refused to let herself get too flustered dealing with these enemies.

"Analman I take it?" Roll questioned. "The one and only~" The Fetish Master purred to her, looking her up and down, "How on earth did you make it passed the last two I wonder? No matter, you're mine now~ I've been hoping you'd make it this far, I bet you're wonderfully tight back there~"

Roll blushed deeper, but ignored his words. She already had an idea of how exactly she was supposed to use her new skill on him, but it would take a bit of strategy. Roll activated her Maid Roll form first, smiling at turning around to show him her soft, round ass , "Come find out sir~" She purred, pulling her panties down with her fingers.

Analman grinned at the challenge, rushing over over her. Roll waited for just the right moment, then moved, changing so she was on her knees in front of him instead of on her fours with her ass out, "But wait, you can't go in dry can you? Allow me to get you ready~"

Roll exited Maid form, activating the fancy fingers and gripping his member. Her small fingers and soft hands gripped his shaft perfectly and began working up and down his length, wanting to weaken him a bit with one of her other abilities before she started using the one special for this.

Right before she figured Analman would have started to see through her plan, Roll switched to master mouth and engulfed his member, taking the entire length of it without so much as gagging. Her tongue curled around his shaft and worked up and down it as she bobbed her head, sucking harder and harder as she did.

Analman came after several minutes of this, filling Roll's mouth with warm, thick seed, but he wasn't done. She'd weakened him a lot, but that wasn't the method her skill was meant to be used on him. She'd have to be careful using the rest.

Roll pulled back, assuming the position again. Believing that Roll had more or less given in by this point, he pounced on her. But Roll rolled away when he did, putting her behind Analman, who was doppled over in front of her.

Roll licked her lips, spreading Analman's ass with her fingers before plunging her tongue into his ass. Analman cried out, tensing up immediately at the feeling. Roll's tongue moved in fast circled inside, scraping against his walls and attacking any special sweet spots she found.

Her tongue kept pushing deeper and deeper inside of him, extending like Oral woman's had until it reached his prostate. The moment it hit, Analman was done. He screamed out with his climax, cumming harder than he had before and collapsing in front of Roll, who wthdrew her tongue and scanned Analman with her VWS, obtaining the tight ass ability.

She rolled her eyes at the pun name and checked the map before heading off to find the next of the Fetish Masters.


Failure State

Roll saw Analman and was sure she knew what he was all about. As he spoke to her, she could see that he was quite clearly a top, and therefore his name must mean that he would be taken out by taking someone's ass as opposed to having his own taken. It didn't occur to her that both could be true at the same time.

She figured that, like Fingerman, he's probably be quite skilled at taking her ass, it had been what he was built for. She didn't think she had any weapons that could directly counter Analman's mounting her, so she figured she must have made the wrong choice of where to go next. She couldn't back out now though, she was already in the chamber with him. She'd have to just try to hold out.

Roll activated Maid Roll mode, turning around and bending over so she was on her fours with her ass up and her panties down, "Oh do be gentle sir, I'm afraid that big rod of yours might break me if you're too rough~" She purred seductively.

Analman was on her in moments, pinning her beneath him as he thrust his stiff cock into her ass hard. It hurt quite a bit, both from how roughly he entered her and from his being dry. Rock had taken Roll's ass before, but he'd always been well lubricated when doing so, and Roll grit her teeth in pain now.

Analman groaned, thrusting harder into her, working his member deeper into her inch by inch until he was slamming his entire cock into Roll's tight, soft ass with every jerk of his hips, hitting deeper inside of her each time.

Roll gripped the floor, crying out as she came, her walls clenching tightly around Analman's cock. They both came together, Roll harder from how overwhelming the pain and pleasure was, not to mention how much more of both she got from taking Analman's cum directly into her ass.

Roll blacked out, but Analman, having not been pushed over the edge in the way he was weak to, remained up, eager to go a few more rounds with Roll before reporting in to Sex Queen about her defeat.

As always be sure to let me know which Fetish Master you think will be weak to Roll's new tight ass ability.
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