Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 3

Roll had been glad that the standard grunt enemies so far had been decently easy to deal with. She hadn't been able to use her new ability on any of them for fear of it running out of energy before she reached the next Fetish Master chamber, but now here she was.

She entered the chamber and was faced with a tall, blonde, bikini wearing robot woman. Oral woman. She smirked when she saw Roll walk into the room. "Looks like I've got something new to taste~" She purred, licking her lips with her unsettlingly long tongue.

Roll shuddered, "I took down one of you already, I can take you all down if I have to." She stated, activating her fancy fingers ability. Oral woman giggled, "Oh, you managed to take down the lowest tier, round of applause."

Roll rushed over to Oral woman, who rolled her eyes, jumping at Roll and pinning her down on the ground. She forced Roll's legs open and yanked her panties off, forcing her tongue inside of her with a satisfied purr.

Roll groaned loudly, trying to pull Oral woman's head out from between her legs as her tongue, which by all rights was bigger in length than the average cock, probed deeper into her pussy, stirring her insides skillfully.

Roll's grip on Oral woman wavered for a moment, but she forced herself to ignore how good it felt. She jerked her body suddenly, causing them to change positions to Oral woman was on her back and Roll was riding her face. A few movements that Roll disguised as her bucking her hips against Oral woman's face and Roll was facing the other way.

She leaned forward and began removing Oral woman's bikini bottom. Oral woman saw no need to try and stop her, Roll's skill with her tongue wouldn't be able to match her own, and she would certainly be able to make Roll cum before she did.

Roll knew this to, and didn't try to form a real sixty-nine. Instead, she forced four fingers into Oral woman's pussy, beginning to pump into her fast. Oral woman moaned against Roll's pussy, but didn't think much of it, continuing to eat Roll out as Roll's fingers hit knuckle deep into her.

Roll's thumb found and began to grind against Oral woman's clit, and the Fetish Master's tongue began to slow as she began to lose her focus. She moaned louder and louder, surprised by how good Roll's fingers felt. Roll was also surprised by how good the fancy fingers made her, and finished Oral woman off with a hard pinch of her clit as her fingers pushed as deep into her as they could go.

Oral woman screamed out as she came, soaking Roll's fingers as she passed out. Roll stood up, licking her fingers clean as she placed her free hand on Oral woman's chest, scanning her with her VWS and obtaining the master mouth ability.

Roll checked the map to decide where to go next, and headed out to find the next Fetish Master.


Failure State

Roll was panting by the time she reached Oral woman's chamber. She only had a little energy left for her fancy fingers ability, as she'd had to use the rest to get through the other enemies in the area. She wasn't too worried by this though, she could always fall back on her other outfits if she ran out.

Roll ran directly at Oral woman upon entering the chamber. The Fetish Master giggled, jumping away and tackling her down. Her panties were pulled off and thrown away easily, and Oral woman buried her tongue inside of Roll's pussy.

Roll groaned, and it took everything she had in her just to get on her side and positioned so she could push her fingers into Oral woman, causing her to moan softly.

Unfortunately, the fancy fingers ran out of juice before Oral woman's long tongue even started to slow down, and Roll was left to face her without it. Falling back on her primary weapon, Roll shifted to her maid form.

Unfortunately, with her face pressed so firmly against Roll's pussy, Oral woman couldn't exactly see the change, and wasn't listening when Roll began to speak with her maid voice. With both audible and visible changes made going unnoticed, Maid Roll was just as useless at the moment as fancy fingers.

When the pleasure of Roll's fingers stopped, Oral woman picked the pace up even further with her tongue, forcing it as deep as she could go inside of her. Roll could do nothing but moan and squirm as Oral woman's tongue found and attacked her G-spot, causing Roll to scream out with her climax, blacking out as she did so.

Oral woman licked her lips, loving how Roll had taste. Later that day, she would call in Roll's defeat to Sex Queen so Roll's body could be adapted into a new Fetish Master. Right now though, Oral queen flipped Roll over and spread her ass cheeks with her hands, grinning as she let out her tongue, wanting to know how Roll's other, tighter, more enticing hole tasted as well.

It occurs to me that I've made to references to standard enemies now. Obviously Sex Queen would have bots other than her Fetish Masters, but at no point will I have time to actually say what these 'standard enemies' are. They'd have to be sex based obviously. I only mention it because it's the kind of weird thing that I would focus on. If anyone would like, I could add a little extras chapter right before the story's finale and go into detail about the non-Fetish Master sex robots under Sex Queen's command. Just something to think about. And, as always, be sure to let me know what you think the next Fetish Master in the chain, the one that will be weak to the master mouth ability, will be. I'll take all reviews into consideration when I write the chapters.
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