Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 19

Sex Queen's castle was proving to be difficult even before Roll reached the halfway point. The place was filled with enemies from every stage Roll had visited up to that point, and a few she hadn't seen before, representing kinks that hadn't had Fetish Masters, such a loli/shota, stockings, herms, and a few others. Roll had to be creative to get passed them, as they didn't have any set weakness in place. The less said about the watersports enemies the better.

Regardless of the enemy, Roll brought them down. She was a walking swiss army knife of sexual prowess, and nothing could stop her now it seemed. She made certain to never let any of her powers fall below sixty percent power on the off chance that something specific came up requiring that skill.

Eventually Roll found her way to the midpoint of the castle. She'd been ready for some kind of special challenge in place for anyone who got that far, perhaps even a boss rush. It would be tedious, but with all the powers she had acquired, she felt like she'd be able to handle it no problem.

What she hadn't been expecting to see was Base. Roll remembered him being there when Sex Queen first attacked, but didn't think he would be in Sex Queen's castle, not as a guard of the lower floors at least. His powers were all for combat, so why would Sex Queen be interesting in using him to guard her lustful castle.

Roll asked exactly that, and Base smirked, "Because she may be constantly horny, but she isn't stupid. She knows full well that not everything in the world can be solved by sex. That's what I'm for. If anyone makes it this far into the castle, I'm to stop them by any means necessary." As Base said this, his hand entered blaster mode and was aimed at Roll, "This is your last chance to turn back. I suggest you take it."

Roll shifted into Maid Roll form. "Oh please sir, please don't hurt me, I'll do anything to avoid it~" She purred, pouring on the Submission aura and activating Soft Skin as well. The three abilities all played off each other, combining to make immediate seduction nearly impossible. It would have worked, Roll saw Base starting to walk forward to take her, but Base's robotic canine friend Treble stopped him.

Then the metallic hound blocked his path, Base realized the trick, and broke free from it. "Nice try, but that's not going to-" He was cut off by Roll tying him up with her Bondage Bindings ability. Treble immediately started to free him, but stopped when Roll entered Beast mode, becoming a female canine with the same submission aura radiating out.

Treble forgot Base and rushed over to Roll, mounting her immediately and literally howling in pleasure as he fucked her. Roll was ashamed of how much she loved the feeling, and even more ashamed that she was wondering how it would feel doing this with Rush when this was all said and done.

Treble wasn't the slightest bit gentle, which Roll didn't mind. She'd grown to love it when sex got rough, even when it got painful, and in the end she was actually disappointed when Treble finished with her, unloading into her and passing out like the Fetish Masters had.

Base had freed himself by this point, but when he turned to Roll, she was sitting down with her legs up, arms under her legs to hold them with her feet out, the same position she'd seen Footsy use with the Flawless Feet power active.

It seemed her theory about who the power would be super effective on was correct. Base immediately grew visibly stiff, his member springing free. Roll was a little glad to find that he was smaller than Rock, if only by half an inch. She didn't want to enjoy anything she did with him more than she would with Rock.

Base went over to Roll, taking her feet and bringing them both to his face, sucking, licking, and kissing them. He sniffed them deeply, completely enthralled and entrapped by the lust for her feet. When his member was leaking pre-cum and throbbing, Roll pulled her feet away from his face, squeezing them tightly around his cock and beginning to stroke him with them. Base moaned, lasting perhaps five minutes before he came, completely coating Roll's feet in his cum and collapsing on the floor, unconscious. Roll smiled, standing up victoriously. She scanned him, copying his offensive weapon on the off chance that it would be useful, and absorbing some of the energy that hadn't been burned out when he came, adding it to her own before she moved on. She was so close to the end, she could taste it. 'Not long now Rock..'


Failure State

Roll had wandered into Sex Queen's castle quite by accident. She'd been trying to find Tentacle woman for Gang man for more sex, but she'd ended up in this castle instead. The enemies there didn't recognize her as a threat, considering how gone her mind was, and so she was let through.

She climbed the stairs, wondering if there were actually more Fetish Masters to fuck. Instead, she found Base. He looked shocked, not by her presence, but by the state she was in. She'd been turned into a mind-broken bimbo, desiring nothing but pleasure in any form she could get it.

Roll smiled at him. "I'll suck you off if you fuck me~" Roll purred to him. Base didn't bother pointing out to her that sex with her worked as a bribe on its own. He was pretty sure in her mind, the blowjob was a reward for her as well.

'So much for the resolve of Dr. Light's machines.' Base thought with a laugh as he and Treble approached Roll, eager to see how much they could use her.

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