Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 18

Roll had been expecting a hell of a level to have to fight through for this last Fetish Master. Surely there'd be some massive threat here that stood between here and the castle of Sex Queen. Instead, she breezed through the whole thing and made it to the room before the Fetish Master's chamber in less than a third of the time than it had taken her to get through any of the others.

She supposed it was because of the structure of the Fetish Master bases. They hadn't been set up with any strategy in place for someone who had, for a random example, absorbed the powers of all the other Fetish Masters up to that point. Using them against the low power enemies that came at her in this stage, Roll was basically a sexy version of a vengeful goddess, wiping out the enemies quickly and moving on without a second thought.

She hadn't even needed to use all the refueling equipment in the room before the Fetish Master chamber. Using a third of it put her and all her power ups back up to one hundred perfect. The last few stages may have given a few hits to Roll's morale, but this stage was giving her a little more optimism.

She wasn't getting overconfident though. She made certain to keep a level head as she stepped out into the Fetish Master's chamber. Much like Toy Woman's room, it looked like an actual room that someone might live in, though where Toy Woman had been disorganized and messy, this room looked well kept and tidy, the floor carpeted and vacuumed.

Aside from this, Feet woman seemed a bit unique from the other Fetish Masters in that she actually had a name other than her original. If the labels on the bed and wall were any indication, she preferred to go by the name Footsy. Roll could respect her wanting to have a little more identity if nothing else.

Footsy was on the bed, laying down, one leg over the other. She had long blonde hair like Roll's, though hers was a dirty blonde. She was actually dressed, albeit in tight purple spandex that left basically nothing to the imagination, squeezing her body tight and showing every curvy of her body. The only things below her neck not covered by it were her feet, which Roll supposed made sense.

Footsy looked up and sighed, "I just cleaned this place, now we're going to have to get the place dirty again, aren't we?" Roll nodded, "Afraid so, unless you're willing to just let me through." She said.

Footsy swung her legs over so she was sitting on the edge of the bed, "I guess there's nothing for it. Gotta do my job ya know?" Roll nodded, "I do, and I gotta do mine." Footsy nodded, and lifted her legs up, holding her legs with her feet out towards Roll in a manner for which only the word presenting felt accurate.

For a moment, Roll wasn't sure what the purpose of this was, then it hit her. It was sort of like Tits Woman's chest. The longer she was staring at Foosty's bare feet, the more she wanted them. The desire to worship her feet, to have her toes pushing into her cunt of wrapped around her futa mode cock until she came, slowly filled her head. Footsy's power not only gave her incredible skill with her feet, but also the power to make you want them.

Roll wasn't about to let herself be bent to her will, not now when she was so close to victory. She activated her probing tendrils power. Rather than extending directly from Roll's body like they had for Tentacle woman, the tendrils appeared from the ground below their target. They were closer to solid holograms than to actual tentacles, but they still looked and felt the same as Tentacle woman's, and Roll could still feel through them, meaning she needed to be careful.

She had two tentacles wrap around Footsy's feet so Roll wouldn't be tempted to try anything with them, and immediately stuffed the other four tendrils into her ass and pussy. She screamed out in the sudden pleasure, her hands gripping the edges of the bed. She tried to break free, but with her feet covered, there wasn't much she could do.

As a final touch, Roll had the tentacles around Footsy's feet move as well, squeezing and writhing around her feet to give the feeling of a bizarre foot massage. Roll hadn't been sure it would work, but it did so almost immediately. Within a minute of her starting this, Footsy came with a scream of ecstasy. Roll was glad for it. The moment Foosty blacked out, Roll grunted, cumming from her tentacles and covering Footsy almost completely in the thick, gooey cum. She walked over, scanning her and obtaining the Flawless Feet power. This was the last piece, the last Fetish Master. They were all down, and now all that was left was Sex Queen's castle and whatever she had inside of it.


Failure State

Roll was on her fours being led by Tentacle woman into Footsy's chamber. Footsy pouted when she saw the grime from her fellow Fetish Master's chamber getting into her carpet, but she supposed she could clean that up.

"Broke her huh?" Footsy asked. "That's the weird thing," Tentacle woman said, "It wasn't even me. She was like this when I found her. I've been fucking her for hours and she's still horny, right pet?" Roll, as she'd been told to do, barked like a dog in response. As a reward, Tentacle woman added a fifth tendril to the four already fucking her ass.

Roll moaned, cumming again. She looked over, seeing Footsy's feet on the carpet. She looked up at Tentacle women, who nodded. Roll grinned, crawling over and taking Footsy's feet in her hands, dragging her tongue along them, moving it between her toes, and taking her time to suck on each one individually before pressing them both against her face.

Footsy moaned, seeming to enjoy the worship, "N-not a bad catch~" She complimented.

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