Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 16

Roll very nearly hadn't made it to the Fetish Master chamber at all. It wasn't that the enemies on the stage were especially hard to handle or anything, they were just so large in numbers. Every time she finished one of them, four more seemed to pop up. She's completely run out of her oral, anal, pussy, finger, and breast powers handling them all, it was insane.

Even taking all the re-fueling supplies she could get when she entered the safe room before the Fetish Master chamber, Roll was still tired. Things were getting harder now that she'd taken on so many levels. The enemies were harder to handle, and with how many sex powers she had on her now, her own lust was getting harder and harder to keep in check. Not to mention her growing confusion about the A. Wily marks scattered throughout the different Fetish Master controlled territories. She was seeing them more and more now that she had started looking for it. Could Dr. Wily have really planned all this? If so, why was he so immediately overthrown?

She'd only barely fought off the urge to let them all fuck her into oblivion. It was thoughts of Rock that had kept her going, and that got her to stand again and walk into the chamber.

Gang man (presumably short for Gangbang man based on what happened next) stood in possibly the most streamlined chamber Roll had seen yet. The room was large, but completely empty, the bright white light from above catching the white tiles of the floor and kinda hurting Roll's eyes.

Gang man himself seemed to have been waiting for Roll, standing at the far end of the room with his arms crossed with a grin on his face as she walked into the room, looking around at it. There was nothing in the room that would give him an advantage, but there was also nothing in the room that would give Roll one either. The place was completely neutral.

Gangman himself stood almost two full feet taller than Roll, naked with his muscled body and member (large even while soft) on display for Roll. His member began to grow stiff as Roll approached, likely in anticipation of taking her as roughly as he so chose to.

"What a little pretty I've been brought~" He purred, walking forward towards Roll, who stopped and waited to see what he would do and how she could counter. He didn't use any power at first, just rushed towards her quickly. Roll backed up, but when she did, she found what his power was.

Gang man went still for a few moments, and his body began to multiply, other versions of himself phasing out of his body. Each was identical, but the original remained in the center. In a few seconds, there were five Gang men in front of Roll, all rock hard at nine inches in length.

Roll bit the inside of her mouth, trying to back away from the group of Fetish Masters, only to be grabbed and pulled in. one of them laid down, Roll forced down onto his cock as a second thrust into her ass. When she cried out at the rough, sudden double penetration, the third thrust into her mouth and began to fuck her throat as the remaining to grabbed her hands and moving them to their cocks to stroke them.

Roll groaned and gagged as she was fucked from every direction. With no energy for any abilities to weaken them with her holes or her hands, Roll resorted to her dom aura, forcing as much of it out at once as possible. The Gang men stopped, only for a moment, but it was all Roll needed. She pushed away from them, though it took quite a bit of willpower to do so.

She activated two powers one after the other. First her bondage bindings, tying the five Gang men one after the other with ropes, cuffs, and gags to keep them still. She then immediately activated her Toy Box ability, sending toys to all but the original.

One groaned against the gag as the massive dildo slammed into his ass hard. Another squirmed and moaned as a fleshlite engulfed his member. The third writhed in his bindings as vibrators attached to his nipples, cock, and balls and forced pleasure through him. Roll flipped the fourth onto his stomach and began smacking his ass with a summoned paddle and thrusting her strap-on into him.

The four clones squirmed, moaned, and struggled to no avail as the original laid helpless feet away. One by one, each of the clones ran out of energy and faded away, leaving nothing but the original Gang man; down now only to a fifth of his power.

Roll licked her lips as she approached him, pulling all of the toys over to him. The gag in his mouth was replaced with Roll's strap-on as she skull-fucked him. He cried out around the shaft of it as the much larger shaft of the dildo penetrated his ass roughly. His cock was taken in by the fleshlite, and vibrators pressed to his nipples and balls.

With so much pleasure going through him from so many sources, Gang man couldn't last. He came with a shriek of pleasure around Roll's toy cock. He slumped unconscious on the ground as Roll placed a hand on his chest, scanning him and taking his Multiplicity power.


Failure State

Roll was panting, her tongue hanging out as she staggered into Gang man's chamber. She didn't even remember what she was doing there, other than looking for more sex. She'd been fucked silly several times over by the mass amounts of enemies on the stage, and now just wanted more, needed more.

Gang man saw and realized this from the look on her eyes. He smirked, dividing into five and going over to Roll, who quite willing took position above one of them, riding his cock hard as the second thrust into her ass, fucking it as she deep-throated the third and stroked the last two. Roll groaned, loving it, wanting it, needing it. She'd given into the lust and there wasn't any coming back now.

The various clones all came into her more than once, but since they were in control, they were not defeated. When Roll finally came, she screamed in bliss, passing out as the five duplicates fucked her harder, awaiting Sex Queen's arrival.

As always, let me know what you thought of this Fetish Master and which one you think is next in the reviews. Who will be overwhelmed by Roll and her sexy clones?
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