Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 15

Roll was panting tiredly when she entered the room before the Fetish Master chamber. The enemies she'd faced in the level had been highly aggressive, and once they'd been on her, they'd been nearly impossible to get off of her again. She had used up all of her Dom aura, beast form, and rose whip to get the damn things off of her, and still be fucked multiple times in every hole.

She was sore, but the room before the Fetish Master chamber had E-tanks, more importantly she could stay there and rest for as long as she needed before she entered the chamber itself. She took the time to collect her thoughts and figure out how to handle this next boss, then entered when she was ready.

She'd been in so many chambers that looked like sex dungeons that it was almost a shock to see one that didn't. Toy Woman's chamber just looked like a normal bedroom, if a rather kinky one, as there were various sex toys littering the floor and several sexy magazines, all either depicted lesbians fucking with toys or men being pegged by women. Strangely, Roll noticed from the tags, the toys and magazines appeared to be addressed to an A. Wily. Roll couldn't think of why the Fetish Master's would use Dr. Wily's name to order such things.

Toy Woman herself was sitting in a chair at the end of the room, reading one such magazine when Roll entered. Roll wondered for a moment if she had somehow actually caught a Fetish Master off guard, but the smile Toy Woman gave her told her otherwise. She stood from her chair, letting Roll see her body.

She was completely naked, her body purple in color, but perfectly alluring in every aspect other than her chest, which was rather flat and didn't seem to match the rest of her curvy form. "Here to challenge me I take it?" She giggled, "This should be fun~"

A snap of her fingers, and a strap-on of eight inches in length and three in girth appeared attached to her. Roll activated her bondage binding, sending rope and cuffs at Toy woman. She avoided them easily, and another snap of her fingers caused several dildos to appear in the air, flying towards Roll. Roll moved quickly to avoid them, but Toy woman closed the distance between them as she did, getting behind Roll and yanking her dress off.

Roll groaned as Toy woman began to grope her chest, her toy thrusting hard into her pussy. Another movement of the hand and a vibrator appeared attached to Roll's clit, sending more pleasure through her. Roll squirmed and moaned, trying to break free of the grip, but unable to with so much sensation flowing through her. "That's it~" Toy woman purred, "Just give in and enjoy it~ you'll have much more fun that way~"

Roll had been hoping to be in a better position when she started this, but she supposed this would have to do. She activated her puff-puff power, her breasts growing larger and softer in Toy woman's hands. This seemed to surprise her, and she groped them harder, "Did your tits just..?"

Roll exaggerated her moaning. It did feel good, and Roll had to stay focused to make sure that she didn't actually lose herself as the Fetish Woman continued to play with her now triple D tits, which seemed to be slowly enthralling Toy woman.

Roll activated her Soft skin power as well, making them feel even better against Toy woman. Toy woman turned Roll around, staring lustfully at her now massive breasts. "P-please be gentle, they're so sensitive~" Roll groaned.

Naturally, Toy woman did exactly the opposite and buried her face in them, not realizing she was sealing her own fate. She moaned as she licked, kissed, bit, and sucked on them, not noticing that Roll had taken her toy off and was now using it to fuck her, her defenses broken by her focus going to Roll's tits.

Roll dropped the toy, activating futa mode and thrusting into Toy woman's wet pussy as she used her hands to squeeze her breasts around Toy woman's face, trapping her with pleasure and lust.

Toy woman groaned, cumming hard a few moments later and collapsing on the stop in front of Roll, defeated. Roll smirked, deactivating puff-puff and soft skin, reactivating bondage bindings to tie Toy woman's arms just in case. She used her VWS to scan Toy woman, obtaining the Toy Box power, then lifted one of her legs and thrust back into her pussy, wanting to get off before she moved on.


Failure State

Roll was panting when she staggered into Toy woman's chamber. The aggressive toy based enemies had left her tired, but she couldn't afford to waste any time. Toy woman smirked when she saw Roll come in. She stood, a large strap-on appearing on her as she started walking over to her.

Roll immediately activated her puff-puff power, knowing that it would be her weakness, and started moving closer to Toy woman. Toy woman smirked, snapping her fingers and summoning more toys. First three vibrators, which went to Roll's clit and nipples and were turned up to full power immediately before Roll could get them off.

She was distracted by this just long enough for a dildo from Toy woman to ram into her ass hard from behind, making her cry out loudly. Toy woman grabbed Roll, turned her around, and threw her onto her fours on the ground. Roll grunted, moaning as the dildo in her ass began to pump in and out of her fast, vibrating and heating up as they did. Toy woman summoned a paddle to her hand, bringing it down hard on Roll's ass, making her yelp as Toy woman thrust her strap-on into Roll's pussy.

Roll squirmed and groaned as Toy woman's toys pleasured her so many places, overwhelming her quickly. Roll screamed out at the top of her lungs when both toy members slammed into the hilt at the same moment as the paddle smacked her ass, making her cum hard and pass out, losing to the Fetish Master.

As always, let me know what you thought of this Fetish Master and which one you think is next in the reviews. Who will be defeated by Roll's new collection of sexy toys? Also, to answer CorruptedReader's question: I don't plan for there to be a boss rush chapter before the finale, namely because I don't think I could think of ways for Roll to be creative in defeating the Fetish Master's a second time. I might decide to go for it if the reviews vote for it, but otherwise it's not in the plan.
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