Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 14

Roll had needed to force herself not to go into futa mode throughout the level. The lesser enemies had gone from the usually strategy of trying to overwhelm her with numbers and force to the classic of just trying to seduce her, and their beautiful bodies made it difficult for her to resist. She feared that the Fetish Master she would be fighting would be even more alluring and impossible to resist.

By the time she had entered the chamber for the Fetish Master, she had completely used up her master mouth, fancy fingers, rose whip, and was halfway out of her beast and furry forms. She didn't think she would be needing any of those in here however.

In front of her stood Tits Woman. The Fetish Master stood taller than Roll by about two feet, she wore a short black skirt, matching high-heels, and nothing else. The had long, golden blonde hair, and the slutty appearance of her made Roll ashamed to be of the same hair color. That being said, the feature that the eye couldn't help being drawn to was her chest. Not only was she wearing nothing to even attempt hiding her large breasts, but their sheer size, enough to be called a G-cup, was a shock to see, and Roll became all too aware of how small she was by comparison.

"Aw, the little flat-chested bot wants to try and out match me? That's adorable~!" Tits Woman taunted, walking closer to Roll. Every step she took caused her massive tits to sway and bounce. Not exactly realistic, Roll thought, but maybe that wasn't a complaint the robotic girl on a quest to augment herself with powers of invading sex machines was allowed to use.

Regardless, Roll found herself staring at them as she got close, unable to look away. It wasn't like when the Dom and Sub auras had caused her to start thinking differently, this was closer to hypnosis. She was still thinking clearly, but her mind became gummed up by the attraction of Tits Woman's chest.

Roll only got the idea to use her dom aura when Tits Woman was practically right in front of her. Tits Woman paused when she felt the aura, if only for a moment. Roll jumped back, activating her bondage bindings power and targeting Tits Woman.

The Fetish Master tried to backpedal, but was quickly ensnared by the ropes, her arms tied behind her back, and legs tied together, and her chest tied up especially tight, squeezing her large breasts. Roll licked her lips, summoning a ball gag to keep her quiet, then shifting into futa mode.

Roll poured on the dom aura as she pushed Tits Woman onto her back, lifting her bound legs and lining herself up to Tits Woman's pussy. She jerked her hips forward, moaning as she penetrated the Fetish Master. She didn't know if Tits Woman was just naturally tight, or if her being all tied up was making her even tighter, but Roll was loving it.

And though she tried to resist it, Tits Woman loved it to, moaning hard against the gag as she squirmed against the ropes, only causing more pleasure as the ropes squeezed her sensitive body tight.

Roll thrust harder into her, hilting her cock inside of the bound Fetish Master as she felt her get closer. Tits Woman squirmed, and whimpered, only lasted another few minutes before she came hard, her cry of bliss as she came muffled by the gag before she fainted.

Roll pulled out of Tits Woman. Now that she was unconscious, Roll could have continued and cum into her without passing out herself, but Roll wanted something else, and so moved forward, sitting on her stomach and thrusting her cock between the Fetish Master's tits.

Roll moaned at the soft breasts around her cock, squeezed around her cock by the ropes tying them. She thrust her hips, moaning in pleasure as her cock moved between them. Wanting more, Roll used her hands to squeeze them even harder around her cock as she thrust between them, groaning as she quickly reached her peak, cumming and coating Tits Woman's chest in sticky white seed.

Roll panted, placing a hand over Tits Woman's unconscious form. Her VWS scanned her body and obtained her weapon, the puff-puff power. She smiled, feeling a little vindicated, and headed off to the next level.


Failure State

Roll was panting when she had entered the Fetish Master chamber. She had used up fancy fingers, master mouth, bondage bindings, and futa form taking on the seduction based and highly submissive enemies of the level. She had found enough recharge to fuel up her futa form again, and felt she was ready to handle anything, as she saw few things her favorite powerup couldn't do.

When she entered Tits Woman's chamber and saw her however, things went wrong almost immediately. The sight of the sexy Fetish Master and her lovely breasts quickly overwhelmed Roll's mind, causing her to shift into futa form without meaning to, her cock throbbing with want. Tits Woman got close, grabbing Roll and pulling her face against her massive tits. The moment she felt them against her face, she knew she was done, and didn't care. It felt too wonderful. She opened her mouth and began sucking on Tits Woman's nipples, nearly bursting into tears of joy when she felt and tasted her milk flowing into her mouth.

Tits Woman gripped Roll's futa cock with her hand as she worshipped her breasts, stroking it pleasingly as she continued, lost in the lustful spell of her rack. Roll had cum and lost consciousness before she had even realized she was close.

Tits Woman found this cute, and planned to play with Roll a little more before calling in Sex Queen to pick her up.

As always, let me know in the reviews what you thought of this chapter and who you think the next Fetish Master in the line will be. Who will fall to the might of Roll's glorious baps?
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