Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 13

Roll had to stop and catch her breath before she entered the Fetish Master's chamber. In the time it took her to get from the start of the level to hear, she had been beaten, burned, cuffed, tied with rope, gagged, and blindfolded. She was not having the best time against these enemies. She had tried at first to use the Dom aura power and rose whip to outdo their aggression, hoping they would be trick enemies, but know, only the soft skin and submission aura would work on them, and Roll could assume that the same would be true of the Fetish Master.

She had been lucky enough to find some recharges for her sub aura power, so she would still be going in against the boss with full power, but she was still wary of bosses like these, where the means of defeating them was the same as their means of defeating you. It meant she didn't have very much room for errors. But she wouldn't give it. She took one more deep breath, and stepped into the Fetish Master's chamber. Roll remembered thinking how Dom Man and Sub Woman's chambers had looked like sex dungeons. How uneducated she had been back then. They looked like damn waiting rooms in comparison to Bondage Man's chamber.

The Fetish Master himself wore only tight black. He grinned deviously. Less malicious than Dom Man or Sadism Woman, but on the same wavelength on them at the very least. Roll figured it was best to suss him out first, and activated Maid Roll form.

Bondage Man smirked, "That all you got princess?" He asked, rushing at her fast. He hadn't been holding rope. He hadn't had anything on him. But in a blur Rolls legs were tied together, her hands tied behind her back, her eyes blindfolded, and her mouth blocked by a ball-gag.

"You look much better like this," He said, "And you're going to stay like this until Mistress Sex Queen arrives. No more tricks or games this time honey~" He started to walk off to call in Sex Queen to pick Roll up, but paused when Roll activated her Sub Aura ability.

Bondage Man didn't know what caused it, but he couldn't looking back at her. If he hadn't looked back, he may have been able to resist it and call Sex Queen, but seeing her, seeing her body squirm desperately in his bindings, the sub aura did its job, and Bondage Man couldn't help himself.

He hurried back to Roll, "It'd be rude of me not to deliver you to Sex Queen without incapacitating you first." he decided, changing the bindings. When he was done, Roll was naked, the ropes around her chest squeezing her breasts tightly, and the ropes on her legs forcing them to stay spread open for him. Bondage Man licked his lips, picking Roll up and holding her against the wall as he lined himself up, thrusting his stiff eight inches into her pussy aggressively. Roll moaned against her gag, activating her super clench to milk his cock with her tight cunt. Bondage Man groaned, taking this as some sort of challenge. He picked up the pace, pulling her hips against him as he thrust harder into her, hilting his cock inside of her as roughly as he could.

Roll moaned more, her aroused juices dripping down his length as he pumped into her, getting closer and not realizing it until it was too late. Bondage Man let out a loud groan of pleasure as he came, pumping warm seed into Roll.

Bondage Man dropped to the ground, his bindings vanishing off of Roll's body as he fainted. Roll placed her hand over his body, scanning him with her VWS and obtaining his lockdown ability. She decided to test run it by tying his hands under him just in case he woke while she rode his still hard cock, wanting to cum before she left to take on the next Fetish Master.


Failure State

Roll had been sure to save all her dominant, aggressive powers for the Fetish Master, and had used up her submissive powers getting passed the aggressive, bondage themed enemies. After how things had gone with Dom Man and Masochism Woman, Roll was sure that Bondage Man would be another trick boss, requiring Roll to take charge over him.

Shortly after she entered the chamber, Bondage Man had her tied up, bound and gagged completely. Roll countered this with her beast form, growing into a large wolf and thus freeing herself as she grew larger and broke the bindings. She returned to her normal form, activating her Dom aura and summoning her rose whip, beginning to battle Bondage Man. he seemed to enjoy the battle, dodging her hits and returning with strikes from his rope and thrown cuffs to trap her, but the constant dom aura radiating from Roll slowly started to work, making him begin to submit. The moment his movements slowed, Roll rushed forward and tackled him to the ground with beast form.

Once he was down, Roll shifted back to her normal form, dom aura still flowing, as she lined herself up to his hardened cock and dropped herself onto it hard, both of them moaning as Roll rode his aggressively, bouncing herself on his thick, hard cock. He received a lash from the rose whip any time he tried to move, Roll showing that she was in charge. Roll had to admit, she was enjoying this. In fact, she was enjoying it too much. Her climax slowly started to build up as she bounced herself harder, rocking her hips back and forth. She ignored it, believing that Bondage Man would reach his peak before she did. Instead, Roll's back arched as she came, crying out loudly before blacking out.

With her dom aura having stopped, Bondage Man could call in Sex Queen, and have time to pump Roll's pussy full of cum before she arrived.

As always, be sure to let me know what you thought of this chapter and who you think the next Fetish Master will be in the reviews. I think we've officially gotten through all the obvious ones, so now it gets to be more interesting ^-^
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