Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 12

Roll walked into the Fetish Master's chamber. She had used up her fancy fingers, master mouth, rose whip and beast. All the enemies of this stage were incredibly submissive, which shouldn't have been very surprisingly considering who the Fetish Master of the stage was, but it had caught Roll of guard.

She had been expecting the submissive enemies to end up being some sort of trick, much like how she had been meant to convince Masochism Woman in indulge in the kink that Roll had previously assumed would be the one she was meant to use against her. It was a clever strategy.

But the enemies of Submission Woman's level were complete bottoms, defeated from being topped as roughly as Roll could take them. It occurred to Roll that it was entirely possible that Sub Woman had only been created to appease Sex Queen's personal lusts, and hadn't been thought deeply about in her design. This, Roll thought, she could take advantage of. Sub Woman's chamber looked nearly identical to Dom Man's, though Sub Woman herself was completely naked save for a spiked dog collar around her throat and red high heels. Roll was starting to realize that she had a type as far as other females went, because the moment she saw the dark haired, busty Fetish Master before her, her futa form activated on its own, her rod stiffening to life.

On top of that, Sub Woman's submission aura hurt her more than it did Roll. Roll supposed the only string to her bow would be keeping someone trapped with her until they were worn out, having more stamina than the others. Unfortunately for Sub Woman, Roll's Dom aura basically cancelled out her sub aura and effectively weakened her stamina. When combined with Roll's futa form, the battle was a cake walk.

"On your fours." Roll ordered, her stiff member throbbing and her words radiating with her Dom aura. Sub woman shuddered, dropping to her fours and crawling over to Roll, waiting for her next instruction, which was to turn around, lower her head to the floor, and lift her ass up as high as she could.

Roll lined up her cock with Sub Woman's ass, "No lube bitch~" Roll purred with a grin, giving her ass a hard smack before thrusting into her hard, grunting as she forced her cock into Sub Woman's tight, warm ass aggressively.

"So big~" Sub Woman moaned, her sub aura spurring Roll to move faster, fuck her harder, and force her cock deeper into her tight hole, smacking it more until it was a bright red. Roll leaned over, reaching around Sub Woman and beginning to grope her chest roughly, wanting to feel her large, soft tits.

Sub Woman, built for submission, loved every moment of it, and couldn't bring herself to fight back or resist in any way; even asking-begging even-for Roll to take her harder, to use her like a slut. Every word made Roll pick up the pace, groaning in pleasure as her dom aura mixed with her futa form slowly drained Sub Woman's stamina.

As ineffective as her power was on Roll, she suspected that Sub Woman would still have defeated her if she hadn't had the dom aura. Even worn down by the aura, Sub Woman still came four times before she ran out of energy and blacked out, her ass getting tighter and tighter around Roll's cock each time, bringing Roll herself closer to climax each time.

When Sub Woman finally fainted, Roll howled with pleasure upon reaching her own climax and pumping hot, thick cum into Sub Woman's ass, not pulling out until all of it had been released into her. Roll panted as she pulled out, scanning Sub Woman to take her submission aura power before pushing her onto her back, wanting to cum on her massive breasts before she moved to the next stage.


Failure State

Roll had entered Submission Woman's chamber expecting the female Fetish Master to be some kind of huge challenge. Like she was easily beaten when she submitted, but she needed to use the dom aura for a good length of time before she would actually submit to her.

Contrary to Roll's belief, Sub Woman dropped to her fours and awaited further instruction from Roll the moment she said to, referring to Roll as 'her mistress', which Roll absolutely loved the sound of. Not seeing any point of using her dom aura since Sub Woman was already so submissive, Roll instead chose to match her rose whip power with her futa form.

Sub woman moaned in delight when her mistress began punishing her, lashing at her tits with the rose whip to leave marks along them. Seeing the marks, and still being affected by the sub aura, Roll went into something of a lust frenzy, ordering Sub Woman to lubricate her cock so she could fuck her.

Sub Woman crawled over to Roll, licking along her cock before taking it into her mouth and sucking it hard. It wasn't long before Roll grabbed a handful of Sub Woman's hair and began to fuck her throat aggressively, groaning in pleasure as her cock was constricted by the Fetish Master's warm, wet throat.

She came hard in a matter of moments, but by now had built up enough energy from all her upgrades to not pass out after one climax, and so enjoyed the feeling of pumping her cum down Sub Woman's throat. When she was done, she ordered Sub Woman onto her back so she could see her cute face while she fucked her.

Sub Woman complied, and soon Roll was railing Sub Woman with all her strength, hilting her cock quickly and putting all her power behind every thrust. The moment Sub Woman came the first time, Roll cried out, reaching her own climax and blacking out shortly after she filled Sub Woman's pussy.

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