Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 11

Roll walked into the empty space before the Fetish Master's chamber panting hard. She wasn't really surprised by how difficult it had been to get through Dom Man's stage without cumming from the sheer intensity. The fact that she had made it out without any marks was especially surprising.

With her sexual stamina so low, Roll made the smart choice of getting herself off before she entered the chamber, that way her body would be relaxed and she would be able to rest a little before taking on Dom Man. She had been tempted to use her Futa Mode ability and stroke herself to climax, as she wouldn't be cumming from one of the Fetish Master attacks and thus wouldn't be blacked out by it, but she had an odd suspicion that she might need it.

She only had energy for three fourths of Futa Mode and all of the energy for Soft Skin, so Roll settled for just rubbing her pussy to thoughts of Rock and all the things she would be able to do with him when she got through all of this.

It actually took her longer to get herself off than usual, and she was a little proud of her growing endurance, as she had had a tendency to finish long before Rock on occasion and be too tired to finish him. He had said it was no big deal, but Roll knew it had been frustrating.

Roll sighed, as some of the Fetish Master battles let her know what that was like. Once she had finished herself off and rested long enough for her stamina to build back up, she stood up and entered Dom Man's chamber.

And chamber really was the word to use, here more than with the others. It was built like a sex dungeon, and Roll was a little disappointed in herself when the sight of the chains and whips on the wall didn't frighten or make her nervous, but actually excite her. 'Too many sex based weapons in my system at once,' Roll thought, 'How lusty will I be when I actually get to Sex Queen?'

That train of thought would have to wait, as she was immediately hit with something upon seeing the black leather clad Fetish Master before her. It wasn't something physical, it was more mental, like some kind of aura around Dom Man that increased Roll's desire to go over to the chains and wait to be locked in them to the point that, for one brief moment, she actually considered it. She was able to resist it, if only barely, and instead responded to his dominant aura by activating her Soft Skin ability, causing her clothes to vanish and her skin to gain a silky shine. Dom Man instantly became all too aware of just how sensitive Roll's skin was, how easily marked it would be and how much she would scream and beg for more if he fucked her. Essentially, his own dominant aura was turned against him, making his desire to top Roll outweigh his common sense.

He went over to Roll, ordering her onto her knees. Roll dropped, engulfing Dom Man's cock with her mouth and moaning around it when he started to smack her body, making it turn red and bruise with just one strike. Dom Man lost himself in this, grabbing Roll's head and skull fucking her until he came hard down her throat. He gasped at how much energy he lost when he did, his first weakness his. Roll swallowed and wiped her mouth, grinning as she stood to finish the job.

She tackled Dom Man to the ground and activated Futa Mode, forcing it into his tight, unused ass. Dom Man yelped, struggling not to give in, to push Roll off, but this only seemed to amuse her. Roll thrust harder against him, forcing her cock deeper into his tight, vice-like ass as his dominant aura slowly faded as he gave in, moaning as she fucked him.

Came came onto himself a few minutes later, blacking out as his dominance was broken completely. Roll smirked, pulling out and scanning Dom Man, gaining his Dom Aura power. Roll knew exactly who to use it on.


Failure State

Roll was running low on sexual stamina when she entered the space before the Fetish Master's chamber, so figured the best course of action was to finish the Fetish Master off as fast as possible so she could take some time before the next stage to satisfy herself. Roll activated Soft Skin and walked into the chamber.

Dom Man's aura hit her like a brick, amplified by her unfulfilled desires. Before she knew what she was doing, she had sprinted to the wall and shackled herself to it with her legs spread as far as possible, her Soft Skin power fading away as her mind Man smiled at this, "Good girl Roll~" His praise amping up the effect the aura had on her even more, "Now what would you like me to do?" He asked as he approached her, his throbbing, nine inch cock filling her thoughts as he did so.

"I want you to fuck me~" Roll purred, "I want you to fuck me hard~" "Are you sure?" Dom Man asked, so close to Roll that she could feel his heat against her, "What about beating me and moving on to the next chamber?"

"Forget it," Roll said, her mind overtaken entirely by his dominant aura, filled the desire to be fucked and controlled, "All I want is for you to fuck me until i can't stand up anymore~ please fuck me Master~" Dom Man smiled, lining up to Roll's sopping wet pussy and jerking his hips forward with such force that the wall nearly cracked behind him, and all nine inches were hilted inside Roll at once.

Roll's eyes rolled back in her head as she came hard, blacking out instantly. As always, be sure to let me know what you thought of this chapter in the reviews, as well as.. Oh who am I kidding, you all know who this one is being used on right? I warned that this little stretch would be an easy guess.

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