Roll vs the Fetish Masters @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 10

Roll entered the Fetish Master's chamber in Maid Roll form. Unsurprisingly, Masochism Woman was completely naked, wearing nothing but a black collar and a adorably innocent expression that, when combined with her large tits that seemed to bounce with every movement, her equally proportioned ass, and her flawlessly smooth skin, made even Roll, who hadn't even known she had any sadistic tendencies until just a few hours ago, want to bind and punish her until she was begging for more. Such a course of action would seem like the logical next action to take all things considered, MW was named after the love of pain, her only weapon seemed to be her own easily marked skin, and Roll's last obtained weapon was a rose whip specifically for punishing naughty submissives.

But Roll was smarter than that, hence her entering the room in Maid Roll form. MW looked her over and smiled, "Hello there," She greeted happily, "Have you come to play with me?" She asked sweetly, her voice nearly making Roll shift into Futa form even though she was making a conscious effort not to.

"How do you want me~?" MW asked, walking over to her eagerly, "I do hope you'll be gentle with me~" Roll smiled, replying, "That's funny, because I was hoping you wouldn't be with me~" She said, her Maid form letting her match MW's feeling of was surprised by this, "What do you mean? Aren't you going to take me like you want to?" She asked. Roll shook her head, "Oh heavens no, that would be ever so beastly. You're going to take me like you want mistress.

"Maid form's Roll's voice was a hard one to resist, even for MW. She bit her lip, "Are you sure? I was told I was only supposed to be on bottom whenever I had fun with others.." MW trailed off as Maid Roll undressed, giving the Fetish Master a full view of her body, "Are you displeased with me mistress?" She asked, pouting cutely.

"No, not at all, I just.." MW was silenced again when Roll summoned the rose whip, handing it to her, "I'm so sorry for displeasing you Mistress," Maid Roll purred, "You should hurt me now so I'll learn to be better in the future~"

MW had been told several times by Sex Queen to never be on top, but she had never been told why, and with Roll offering herself up so submissively, even bringing her own weapon to be punished with, it was difficult for MW to resist.

The Fetish Master took the rose whip and lashed Roll's chest with it. Roll moaned at the strike as her small breasts bounced with the lash, a red mark being left across them. The sight of the mark and the sounds of Roll's pleasured moans at the strike demolished any self control MW still had into her, and she began to lash Roll's body harder and harder with the rose whip, leaving marks and cuts wherever she could and enjoying the cries of pain and pleasure from the target.

Roll dropped to her knees as MW stood over her, striking her back with the whip. She was soaking wet already, and groaned as she felt Roll's tongue push into her pussy. MW was so deep into her sadistic pleasure now that she didn't even notice when Roll switched from Maid form to master mouth and began finding and hitting her sweet spots expectedly, save for the new waves of pleasure going through her, which simply encouraged her to strike Roll harder.

With MW having succumb to her kink, Roll's master mouth ability was working like a charm as her tongue extended into the Fetish Master's wet pussy, attacking as many of her weak, more sensitive spots as possible. After another minute, MW cried out, holding Roll by her hair as she came, soaking her face before falling to the ground, unconscious.

Roll stood up, wiping her face clean and getting dressed again, trying to ignore how close she had been. She was learning a little more about herself with every one of these encounters, she thought as she put her hand over MW's prone form, scanning her and obtaining the soft skin ability. 'Me and Rock are gonna have a lot to try when I save him.'


Failure State

Roll entered MW's chamber already wielding her rose whip. She was happy that this Fetish Master battle was so straight forward, and was one hundred percent certain that Sadism Woman's weapon would be what defeated Masochism Woman. Why wouldn't it? And she was eager to use it.

She found MW already naked and even on her knees already. Roll wasn't sure how the submissive Fetish Master was actually meant to stop or defeat her, but wasn't going to give her time to show it, immediately lashing at her let out a moan as her large tits bounced with the strike, sending a rush of enjoyment through Roll, leading her to striking her again and again, getting wetter as she watched MW's body redden more and more with each lash of the rose whip.

Roll pushed MW onto her back, activating her futa form and getting between the Fetish Master's legs. Roll moaned loudly as she thrust into MW, striking her chest and stomach as she pumped into her tight, soft took it all easily, moaning and clenching around Roll with each lash, the pleasure building until Roll cried out, cumming hard into her, her back arching before she fainted, collapsing on top of MW, who simply giggled, holding onto Roll as she reached for the signal to call in Sex Queen.

As always, be sure to let me know what you thought of this chapter, and which Fetish Master you think will be weak against Roll's new ability. By the way, anyone have any ideas on what Roll's hero name should be? Rock's is Megaman because of his Mega Buster, what name should we assign to Roll's sex based powers?
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