Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 7

Tails slept on the bed, when Bunnie appeared naked before him. He stood up and walked to her, Bunnie's hands went to his hard cock. He could smell her musky arousal enhanced by some perfume she spritzed on herself, and it was driving him wild with desire for her.

Eyes closed, Bunnie took Tails's face in her small hands and traced his face and with her fingers. She ran her hands down his bare, furry chest to touch his arms, back, and chest. Tails wanted her so bad, and she continued kissing him, working his way down his chest, stopping near his heart and kissed the cute little nipples.

Bunnie continued to his flat, washboard stomach, caressing him with her little hands until she was kneeling. She was directly facing his crotch in front where his hard cock rose to the occasion, she also squeezed his firm ass and then ran her hands down his legs before Tails helped her to her feet and closed his eyes, pushing her hair away from her face. He took her face in his hands and kissed her lips long and deep, caressing her tongue with his.

He put his hands underneath her hair at the back of her nape, let his finger follow the shape of her head and face while kissing her lips again the same, sighing with contentment. Tails kissed Bunnie's forehead, her cheeks, her ears, her neck and even behind her ears. The fox smooched everywhere, and the bunny was tingling all over thinking about of all that she had been missing as a virgin. He was kissing her as if she were the one of the most precious things in the cosmos, because to him, she was along with everybody else in the nudist colony.

Tails worked his way down her neck and shoulders, kissing, but also lingering at the base of her throat to take in the scent of her perfume that she put there for him. He gently turned her to face a nearby mirror and stood behind her. His hands and fingers were everywhere, touching, probing and lingering while kissing her neck, face and shoulders. He caressed and stroked her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, watching her reactions in the mirror, until her nipple was harder than hard and Tails felt Bunnie quiver with pleasure.

Bunnie took his hand and they got into bed. They made love, facing each other lying on their sides, entwined as one. It was sweet, gentle, calm, intimate and unhurried. The passion was pure and loving, it was a communion of souls. Her orgasm was like warm lavender-infused bathwater, it was soothing and cleansing, his orgasm was no less satisfying. He waited long minutes for his to happen. Tails's orgasm was hot and burning, kinda different from Bunnie's gentle one and she felt the inferno of his seed as he pumped it into her womb.

It was around three to four minutes after when Tails was sound asleep next to Bunnie when he felt her hand touching his face, she was asking, "Are you awake?"

He asked, half asleep, "What, what is it, Bunnie?"

"I'm still very horny, I want to make love to you again."

"Now? Twice in one day?"

"Of course, now, young man, I want to suck on your cock and then be on top for the grand finale."

"Yes, ma'am. After all, we are adults now and literal/figurative animals."

She began licking the tip of his cock teasingly, getting it further aroused until it was hard, pulsating and twitching while he played with her hair. Bunnie said, "Goodness, that was fast."

Pausing briefly, Bunnie was pleased she could arouse and titillate Tails the way she did, she asked, "Tails, do you enjoy playing with my hair while I suck your cock?"

However, Bunnie already knew the answer to her rhetorical question as she continued licking and sucking while she began to finger her own clitoris and also keep sucking ravenously and savoring every inch of Tails's cock, all wet and sloppy. Bunnie was enjoying this sexual delight as much as Tails was. He was growling deep in his throat in primal ecstasy, and she was about to have another orgasm, when he tried to say, "Stop, you wanted to..."

Too late, Bunnie refused to stop as Tails's orgasm burst with a flooding onslaught, a torrent, a river overflowing its banks as his thick and rich semen flooded into her mouth to swallow and swallow it, she did while her second orgasm burned through her like the inferno of a tanker truck of gasoline on fire, before exploding and eventually burning out. Tails lied down and Bunnie giggled, "Oh, God, you just rocked my world. Feel free to keep having fun with the others."

Bunnie let Tails sleep and he noticed the plant with Cosmo was almost fully grown. He couldn't wait.

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