Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 41

Tails looked around and noticed that indeed, most of the ladies had already tired themselves out from making love to him.

Shade, Mina, Honey, Nicole, and Sticks all moved down to his penis and were sucking it. The fox even grabbed his cock and smacked it between their faces, letting them feel the weight and heft of his hardness. Then, Tails had an idea, "Can you five please get up and lean against the wall?"

Mina giggled, "Since you said please..."

All five women lined up as Tails requested. From left to right, Shade, Mina, Honey, Nicole, and Sticks were all facing the wall. While they were bent over for him, those five butts were truly inviting a deep and hard fucking. Their dripping wet pussies made it hard to choose which one he wanted first. Tails then asked, "Kindly spread 'em?"

In response, Shade, Mina, Honey, Nicole, and Sticks leaned against the walls with their faces as their hands went back to spread their cheeks. Turned on by the increased exposure, Tails felt like he could have cum there and then as he stared at their assholes, but he held back. After all, it would feel much better cumming inside of them.

Making a quick decision, Tails lined his dick up against Shade's pussy lips first, feeling her wetness as he slid back and forth, teasing her. He laid an arm around her, giving himself a firm grip, and with one powerful thrust, had half his dick buried in her pussy. Groaning as he slid out, Tails worked himself back in inch by inch, finding himself deeper and deeper inside of her, "Fuck you're tight."

While Tails explored Shade's insides, she turned to him as he sought her mouth, they were kissing and cooing as his cock spread her out, her little pussy was feeling overwhelmingly full.

Before long, he was pumping his entire dick in and out of her, her little box finally accustomed to his size. She felt Tails's arms against her as he pulled her up, arching her back so that he might fuck her even harder, grabbing her arms like handles as he drove himself into her. He slammed her tiny pussy, her ass rippling against his hips as his orgasm rose up from his balls. Shade could hardly keep herself from passing out, much less say anything as Tails fucked her harder and harder until finally, he couldn't take it anymore. With one last thrust, the two-tailed fox buried himself all the way inside of her and unloaded his semen, his dick pulsing as it erupted inside of her shot by shot. When he was finished, his arms went slack, and Shade fell face forward onto a cushion she had nearby in case she needed something to lie down on.

For part two, Tails paid attention to Mina, intending to have another orgasm overwhelming his senses and one doing the same to hers. From the nearby wall, Mina looked back at him, pleading with her hand rubbing up and down her slit as she looked at him with desperation. Tails wanted to fuck Mina into that wall, just like he had with Shade as he said, "Wanna ride this dick?"

Mina said in lovely voice, "Actually, I prefer to suck it."

"As you wish."

With that, Mina spit onto her hand as she began to stroke him, her tongue wandering down to his balls, taking one in her mouth with great expertise as her hands gently worked Tails's shaft. The way she did so was making Tails feel numerous waves of pleasure around whole body and into his brain. He could also feel his balls twitching, the urge to cum rising again quickly. Just a little longer, and he was finally able to nut.

Next, Honey asked Tails to wait for a second. She momentarily disappeared to grab a chair, lean it against the wall, and sat down on it, spreading her legs across the armrests, her hand sliding down to her pussy, caressing her clit. Looking down at her pussy, Honey whispered, "My pussy needs your cock."

That was all it took for Tails, who buried his dick inside of her before he knew what he was doing. She encouraged with moans as he bottomed out inside of her, "That's right big boy, come on. Fuck, that's a big cock."

Tired though he was and despite already having two climaxes in the span of five to ten minutes, Honey's sexy moans gave him the inspiration he needed to go to town on her. He pulled back and slammed his hips down into her, his hands on her ankles as he used her legs to fuck her harder. The girl's pussy was unrelenting, squeezing him in all the right places as he drove himself into her. Trying his hardest to erupt a third time, Tails groaned, "Is this what you want, slut?"

"Yes, you like this tight little pussy?"


"You wanna make this pussy cum?"


"Shit, shit, god, I'm gonna cum so fucking hard."

Tails said nothing, but he felt an immense relief as he felt her pussy immediately tighten. Both he and Honey screamed as he continued to fuck her, her pussy cumming and squirting as he filled her up again and again. Finally, the fox couldn't take it anymore. With one last thrust, he pulled his dick out, and without even stroking it, began to cum all over the girl. When he was finished, her tits dripped with cum and her body lay slumped back in the chair, exhausted by her orgasm. She looked incredibly sexy, cum dripping off of her, her lithe body posed elegantly in the chair.

Looking around, all who remained for now were Nicole and Sticks. Tails's dick was miraculously still hard. Nicole and Sticks even masturbated Tails, he couldn't help but moan as they stroked his cock a little more so he could get to the final part of the anniversary orgy. Sticks chimed, "You're really putting on quite the show there, Tails. Just a little more and you'll be roughly 3/4 of the way there."

Without thinking, Tails's eyes went to Nicole and Sticks's hands on his cock, and he smiled at how they were masturbating while he was watching. After a minute of silence, Nicole broke it by uttering, "Powerful in lust, huh? Come on, let's finish this thing."

Showing no hesitation, Nicole and Sticks's scrambled around Tails's crotch, burying their faces in his thighs as they both licked his cock at the same time. His head was full of dizziness because everything on his penis felt so good that he could have sworn he couldn't even feel anything else. He even took a fistful of Nicole's hair in his left hand and Sticks's in his right as he moaned, "Gods yes."

Tails's eyes widened when he saw Nicole and Sticks sway their hips to slap their luscious asses against each other's.

Five minutes later, neither female had gotten his seed, making Nicole ask, "Tails, what's keeping you?"

His answer was, "Sorry, it's just that I have already had three climaxes recently."

Sticks mentioned, "Well, that's kind of why Nicole and I thought it would be a good idea to share your fourth one."

"Just hurry up."

"What does it look like we're doing?"

Tails yelped as Nicole and Sticks buried his cock into their mouths so they could suck it simultaneously. He moaned, taking their heads and pushing them back and forth.

They continued for some time, Tails fucking two mouths like there was no tomorrow. With all the lust in the air, and the exhaustion finally catching up with them, none of the three could hold on for long. When the fox warned them that it was almost time, Nicole said, "Hold on. I wanna get into position."

Nicole's position was on her knees right in front of Tails's penis. The first time he came, he was shooting off into Nicole's mouth so she could ingest his orgasm. When Nicole was done, Sticks shoved her out of the way so she could get out the second and last firing of white sperm juice her mouth.

Tired as he was, Tails could hardly stay awake, much less standing.

All that was left was Zooey, Cosmo, Millie, Barby, and Wave. Zooey goaded him, "Come on, Tails. You're almost there. All you need to do now is please me and the several other ladies that have not had a turn yet."

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