Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 40

Sometime later, Tails had begun handling Cream and Vanilla by the breast as they kissed his cheeks. His left hand was on Cream's left breast, and his right hand was on Vanilla's right breast. Also, Fiona and Bunnie were kissing at his legs and arms while Lien-Da sucked and played with his nipples. Tails felt like he was immediately blinded by flesh, but he didn't care, not with the pleasure he felt all around him.

While five hot mouths enveloped him, Tails heard the ladies complimenting his penis, its hardness, its length, and its girth.

Meanwhile, on his upper half, Tails could feel Cream and Vanilla using his arms against their pussies, taking his fingers and using them to fuck themselves. He could hear them say, "Wow. These fingers feel wonderful, like they have experience with sexual stimulation."

The gaggle of girls, horny as they were, began pressing their heads together so they could all suck Tails's cock (or at least areas that were close to it). While Cream and Vanilla kissed and sucked at the sides of his penis, Fiona and Bunnie were either side of him, sucking at his scrotum to make his testes move around a lot. Lien-Da squeezed her head to kiss the tip of his cock, occasionally commenting things like, "Man, with five women touching you at once, we should go super slow and careful to keep you from cumming too early."

Tails nodded as he laid back, enjoyed the pleasure, and just let the chicks do their things. His eyes roamed the room, looking at every waiting bystander masturbating as the ones that already had a turn lied down on their floor to recover their stamina.

In a minute, Lien-Da asked Cream, Vanilla, Fiona, and Bunnie to make some room so she could get on top of him and descend with her vagina taking in his penis so he could slam into her from behind, her ass rippling with every thrust, her moans increasing in volume.

Meanwhile, to Tails's left, Cream cuddled on top of Vanilla, their breasts bouncing as their thrust their hips while grinding against each other and gasping one another's names. Fiona and Bunnie sandwiched him with Fiona kissing Tails on the lips while Bunnie licked the back of his neck.

Since he was feeling too good, Tails couldn't tell what anyone was saying. Everyone was loud as the room was filled with the sounds of pleasure. As Vanilla and Cream still hugged and kissed, Lien-Da got off of Tails to let Bunnie ride him, and before long, he was slamming his hips up into her with her legs spread as she leaned forward as much as she could without falling down.

Lien-Da and Fiona had expert tongues and mouths, Tails believed everyone boasted great oral skills, given how they were eliciting moans from him, such as, "What is going on right now? I'm trying hard not to climax too early."

Tails let his cock dance inside Bunnie. As that happened, Vanilla requested for Cream grab Tails's left hand while Fiona grabbed his right. With both hands, the other four could have their vaginas rubbed simultaneously by pressing their crotches together with his hand between them, he was really fucking them for all they were worth now. It turned him on immensely to see himself handling five women at once with such skill and grace. Perhaps it was all the visual stimulus, but he felt himself hit his limit as he gasped, "Cumming!"

The fox could feel the attention of Cream, Vanilla, Fiona, and Lien-Da snap towards his penis. They watched in delight as Tails's semen fly inside Bunnie. Fiona eagerly moved Bunnie aside so she could jerk of his cock and get the second shot of semen on her. He could feel her hands slapping his sex organ again and again as she fucked him. Eventually, Tails was afraid he was going to cum any moment now. That moment took less than a minute. When Fiona got that second helping of cum, she sighed as she put some in her mouth, "Fuck. That's good."

There was no time for a break. Seeing that Tails was still hard, Lien-Da took a turn arching a leg over him and sitting down on his cock. As she bounced, her tits were bouncing so hard he thought they might hit her face. Her pussy was so tight, and it seemed the intense fucking she was giving him was too much for the girl as she leaned forward howling. "Damn, your dick's so fucking... I can't... Ugh."

Lien-Da moaned as his cock poked and rubbed her clit, her back arched backwards as her hips stopped, slamming all the way down one final time. Tails could feel her pussy convulsing as she began to hum nonsense, her orgasm overpowering all her thoughts. He shot more and more juice into her pussy. When she was done, she collapsed sideways, but Fiona and Bunnie caught her so she wouldn't hit the floor.

Cream and Vanilla swooped down onto Tails's face and chest, licking up the sweet salty cum that was firing upwards and landing on his chest. Once all the seed was licked, the mother and daughter rabbits kissed. The sight of the bunnies playing with his cum was so fascinating, it took Tails a moment to realize that he was still squirting because Fiona was fondling him some more while sucking his nipples and pinching her own. He gritted his teeth. All he could manage before officially needing to stop for now was, "Shit, shit. Ah!"

Once everyone gave Tails some space, he grabbed the same notepad with everyone's names and proceeded to cross out Cream, Vanilla, Fiona, Bunnie, and Lien-Da's names.

The fox with two tails still had a long way to go before everyone was satisfied. Seeing that Shade, Mina, Honey, Nicole, Sticks, Zooey, Cosmo, Millie, Barby, and Wave still have yet to have their way with him, Tails asked the remaining ladies, "Who's next?"

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