Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 4

Tails was relaxing at the hideout's hidden entrace to a nearby nude beach when Fiona suddenly joined in. He was shocked by her presence and prepared to attack her, but she said, "Whoa, whoa, Tails. I come in peace."

The fox asked in a suspicious tone, "What brought you to the club and what happened between you and Scourge."

Fiona explained, "Well, things between us had ended badly when I caught him with another woman and I was so hurt that I left him."

"Scourge cheated on you?"


"You wanna talk about it?"

"It's too painful, but ok..."

Fiona narrated, "As Scourge and his lover moved to the bed in his bedroom, I heard them kissing and undressing each other. They embraced and reveled in the feeling of their naked bodies pressed together."

Scrouge's lover released him, sat on the edge of the bed and bent over to take him into her mouth. Scourge pulled her head back up and kissed her, telling her, "Not now. You've got me so worked up that I'm going to cum much too quickly. I need to shoot inside of you while you're cumming."

They lay upon the bed and began kissing and feeling each other up. He moved to his knees between her legs and bent down to taste her again. As he did, she started moaning, "No, no. I need you to fuck me."

Her language had become totally obscene now. She grabbed his hair and pulled my head up and told me, "Just fuck me, god dammit. Just fuck me."

Scourge rose up, held her hands and started to rub his dick up and down her slit. She was humping madly, trying to get him inside of her. She shouted at him, "Put it in, will you, you bastard, oh god please. Stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me."

Fiona kept narrating, "As I heard everything from outside, it became more and more blatant that an affair was going on. I got angrier and more hurt with every second it went on."

Scourge dipped the head into her and stopped there, basking in the feeling. She was trying to pull him completely into her, but he had other plans. He wanted to bring her to the brink of orgasm and plunge fully into her when the shaking started, so he continued alternating between rubbing his length along her slit and dipping the head inside her. She started whimpering, "Give it to me, fill me up...deeper."

It didn't take long before she began to cum. Just as she started shaking, Scourge slammed into her fully and held it there. She jerked her hands from his and hugged me tightly, digging her nails into his back. He reached between them and tugged on her nipples. Slowly, he slid out of her until just the head remained inside and then slammed fully back into her. He repeated this several times and each time he pounded into her, she screamed and shook. Eventually, Scourge started pounding her faster and in short order, he reached his peak. "Oh shit. Oh my god. I'm cummmmming."

Scourge started shooting and his lover went ballistic. They were both experiencing mind blowing orgasms. When all the shaking and trembling stopped, they both collapsed in each other's arms.

As they both relaxed and caught their breath, they started to chuckle at how exhausted they were. She kissed him lightly and said, "That was sooo good, I thought I was going to pass out. I don't think I ever came so hard for so long. At least if I did, I don't remember it. You were wonderful."

Scourge told her, "You just bring out the animal in me."

"I guess so."

A third voice said, "I don't?!"

Scourge and his lover saw Fiona, she had just walked in after hearing enough and was on the verge of tears, Scourge panicked, "Fiona! I can explain!"

Fiona simply shouted, "Don't bother, you cheating liar!"

Then she burst into tears and ran away.

Fiona came across the hideout from following Tails and was shocked to see many familiar faces in the same place, in the nude no less. Everyone gasped and backed away out of fear, but said, "Everyone, calm down. I've changed."

Everyone was surprised when Fiona expressed her guilt on her betrayal, she said "Yes. I've realized my mistake, I've done mean things to you all and I wholeheartedly apologize for all of it."

Amy asked, "Why the change of heart?"

"Because Scourge betrayed me."

Everyone gasped, Cream said, "You poor thing."

The female fox said, "Which is why I do not wish to go down his dark path anymore and I ask for your forgivness."

While Amy, Sally and Bunnie were skeptical of her, the others were willing to give her another chance and invited her to the club, which she accepted. Blaze hugged Fiona and said, "I suppose we can't stay mad at you forever."

Amy, Sally and Bunnie said, "While we are willing to give you a second chance, we'll still keep a close eye on you."

Fiona said, "Fair enough."

Fiona concluded, "That's how I became a member."

Tails said, "Aw, Fiona. I'm sorry you went through such a thing."

"It also made me realized what I put you through. I'm s-. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I forgive you, it's all in the past, so let's start fresh."


Hours later, she invited Tails to her room for some fun.

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