Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 37

Vanilla asked her daughter Cream to meet her in her bedroom to do some instructive sexual intercourse. The mother rabbit then said, "Thank you for meeting me here, Cream. You are 18 years old, so you are legally old enough to engage in adultery."

Cream nodded politely, "That is correct, mother."

"Therefore, as your mother, I request that you do so with me with submission. This means following orders, which is not drastically different from how I raised you."

"Very well, mother. If I must to make you happy."

"Now sit your posterior on the bed so I can have your turn with her breasts, they are also known as boobs or tits."

Obedient enough to comply, Cream sat down the edge of the bed. Vanilla merely stood there for a moment, admiring her daughter's breasts while deciding on her first move.

Compared to Cream's, Vanilla's boobies were roughly twice as big and her nipples were one and a half times larger. Cream had cinnamon-colored areolas about the size of a quarter with her mother's being slightly larger.

Right now, Cream just sat there, enjoying showing herself off to Vanilla. Then, the mom laid her daughter down gently before latching her mouth onto Cream's left breast, saying, "Cream, do you remember being fed my breast milk as an infant?"

Cream moaned, "Yes, mother."

"Now you're feeding me, and your breast milk tastes excellent."

"Thank you."

After a few minutes, Vanilla left her spot at Cream's breasts and started making her way down her body with kisses, licks, and nibbles. When she got to the area between her legs, Vanilla started licking along Cream's legs and stomach. Soon after that, she started licking over the crotch area, teasing Cream in the process.

When Vanilla sensed that her teasing had gone on long enough, she requested Cream to open her legs. As they both settled, the mom saw that the daughter's pussy was glistening wet with excitement. Vanilla licked her lips and leaned in, gently sliding her tongue along Cream's outer labia. With each successive pass, Vanilla parted her daughter's pussy lips a little more with her tongue, she kept doing so until she was dipping her tongue inside Cream, circling her clit with it.

Mom noticed that Cream started bucking her hips, when Vanilla looked at her, Cream stopped and said, "Sorry."

Vanilla giggled, "No need to be sorry. It's natural for females to make involuntary movement when something penetrates them. If you have to, don't stop yourself."

"Yes, mother."

After all, Vanilla took it as a queue to focus her attention on and around Cream's clitoris. At the same time, she slipped a couple fingers deep into her daughter's cunt. The double assault quickly made Cream cum, her pussy clamping down on her mother's fingers as it quivered under her mouth.

As Cream lied down on the bed, Vanilla crawled back up to her and gestured for Cream to suck her fingers clean. Once they were clean, Cream began softly sucking on her mom's tit when Vanilla asked her to do so. The mom even grinned, "Just like when I breastfed you as a baby."

Cream nodded in agreement. Vanilla eventually stopped and rolled onto her back, telling her daughter to dive straight to eating her out. The daughter acquiesced with enthusiasm, and it was amazing. Both of them lost themselves in the pleasure, Vanilla was not even sure exactly what Cream was doing to my pussy. Quicker than she expected, Vanilla's orgasm washed over her in tidal waves, and she lost sense of anything other than the pleasure washing over her.

It took some time for Vanilla to recover. When she did, she gestured for Cream to curl up to her and softly suck on her breasts. Vanilla sighed in delight and wrapped her arms around her daughter, happy to just lie there with Cream, who was then told to slip her fingers between her mother's legs probe her pussy. As mom's arousal increased, she had a sudden thought, got Cream off of her, then commanded, "Stay here, sweetie. I'll be right back. I need to get something."

Vanilla was only gone for a minute. When she came back, she had a strap-on dildo bouncing between her legs and asked, "Are you ready for your mother to fuck you, Cream?"

Barely audible, the daughter purred, "Yes, mother."

Satisfied with how submissive Cream was, Vanilla positioned her daughter to make her lie on her back. Then she opened Cream's legs, Vanilla's dildo sild in. It was pretty easy to get lined up correctly. When it was, Vanilla slowly lowered myself onto Cream, their breasts were pressing together, and they kissed.

As they continued to kiss, Vanilla started thrusting against Cream, clumsily at first. After a few attempts, she found a motion that worked. She must have been doing a good job because Cream started moaning in pleasure.

Cream's next sudden orgasm surprised Vanilla, mostly because of a combination of the rhythmic pressure of the dildo against her mound being pleasant and Cream being rather sensitive. However, it was not enough to bring Vanilla to orgasm herself. Cream was coming down from her blissful highs, and wondered if she should pull out yet, but Vanilla wrapped her daughter's legs around her, simply saying, "Stay. I still need to orgasm too."

"Ok. Would you like some help?"

Vanilla's humping got faster, but she insisted, "It's fine, Cream. I've... got... this..."

"Are you sure?"


The mom was screaming because she kept humping as a quicker pace. Her vagina was experiencing more and more pleasure as a result until she orgasmed too and collapsed near her daughter, suddenly aware of complaints from muscles that had been used quite that way before in a nudist colony. Cream still felt a bit sore, but neither of them cared, they were both happy. The mild pain was a welcome consequence of the awesome sensations they experienced. Neither of them said a word as they relaxed.

After a while of resting and regaining stamina, Cream broke the silence by asking, "Mother, did I do good?"

Vanilla smiled, "Yes, you did. I'm proud of you for your submission, Cream."

"Thank you, mother."

"I love you, Cream"

"I love you too mother."

Eventually, Vanilla removed the strap on, setting it aside to be cleaned later. They held each other, naked, as they drifted off to sleep.

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