Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 35

After his sex session with Wave and Lien-Da, Tails was requested by Amy use the 3D printer to make something new: A three-way dildo for her, Shade, and Mina to use.

Once the triple dildo was made, it was shaped like a Y with all three ends about 120 degrees apart. Also, the three ends were about two feet long.

Amy brought Shade and Mina to her room so they could try it out.

Before trying it out, they sat in a circle on the bed with their feet touching each other's feet. Amy's left foot touched Shade's right, Shade's left foot touched Mina's right, and Mina's left foot touched Amy's right. Their fingers had no trouble finding their way inside each other.

Amy fingered Shade, Shade fingered Mina, and Mina fingered Amy. The fingers they used slid right in each other as far as they could reach before withdrawing, hovering at the entrance for a second or so and then sliding back. All of them did that for a few times, pistoning in and out of one another with their fingers slightly bent and making everyone squirm with pleasure. Shade gasped, "Oh, Amy. You sure know what you're doing."

Mina concurred, "Yes, she does. You do too, Shade. We all do."

A lovely sensation in their pelvises kept persisting while everyone was fingered with one hand. Amy used her free hand to tug delightfully at Mina's nipple, Mina did the same to Shade, and Shade did the same to Amy.

Their fingers got a little quicker and they began screwing them around as they went in and out, and they began to moan. They were conscious that one hand had fingers digging into another woman's flesh while the other hand fondled another woman's breasts.

It went on for a few minutes, then they had another idea. They all formed a triangle, lying on their left sides and spreading their legs open as wide as they could. Everyone's breathing was getting ragged at what was to happen next. Amy asked in a voice hoarse with arousal, "Shall we, ladies?"

Both Shade and Mina said in unison, "Yes."

Intently, Amy stared at Shade's pussy, Shade stared at Mina's, and Mina stared at Amy's. All of them put their tongues out, the sensation of the tips of three tongues making contact with the tips of three clits was still mind-blowing as always, all tongues seemed beautifully aimed because contact on their over-sensitive clits made them shiver and gasp loudly in thrilled surprise.

Their tongues moved up and down each other's vaginas. The exploring, licking, and tasting were making all three writhe with pleasure, even involuntarily emitting little noises from their throats. Gripping their clit between their lips, sucking them into their mouths, flicking at the tips with the end of their tongues, nibbling at them gently, then licking and lapping their way down the clefts of whoever they were pleasuring until they reached their entrances.

Amy, Shade, and Mina were all probing each other's vulvas as deeply as they could while planting their lips right over the clits as if tongue kissing a mouth. They closed their eyes, lost in a world of delight, their hips instinctively twitching and rotating slowly so that they had to press their mouths harder against them to stay in contact, adding more to their pleasure.

The orgasms were imminent because all of them could feel that wonderful sensation deep inside them that always heralded a powerful climax. Shade warned the others, "I'm going to cum."

That made Amy quickly stop and pull away. She didn't want it to end just yet, not until they tried the three-way dildo. She asked the other ladies to sit back on their butts in circle with their feet touching like before. Once everyone was in position, Amy put the dildo right between them and they all moved their bodies closer, adjusting their legs and crotches to put the triple dildo into all of their vaginas at once.

Getting comfortable with the uniquely-crafted dildo wasn't exactly easy. They all had to bend their knees a little and also knew that pulling it towards one woman would cause it to fall out of the other women's vulvas, so with the three parts of the triple sex toy inside everyone, they all moved their hips back and forth so they wouldn't have to pull it. Thankfully with the three fake penises about two feet long, they were about to at least get six inches in them, they felt that was good enough for them.

Inside all of them, the toy with three dicks felt rather forceful and intense, something that really would send them all over the edge. Amy, Shade, and Mina folded their lips over their teeth with the toy quite hard on their love buttons, exquisite pleasure was generated like crazy. Everyone cried out, muting their noises within closed mouths, and then nodding urgently when they looked at each other to check on their comfort. Mina gasped, "This new sex toy could be revolutionary."

Yes, the new 3D invention was sending them over the cliff and on that unstoppable slide to orgasm. They didn't stop, they humping the end of the dildo in them, their heads were going from side to side just enough to send short sharp sensations through them from their clits as they arched their backs and cried out again, this time noisily, as their orgasms swept over them.

Eventually, their climaxes began to die down. As their orgasms subsided, they moved back to let the triple dildo fall out of them before they sank back onto the bed, gasping for breath and covered in a thin sheen of post-orgasmic sweat. Amy managed to whisper after a minute or so, "That was incredible."

Shade agreed, "Yes. It was. We should manufacture more of these triple dildoes. They are perfect for lesbian threesomes."

Mina remarked, "3D means 3Dildoes."

Everyone laughed at the funny name.

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